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  2. They were pulsing people in some of thr stations, only Fahrenheit was assigning seats.
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  4. New video from TheCoasterSpot with footage from within the park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3ihJIEfmGQ
  5. The possibility for them to enforce the rules exists. From what I've read, Universal Orlando has done a fantastic job at enforcing everything, while SeaWorld Orlando has done a terrible job. I can't speak for other Busch parks, but I know Six Flags can accomplish their goals if they only try a little harder. Otherwise, I fear a shut-down from Murphy is imminent.
  6. I am going to avoid all parks for at least a year. I have been monitoring lots of trip reports and don't like what I am seeing at any of the parks, too many people refuse to follow simple rules.
  7. It was awesome to be back to the park, however... The lack of social distancing, heat, crowds and rides closures just didn’t merge well together. Obviously it was just a preview, and also the first day of operation for this season. To me, something just felt off. There were points walking in the park where I felt as if there was no enforcement on masks or social distancing. I saw too many guests without a mask covering their face, let alone even on their body.
  8. Thanks for the information and I hope the headache goes away soon, also were they controlling how many people were allowed in the coaster stations or assigning rows? I'm trying to decide if I am going to keep the season pass or get a refund.
  9. There's no way they can 100% enforce it, but they could at least have some security guards patrolling the lines to ensure people are keeping distance. I read stories today that people would be going up to workers or walking past security guards not wearing their mask and they would say nothing. Unfortunately though, we have seen far too many videos of people throwing a fit from being told to put a mask on, so I can understand the hesitation.
  10. B Only way they can enforce it is if they have an army of guards in riot gear everywhere in the park. I was at Hershey yesterday and few people were keeping their distance. On a couple of rides they did tell riders to put their masks on.
  11. They filled all the rows on their B&M coasters, both Candymonium and Great Bear, likely because each row is its own car. Fahrenheit was also filling all rows. However, all the other coasters were skipping every other row for a safety gap. Everybso often they would shug a ride down for cleaning. Most of the secondary rides were closed. Only water slides that were open were the mat racers. They sprayed the mats between each use. There were also spraying the inner tubes in the lazy river after each guest was done with their tube. Waiting for park opening in the new entrance is brutal, still have a headache from it.
  12. I've seen a lot of complaints from people today saying that social distancing was not being enforced while waiting in lines, a lot of people pulling down their masks and not being told to put it back on, etc. I get it, it was the first day, so there will need to be some things ironed out, but if they want to be open, they need to make sure guidelines are followed. I know people hate actually following the rules and it is tough to enforce, but like I said, this is their park, and they need to be strict. Needless to say, i'm in no rush to go to the park anytime soon.
  13. Were they loading all rows on the coasters? I saw pictures of Candymonium with all rows filled but wasn’t sure if it was just for that ride or for all the coasters.
  14. Last week
  15. Justice League Great Arena Glow In The Park Parade Bugs Bunny Land Although to be a jerk, I wouldn't mind Planned but never built's Like: Hotel, Foods of the World, or Wonders of Natural Phenomena
  16. Word is Xcalibur has finally re-opened with Six Flags St. Louis. It lives on another year...
  17. Hershey's new entrance is a mess. Its huge which makes the entrance gate lines more chaotic.than before. Also there is compkete lack of shade so the whole entrance plaza and Chocolatetown are baking in the hot sun. They really need shade flys or other shade structures. Both have few saplings planted The new entrance and Chocolatetown are both really ugly and completely lack charm of the old. The new coaster is good but it does have the PITA lockers instead of station bins. However, unlike GADV, the lockers are free while you ride like Universal which is good of Hershey.
  18. The rest of the normal pamphlets and brochures will also be MIA this season. First season in 47 years that GA does not have a rack brochure.
  19. It's interesting to see that the Dining Pass is accepted at all locations. I understand it's better not to have the paper maps but it's a shame they are probably a thing of the past. I like to collect them each year for all the parks I visit.
  20. As of right now, the website is only accepting reservations up until Sunday, July 26th. I'm planning to go On July 27th, so I guess I'll have to wait a few days to make my reservation.
  21. As the 2020 season-opener finally approaches, click below to view the new official theme park map. There won't be any printed paper maps in the park this year. This map will be used for in-park map directories.
  22. It looks like Aquaman at Over Texas is delayed and is in a similar situation. However, Over Texas could operate through the winter and it's a ride that's better in warmer weather so.
  23. Looks good! I'm guessing SFOG will probably be one of the few parks to actually get something new opening this year in the Six Flags system, and only because of their contractual obligations.
  24. Probably world's tallest and fastest too.. if MM has to increase the height to get it through the extended layout with enough speed JDC might not have its records for too long.
  25. With track being fabricated now, it will be interesting to see if the one at Magic Mountain is delayed. If not, the park might have to remove world's longest.
  26. Sad to see but yes, very understandable. Sounds so weird putting 2021 and JDC in the same sentence.
  27. I honestly get it. Why open a new ride when you can’t attract more attendance. I really hope that they can use the extra time to add theming. It would make the wait worth it.
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