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  2. Yes, but we consider that a "Planned But Never Built" spotlight!
  3. Love this update! But I've always wondered, does any sort of concept art exist for the coaster when it was going to have a Gremlins theme?
  4. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but there’s a new Jersey Devil logo on the front of every car (shown in today’s Beyond the Adventure video)!
  5. Through this new video, we got some valuable insight as to the future of the coaster, courtesy of Mr. Michael Reitz, Six Flags' Corporate Engineer. Once the control room and station are complete, lift hill equipment and brakes need to be tested and installed; this includes the lift motor, lift chain, sprockets, actuators, eddy current magnetic brakes, and drive tires (pacers). The control system needs to be "ringed out," which involves testing all of the electrical components of the ride like proximity sensors. The transfer track needs to be tested, all bolts need to be given their
  6. SFGAm is going to repaint Vertical Velocity this year. Based on the paint cans in the No Coaster Con video, it appears the ride will be rethemed to The Flash. Six Flags Great America 2021 No Coaster Con video The Flash: Vertical Velocity at Discovery Kingdom
  7. SFGAm might be planning something new for the Buccaneer Battle location. This screenshot is from the end of the video shown at No Coaster Con 2021. Six Flags Great America 2021 No Coaster Con video
  8. This was the first major coaster I worked in my time at the park, this was a fun one to work!
  9. Special thanks to our Moderator Tbone for helping in the preparation of the text for the updated Skull Mountain spotlight. He worked at Skull Mountain so knows all about the ride!
  10. New JDC Behind the Adventure update will be coming out tomorrow!!
  11. Last year, Six Flags Over Georgia remodeled their Gotham City section, which was introduced in 1997. They added a flat ride package with a Scrambler named Poison Ivy Toxic Spin and a second generation Enterprise named Catwoman Whip. While there are a few original remains, most of the area was changed. Here are some notable changes made to the Gotham City section. 1. The remodeled section included the Poison Ivy and Catwoman rides. 2. Mindbender was given a refurbishment and renamed The Riddler Mindbender. Several changes included a repaint and new track. 3. Harley Quinn Spin
  12. The idea is open the park when possible (temps are within certain range, no snow), and close the park on the weekends it's not the right call to be open. The parks which are open do that just like they do the rest of the year. If the weather is bad, they close. If the weather is good they open. Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Sesame Place, SeaWorld San Antonio, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and Six Flags Over Texas have all been "open" through the winter, but then close when they get snow, ice, and extreme temperatures. Just like spring, fall, summer, when the weat
  13. I live about 25 miles south west of the park and I had consistent 7 inches of snow until recently. Any time it began to melt it was replenished by weekly 3 inch snow falls. Most of it is finally gone now but I still have some 6 inch piles lingering in the shady spots. The meltwater from them has flooded my backyard leaving it and my gravel driveway a deep muddy mess. My 4x4 pickup can barely get through.
  14. I think the most I got was 3 or 4 inches one time. I think I live 20 miles south east of the park We are pretty lucky here closer to the ocean
  15. One thing to mention is that most of the debate took place a month ago during a mild Jan as 29 pointed out back then. However, in the meantime Feb was the opposite with consistent below normal temps and frequent heavy snowfalls. The month had a steady 7 inch snowpack on the ground. This past month was a harsh one and be difficult for a outdoor park to remain open through.
  16. Here are some more images the park released via their Instagram stories!
  17. There’s an all-new Jersey Devil Coaster update via the park on Twitter! 29 days until opening!
  18. I don't think so because potentially developable land dropped from 456 acres to 367 acres in the annual reports. This is what 89 acres of land looks like.
  19. It's almost a year later and I have some good news. I might be a ride op at Nickelodeon Universe in the American Dream Mall this summer. I don't really like Nick (except for SpongeBob and sometimes Rocko) but I'll try my best to be a good ride op, considering how bad operations are at that park. I'll just end up quoting SpongeBob and asking if the Turtles are Japanese-Italian.
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