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  2. Crowds were pretty low for the preview. There were times in the middle of the day when even Aqua Blast didn't have a line. The slide lines did fluctuate throughout the day. One trip up there is no line, next trip the line is a 1/3rd down the tower, the longest lines were for the Boa Blasters, which were shutdown when somebody got hurt on Python Plummet. Another eventful sight I saw was over on Steel Force, where a group of 4 was detained by not unlocking their restraints until security arrived to escort them away. Wonder what they did for the park to do that? You would never see GADV security do that.
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    I like to try to get to the park on a Friday in May since crowds are usually low even with all the school groups there. This past Friday was no exception and I got to the park at around 2:15 planning to stay until at least 8 or later. Justice League was first with no line at all using the single rider line. The fog projection before the falling barrels was working again which was nice to see. This was also the first trip to the park where I saw what happens if the car spends too long in front of 1 screen because of delays in loading the other cars. The targets go away so you can't increase your score. I guess that's so the scoring chances are equal if you get a delay or not. Nitro had broken down but was reopened with a station wait. The past couple of years the C train was the smoothest of the 3 trains. It was a little worse this year but not too bad. I also have to say it was nice to see 3 trains running with such low crowds and extremely fast dispatches. I was got back in line for another lap but it broke down again. After riding The Dark Knight, Batman, Skull Mountain, Nitro again and Sky Screamer, I walked over to Saw Mill Log Flume. All of the sudden the turntable and lift conveyor belts stopped moving. I thought the ride had broken down until going back to the walkway in Frontier Adventures and seeing Runaway Mine Train stuck on the brake run, one of Bizarro's trains on the mid course brake run and El Toro stopped on the lift hill. The only ride in the area still running was the balloons in Bugs Bunny National Park. I walked around for a while and saw the rides being evacuated. I'd hate to be on Superman stuck on the lift hill or brake run more than any other coaster. Going back to the other side of the park I saw Cyborg Cyber Spin testing but nothing was open except Sky Screamer and maybe the Big Wheel. I saw the Skyway was open and with both sides running and went back to Frontier Adventures to ride the Saw Mill Log Flume which had reopened. Most of the rides were closed for around an hour. I haven't had the chance to ride the log flume much once in the last 3 seasons so it was good to be at the park when it's open. With no one at the water sprayers, it was just enough of a splash to cool off and not get soaked. The sky was starting to get dark and I thought it could start raining soon. I had been checking the forecast all week and even before I left to go to the park and it kept changing from no rain, to rain later at night and then after I got to the park, a forecast of heavy rain at 7 p.m. I went right over to Zumanjaro because of that. I have had horrible luck with Zumanjaro being open the past year. I visited the park 5 times last season, 3 of trips that were not during HITP. 2 of those 3 visits the ride was closed. Last month I was in the station and about to be on the next cycle and it broke down for the rest of the night so I hadn't ridden Zumanjaro in over a year. It is still my favorite drop tower. Right when the ride dispatched, the rain started. Kingda Ka was of course closed and it looked like it was going to rain the rest of the night so I went back to Justice League for 3 more rides all with no wait using the single rider line (the regular line was probably around 10 minutes). I probably could have gone to The Dark Knight and Skull Mountain but didn't feel like walking around in the rain. Many outdoor coasters will still running but it's uncomfortable to ride in the rain. Even though I missed Green Lantern, El Toro, Kingda Ka, Runaway Mine Train and Bizarro it still was a fun trip since I was able to get multiple Nitro and Justice League rides in during the visit to the park. Ride Count: Nitro, 2x Justice League, 4x Sky Screamer, 1x Skull Mountain, 1x The Dark Knight, 1x Batman, 1x Saw Mill Log Flume, 1x Skyway, 1x Zumanjaro, 1x Only 1 picture, I was planning on taking more pictures on my way out of the park and the rain messed up those plans. El Toro being evacuated
  4. Were crowds low for the preview? I was originally considering going before having the chance to stop at the park on Saturday and didn't feel like going to Dorney 2 days in a row. Talon was running 1 train on Saturday as well.
