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  2. Been great for my pool's solar panels, my pool water is at 94 degrees.
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  4. 4-5 coasters, maybe 6 if you want to count the Loop Coaster that Larson is building in their factory right now. The only new trademarks are for Fright Fest, so I think we are going to see a lot of DC names and generic Six Flags names for 2020. The Power Splash is already in Dubai and is most likely one of the 10-12 rides going to Motiongate or Bollywood. I think Six Flags bought another one for SFOT. The price listed on a few sites for Pulsar was 8.5 million Euros, which is pretty cheap if accurate. https://mobile.twitter.com/jamie_shill/status/1131990806460555265
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  6. I wonder if any of the other Six Flags Dubai rides will make it to the US. I wouldn’t mind us getting the Ferris Wheel.
  7. So if we confirm that SFOT is getting a Mack Power Splash, then how many coasters do you guys think SF will be adding in 2020 I think 3-5 (Counting Kids Coasters)
  8. The dispatches being inconsistent depending on the lifeguards seem to have been a problem for years. There was one lifeguard at the Boa Blasters/Constrictor that was doing a great job making sure all the slides were being used as frequently as possible (asking people further in line if anyone wanted an open slide). Sadly, that seems to be the exception. Most of the time, if 1 or 2 people want the same slide, they will just let the other slides go empty until that group has finished while the other slides are not being used. I have hardly gone to Patriot's Plunge this year because of it. I never noticed that before but now that you mention it, it does look like something from Nickelodeon.
  9. Did Thunder River get a retheme at Over Georgia? I haven't heard one way or the other and have just thought they didn't
  10. Maybe they replace Safari Kids with Monsoon lagoon like at great escape and replace looney tunes Seaport with a New launch coaster, maybe a steampunk area would work, maybe retheme congo rapids to a steampunk themed rapids ride, and for the name of the new launch coaster: i think it will call hyperdrive, maybe a zamperla enterprise ride reusing the grinder gearworks name and retheme nitro to fit with the steampunk area
  11. If they do add slides, wonder if it will take the lifeguards 20 minutes between dispatchs like with most of the existing slides there?
  12. I was somewhat surprised to see I got a bring a friend free offer for either Saturday or Sunday since it's so rare to see that for a summer weekend. I guess they think attendance is going to be down because of the heat?
  13. I didn’t mean that it was from Nickelodeon or Paramount. Just that it looked like it.
  14. The Waterworks replaced a mini golf course that was once next to Wild Water Kingdom.
  15. Dorney has been owned for Cedar Fair since '98 or so, thus it was never owned by Paramount. I did see something about Dorney get parts from another park or something (not Cedar Fair, but another park, or at least somewhere)
  16. I also love coasters, but I'm a huge flat rides guy myself and have loved the recent additions to the park. I love going to other parks with unique rides like Troikas and Pretty Monster. Knoebels in particular has an incredible selection of flats.
  17. Even though I am a big fan of roller coasters and have been an ACE member since 1984, I prefer dark rides more and was thrilled when they added Houdini and Justice League.
  18. I am not a super fan of Harry Potter either, only seen the films, most of them I just watched once. Never read the books, but I know of the main locations like Hogwarts, the nearby town of Hogsmede, and Diagon Alley in London. As for Star Wars, I am only a fan of the six Lucas made films, never cared for either the old spinoff media called the Expanded Universe which Disney did away with to start their own new expanded universe of spinoff media which has not gone well. Even the original Star Tours ride mentioned Tatooine, Hoth, Dagobah, Bespin, and the plot involved being on a trip to Endor that goes way off course to the Death Star. For the most part, Batuu looks a lot like Tatooine with a more moist climate, which begs the question of not just make it Tatooine? The planet that is featured in 5 of the 6 original films, making it the most iconic of any of the SW planets. Yes, most people know what Tatooine is. The Falcon is one iconic thing GE has other than Chewbacca, but no Han Solo. Instead of Solo, GE has Hondo instead, a obscure alien pirate character from the ten year old Clone Wars cartoon spinoff series. Plus a even more obscure human rebel spy minor character from two year old book named Vi who is supposed to be the main character of SW land. You instead of somebody the general public would know like Luke, Anakin, or even Rey. Tatooine is far less obscure than either Hondo or Vi, who I only know of by looking up SW wikis. So if Universal had followed Disney's plan, there would still be the Hogwarts Express. But instead of traveling between London and Hogwarts, it would be some other new made up magic school and generic city. Instead of Harry and his friends, WW would feature just Ron and a couple of minor background characters from those Harry Potter spinoff films set in the 1920's. There would be no Harry Potter or most of the major cast at all in WW if you applied GE's plan to WW. In more simply terms. Disney: who wants to see places and major characters they know from the Star Wars moives? That is just silly. Universal raking in money from Harry Potter: Yeah great plan Disney, stick with it, do it! Supposedly many of the imagineers are not happy with the end results of GE. Some claim that management and marketing had most of the hand in designing the land, and way it turned out. There are also unhappy with reports of fights in the Falcon ride when somebody performs poorly at their station and ruins the ride for everyone else. The land is running out of merch and is poorly stocked. There are also complaints of the expensive lightsabers ceasing to function in as little as a week. Disney goofed big time.
  19. That would probably be the best option now that I think of it, a DC Super Friends type kiddie area would be right at home in that location considering there's space that can be cleared for it (plus the space that can easily be expanded on as is), plus the obvious development as a whole on that side of the park over the past few years. Regardless, in my opinion this has probably been one of the more unpredictable years in terms of future additions and at this point I'm itching to see the announcement on August 29th.
  20. Is the idea that they'd be consuming Seaport/Safari Kids and moving those rides into a new kiddie area at El Diablo? (Sort of the reverse of when Balin's was consumed) If so, I'd say they'd definitely keep a kiddie area on the west side of the park for HitP purposes. And probably make it the largest area too. They are really favoring that side so it can be a self-sufficient theme park even with the other half closed.
  21. I didn't realize a waterpark attraction could invoke the essence of the 90's, and yet here this is. EDIT: This is my post 1234
  22. I've seen all the SW films, but I would never have known this if you didn't tell me. I'm obviously not a super-fan / connoisseur, but I'd still say I'm a fan of SW. I just don't have a running list of every planet, and I don't think most other people do either. I'm much less a fan of Harry Potter, but you can't say Hogwarts isn't a critical key focal point of the IP. Having a made-up school over Hogwarts in Wizarding World would be like having some made up ship instead of the Millennium Falcon in Galaxy's Edge. Arguably even worse than that. Find me someone who has never heard of Hogwarts. I can find find plenty of people who have never heard of Tatooine. (PS I had to look up to verify I spelled that correctly)
  23. Seriously though. 100 degrees all weekend.
  24. "You want more? Let's ramp it up! " - Nature
  25. To be honest, I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies or read any of the books. Even so, I still found both HP areas entertaining without knowing every or almost any aspect of the stories or settings.
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