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    • Hey Pete, and Greg, long time no see...if you guys don't remember me, I was the guy at Computer Portraits, Pete, you even moonlighted with us on Nights when Juggles was off....
    • Thanks so much to the "Guest" who posted the wonderful set of photos of the 1976 Aqua Spectacle shows!  They are excellent!
    • Bus load of us went up from  northeast Philly great day I
    • Wow! If you’re all these years, it’s nice to see that I’m not completely off my rocker having noticed not only the blue track which contrasted with the finished product but the logo or ride logo that was being used as well.
      I have to be honest, it took me a good three to four more years before I realized the coaster in the ads was a different ride entirely, however it did shared a similar layout to GASM.
      Until that time,  however, I simply believe that the ride/track color was updated or changed to blue every so often for the filming of commercials. Sheesh, was I naïve!

      Also like yourself,  I was fascinated by the television ad for the coaster; watching and staring into the screen in total amazement at what was going on!
      The thought has not crossed my mind at the time but in a few short weeks from viewing  that commercial for the first time,  I would find myself sitting next to my father; my older sister w/ mom a few cars ahead,  as the train clanked It’s way up that left children appeared to just go on forever and ever. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m dead ...I’m going to die, For real!”
      I’m going out on a limb here, however if I had to take an educated guess I would say that three out of the four of us had a meltdown of some kind before that ride ended. My father was definitely not one of them. Like me, my mother kept whatever emotion she was feeling at the time to herself; however my sister is another story entirely! She on the other hand I had a meltdown of massive proportions. As we need the midway point I remember her saying actually screaming out loud “Dad,  I’m going to kill you!  This is not the same bobsled ride that was here last year!”
      Good ol’ “Quality time with the family!”
    • This was the best the new logo. And the old honnoring the past!
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