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  2. I feel as if our park will become one of the more favored in the chain. I think with the opening of all this new parks in the area and parks like Hershey really stepping up their game, SFGADv will probably add more and more thrill based and unique coasters to truly establish the park as THE thrill capital of the northeast
  3. It's been while but here is Six Flags 2021 Predictions: SFMM - Mack PowerSplash SFGADV - Kids Area Expansion SFSTL - RMC Raptor SFOG - 4D Free Fly Coaster SFM - 30M Larson Super Loop SFDL - Retheme Ride of Steel, Kids Area Expansion SFDK - Zamperla Air Race SFNE - Premier Rides Launch Coaster SFA - Water Park Expansion SFGAM - Zamperla Giga Discovery SFOT - Family Rides SFFT - Water Park Expansion GE - RMC Raptor LR - Kids Area Expansion FC - GCI Wooden Coaster
  4. Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen My name is Günter and I live in Osnabrück/Germany. Recently I have also become a passionate fellow reader of your wonderfully competent page on the Great Adventure, but especially on the History. For a long time I have had a great admiration for an idol of mine, the tiger coach Dave Mcmillan with his biography and photos. I was kind enough to receive this wonderful souvenir booklet from the good Harry, which I was very happy about. But unfortunately I can't contribute like all of you here something personally experienced from the Tiger Show with Master Trainer David Mcmillan and therefore I'm very attached to her lips, which have so much memories to contribute. Many thanks for that! Best regards, your fan Günter Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
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  6. For me, selfishly, I would much rather have two floorless because Lord knows we are not going to be getting any new major coasters after JDC opens- earliest I could see a coaster after that is 2023, and that'll probably be a smaller one which is understandable- but if the options are keep it as it is or convert it and move it to another park, I'll keep it with us.
  7. The problem with Green Lantern is that it is inconsistent. Although it usually tends to run a little rough, I actually really enjoyed it when I last visited the park. It was running extremely smooth, and I didn't have any head-banging. If it ran like that every time, I would have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Unfortunately that isn't the case. I do not think GL should be turned into a floorless coaster. The park already has a much better floorless coaster in Bizarro anyway. I would much rather see Green Lantern travel to another park and be converted there, than having two floorless coasters (with very similar elements) at the same park.
  8. Still have not ridden on Wonder Woman yet. I sat in it back in the early summer, but they closed it after I sat down. Last Sunday I tried again, when it was supposed to be my turn they closed the ride down again. Every time I try to ride it, they close it down.
  9. My GP friend refuses to ride another roller coaster after riding Green Lantern- and will not go to Six Flags- seems like a good idea to convert it...
  10. I hope we can get a figure for how much Jersey Devil costed. I am very curious, I would guess between $8M-$10M USD, maybe a little more.
  11. I don't think so, a lot of friends of mine really disliked GL and they are not enthusiasts. It is basically the spiritual successor of GASM (RIP) which was also infamous among the GP as an uncomfortable, painful ride. I don't ride it often, but lately the line has always been very short for me whenever I go to ride it. Has anyone waited a long time for GL in recent years?
  12. Patience is a virtue, you know. Surely there must be SOMETHING else with which you can occupy your time. May I suggest a timeless ball and cup game?
  13. Also we represent a smaller minority of park dwellers. The green lantern being a standup sells tickets and attracts new people. people that are on this forum will likely visit; if the park had 2-3 coasters lol. i havnt been on superman in probably ten years.
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  15. I think it is overshadowed by the top dogs of the park, and it doesn't help that all the other B&Ms are very comfortable at Great Adventure. I agree it's a neat novelty, and while I generally just try and endure the pain on rides for the sake of fun, I don't feel the need to hit up Green Lantern every visit. The headbanging gets me pretty badly, but I have not ridden the other stand-ups. I have heard people rant and rave about Georgia Scorcher and Riddler's Revenge. Vortex at Carowinds on the other hand has awful reviews, I would say the worst I've heard of the stand-ups.
  16. I feel bad for Green Lantern, it’s sure gets a lot of hate when I absolutely love the ride, and the standing up concept is so intriguing... the head banging does not bother me at all.. It also adds to the lineup of the park, adding a major variety of rides.
  17. Kind of hard to add those when we don't have picture yet...
  18. I wish that Green Lantern was refitted with sit-down trains, painted with red track and white supports, and called "Great American Scream Machine 2.0" or something similar. It doesn't quite measure up to GASM's 7 inversions or 17 story height, but it would be a great tribute. The headbanging would probably persist due to the altered heart-lining, but still, I don't think it'd be as bad as Rougarou. The ending of Green Lantern is not as tight as Rougarou's, so I think it could fare just fine as a sit-down.
  19. He could be famous just for his earring alone, never mind his work with AK.
  20. Great Adventure History website NEEDS update guys. We need to add Jersey Devil Coaster to roller coaster section soon along with Looney Tunes Seaport being removed.
  21. a 1997 with makeup=headbanger I still prefer blacking out on GASM
  22. Kingda Ka-Nitro


    going back this month. been awhile since I bought a season pass. i remember your name from GADV
  23. SeaWorld CEO Gus Antorcha resigned, Marc Swanson appointed interim CEO. https://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/news/2019/09/16/seaworld-ceo-gus-antorcha-resigns
  24. Yoshi


    Seeing that Great Adventure was going to be open the day after Labor Day and visiting the park on that day in past years when they have been open, I really wanted to get there to process my 2020 pass and because I had not been to the park since May. As expected crowds were very low with only a few rides having more than a 5 minute wait. My parents also went to the park with me because they wanted to try Safari Off Road Adventure. None of us have gone to the safari since 2011 when you drove through yourself. I thought it was interesting in the lion section that you now go through the area where the lions are instead of around the fence when you drove. Camp Aventura was closed probably because staffing was low. I didn't mind because the fact the park was open at all was good enough for me. Overall, I think Great Adventure did a nice job with the new format of the safari and can see why it is popular. I do miss being able to stop at each animal for as long as you wanted but understand why they had to make the change to the new vehicles. It was also great that all rides were open. I expected minor rides or the water rides to be closed but everything was running and at full capacity. Nitro could have easily gotten away with 2 trains running but they still ran all 3 even though the line wasn't out of the station. Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth was cool to see operating but there is no chance I will every try it, just like Cyborg Cyber Spin and El Diablo when it was still here. As usual, it was a great trip to the park and fun as always. Ride Count: Safari Off Road Adventure Saw Mill Log Flume Runaway Mine Train El Toro Kingda Ka Zumanjaro Skyway Skull Mountain Big Wheel Nitro, 2 The Dark Knight Justice League, 2 SkyScreamer
  25. A kids area expansion, or at least some new kids rides are a necessity at this point. LTSP was looking very run down before it closed and Safari Kids is not too far behind. I would still love to see a mid-size GCI wooden coaster come to Great Adventure at some point in the distant future.
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