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    I personally feel that SFGA would benefit way more with a focus on theming and shows right now than it would on rides.
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    Found another vintage Great Train Ride photo. I loved it when the park had this ride.
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    HELLO EVERYONE!! Many years ago, one of my favorite things I used to watch on this site was the many video trip reports from Great Adventure and parks around the world that members would often post here. Today I am so thrilled to say that I have made my own vtr over the weekend and wanted to share it here for you all to enjoy! This video is of the amazing trip I had this Saturday to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
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    The lack of shows and flat rides are what keeps many of my friends and family away, as well. They will go to WDW with us--but I can't drag them to Six Flags at all. I realize that Six Flags is all about cheap tickets and marketing to a certain demographic, but they are missing several market segments with their shortsightedness.
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    I say the park should get no new rides for 2019, the park has so much potential to become better with what they already have. Spend the new ride budget on repaving, refurbishing, and just making the park look better. Plus, I would love to see shows in the showcase and Stunt arena during the summer. Something like All Wheel Sports would be great in the Stunt Arena.
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    We visited the park Saturday 3/31, the second day of the season. It was a very stressful visit due to hours spent on Pass/Member issues and other circumstances stemming from lack of employees, training, and overall preparedness, but I look forward to those hopefully getting better over the season and for the future. I photographed as much as I remembered to check out, from Cyborg construction, restaurant changes, log flume work, and so on. Full album here: https://imgur.com/a/phtDx (LOTS more photos than I posted below) Some highlights: Cyborg Cyborg Wide View Cyborg Aerial View Go Fresh by Nitro will soon be Primo's Pasta (Menu close-up in full album) Liberty Pub removed for construction of the "Ale House" Right across from that is construction on (what I assume to be) Liberty Snacks & Dippin' Dots Log Flume Drop Refurbishment (Also, Best of the West was closed) A very vibrant Sugar Shack has replaced the Cold Stone attached to G.A. Cafe The preferred lot now has these pole barriers to protect pedestrians along the fence. They are also along Superman's fence. The ever-changing building right outside the main gate is now Membership Services The new Season Pass Headquarters, next to Skyscreamer, where you should NOT go for Membership questions. (read the sign) The best sunset photo I've ever taken Swashbuckler is not quite there. Assuming it's still in maintenance. New 2018 Great Adventure shirt The new Membership Priority Entrance at the main gate
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    I still need to ride Road Runner Railway so I can say I have ridden every current operating coaster in the park.
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    I just located two additional photos of the Haunted House while it was at Six Flags Over Mid America. These two images are from that park's 1981 employee yearbook.
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    You should rename it to "What would GA have gotten for 2019?" while you still can.
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    Oh, I didn't even think of that. Maybe I can run to the Ford dealer and pick up a new Mustang GT and I wont have to worry about making the insurance payment or the monthly payments.
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    Well, I've paid my mortgage for nothing then ...
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    Actually it's only 2 people, the season pass portal is wrong. (I guess because most SF parks require 4 or more but Great Adventure is doing only 2 or more) When you go through the process, it will take you back to the main Great Adventure website with a promo code applied, so Great Adventure's store rules of 2 or more apply.
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    That's upsetting...hopefully I'll be able to get it sorted out quickly. If there is push-back (not sure why) I guess I could always cancel and start a new membership since I'm well past my 12 months. I feel like they have to have the foresight that people will do that and be willing to just switch you to a new plan. I feel like they should have at least emailed people with old memberships that they are offering new ones that may save you money or offer more benefits to you. Something like that with a link to check them out and potentially switch. Or maybe since all plans seem to offer more than Gold Combo, place people on a new plan that is closest in cost to what they pay now and then send them a notification and try to entice them to upgrade from there. I know its money, but at least give the heads up so it's on the customer for ignoring the notification. Unless if they did and I just deleted the email ...totally possible and I am being salty for nothing.
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    That sounds horrible. It's too bad they can't just load the line skip passes onto the membership card automatically and scan that at the ride, like the dining pass.
