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  2. Agree. Not to mention once again delaying the opening of the mall’s shops and restaurants. That thing is cursed!
  3. I have a feeling the waterpark is going to suffer from the virus incredibly. Who is going to visit a water park for $100/person, during a recession, after a global pandemic (a few minutes away from the epicenter in the US).
  4. Moreys Piers has postponed opening until Mother's Day weekend, if Murphy allows it. Unforunately politics snd agendas will influence and likely delay decisions for the various states to lift their closure orders. Some governors are using their shutdown orders as an opportunity to push their agendas.
  5. ^ NYC will peaking down virus in next month or May soon. It should be fine for the park's opening.
  6. Gadv might open 2-3 months aka mid May or early June. They'll peaking virus down for 3-5 months. So events will might pushed into summer.
  7. Another NJ attraction, Grounds for Sculpture, announced they may be closed for the next 3 to 5 months. That they have canceled all of their programming and events through June 30th. This gives us an idea of what to expect for other NJ attractions such as GAdv. Really nothing in NJ can reopen until Gov Murphy lifts his closure order, which he probably won't rush into.
  8. HH already makes use of multi stage queuing due to flashpass, so that is already taken cared of. I could see the park increasing gaps between loungers, or take them out completely and force everyone to use pay lockers which would suck. The family raft, toboggan, and tornado slides may be closed for part or all of this season. Restrooms and change rooms will need to cleaned better than in the past. Not sure what they may do about the wave pool, river, activity pool, and water playgrounds? Perhaps they may put entry limits on them. Overall, I would not be surprised if HH ends up opening later than normal in the season with reduced hours.
  9. Even when GAdv and the other regional parks do open, not sure how safe they will be. NYC is the biggest virus hotspot, and NYers flood into GAdv, quite a few flock to Dorney anymore too. This makes me wonder if the PA parks may be allowed to open sooner than NJ parks?
  10. Disney has extended their theme park closure, to no surprise.
  11. I hate sharing log boats too. GAdv is the only park that made people share logs.
  12. Good. I hate sharing the log flume with strangers anyways. There is usally 3 of us, so we almost always get stuck with one/some.
  13. Finally, after too many days, the 3/21 map is complete. This is the last site map ever without track on it, so this was very nostalgic and sentimental to create this map knowing it would be the last one before we channeled orange. There may have been a few minor things I missed from the video (very minor, probably even insignificant things) but I'm just so tired of this map right now and I wanted to get it out before the end of the day today. You all know the deal by now: bunch of new columns, exit ramp things are poured, maintenance shed foundations started, three columns Bermuda triangled, and crews began doing their final touches to prepare for track. I also fixed some coloring and texture things in the surrounding area around the ride, such as the hideous maroon paths pretty much all over Safari Kids. I can't tell you how much I want to put track on this map right now, it's been so long. Anyway, I'll stop rambling, the map is posted below as per usual. Enjoy.
  14. well, if they meant to do that. i expect warner bros to buy the parks like paramount bought kings entertainment parks
  15. Yesterday
  16. Is Six Flags will go bankrupt again in the future due to virus?
  17. It's a bring a friend free ticket.
  18. What'a Golden Friend ticket tho?
  19. It looks like the parks are going to be rolling out some new member perks in response to the virus, with an option to either “pause” or “hold” your account while the park stays closed. Personally, I’m going to keep making payments. Triple points will make hitting the 5,000/10,000 point mark for free bring a friend tickets will be a lot easier. And 3 skip the line passes per visit would be a huge perk!
  20. Is that true we will get second wave of Coronavirus by this Fall and Winter? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/2020/03/26/daily-202-government-experts-warn-of-a-second-wave-of-coronavirus-cases-as-the-health-system-struggles/5e7c543f88e0fa101a752cd1/
  21. @Medusa42^ Probably not for second wave, it might not coming back maybe...the park is might still open until January. If second wave does happen here's my cancelled events when second pandemic takes place: -Six Flags Great Adventure (closes October) -Rockin' New Years Eve at NYC 2021 -Halloween parades, Halloween Day -Christmas Parades -Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2020 -Disneyland and Walt Disney World (closes) and many more! Is that true, virus will come back this Fall and Winter, and more cancelled events, closing theme parks, and more! The world IS DOOMED NOW! There is no way to stop it by next year. Vaccine might developing very soon before end of the year. I don't think a second wave might not happening very soon. They need peaking to rid COVID-19 soon enough!
  22. I think the park will reopen in July. If we get hit with a second wave, the park might have to close for the season in October. It seems unlikely that we will have a vaccine before 2021. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/2020/03/26/daily-202-government-experts-warn-of-a-second-wave-of-coronavirus-cases-as-the-health-system-struggles/5e7c543f88e0fa101a752cd1/
  23. If society is shutdown for 18 months we will have bigger problems than just a virus.
  24. Disney is going to roll out alot of cutbacks in the parks because of this.
  25. We will be lucky if the park even opens in time for FF! Some of the experts are saying the crisis could last 18 months.
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