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  2. El Toro/KK loose article policy

    The problem with this it that it makes the rides that are supposed to be included with your admission, defacto pay as you go rides. It goes against the system SF made popular.
  3. The State of the Park Going Forward

    I wish Great Adv. -and SF in general-would renovate the parks like what they did to the area around SFA's Wild One.That area was a dead end with basically a classic coaster,a so-so drop tower and lame themeing.Now it has a cool new theme,more rides,an adult beverage area and has an alternate route to Gotham. Great Adv. could do the same,in most cases just by altering paint schemes and ride names.I think they should start by making Old Country and Movie Town into one section called "Warner Bros. Studios" and having some sort of live music show in the theater.Another do-over would be the whole Boardwalk area:I think it should get an Oceanside/Jersey Shore retheme with S:UF being renamed the Jersey Devil and Green Lantern getting sit-down trains and a shark theme and being renamed The Jersey Maneater.And the motion simulator theater could be renovated into a "flying theater" that showed custom films during different seasons. And as far as hotels go I think Great Adv. should get their own franchise-like a Best Western or Comfort Inn,and it should have on-site restaurant(s) and nightclub(s),with the possibility of adding casino space.
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  5. El Toro/KK loose article policy

    Wait, is Joker no single riders now or something?
  6. El Toro wins Best Wooden Coaster Golden Ticket 2017

    Usually they're pretty fast and can dispatch a train when the previous reaches the brakes but when they try to fit a larger rider in, this can significantly delay operations.
  7. The State of the Park Going Forward

    But then there will be a height limit of 200'.
  8. Hersheypark, 9/16/17

    Comet open would be great, I would have rather seen it open over Sidewinder. I think Laff Trakk gets a long line because it's still new and the only 42" minimum height requirement coaster on that side of the park so it gets everyone that can't ride Wildcat, Lightning Racer, Wild Mouse and Fahrenheit. Their Halloween event is fun as long as you don't mind that there are no mazes, haunted houses or scare zones. The whole park is decorated, there are a few shows and trick or treating for kids. Other than that the park is just like the rest of the year with everything open except the water park and Tidal Force. Crowds are really low on Sunday's too even if the weather is nice (this year the last Sunday might be more crowded since it is season pass holder appreciation day). I haven't been to Candy Lane since 2007.
  9. Fright Fest 2017

    ^Agreed completely; the mazes would be a disgrace even for free. BUT to Matt's point, they've got people lining up to buy tickets like crazy, so why not charge, and why spend to upgrade them?
  10. Hersheypark, 9/16/17

    Nice report seems like you made a good call by going to the park even though it was a sat. I agree with all your comments about Wildcat and Comet. I still say Wildcat during Candy Lane is like a different ride vs riding it in the summer. its so much smoother in the cold weather. I wish Comet was open for the winter event as well. Laff Trax, I cant understand why the ride is ALWAYS so long. The last time I went in July on a Friday was the shortest line I have waited. The outside line was till 3/4 full at that point. I just don't know why it takes so long, is it that popular? I cant say its because of dispatch because they seem to be on the ball with that.
  11. Its a seat belt.... I never heard of a properly secured seat bely coming in clicked she probably didn't push it in far enough to have it "click" in the first place. And if its true the ride op never checked, 1-shame on him and 2- there would be no way of knowing it was secured or not in the first place. Looks like someone is just trying to make a buck
  12. Misc GA Mumblings

    sad regardless
  13. El Toro wins Best Wooden Coaster Golden Ticket 2017

    Shame the operations for ET are not better. Rode it on Sunday night and they are so darn slow at dispatching. Probably the slowest dispatching ride at the park.
  14. Fright Fest 2017

    I just got back from Sunday night trip to FF and used the free maze ticket they were giving out at the gate. So this year I tried Bloodshed. The line was long, and moved very slowly as they barely let stand by people go, but let fast pass holders go in near constantly. After waiting over an hour, the Bloodshed maze was just ok, but a poorman's version of Dorney's Cornstalkers. You pay upcharge admission to GADV's houses, and either wait in a long and slow moving line or pay an additional upcharge to skip it, and the mazes are still only mediocre at best despite all the cash inflows.
  15. The State of the Park Going Forward

    If money really didn't matter, I'd finish redoing the rest of the park to have the level of theming that the Kingda Ka and El Toro areas have, rounding out our ride collection and adding shows along the way. Finally, I'd finish it off with a top level coaster (face it, we haven't gotten a standout one in a while) and add a hotel with transportation systems to accommodate the park becoming a resort. This would pretty much give the park the rides of Cedar Point with the theming of Busch Gardens, with the accommodations to attract travelers from around the country.
  16. Fright Fest 2017

