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    After several months of being away from the park I finally had an opportunity to visit Great Adventure on Saturday with some family members. We had a great time! Unlike so many other trip reports of mine, this one will be without photos. I promise, photos will be included with my next trip report. We arrived at approximately 1:30pm and drove right up and into the toll booths. On the way, it was easy to see the progress the park is making on disassembling the King Cobra slide so that it can be relocated to Mexico. Parts of the slide and the tower supports could be seen both inside and outside Hurricane Harbor's perimeter fence. Further down the road, the runners of the annual Wild Safari Invitational race dotted the horizon and the area beyond the old Safari ticket booths. We proceeded to the preferred parking lot thanks to my new for 2018 Diamond Elite Membership. Having read several horror stories about how lengthy and slow the security check lines have been at times this summer, the full queues leading to the guards had me concerned. However, it was truly impressive how quickly they got guests through the scanners. If they were that efficient at airports, airplane travel would be much less of a hassle. Once inside the park our first destination was the Safari Off Road Adventure. The queue was almost completely full and the line took approximately an hour. The one question that had many people around us talking was why the last set of queue bars leading to the photo tent does not have a canopy cover especially since this is the set that would most likely be full of waiting quests as its towards the front of the line. They need to install a tent over this set of switchbacks. The safari was a lot of fun as usual and the animals were plentiful. It was a little disappointing that the trucks pretty much kept to the paved roadway which sort of negated the "off road" aspect of the attractions. Unfortunately the only time they went off road was to cut through the grass between the elephants and the Wilde Plains gates. What made it even worse was all the ostriches and zebras could be seen off in the distance lining the only roadway section which we didn't follow. Instead we had to view them all the way across the Afrikka section from afar. The rest of the safari was cool and it was exciting to see so many lions out and about. The guide said that the park now has three prides of lions. By the time we got back into the park it was already after 5pm so we grabbed dinner at the Best of the West. The line was short, the service was good, and the food was tasty. It seemed like it had been forever since I ate there and I think I enjoyed the atmosphere as much as the food. After dinner, we proceeded to visit the indoor terror trails. For years, I always went through them with someone who like myself isn't easily scared. It is funny how much of a different experience it is when a member of your party doesn't really like to scared. This added a whole new dimension of excitement. Out of the four indoor trails the one that really stood out as a breath of fresh air was the new Reflections of the Dead. The mirror maze, which can be found inside the former King Pin/Heist building near the Big Wheel, is really first class and for lack of a better word a "professional" attraction. The glass mirror panels are so clean mostly because guests are required to wear plastic gloves going through the maze. Several surprises await inside the maze which add to the excitement. Next up was the Unleashed show at the Showcase Theatre. If anyone who makes decisions at the park has doubts as to if park guests want shows all they have to do is check out the popularity of this show. The theater doors had to close early do to capacity with every seat occupied. The show was a quality production with several high energy acts that kept the audience clapping and cheering throughout the performance. Be sure to check this one out. After the show we tackled several of the outdoor terror trails. Once again it was a mix of old and new. What I was really happy to see was that even the trails that are the staples of Fright Fest were infused with new life in the forms of repositioned walkways, additional buildings to pass through, and a bunch of new props and special effects. Even though they may sound familiar the trails had a lot of new twists and turns which took me by surprise. It was great to see how they were enhanced and in some cases rethemed. More exciting all around! At this point it was approximately 10pm and we decided to work our way towards the front entrance. Even though we had an express terror trail pass which gave us quick entry to the haunts, there were a handful of things we didn't have time to experience. Although that might sound disappointing, it was nice to know that Fright Fest had so many experiences it would be tough to experience them all. It really did seem "bigger and better" than ever! Thanks Great Adventure for a terrorific 2018 Fright Fest!
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    Today I got to do a preview of Infinity Falls. It's finally just about ready to open (five months behind schedule) but WOW! This ride will absolutely soak you. It is fast and fun and really a great addition to SeaWorld. It made me realize just how dated and tamed down Congo Rapids has become over the years. https://twitter.com/matthewlynch91/status/1045356268511100928
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    You really are a broken record.
