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  2. That is one of the rides I have been hoping Six Flags would start buying. It looks like Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream is supposed to have one of the six arm versions.
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  4. Coaster Justin

    Where are you going in 2018?

    A Long Long TIme Ago, In a country far far away... Well Japan about a month ago, I rode my 700th Coaster Raging Spirits
  5. Coaster Justin

    Parques Reunidos Issues Profit Warning & CEO Resigns

    I feel Palace or Alfa Smartparks then lost interest when they sold to Six Flags and then Katrina happened...
  6. Coaster Justin

    Six Flags Great Adventure Non Coaster 2020 ideas

    Sellner Tilt A Whirl for Movie Town? Zamperla Endeavor for Frontier Adventures? Larson Flying Scooters for Fantasy Forests? and Zamperla Water Mania (For either the theme park or Water park)
  7. And their water park was OK anyway, So it’s nice that they’re expanding both sides. For anyone who hasn’t been there Rampage is awesome. At a coaster event, I was able to ride it 26x including 16x without getting off the ride, changing seats, or even unbuckling my seatbelt. The ride has roughly 13 moments of airtime. And for you NJ Fans, The Centi-Speed wacky worm is the one from Gillian’s Fun Land.
  8. It's good to see the park adding another dry ride after so many were removed years ago when the change was made to be just a waterpark and then adding dry rides again when there were new owners.
  9. Yoshi

    Flash Sale Extended through Sept. 9

    Now there is the Cyber Sale, a gold season pass for 1 person is $83, 2 or more for $74.99 each. I'm probably going to buy the gold season pass and add the basic dining for $39.99. I didn't visit enough this year to make the premium dining pass worth the cost but even 4 trips to the park should make the basic plan worth it. I'm glad they lowered the price for 1 pass for this deal, I really didn't want to either have to pay $118 for a gold season pass or over $100 for a membership.
  10. DropDeadFuzy

    Six Flags Great Adventure Non Coaster 2020 ideas

    A Zamperla Air Race 8.4 would fit in wonderfully I feel in the Boardwalk are and name it Spinzanity.
  11. I do agree with you about new kiddie coasters, but: Bugs Bunny Boomtown (National Park) -Looney Tunes Character Carousel (Camp Carousel) -Road Runner Railway (from Seaport, behind Wilderness Theater) -Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots -Daffy Duck's Hot Air Balloons -Porky Pig's Conestoga Wagons (instead of Camp Wagons) -Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster -Taz Tornado (from Seaport, replaces water tower) -Pepe Le Pew's Hearts Aweigh (from Seaport, behind Conestoga Wagon along with third entrance) DC Super Friends -Green Lantern: Flight of Power (NEW Vekoma jr. Invert covering Seaport Area) -Scarecrow's Barnstormer (Bugs Bunny Barnstormer relocated to the site of the car ride, which would be removed) -Batwing (Air Safari) -Robin's Soaring Scooters (Flying Scooters in car ride area) -Superman Tower of Power (new drop tower in palce of Jumpin Joey) Third area-Plaza Bazaar (behind El Diablo) -Gira (Raja's Rickshaws, Spanish for to Turn) -Sky Zooma's new (Spanish name) should fit with flying and exploration -Elefantes (Air Jumbo) -Adventure Express (train) -New play structure to fit the market theme Also, remove Seaport Eats and build The Iceburg lounge next to Penguin's Blizzard River (Congo Rapids) to make an excuse to keep a haunt back there
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  13. By leaving them in the queue area with ride attendants, the park would be assuming too much liability for phones. It's not like people are running around with $50 flip phones anymore. So yeah, I totally agree. Would be nice if they had an all season locker pass though.
  14. Pineracer

    New Non-Attraction Improvement Suggestions

    I feel the bins in the station would definitely be good idea, but I honestly don't see that as a direction anymore for the major parks (Knobles and boardwalk parks, sure. Sea World, Cedar Fair, etc? nope)
  15. More single rider lines and single rider lines that start at the beginning of the queue like at most other Six Flags parks rather than right before the station.
  16. Lemur

