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  2. That actually brings up a good question. IF Great Adventure did a live camera for Jersey Devil, where/what do you think they would place the camera on?
  3. Fingers Crossed! I don't know where they would place the LiveCam if it were to happen (GADV if you see this, please add in a live camera for the Jersey Devil Coaster).
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  5. When the park closes in January, could Great Adventure have a deal with EarthCam to use webcam for Jersey Devil Coaster construction just like Green Lantern construction webcam in 2011.
  6. I agree. No need to add coaster to the name. Seems out of place.
  7. Interesting to see Road Runner Railway being dismantled, LTSP is a thing of the past I guess. I’m really hoping it is moved to a different part of the park.
  8. It looks like Road Runner Railway is the first ride to be getting deconstructed!
  9. Last week
  10. Personally I won't really care about any ride specs as long as this ride doesn't get cloned throughout the chain. GAdv is SF's second biggest park that ranks near the top in population center and in attendance, so it makes an addition like this being added to our park justified, a Raptor that's larger scale in almost every way. I think the smaller parks will likely see the Wonder Woman clones due to their cheap cost, and considering that they were able to put one it at a small to moderately sized park like Fiesta Texas makes that addition justified. This is also why I don't think we will see a TRex in the chain either. From what I've heard they will likely be very expensive, and considering the fact that GAdv and SF were willing to go all out on the Raptor concept instead of waiting a few years for the TRex concept to be ready for production makes me think that we won't see one in the chain anytime soon due to SF's budget friendly business model, especially since their model has no plan of changing even after JRA's retirement next year.
  11. That would be awesome, and add another coaster to the park’s lineup!
  12. A new coaster in a new Kid's section (even something along the scale of Road Runner Railway) would boost the park to 15 coasters (as long as Road Runner Railway survives the addition of JDC - I would be devastated if it didn't). How awesome would it be if Crossbow from Bowcraft (https://rcdb.com/3510.htm) got installed at Great Adventure as part of Bugs Bunny Boomtown or DC Super Friends? The fate of Crossbow still remains in the air, so it's possible. I would LOVE to see this happen.
  13. Love it! Hopefully in this new coaster's ensuing legacy, people drop "Coaster" out of the title when discussing it, so that it's just "The Jersey Devil". I would love for the park to excise that last word off the name; if they were able to change "Total Mayhem" to "The Joker", it gives me hope that it's a possibility. But I'm not holding my breath.
  14. SFA's Mind Eraser and Bizarro are renamed Chupacabra with an all black color scheme. I don't know the last time multiple parks got kids area expansions since 2010-2012 when they lost a bunch of IP, so if Great Adventure is getting DC Super Friends, then every other park will get flats. My coaster predictions are 2 free spins (St. Louis and Over Georgia), and a relocation of Gotham City Gauntlet to the Great Escape (with Catwoman Whip renamed Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth). I personally feel Magic Mountain will go with a Water Coaster and a Chance Freestyle (Cyborg) in Green Lantern's spot, with enough rough for an Endevour or something later maybe
  15. Joe Rhode is probably the second most famous for his work on Animal Kingdom.
  16. Thanks you! His whole career is really one awesome project to the next that encompasses some of Disney's most influential attractions - at least in hindsight. I'm glad most of the attractions he worked on are still currently operating too. Thanks for watching!
  17. That wasn’t remotely my point! I’m saying that this isn’t much larger than the clones. I agree with you. I think that height is arbitrary for the overall impression of the attraction. The way it just goes straight into dropping (rather than a pre-drop turn around, in the same vein as Green Lantern and Wonder Woman) makes it pretty menacing. It will look GREAT as you approach it from a distance.
  18. The height does not matter to me, as the ride will be absolutely fantastic! I just can't wait for construction to be well underway!
  19. In the future, the record is obviously going to be broken. Especially with the T-Rex’s.
  20. What Sea World Entertainment is doing is incredible. Todays announcements included, Iron Gwazi for Busch Gardens Tampa, Ice Breaker for Seaworld Orlando, and Texas Stingray for Sea World San Antonio.
  21. I’m going to guess SFGAm, SFOG, SFNE, and SFMM will get coasters Even though it’s really early for predictions Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Kids Area Six Flags Magic Mountain: An original coaster, but idk which one Six Flags Mexico: Zamperla Air Race Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Waterpark Six Flags Over Texas: Zamperla Disk-O Six Flags St. Louis: Zamperla Giant Discovery Six Flags Great America: RMC American Eagle Six Flags Over Georgia: S&S 4D Free Spin Six Flags America: Chance Freestyle Six Flags Darien Lake: What Great Escape is getting Six Flags New England: S&S or Premier Rides Launch Coaster Frontier City: Chance Freestyle Great Escape: Waterpark La Ronde: Kids Area Hurricane Harbor Concord: Waterslide Hurricane Harbor LA: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Phoenix: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec: Waterslide Hurricane Harbor Arlington: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Splashtown: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City: Nothing Hurricane Harbor Rockford: Nothing White Water Atlanta: Nothing
  22. That was excellent!!! Tony Baxter has always been my favorite imagineer probably because all his creations rank so high on my favorites list. Wonderful video!
  23. Hi everyone! For my Disney fans, I recently completed work on a 25 minute mini-documentary about the legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter. Many of you probably already know who he is, but just in case he's the Imagineer behind some of Disney's greatest attractions like Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the creation of Disneyland Paris - among many other things! When I started work on it as part of a senior project, I was shocked there wasn't really anything already made about him. He's definitely been a very influential figure in my life, and it was an absolute pleasure spending the past few months learning so much about him. If you're interested, I'd really appreciate it if you guys gave the video a watch. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35_OC6m8cPo&t=9s
  24. I am very happy with this addition, but a part of me wishes they could have reached 150 feet with the height. When they say that records are being "shattered", you'd hope they'd leave a decent enough margin between the previous record-holder and the new addition. Being around 20 feet taller than the clones, it isn't going to be that much bigger comparatively. Regardless, I am very impressed with the lengthened layout they went with, and absolutely thrilled for Great Adventure.
  25. I think Magic Mountain is a possible contender for a roller coaster in 2021. They seem to get new coasters steadily. RMC conversions that could be on the horizon are Boss at SFStL, Le Monstre at La Ronde, and Roar at SFA (not that I'm expecting any of these in 2021). I am excited to see what happens, Six Flags tends to pull some tricks out of their sleeve that are pleasantly surprising. Adirondack Outlaw for 2020 was a more thrilling addition than I would've expected for a park like Great Escape.
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