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  2. Late updating my list but I am up to 135 coasters now, after riding Runaway Tram at Morey's, finally riding GaleForce and Pirates Gold Rush at Castaway Cove, and revisting Knotts Berry Farm after 18 years. There were a lot of new to me coasters at Knotts that I rode.
  3. I visited at Disneyland early last Dec. While the park seemed to be much busier than it was last year, GE was the least crowded section of the park. Through the MF ride still had a long ride, I didn't think it was all that good of a ride. It really depends what position you get and the engineer positions are not that much fun. Pressing the repair buttons really distracts you from what is going on with the ride, not to mention the poor view. None of the shops or restaurants offered anything that appealed to me. The land looks nice, but other than that its pretty blah. Heard that the new Resistance rides are having several issues at both parks.
  4. I think GAdv should expect a Zamperla Endeavor soon. If not next year then the year after. It's one of the few remaining flats that we don't have yet that the SF chain likes to put into most of the parks. I wouldn't be surprised if that and a kids area expansion is in store for the next 2 years at GAdv.
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  6. Great Escape in 2019 got 2 attractions Six Flags Over Georgia in 2020 is adding 2 rides
  7. LINKIN' LOOSE ENDS! As we near closer to the end of the month, both ends of the ride are inching closer and closer to each other as crews begin putting the finishing touches on both sides. Over at the north end, the previously molded footings have been stripped and capped off with many new column additions, as the south end prepares even more pier caps and one especially tall, 9 foot form for the pier cap that will support the iconic crows nest turnaround. As the month nears an end, expect crews to connect both ends of the site and several more columns to arrive in the third shipment! See you again for next week's update!
  8. I hadn't even noticed the seatbelts, as I was busy admiring the color schemes of the trains! I love how unique they are, especially the Reese's themed one. That's too bad about the seatbelts though. Having 3 vehicles move continuously will be a much greater challenge with the requisite safety checks. I wouldn't be surprised if this also led to some extra time spent unloading the trains before the next sets of guests are permitted to board.
  9. Unfortunately, it looks like the trains are going to have seatbelts. I was hoping for no seatbelts so dispatches could be at least somewhat close to as fast as the dispatches are at Nitro.
  10. I was just thinking how this coaster would change the park's skyline. There's an old photo I've seen from 2006 that still show's Chiller, Rolling Thunder, and GASM on the park's Wikipedia page out there and how would that photo would look in 2020. Like I doubt one could see Joker, but what about Jersey Devil?
  11. The park is open everyday, and is mostly dead during that time so they can get a lot done with few crowds
  12. More surveying at Magic Mountain: https://twitter.com/Ryanthemepark/status/1220419749450014723 https://twitter.com/Ryanthemepark/status/1220417497939292162
  13. Maybe they could solve the locker/phone problem and that would have never happened. I know it is just 1$, but it adds up and makes those three rides an upcharge, and if I leave my phone in the car it just becomes a hassle.
  14. It looks like the 2nd truckload of Jersey Devil supports have been unloaded at the park. Great Adventure (@SFGrAdventure) Tweeted: #JerseyDevil Coaster construction update 1/23/20 Our second load of steel has arrived! Pier caps are rising like little skyscrapers across the site 🏙 https://t.co/J0Jm4HH2aI
  15. Those look just like Nitro's trains, hopefully they will be just as comfortable.
  16. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/local-companies/2020/01/22/chuck-e-cheese-parent-replaces-ceo-tom-leverton-with-six-flags-executive/ Extra! Extra! Read all about it! A Six Flags executive joins CEC Entertainment! read all about it! Dang this is getting more eating a lot of pizzas from Chuck E. Cheese's than Six Flags! Quick post a topic about it!
  17. Maybe Six Flags and Cedar Fair will try again to merge soon in the future?
  18. Interesting since H-Partners was the majority shareholder and brought the company back from bankruptcy, then started selling their interest off. Now they're becoming involved again. H-Partners also was behind efforts to merge Six Flags and Cedar Fair 10+ years ago...
  19. I never rode The Crypt, but it was fun to watch at night.
  20. Although I like small parks as much as the large ones, the return of Rocky Glen seems a far off chance, since there's nothing left of the original park.....unless I happen to win the lottery.....
  21. If this truly happens Great Adventure's Twister will be the ONLY Huss top spin in the U.S, they better keep Twister going for a good long time.
  22. A change in strategy may be in the works. Keep an eye on what Spanos says during the Q4 2019 and Q1 2020 Earnings Calls. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3532467-six-flags-rallies-on-activist-action
  23. That’s a shame for anyone that liked the ride. I guess it’s only a matter of time before Twister is gone too.
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