Photos courtesy of Ellen Bennett

Great Adventure Performers
"Chuck, Maureen holding Mandi Bauer, and Paul." "Joe Bauer Jr., Michele holding Mandi, Ellen, Joe the stage manager, Dawn, and Donna trying on the clown costume."

"Ellen and Jane.  Jane was a Zebra Dancer in 1978 and became co-Ringmaster in 1979."

"Jane and Ellen in the trailer during the concert." "Ellen in Lion Lady costume without headpiece."
"Michele, Mandi, Ellen, and Donna on clown bike." "Great Arena Show Sign" "Ellen in '78 and '79 opening costume."
"Stars, Spangles, & Thrills" Show
The Great Arena
The Bauers heading up to their sway poles. "Swirling our capes.  The cape and headpiece weighed over 15 pounds." "The opening parade.  Those float riders sure had a sweet gig."
Opening parade - Gypsy and Elephant. Opening parade - stagecoach float.
Swirling capes 1978 Zebra Dancers dance to "Disco Flight of the Bumble Bee."
Clown act "David McMillan and his Flying Tigers and Poncho the Lion"

" Ellen at the Great Arena"

Dream Street Views at Great Adventure
"Carousel" "Ellen on the right in overalls.  The next year, GA ordered uniforms for us to wear when out in the park." "Yum Yum Palace"
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes Concert
The Great Arena
Saturday, September 23rd, 1978
Southside Johnny!    
"Security guard to hold back throngs of screaming fans at Southside Concert."      
"Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes night concert."

Many thanks Ellen for sharing these photos and text with us!