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  2. Oh yeah and cyborg is still closed

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  4. So Hallofest is pretty good im surprised that big clown balloon got to fit in the batmobiles spot. Reflections of the dead isnt that scary so check that out to be least scared. Lady Of The Lake was pretty alright. and Disrict 6 was pretty good a lot of preformers in that spot I also got the Jersey Devil Nanocoaster! its still in the box im going to try and assemble it this week. Also It wouldve been cool if they had a scare zone where Runaway mine train and Bizarro are. I got to ride Green Lantern and superman along with batman joker and nitro. El Toro had a long line so i skipped it and ka also had a long line. I also got to ride Wonder Woman and check out The construction of jersey devil. It was an awseome experience and I recommend to go i got scared a few times too.

  5. The cold snap over this weekend is pretty bad, glad it should warm back up to normal soon.
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  7. Overrated: Kingda Ka. I still absolutely love it, but I always say that while it’s the ride that brings people to the park, it’s rides like Nitro, Bizarro, and El Toro especially that bring them back. Underrated: Great American Scream Machine. The first roller coaster I rode in the park. I loved this ride with all of my heart. The fact that I never got my final ride on it in 2010 is my single biggest regret in life. I have such a soft spot for Arrow coasters, especially their bigger rides, and GASM was my absolute favorite of the bunch. She had so much charm and grace, truly a spec
  8. All were important, with Golden Kingdom arguably being the most important as it gave the park the height and speed champion of the world and the publicity that came with it, but El Toro is the greatest wooden roller coaster ever built so Plaza Del Carnaval gets my vote.
  9. 1: Great American Scream Machine 2: Batman and Robin: the Chiller 3: Rolling Thunder 4: Movie Town Water Effect 5: Bizarro still being Medusa
  10. I was near Knoebels again at the beginning of the month and decided to give the park another chance this year hoping the threat of rain and school already in session would keep crowds low. I got there around 4:50 and they were closing at 6:00 with maybe a couple hundred cars in the lot at the most. I started with $10 book of tickets discounted to $9 since it was a weekday. The Flyers had no one riding and I had a solo ride. Twister also had no one in the station so I got the front row. I almost had another solo ride until 2 other people entered the station. StratosFear
  11. I'm So excited! I just can't wait for hallowfest!

  12. Yeah, put that where Twister is, that area has a lot of stand/sitting (maybe not as much right now, but still) area so it will easily have the space for people to see it) Since they already have a lot of kiddie rides in storage, I say kids area in 2022 because that's a cheap addition. I can see Zamperla Super Air Race where Spin Meister was themed to Scarecrow, an Endevour to replace El Diablo. I also feel removing the go-karts and the simulator building would be a good idea, even it just expands the entrance plaza (I slightly feel Ka/Zu would be removed bef
  13. Yes, they should bring in KCL Lighting to work on Medusa, Green Lantern, Superman, and Batman.
  14. I'm going to Great Adventure tomorrow for Hallowfest, let's see if Cyborg is now open. 

  15. Anyone else think the park should put more effort into lighting packages on their rides and coasters? Don’t get me wrong the recent additions of WW and Cyborg look great at night but what about the coasters? I think the perfect candidates would be: El Toro Jersey Devil Bizarro Tracer Lights on GL and Superman Lifts and ofc updated LEDs on Big Wheel *I know people are indifferent about lighting Ka’s Tower up because of night rides but I think it would look great imo.
  16. Aquaman themed Zamperla Big WaveZ on the Boardwalk for 2022. http://amusementtoday.com/coney-islands-reimagined-luna-park-celebrates-10-year-success/
  17. Also, anyone with a Diamond Membership gets one free maze ticket. I didn't realize that until just now because I was upgraded to Diamond recently thanks to the Covid-19 debacle.
  18. It’s good to see more Raptor coasters being built. I like the theme they chose.
  19. The park announced they will be adding a RMC Raptor called Stunt Pilot for 2021. This appears to be a clone of the RailBlazer layout. https://www.silverwoodthemepark.com/rides/stunt-pilot.php?ADT=446
  20. 2024 is only 3.5 years away now. In the past 10 years the park has: Removed a Kids Area, rethemed another Removed 2 coasters (GASM, Rolling Thunder, 3 if one counts Road Runner-but that's in storage) Added 3 coasters (Green Lantern, Joker, Jersey Devil-technically) Did a huge flat expansion (Adventure Alley) Merged the park and Safari into 1, and revered that (temporarily?) Strapped a drop tower on to Kingda Ka (I could see both lasting another decade) added and removed a Super Loop, and replaced the last of Old Country with 2 cool looking flats
  21. No you got a superloop in the same spot A SUPERLOOP
  22. and im completely fine with light mode just i need that dark mode

  23. Is there dark mode on here lol

  24. Least favorite coaster: BIzarro its just really bad for me i would care less if it got removed

  25. I contacted Six Flags and they actually were able to transfer my 2020 pass order to the 2021 season. So if anyone has a season pass that they haven't been able to use this year and don't plan on using, I recommend contacting them.
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