    This is simple supply and demand. The demand is so high during Fright Fest that they can charge this much and still get swarms of customers. It's definitely expensive for a regular family of four paying full price for all single-day items, but honestly there's almost no reason to not take advantage of all the season passes, options, and sales. If you buy everything at its cheapest, you can get a gold season pass for $66, premium dining pass for $80, and the season express maze pass for $40. So for just $186, you get the following for an entire year (or more if you include 2017): Unlimited admission to all Six Flags parks Free parking at all Six Flags parks Free lunch, dinner, and snack every day at all Six Flags parks Unlimited refills of soda/drinks at all Six Flags park Unlimited access to all mazes/trails during Fright Fest at Great Adventure, PLUS you skip the line. A similar pass+add-ons for Cedar Fair is $300-$400 per person. Even at current prices, the Six Flags option is $223, still less than Cedar Fair, and a much better choice than wasting money on a single day ticket.
  17. Fright Fest 2017

    The way I look at it is that Six Flags really undercharges for a season pass, around $65 for a gold pass with parking. Even with the $30 add on for the trails and mazes it is still under $100 total. Other parks still charge more than that and some Cedar Fair parks like Carowinds don't even get you into their Halloween event with a season pass or require an upcharge like Knott's.
  18. Are you on the Advisory Panel?

  19. The State of the Park Going Forward

    New Jersey going forward, but I wouldn't mind the park being annexed by Pennsylvania so they can get rid of some of the rules imposed on the park by New Jersey. Seriously, if money was no object, I would build a train going around the park to tie everything together. I always thought it was odd that the park doesn't have a train.
  20. Fright Fest 2017

    Well it's 2017 and there's just about an uncharge for everything. That doesn't make it acceptable. We can grumble about this and not feel guilty for it. Remember when Fright Fest was an event that, while not having as many "attractions" was included in the admission to the park? The Hayride, now gone and the shows were IMO far better attractions than most of these uncharge makeshift mazes that are quite frankly a total rip off. For unlimited admission to all the mazes it is a $30 up charge. Unreal. Unconscionable. A family of four would need to pay $120 on top of the cost to enter the park plus food and souvenirs? Even for pass holders this is totally insane. Am I wrong on the details and if so I will rescind but as a person who truly looked forward to this event years ago it just makes me angry to walk around and see this anymore. Hey look, I get it, SF isn't the only park up charging but come on. You're not going to tell me this isn't gouging at it's finest. Thoughts anyone?
  21. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Bravo. What happened over these last ten years? Absolutely no shows at all to speak of short of one small animal show. i get it, budget budget budget. These things do not attract visitors etc etc. however GADV is merely a shell of its former self and seems terribly hollow and one dimensional.
  22. I suppose I'm one of those folks that pines for SFGA to become something of it;s former ambitions while knowing full well this is merely a pipe dream. Granted, there are many things to be excited by with a collection of world class coasters and promising new attractions, however anyone will admit that this park is in a constant tumultuous state that begs to "find itself'. A cohesive lack of creative vision may be something we just won't ever see under current SF management as ticket sales depend largely on the next thrill attraction versus creating and maintaining themes. I think of the Golden Kingdom and it's rather ambitious theming for a SF park. While it seemed like this area could have marked a turn for a greater vision for GADV, we've watched as year after year rides, attractions, shows, structures age poorly, are removed, replaced or altogether abandoned. My thought, or question for a new topic is, were there budget to do so how would you "Tie this place all together", get rid of dead weight, fix or embellish on lackluster areas? Bring back entertainment or provide more interesting experiences for all rather than just thrill seekers? How might you imagine SFGADV becoming something of its original promise as a travel destination?
  23. Are you on the Advisory Panel?

    Please explain how one joins this?
  24. What Would You Like to See Happen With Old Country?

    Hello all, new to the forums. Long time GADV visitor since 70s pass holder late 90s early 2000s. Just got the 17-18 pass. A lot of good things to say but just as many sad things and the area of Old Country is one of them. Many parks undergo changes, but none so as drastic as SFGADV it seems. More removals, re-themes and abandonments for I imagine, budgetary issues and what exists now is a park that feels well developed in some places and underwhelming in others. My biggest gripe is the removal of classic attractions that provide this park with some sense of its nostalgia, albeit flat rides and family rides like the Enterprise or Music Express. Understood the 1999 War on Lines was a bust and so many of those flats were removed due to understaffing and mech problems, but boy it just feels like, in so many places this park is entirely lacking. I'd ask for a return of a big splasher water ride - the park seriously misses this, although I'm sure they wouldn't invest in such feeling in only detracts from the water park. Let's face it, Log Flume and CRR, while good attractions are hit or miss on cooling you off. if not this how excellent might it be if Old Country, albeit small was a tribute to GA past, possibly themed to and with attractions that recall an earlier time. Would be so cool for this park to embrace it's rich history somehow and provide it some sense of legacy. Of course, this doesn't exactly boost ticket sales, so it's just a wish mores than a realistic suggestion.
  25. Last week
  26. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ok this is my idea what the park can get in 2019 new rides in both metropolis and movietown starting with metropolis a zamperla endeavour themed to wonder woman a chance freestyle themed to kryptonite, the picnic area will be renamed to metro park the old enterprise waffle clone be rethemed to ace o clubs something like six flags magic mountain restaurant. and here my ideas for movietown a retheme to gotham city the stunt arena is demolished for a mack rides power splash called the penguins blizzard splash and the part of the stunt arena is used for a huss troika called nightwing the freefall spot is used for a zamperla disko called two face studio 28 arcade and studio restrooms can be demolished for a zamperla hawk called the riddler revenge and the gotham city store is renamed to gotham gear in front of the old chiller building is a wave swinger called gotham city crime wave and for the studio commissary the facades will be replaced by the facades from the batman films and snowys ice cream is added behind mamma floras grill with new restrooms added next to snowys ice cream and this area haves 3 enterances one at the current movietown sign, two at adventure seaport between coldstone and johnny rockets, and three at metropolis so you can get from metropolis to gotham city
  27. ^ The El Diablo restraints work the same way as on the B&M coasters. This lawsuit seems to be trying to make something out of nothing to me.
  28. Hersheypark, 9/16/17