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    What is your source?
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    What a surprise! Disney is closing more attractions, this time in the Animal Kingdom. Both Rafiki’s Planet Watch and the Wildlife Express train ride are closing next month. At the same time ticket prices are expected to rise as they roll out a whole new approach to date-based ticketing which will most likely benefit nobody but Disney. This comes along with cuts in other park entertainment throughout the resort. Yet once again guest are being charged more and getting less. Maybe we can hold out hope that these closures are for a new addition which Disney will take seven years to build. Lastly, rumor was that Expedition Everest was going to be closing so they could finally fix the Yeti which has been broken for years. It seems unlikely that they would close attractions if they knew Everest was going to be taken out for an extended period of time. I guess Disco Yeti is here to stay. It doesn’t matter though, us stupid tourists probably don’t know the difference anyways.
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    For 2020 I would like to see some kind of new roller coaster, SFMM and SFGAM have been getting spoiled with new coasters last few seasons I think that it’s finally our turn for a new coaster with a custom layout next year. I wouldn’t mind seeing something similar to Maxxforce we could use a second reliable launch coaster to round out our collection with unique inversions and maybe a record or two broken. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate that the park has been adding flats and filling in voids we been lacking however I think that now we have filled those it’s time for a new coaster.
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    That rumor means nothing more than me saying we’re mirroring Ka and putting another one in Old Country. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s suddenly supposed to be embraced as fact.
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    I literally made my account to comment on this. Bizzaro is very easily the most underrated ride in the park. I care little for complaints about "chipped paint" and "rattles". All that age showing in it adds to the theming for me. What's more bizarre than a B&M that's in the shape of an old Arrow Dynamics coaster? Beyond that, the ride is one of the longer and more enjoyable ones in the park. Removing it for literally anything else would be a downfall.
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    I wanted to get to a park yesterday and seeing sooperdooperlooper was a 90 minute wait at Hershey (and 2 hour waits for other coasters), the Bloomsburg Fair likely causing horrible traffic on the way to the Knoebels plus they having a buy 1 handstamp, get 1 for free next May deal and not wanting to go to Great Adventure on a Saturday during Fright Fest the only option was Dorney. The park was crowded (for Dorney) with some of the coasters besides Wild Mouse actually having 15 - 20 minute waits. Unlike during the summer, there was someone at the Fast Lane merge points for Steel Force and Thunderhawk. There is a new coaster where Stinger used to be, unfortunately for anyone hoping for a new ride, this one is made out of pumpkins. Cedar Creek Flyers was already the worst flying scooters in the area because of the slow speed and short ride cycle that was under 2 minutes. They actually made it worse. The ride starts to slow down less than 50 seconds after it starts moving and from start to complete stop is barely over a minute. I walked through the main gift shop on the way out of the park. In the middle of the store there was a display of Phillies hats for 80% off. It seemed really random for Phillies merchandise to be sold there but since it's Dorney I can't say I'm that surprised. Chickie's and Pete's had the longest line in the park. There were at least 20 people waiting to order and the line to the pickup window was past the bar area and the total wait time from getting in line to order and actually getting the food was probably close to 45 minutes. Thunder Creek Mountain was closed. I was hoping it might be open, at least during the day. Ride Count: Talon, 2x Hydra, 1x Wild Mouse, 1x Thunderhawk, 2x Possessed, 1x Steel Force, 2x Cedar Creek Flyers, 1x Whip, 1x The coaster in Stinger's spot. I know it's not a great picture but the only way to see the whole display well is to ride Steel Force. The lighter pumpkins on the right are supposed to be a coaster train. There were a lot of people, both kids and adults with these necklaces. Ghosts by Road Rally Lines for the Haunt attractions started to fill up as soon as the queues were opened. This was 35 minutes before Blackout was going to open.
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    http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/os-bz-seaworld-new-rides-20180925-story.html Images from: https://twitter.com/amusementleaks
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    “Tall, fast, made of steel” - describes most non-water rides. “Break records, make headlines” - applies to almost every ride ever added depending upon what claims you want to make. This does not necessarily translate into a coaster, just like saying “in development for over a year” didn’t.