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    Pardon the language, but today was an absolute s*** fest! I suspected that it would be crowded, as the result of the nice weather, but I had no idea that they were going to be so short staffed today. It made me appreciate being a SixFlags shareholder, but did not make me appreciate being a SixFlags customer. The gates opened around 10:20, so I hightailed it over to Nitro. Sure to form, Nora was in charge of the ride, and it did not open until 10:50. Of course her passive aggressive nature must’ve told her not to send an employee down to the gate to inform the customers as to the status of the attraction. Once we arrived into the station, she told us that we needed to wait until all the cues were filled. That did not go over well with some of the customers. Regardless, I was able to get two rides on nitro before it went back down. It’s seemed to go up and down all day. In fact, I was in the line again at 6:30 when they had further mechanical issues, so decided it was time to call it a day. After nitro, I headed over to the flash pass center to retrieve my flash pass, only to find that the line was out the front door due to all of the diamond and diamond elite members picking up their line skip vouchers. It took me 90 minutes to obtain my flash pass. One lady in the queue verbally lashed out at the flash pass associates. It was extremely uncalled for, but she wanted her diamond skip past, and felt it unwarranted to have to wait as long as she did. You would’ve thought that American Express bestowed a centurion card on her, and she was unhappy with a benefit. I can’t say that I disagreed with her feelings, but her tactless handling of the situation was unnecessary. Granted, some of the flash pass associates in the back room could have helped the three young ladies that were working the counter, but Six Flags is not exactly known for their high level of customer service. El Toro also had intermittent mechanical issues throughout the day, so I finally decided to put myself into a Safari vehicle, and make the most of it. At least, that was my hope. There was a family behind me who talked over the guide during the entire experience. Not only did they talk over the guide, but they were extremely loud. Not that it matters, but they were speaking Spanish, so culturally, they may have not thought twice about it. Then there were the food concession lines. I don’t know too many of them that were under an hour wait, including Rita’s. The challenge is that not all of the dining establishments were open. It looks like Cold Stone is gone, and Go Fresh by Nitro is being converted to a Primo Pasta kiosk. The only remaining Go Fresh was closed today. I did wait a little over an hour for Macho Nacho, but that was about all the wait I could stomach. Even the beverage kiosks had lengthily lines. It definitely was not one of my better days, and I certainly hope they remedy the flash pass debacle. I did speak to Len about it, so we shall see if they come up with a better solution for the Diamond members to obtain their line skip passes. It certainly does not make sense to agitate families spending hundreds of dollars for a daily family flash pass. Didn’t management realize how many Diamond memberships they sold, and the ramifications it may cause to the Flas Pass headquarters? Needless to say that I’m not rushing back to the park anytime soon.
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    With Thursday being the first day of the week that had ok weather, the park was somewhat crowded. There were some rides closed because of the wind and Nitro was closed all day. Sky Screamer was different with the chairs moving slightly sideways more than normal because of the wind. Skull Mountain had the strobes off at the end of the ride. This broke a record of 148 trips in a row for me of not missing Nitro and interestingly enough, the last time I went to the park and didn't ride Nitro (also because it was closed all day) was April 5, 2009, exactly 9 years ago from this visit to the park. Ride Count: Sky Screamer, 1 Skull Mountain, 5 Justice League, 2 Bizarro, 1 Green Lantern, 1 Runaway Mine Train, 1 Batman, 1 Kingda Ka, 0.5 (the train got to the launch track but the ride shut down because of the wind). Runaway Mine Train was only running 1 train. Soda prices went up this year. I still saw people buying them when getting dinner at Garden State Grill. I guess Six Flags wants everyone to buy the souvenir bottles. The Thrill Pass is back this year.
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    but first you have to hide in the basement vault of a bank. Oh, and your article doesn't say that North Korea will strike the US in July. It says that they might have that ability as early as July. I think that means it will be the fall before North Korea sends a nuke. :-)
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    Just be sure to have a spare pair of reading glasses for the post nuclear apocalypse so you don't end up like that guy in the Twilight Zone.
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    That sunset photo of Nitro is fantastic!It looks like it came from a travel book or brochure!
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    A Positive One: I think that the Joker is super underrated because of how much fun I have on it A Negative One: When I'm at HITP, although its nice to have an extra month of coasters, I feel that the event is rather boring... (should have a temp. ice skating ring, a light show like SFNE/SFMM has
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    The Dark Knight Coaster is nowhere near as bad as people claim it to be. Sure I usually skip it when I visit, but I would still ride it over Green Lantern.
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    I think Nitro is just okay. I prefer more intense rides and it just doesn't feel that intense with gradual movements and floater airtime vs ejector.
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    ^That was a Zamperla Endeavour. http://www.zamperla.com/products/endeavour/
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    This could be a fun topic. I have to think about this.
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    I love when the Safari offers programs like this. Not only does it get kids interested in animals but also promotes what an incredibly unique attraction our Safari is at Great Adventure. Plus it reminds me a lot of the Great Safari Club from the mid '70s.
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    My daughter can personally vouch for that. I've told her over and over again that bad managers are more common than good ones in any line of business. All too often people who are good technically, or those that have college degrees in business, are promoted to managers, but do not have the people skills or the proper training to effectively manage subordinates. My wife worked for a small cleaning business for about two years. The woman who owned and managed the business was totally incompetent as a boss. I was flabbergasted that her business made any money and was still viable. And talk about the turnover rate.......and these were not teenagers or college kids she hired. Eventually my wife got so frustrated with her boss that she had to quit, even though she liked the actual work she was doing. I'm not bashing SFGA.....it's just the way business is in this country.
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    High turnovers are often a result of poor management.
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    They say 4,000 every year. That seems like a high number though, makes me think they have a high turnover rate
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    1989 Poster size map - 2 ft x 3ft. Brand new - unused.
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    Because of a family health issue I won’t be able to make it out to the park for opening day and for sometime after that. If anyone does go, please consider sharing some of your photos on the site. As always, our galleries are available for you. Thanks