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  6. I was at Dorney on Sunday for their season pass holder preview for WWK, which was exclusively for SP holders, not even bring a friend. Most of the waterpark attractions were open. Stangely, the Runaway River was closed but the Wildwater River was open, generally it is the other way around when only one river is open. Also the older wave pool and the Cascade slide were closed, but everything else was open. Crowds were not bad at either park. Talon was only operating one train but Steel Force and Hydra were ruunning two trains. The Dominator drop tower has new color changing LED floodlights installed and it does look nice.
  7. I was almost driving past Dorney on Saturday and stopped in for 2 1/2 hours for my first visit of the season. It was crowded (for Dorney) with most coaster lines 10 - 20 minutes. I went to pick up my Fast Lane wristband. The first store was sold out, the 2nd store was sold out. I was told to try another store that had the wristbands but told me I can only get the daily Fast Lane wristband there which was incorrect but the employees insisted I couldn't get it and to to go guest services. I wasn't going back and waiting 20+ minutes in line so I tried a 4th store who wanted to charge me the daily price for it. I had to explain how they ring up the Fast Lane wristband, then scan my season pass and it should make the total $0.00. It was kind of frustrating. Also to add to the frustration, some rides like Steel Force had no ride attendant at the Fast Lane merge point. This meant that I had to force my way into the line at the merge point and hope people wouldn't get angry thinking I was cutting them in line. Thunderhawk was running 2 trains which was nice to see since it usually only runs 1 train except on more crowded days. In the station I was surprised to see people leaving smartphones in the cubbies especially because the ride attendants were not sliding the door to cover the cubbies for the train that was in the out on the track. There is no way I would leave anything important in the station. The Whip got some new historical signs near the entrance for it's 100th season. Wild Mouse's operations are worse this year. 1 ride operator has to advance the cars to both loading areas in the station and advance them to dispatch, tell people which car to go to and check restraints. This meant much of the time only 1 car is running with the other 3 in the station. Seeing how slow the line was moving, it was probably an hour wait. The same like at Great Adventure or Hershey would be 15 minutes for their wild mouse coasters. On a more positive note, I bought the All Season Drink Pass this year and it was great being able to walk up to a drink station or any food place and get a drink and not have to carry around a souvenir bottle and leave it in the station. Ride Count: Talon, 1x Hydra, 1x Steel Force, 1x Thunderhawk, 1x Wild Mouse, 1x Dominator Green, 2x Cedar Creek Flyers, 1x Whip, 1x Here are some pictures of the new sign at The Whip:
  8. Nice report, I didn't realize most of the rides were shut down from the power surge either. I thought just the Log Flume that I was waiting for had broken down until I saw all the coasters stopped on the lift hill or brakes.
  9. A new SEC filing was published today and it looks like PAG Holdings Ltd. is offering its 23.1% stake in Seaworld stock (19,452,063 shares) for sale through transfer agent Lord Central Opportunity V Limited http://d18rn0p25nwr6d.cloudfront.net/CIK-0001564902/53c02144-ee49-47f8-b0ba-71f502295ab8.pdf Through a previous agreement between Seaworld and the transfer agent, the shares are restricted from being sold to the following entities: - Walt Disney Parks and Resorts - Universal Studios - Six Flags, Inc. - Cedar Fair Entertainment Company - Merlin Entertainments Group Ltd. - Herschend Family Entertainment http://d18rn0p25nwr6d.cloudfront.net/CIK-0001564902/e5397eef-7b8d-4077-9a07-fa52bffbe07e.pdf
  10. I mean where is new portal sign for DC Universe's new name? When will portal signs (Gotham City and Metropolis) will be added.
  11. I believe it is a combination of Gotham City (previously Movietown) and the new Metropolis area. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  12. Speaking of which, where is new DC Universe themed area?
