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    • did the actors only stick to the hiding stations, or did they also freely roam throughout the HC?
    • so cool.. yes, please post the lady on the wheel.
      Do you have a pic of the prop you mentioned?
      Thanks again.
    • I have the lady on the wheel which I will need to track down.  The graveyard (which was the last room before exiting) was always so dark it was hard to see the props in that area.
      One of the best props was a board of nails with body parts stuck to it.  One of them was a forehead wearing a cracked Rolling Thunder sun visor hat.  It made you think "he was one of us"!
    • Very cool. Do you have any of the lady on the wheel or the Graveyard area? Thanks.
    • It was more towards the entrance area.  This was the cave area:

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