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  2. Yoshi

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I would go with whatever park you visit the most as your home park. I used to live 30 minutes from Sesame Place, 45 minutes from Dorney and 55 minutes from Great Adventure but never considered Sesame Place my home park because I haven't visited the park since 2000.
  3. ZachMan

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    If Great Adventure is my home park now, but I live closer to the future site of Nickolodeon Universe, will that become my home park when it opens up? I mean it seems obvious but I'm still not sure how big or how many rides NU will have.
  4. ZachMan

    Future of Bizarro

    I'll be so pissed if Bizarro goes, it's probably my favorite ride at the park, although Nitro is definitely close. I do miss the old theming/audio, but I guess the lines weren't long enough, so they couldn't justify keeping it. The coaster is literally my pfp😂
  5. ZachMan

    Best Dark Rides You Have Experienced

    Everyone in my group was thoroughly confused when we were riding that dark ride, it was still cool but the old feel was so much better.
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  7. 29yrswithaGApass

    1978_08_13 Sunday Record Ad copy.jpg

  8. 29yrswithaGApass

    1979_08_12 Australia Ad copy.jpg

  9. 29yrswithaGApass

    1979_07_22 Safari Ad copy.jpg

  10. harry2004

    Six Flags Additions for 2019

    i prefer to take out v2 and yanke clipper, then rebuild logger run to what coney island getting, and put a launch coaster there
  11. 29yrswithaGApass

    Kiddie Kingdom

    Mentioned a while back, here is a new scan of one of pcincotta's great clown photos. In the background you can see the "Kiddie Kingdom" entrance arch from the rear, taken inside the children's area. If anyone has a picture of the arch, please share it with us!
  12. Yoshi

    Best Dark Rides You Have Experienced

    I agree. I also don't the screens in the ride vehicles. I try to ignore them and focus on the ride but it's difficult when my first instinct is to look at the screen.
  13. 29yrswithaGApass

    Best Dark Rides You Have Experienced

    I visited Hershey Chocolate World before Christmas and I went on the ride for the first time since its recent update. I was disappointed to see several of the props replaced with screens and I thought the musical finale section wasn't as good as previous versions. I wasn't really a fan of the remodeled queue either. Maybe I am just more for nostalgia.
  14. 29yrswithaGApass

    Great Lake Grandstand

    As we have stated in the past we will if we run across a sample worth sharing. FYI, the previous posted Six Flags TV clip is once again available after being reloaded.
  15. Six Flags FUN!

    Great Lake Grandstand

    What about more old Six Flags TV videos too, are you gonna upload full old Six Flags TV videos too?
  16. 29yrswithaGApass

    Great Lake Grandstand

    We have audio and/or video of many of the firework shows. Those will be added to the galleries.
  17. Six Flags FUN!

    Great Lake Grandstand

    Are we even gonna hear more about Looney Tunes themed Fireworks shows like videos on YouTube?
  18. 29yrswithaGApass

    Great Lake Grandstand

    In case anyone is wondering, Lethal Weapon Water Ski Spectacular, Lumber Jack Show, and Quest for Camelot Knights will have their own Spotlights!
  19. 29yrswithaGApass

    Great Lake Grandstand

    That will be included in the portion about the stadium itself.
  20. Six Flags FUN!

    Great Lake Grandstand

    Are we gonna hear more information about Six Flags TV broadcast center soon on Great Lake Grandstand? I want to hear Six Flags TV spotlight someday.
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