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I love Lightnin' Loops!!! This was my first looping coaster and my all time favorite. I know there are mega coasters today and I have been on most but this is still my favorite. From climbing the stairs to build the anticipation, waiting toboard the train and then the awesome sound when the catch car pushes you off. Damn I miss this ride. Looks like I will have to take a trip to Oklahoma to ride it once again.



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Eiseong, you are partially correct. A woman DID in fact fall from the train, but it wasn't due to a seatbelt failure. Loop II was my ride the first year I worked at the park, and during my entire stint (9 years altogether), I never knew there to be seatbelts; only the standard over-the-shoulder horse-collar restraints.


The reason the girl fell out, is because her and her boyfriend had just ridden and were exiting. The next group boarded the train, but there were still empty seats in the back. We always used to have to police the area and make the guests walk "down and around" to re-ride. This couple however, instead of going all the way down the exit stairs and going back through the entrance, decided to sneak back onto the ride in the last car of the train where there were two empty seats, while the attendants weren't looking. The train however, had already been locked and prepared for dispatch when the two jumped in... The boyfriend was somehow able to wiggle under the harness and secure himself, but the girlfriend couldn't do it and subsequently wound up sitting on top of the bar.


Attendants didn't see the couple sneak back on, and gave the "all clear" signal and the operator dispatched the train. Even though the emergency stop may or may not have been pushed, the train was too far along when the girl was discovered screaming sitting on the harness. The exit brakes do NOT stop the train once it's almost near it's full speed (trust me, I know from experience) it only slows it down enough so it won't complete the circuit and will "saddle" at the bottom of the hill.


The train continued down the hill, the boyfriend tried to hold onto the girl, but we all know the outcome. There were no mechanical failures, no faults found in the operation of the ride. This was a simple case of stupidity on behalf of the couple, and carelessness of the ride attendants.


When I worked that ride, we would NEVER dispatch a train while there were guests ANYWHERE on the exit-side of the platform. It was the job of the attendant working the last two cars closest to the stairs, to ensure that all guests were ushered down the stairs, and to pay close attention to people trying to sneak back on. It happened all the time!


I noticed over time, the management has decreased the minimum number of staff on all of the rides. This may save a few bucks in payroll, but the increased risks and the longer wait times and upset guests are NOT worth it. When I worked there years ago, we busted our butts, handled the crowds efficiently and did our jobs well - because we had the proper number of people working the rides.


I see it all over... The Enterprise (when it was running) used to have three employees at all times; one operator, one entrance and one exit attendant. They dropped it down to just ONE person during the last few years of operation. You think one person can operate a ride as safely and effectively as three? Nope. I don't care what management says... can't be done. Who suffers? The guests.


My last ride, was the Mine Train BEFORE it was computerized! We use to run three trains all the time (unless it was raining or there were no crowds!) We had a staff of 6 MINIMUM at all times in the station... One attendant was positioned at the "chain" at the top of the stairs, and their job was to count in exactly 28 people. A second attendant would "usher" groups of two into each stall... there was no waiting for front seats back then... On the exit side of the station, you had an operator, and three attendants - two would take care of loading/unloading cars 2 & 3, and 4 & 5. The last attendant would take care of the first car and the speil every 45 seconds!


You had to hustle on that ride during three train operation - but there was NEVER a wait beyond 30 minutes from the end of the queue line. I went back to the park and discovered the ride in a state of shambles. The trains have beeen stripped of all the details, the maintenance is horrible and the wait time from just down at the bottom of the stairs, took almost an hour.


Okay... so I'm done ranting... a little off topic, but I wanted to make sure you were informed of what really happened.


Make it a great day!






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