  13. Last week
  14. I wonder if the I Heart Radio contract ran out?
  15. And one more. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!
  16. Are there any changes to the music being played across the park this year? Apparently Great America removed most of the pop music from the park this year and have gone back to playing the old music that fits the theme of each area of the park. It would be nice if this was done for all parks in the chain.
  17. Oh wait really?! I must have just never noticed, I probably was so used to having to go through the Boardwalk that I never bothered looking again lol
  18. Memorial Day weekend, Comic Fest, Grand Opening of Wonder Woman. Best of luck to anyone at or near the park.
  19. The pathway has been open since some time last year.
  20. I like to make the yum yum palace and carousel back to dream street, remove the dare devil carnival games and add trees in the game stand place, remove the paint ball building for a walkway, and split boardwalk into 2 areas, air force and fortune festival, for rolling thunder, move the safari trucks to rolling thunder lot and have a asian theme station. also add a gci family coaster with a custom layout in the other half of rolling thunder, theme it to python. make a sub section of golden kingdom with plaza de carnival into south america, featuring a flying falcon and RMC raptor with a custom layout in jungeland lot along with a south american themed restaurant. add a tilt n whirl called jungle drum, and a twist n splash ride called splashwater oasis, move the 2 1976 kiddie rides from safari kids to drop tower path and add a new arena for the seals and turn the seal arena back to a tiger arena, and turn the safari outpost into a theme restaurant like rainforest and turn watering hole into a gift stand, replace primos pizzeria and go fresh with outpost eatery and turn funnel cake stand into watering hole
  21. Guys I have A big problem now on next weekend. Is Saturday and Sunday is going too crowd at Great Adventure during Comic Fest? Is waiting line won't be too crowd to get special passes in Visitor Center near by SkyScreamer? I might going between Saturday and Sunday during Memorial Day weekend?
  22. Didn't know there was an outage the other day
  23. Add Houdini to Main Street, Yum Yum/carrusel to Plaza/Frontier, plus Dare Devil Dive and Boardwalk Games becomes Fortune Festival (would work with the Golden Kingdom architecture), Zamperla Freestyle (El Sombrero) replaces El Diablo, RMC Raptor/T-Rex (Myan Mindbender) connects off the Zu path, but there is also a path through Rolling Thunder's drop to help with crowd flow. Also relocate the animal show stage over there The relocate Safari Kids to the old Ka extended queue, Relocate Road Runner and Taz Twister to National Park (now Boomtown) Splash water Oasis/Golden Kingdom connector path can become a new area (might I suggest Mardi Gras?)
  24. I just wish they would fix the Golden Kingdom break. I'm sure many tourists are confused when they enter the "Golden Kingdom" by El Toro to go to Kingda Ka, only to find that they have to go through the other entrance through the Boardwalk. It seems very ghetto, and I hope that they either retheme that area back to Frontier Adventures, or Plaza Del Carnaval (unlikely because that would cost $ ) or they open up the pathway again through that area to Kingda Ka. Or maybe they add a new coaster in the Balin's Jungleland-El Diablo/Rolling Thunder spot themed in the Golden Kingdom, that would solve the issue as long as the pathway leads to that coaster from the El Toro side entrance.
  25. After my classes ended for the year at UD, I decided to come home for a few days before I have to go back for finals. I got in my car and was home and at the park by 2 that afternoon (glad that traffic wasn't too bad on the DE Memorial Bridge). The park wasn't too crowded, most crowds were schools participating in the Music in the Parks event. Had a great time and met up with a bunch of other enthusiasts for some rides. I was at the park during the power surge, and was next in line with some friends for JL. The building went dark for about 3 seconds and then the ride began to reboot itself. Until we got out of the line to get some snacks, we had no idea that this power surge effected the entire park! We were glad not to be on a coaster and to not have to go through the hassle of an evac! After that, we walked around and got a ton of rides, with El Toro hauling. Great visit, and I'm going back for more this weekend! Hopefully I'll get to a wider variety of rides today (5/18/19)! Final Ride Count: JLBFM 2x BTR 1x Nitro 2x Sky Screamer 1x RMT 2x El Toro 7x
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