Photos courtesy of our member:  tigress

Great Adventure's Drive-Thru Safari
Section One - The American Section has animals from both North and South America. 
- Roosevelt Elk
- American Bison
- Whitetail Deer
- Fallow Deer
- Llama (these are moved into the Asia Section when bull elk are in rut)
- Rhea
- Wild Turkey
Bison Baby Bison Female Elk and new calf
Bull Elk without his antlers (just after loosing them)
Bull Elk loosing his velvet Bull Elk - antlers are growing back Bull Elk (1/2 of rack)
Fallow Deer Fallow Deer Whitetail Deer with fawn
Llamas in Pond Rhea with babies hiding among its feathers.
Wild Turkey LLama Rhea and chicks (Several hens will lay eggs in the same nest.  Male raises the chicks.)
Section Two - Elephant/Rhino Section
- African Elephants
- White Rhino
- Ostrich
Ostrich Eggs Male Ostrich with chicks Baby Ostrich
Rhino in a mud hole out in the section Rhinos in their paddock Baby Rhino inside the barn.  Bar was added around the bottom of the pen to keep babies in with their mothers.
Elephant Elephants (Far right is Keanna, baby from Tanya and Rip and born in 1981)  

Many thanks tigress for sharing these photos and text with us!