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    The guest auto-regulation just helps spread the load to other rides. In the end, parks still need the capacity somewhere, spread across all those other rides, to satisfy an appropriate number of guests. The capacity will be the bottleneck on moderate to crowded days. Ex. Let's say an imaginary park has: 5 rides with 1000 rph 6 rides with 600 rph 10 rides with 300 rph 20 rides with 200 rph Overall, the park has a hard max capacity of 15,600 riders per hour. That's great if there's less than 15,600 people in your park -- everyone can get on a ride with about an hour wait! (Although that's still kind of bad). If there's 31,200 people in the park, that's an average of a 2 hour wait. Guest self-regulation just helps to fully utilize the capacity of the less popular rides that will have shorter lines. It makes sure the park is reaching the full 15,600 rph, but you can't humanly surpass that with those rides already going at max capacity. Capacity is perhaps a little over-used as a complaint, but not something to ignore, especially in parks with large attendance.
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    I personally think MaxxForce would be a perfect fit for SFNE.
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    Six Flags Fun needs to tone it down with the constant repeating of himself. However, this is a discussion thread. We are still a year from announcement. There are no "clues" yet. There are no markings in the RT footprint, no deconstruction of the Batman Stunt Arena or old simulator building, El Diablo isn't confirmed to be leaving yet, Bizarro is still standing, etc... It was said on the RMC tour they have made a deal for 1 T-Rex so far and that they plan on mass cloning the Raptor model, which is more "news" to chew on than anything else at this point.
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    People gotta let go of this capacity idea. Length of lines are not linear with capacity necessarily. Crowds tend to autoregulate themselves. Guests know which lines move slowly (and if they don't, the estimated wait times give it away) and will not keep endlessly filling queues because of poor capacity. Just like how Joker, our newest coaster with poor capacity, rarely gets hour-plus lines, neither would an SRII. It certainly wouldn't be "disasterous" by any means. If BGW, a park with far less rides than GAdv to disperse crowds, can get away with it fine, so could we. This also applies to an RMC Raptor, although I do think it would see longer lines than an SRII due to quality and novelty.
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    Technically I've never seen a complete show,but 20+ years ago I was living in Hawaii.There was a mall called The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center that had a long-running production of the show.I never actually went since the show seemed to be aimed mostly at the tourist crowd,but occasionally the then-current performers would put on a "sneak preview" in the shopping center's main lobby.Basically it would be 2 or 3 performers who would sing 2 shortened versions of their songs and then hype up that evening's show. I think SF should give it another shot,especially since Great Adv. is in dire need of live shows.My idea is that a group of SF parks(such as Great Adv.,Darien Lake,and SFNE) would all have it for a season;however each park would have a different line-up at the beginning of the season,and halfway through the summer the parks would "trade" a couple of their performers to another park to keep the show interesting.Also I think the show(s) should be hosted by a comedian impersonator(like Rodney Dangerfield,Joan Rivers or Whoopi Goldberg) who would introduce the acts and could add jokes dealing with current events.
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    Disney definitely blows everyone away in this aspect.
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    ^It’s photoshopped, but looks cool. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1883362#p1883362
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    Interactive aspect aside, my favorite dark rides (that I have been on) are/were: 1. Horizons - EPCOT 2. Pirates of the Caribbean - Disneyland 3. Spaceship Earth - EPCOT 4. Phantom Manor - Disneyland Paris 5. Pooh's Honey Hunt - Tokyo Disneyland
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    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're kidding, right? They're running 40 year old rolling stock and can't keep their engines in service as it is. Their conductors can barely open the doors on the trains they've been running for years. They've been fighting over a Trans-Hudson tunnel for over a decade. And you want a spur line ust for the park? You're kidding, right? It's bad enough my monthly fare (with which I could buy and insure a luxury car) subsidizes the shitty less-popular lines already, the thought of it running a special line for GA is ridiculous.
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    Unfortunately I think the claim is true. I’ve heard from multiple people in management that this will be moving to La Ronde as their new for 2019 attraction- “Chaos”.
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