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  2. Just read about Butch passing...I did reach out and talk to him by phone afew years ago...he was very important to my Career in Animal Care for sure...
  3. The water park is opening March 19th. https://www.americandream.com/venue/dreamworks-water-park/tickets Pricing is $99 for 1 day, The twilight ticket for the last 2 hours a day is $74. That is way more than I was expecting and at that price maybe it will help keep lines shorter but there is no way I'd pay that much for a water park.
  4. Within Chapek's firet two days of being CEO, he brought the sub ride back to WDW.
  5. Last week
  6. I actually want a new between Kingda and Zumanjaro to fit the jungle theme or a Barrio (Neighborhood) expansion to Plaza Del Carnival with a cut through past the Twister Section of El Toro. It's not like that area is very useful except for Cell Block 6 or an Endeavor in El Diablo's place. I do see the chance of a new kiddie coaster at this point, but families can settle for Vapor Trail, Harleyquinn, and Slime Streak right? ok maybe not the last one.
  7. That's a perfect location for Jersey Devil BBQ! The path to JDC forms a nice complete circuit with the kids' areas too. Speaking of, the Adventure Kids location should help spruce up that side of Main Street. It felt a little empty with just snacks and photos, so having a new shop there will be nice.
  8. I'm expecting Safari Kids will transform into Bugs Bunny Boomtown, and add DC Super Friends kids area near by Justice League and Cyborg next year. Also where is DC Universe portal entrance?
  9. Looks like Taz got renamed, but unchanged
  10. 2020 map just released to the park’s website!
  11. I hope some of the classic scenes are kept and there are still many traditional audio animatronics. I miss World of Motion and Horizons and liked how at least the first half of Spaceship Earth was similar to those rides. It would be great to see the monitors gone. I never liked the removal of all the scenes in the 2nd half of the ride and having to just look at the screen and make selections for the video at the end.
  12. I really disliked Iger, who openly admits he renege on his gentlemen's agreement with Lucas and other various poor decisions. However, Bob Chapek is worse. He is well known as a penny pincher who is behind all the ride and show cuts in the Disney parks and the low quality direct to VHS sequels Disney churned out in the 90's. Disney's future is not looking rosy.
  13. Spaceship Earth is set to close at EPCOT for a lengthy refurbishment on May 26, 2020. Recently, a new piece of artwork was released for one of the ride's show scenes. I know the monitors that are used in the cars are only "on" in the load area and during the descent from the top of the ride to unload. However, it almost looks like the monitors have been removed (or covered) in the rendering. It will be interesting to see if these will go away and if props and scenery will actually be used once again for the last half of the ride.
  14. I would think if Six Flags had plans to include additional clones of this ride at its other parks it would have taken advantage of the sale price. However, it could be that Six Flags has enough buying power with RMC that their "Corporate Discount" is more than the discount offered at the show.
  15. I'm too young to have every been in this attraction but as a kid, I was one of the ones that had to be rescued. I remember my friends used to love Chuckie Cheese but I was terrified of the play structure haha
  16. I remember going through that type of play area as a kid but I'm not 100% sure it was at Great Adventure or not since I feel like I could be getting it confused with the Amazing Mumford's Water Maze at Sesame Place which looks similar (or maybe I tried both versions). http://bigbirdbridge.blogspot.com/2012/08/amazing-mumfords-water-maze-version-2.html
  17. Does anyone here remember doing the pipeline as a kid? While I wasn’t a child at the time, I did have to perform one of the rescues mentioned in the Spotlight when I had to cover the area as an employee back in the mid 80s. I can tell you, there isn’t much headroom in those tubes!
  18. Justice League at Magic Mountain replaced their Batman Arena. I think America's is still intact right now, as is ours, Kentucky Kingdom's (used for their bird show), not sure about the others
  19. Source: Six Flags Great Adventure Visit our gallery to view images and videos of these great new animals. Samples below:
  20. Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Samples below. Comments and discussions are welcomed!
  21. I hadn’t seen a plan about this. Do you just mean they’ve removed some like SFNE’s?
  22. He is going to finish out his time as executive chairman so I don’t think there is too much behind this other than a good time to change hands. I liked Iger. He had an old time Hollywood swag about him like Cary Grant.
  23. Disney CEO Bob Iger just stepped down unexpectedly, and Bob Chapek who was the head of parks is now the CEO. There must be a health issue or a scandal behind this since he was scheduled to retire but is suddenly stepping down and they announced it after the stock market closed.
  24. They are removing the Batman arenas so a new stunt show is unlikely. A renovation to the Showcase would be awesome, along with a new show. I'd keep the arena just for concerts, you have two stages for Children's shows, you have the Golden Kingdom animal encounter bit, but a new stage in Plaza Del Carnival would be awesome-even if it just served as an anchor for a family friendly Day of the Dead event.
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