    Holiday in the Park 2018 - New Info & Guide Map

    Pretty hard to feel cheated for that price, but I'm sure someone will. Love this event. Just wish they could put a small rink in somewhere for ice skating.
  17. I thought about that, but I wasn’t sure if the park would bother opening up that land when they have so many other dead and developable pieces of land available. They could fit a decent sized kids area in that spot if they wanted to use all of the land.
  18. Twister's days are pretty much numbered, as there's so few of those Huss Topspins left. I wouldn't mind seeing an Endeavor. I also wouldn't mind some sort of non-DC dark ride or even a fun house.
  19. I don't think the park is that filthy that it's the "what is most necessary". I've actually found it in pretty good shape. It's hard to keep things pristine when you have large turn-over of people coming in and out every day.
  20. Biggest single improvement would be a new lighting package on the Ferris Wheel. Second would be refreshing the paint on most of the marquee rides. Third would be an escape room upcharge (I hate the basic idea of these things, but apparently people with actual social skills love them). Last would be a sit-down restaurant and potentially a dinner theater.
  21. Six Flags FUN!

    Six Flags Great Adventure Non Coaster 2020 ideas

    Bugs Bunny Boomtown/DC Super Friends area would be help for Great Adventure to keep the kids to bring kiddie train back to new kiddie areas in the future. Bugs Bunny Boomtown: -Bugs Bunny Railroad Express -Tweety's Treehouse -Daffy's Submarine Voyage -Yosemite Sam's Sailing Away -Taz Tornado -Speedy Gonzales Hot Rods -Road Runner Express (New kiddie coaster) -Bugs Bunny Barnstormer -Looney Tunes Playground -Porky Pig Motor Cars DC Super Friends: -Batwing -Superman Tower of Power -Wonder Woman Lasso Flyers -Joker's Funhouse Coaster (kiddie coaster) -Green Lantern Flight of Power
  22. Six Flags FUN!

    New Non-Attraction Improvement Suggestions

    Here's my ideas: 1.Retheme Movietown to DC Universe, have separate sections (Gotham City and Metropolis). 2.Repaint some coasters like (Runaway Train, Superman, Batman, Nitro and Kingda Ka) 3.Bring back classic music background (Frontier Adventures, Main Street, etc...) 4.Build a helicopter pad for helicopter tours. 5.Rebuild rest of Log Flume 6.Add LED lights on Big Wheel 7.Make a better new highway for traffic for new entrance for the park 8.Clean the whole park 9.Add more TVs for lines like (Big Wheel, Log Flume, Buccaner, Runaway Train, etc...) 10.Get rid SkyWay's old M&Ms ad back to old Six Flags cover on them
  23. 29yrswithaGApass

    Six Flags Great Adventure Non Coaster 2020 ideas

    The location of your Endeavour blocks out a large parcel of land that could be developed. Twister was installed when the Great American Scream Machine was in place so the large lot behind the ride was occupied.
  24. Clean the park up. I would totally suggest this over a coaster, but Six Flags doesn't want to do what is most necessary.
  25. I am going with a Zamperla Endeavour replacing Twister and a Proslide RocketBlast/FlyingSaucer water coaster for Hurricane Harbor.
  26. Since a bunch of people believe the park is adding a new coaster 2020, this topic is for those who think otherwise.
  27. The Master

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    So I was driving on 295 in South NJ today, and they were freshly treating the roads with salt, on a 50 degree day with sunshine, no storms in the near forecast, and overnight temps in the 40s, WTH? Guess NJDOT thinks cars aren't rusting out fast enough. Now I will have to take my car to the carwash tomorrow to get that nasty NJ salt off of it. At least PennDOT does seem to be as trigger happy with road salt like NJ is. Took 130 back and despite being slower, it was unsalted. Road salt is a necessary evil that must be used sparingly, not dumped all over like crazy on a whim as it quickly degrades everything.
  28. fetish911

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Wow i did that back in the day myself! I remember freezing my bits off at like 4 am in line for walmart &target . Ugh. Havent done that in a LONG time though, thank god. Cyber Monday is my jam and i dont even leave the house on black friday anymore.
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