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  2. Well, only 20 days left until Great Adventure's opening day. While the park opens on April 6th so I might going to the park that opening day, would someone will check if there was 2020 addition site is already planned for a new coaster aka RMC Raptor? If 2020 addition already start it to clear the area on April or May. Medusa42, can you help me please?
  3. Kind of surprised that they haven't rolled Winter Fest out at Dorney yet. With all the parks around them (Hershey, Sesame, Great Adventure) all doing Christmas, it seems strange that they're not. It seems like it could be a great tie-in to all the Christmas events that take place in Bethlehem.
  4. It's good to see Cedar Fair "up their game" in that way;although coasters and other thrill rides are the main reason I go to any park,I appreciate other features like shows and special events. And is that "Forbidden Frontier" anything like what Disney is/was doing?I remember Disney had something called "Treasure Hunt" that was an interactive search around Adventureland,and it featured animatronic displays that were hidden/disguised by themeing.
  5. I hope they eventually will. I'd like to buy a Nitro Nanocoaster. I would have also liked to have seen the park sell the CoasterDynamix Statix models of the coaster trains.
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