    Normally I don't like to go to parks on a Saturday but looking at the wait times on the park's app before leaving, they didn't look too bad. The lot was really crowded because of the RV show taking place at the same time. I went to the season pass office to renew my pass for next year, this year the early pricing is $145. They already had next year's coupons books as well. Comet was first with about a 10 minute wait. The employee at the merge point was keeping the station ramp mostly empty which caused the station to not be that full and I was able to get a front row ride without any extra wait. Comet is my favorite wooden coaster at the park and I think the smoothest. If the trim brake on the 2nd turn around wasn't used, the 2nd half of the coaster would even be better. Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge had no line using the single rider line. It's ok but I'm sure Justice League is better (hopefully I will finally get back to Great Adventure sometime in the next few weeks to find out how good Justice League is). sooperdooperlooper had a long line so I thought I would go back to it later. Great Bear's line was bad too and I went to Coal Cracker instead. The drop with the bump is good and the boats skip along the water after that, where you get hit with some water. The Kisses Triple Tower was closed. Hershey had around a 15 minute wait, Reese's had a 1 cycle wait so I went with the Reese's Tower. The air time is really better than a Space Shot. One thing I didn't realize until recently was that the Double Shot at Playland's Castaway Cove in Ocean City gives you 2 full cycles. That was previously the only Double Shot I had tried and thought that was the standard ride cycle, and didn't understand why the Kisses and Reese's tower only give one full launch and now see that is what a standard Double Shot ride is. Trailblazer had around a 4 train wait, it's ok and not worth waiting that much time for but when walking by, it's worth a quick lap. Storm Runner was around 20 minutes, great as always with the forceful launch and some unique inversions. I just wish the ride had another 500 - 1000 feet of track with a few more elements. I skipped Sidewinder because even with the new restraints, I still don't like boomerangs that much. I'll probably ride the coaster during Christmas Candylane now that it has been added to the list of open rides. Frontier Flyers had a half full queue. It's not worth the wait when they have these pieces of foam or rubber that don't allow the rudder to turn that far and make snapping almost impossible. Tidal Force was open and had mostly full boats going out with it being around 85 degrees out. Wildcat had a 2 train wait. 2 trains were running with 2 middle rows closed off. It was running ok, not as bad as I have seen in past visits although still the roughest wooden coaster in the park. Even though it's the first GCI and has a good layout, I wouldn't mind seeing the coaster converted to a RMC. From Wildcat's lift hill, you can see the new water slides parts. Laff Trakk had it's normal hour line. Even when the park is empty it still seems to always have a 45+ minute line. I skipped the Whip because the concrete floor makes the ride too rough compared to the smooth metal floor that Knoebels' and Dorney's whips have. Fahrenheit was also skipped because of the line. Lightning Racer had 2 trains running on each side with no wait. It's a lot of fun racing the other train with the finish line at the end and lights in the station indicating which train won. Wild Mouse was around 10 minutes. It's fun but not as good as The Dark Knight. I went back to Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge and Comet again and then to sooperdooperlooper. This time the line was just out of the station and after 2 trains were dispatched, an announcement was made that there would be a short delay. Both trains were cycled empty and I later saw one was on the final brakes, the other stopped on the lift hill while something was being worked on or checked in the station, possibly the chain lift that is in the station. After 10 minutes of waiting, I left. Coal Cracker looked like it was closed to the night and Great Bear had a much shorter wait, this time just out of the station. After 2 rides in middle rows, I went back to the Reese's Tower with no wait and then Skyrush with a 2 train wait. I still feel the same way about Skyrush, it's good but my least favorite hyper. sooperdooperlooper had reopened with an empty station. After getting a front row ride and walking around for a back row ride, I stayed on the train for 2 more rides. The park was almost closed at this point and felt like I had gotten enough rides in and decided to leave. I hope to be back once or twice next month for Hersheypark in the Dark. The Claw was repainted green this year. Comet rarely has such a short line.
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