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    We can talk about this until we’re blue in the face but nobody knows anything more or less than the next person and we all have to wait this out. Not just us, not just New Jersey, not just the United States, but planet earth. This is bigger than any of us so just stay safe, stay calm, and all do our part to minimize spread. And let’s try to get this discussion thread back on topic.
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    Good afternoon all! I had the opportunity to visit the Prospertown/Switlik Lake near the park today and grabbed some great photos and footage of the structure. It looks absolutely beautiful from afar, and it’s only a matter of days before track begins to rise up into the sky! The tallest two columns that will support the JDC track are officially vertical, and all columns on the ride appear to be complete! Here’s some of my photos I was able to grab from the lake.
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    Here’s some cool pics I grabbed today: This is the desolate road to the park on what would’ve been a busy opening weekend. Absolutely surreal seeing this road and the entrance to the park gated off and completely deserted. A great overview of the coaster progress so far. The track stands out like crazy from afar and the orange is such a great contrast to the other rides near it like Nitro, Batman, and Joker. Here’s where crews have stopped as of today. From about column 12 up to column 52 has been completely tracked, which includes the valley of the first drop, raven dive, camelback, stall, and entrance to the crows nest. Through the trees here you can see the entrance leading into the crows nest out of the stall. This was a very pleasant surprise from my trip, as I was not expecting crews to have this much of the ride done! Here’s one last look at the whole ride from afar in some absolutely breathtaking lighting from the sky. Can’t wait to see progress on the coaster in the coming weeks as crews wrap up track work and testing can hopefully begin soon!
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    The way things are going, this may be the first new coaster to actually open with the park in a while.
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    Yikes, this is a rough response.
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    Hate to go all personal, but considering that several people I know got infected (one of whom recently succumbed to it), the last thing on my mind at this time are theme parks in general, let alone Great Adventure. Gotta prioritize in times like this.
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    Today is letter "D" for Dream Street. Dream Street is the heart of Great Adventure. Originally the park entrance was at the head of Dream Street, but even with the relocation of the park entrance, Dream Street still serves as the central hub of the park and the beginning of so many Great Adventures. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/DreamStreetX.htm
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    Raven-tracked PARTY MONSTER! This one took a little bit longer than I had liked but a little more time on the map doesn’t hurt, especially with nothing much else to do The raven dive is nearly complete as crews are absolutely HAULING on the construction site! At the north end, crews have begun the pull out of the insane raven dive element and have begun staging more track for future uses. At the south end, we have tons of electrical work occurring for the ride's control unit and vertical progress on the maintenance/storage shed. In the middle of the layout, there are still three missing columns mysteriously removed and nowhere to be found, which is still heavily suspicious. Anyway, progress is greatly advancing as we are all heavily anticipating the next moves on this groundbreaking new attraction! Thanks and have a good night (or morning, technically)!
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    I wonder if they will end the refillable drink cups and switch to the disposable cup solution, even if a temporary safety measure.
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    I took a trip out to the Prospertown Lake today, and got a chance to kayak. I made a video to document the visit. As I was there, they were putting on a piece of track.
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    Today is letter "G" for the Great American Scream Machine. This was Great Adventure's first "big" roller coaster, and was the world's tallest and fastest for two weeks. Though the Scream Machine would be eclipsed by the B&M coasters the park added later, the coaster was a favorite of many. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/GASM.htm
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    Today is letter "F" for the Flying Wave. The Flying Wave (better know to many as "the swings") was one of the ride that opened with the park in 1974 and was a long time favorite for so many guests. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Flying%20Wave.htm
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    OMG WTH is with you? You literally post the same question every single day, on all the threads, that NOBODY KNOWS THE ANSWERS TO. There is no crystal ball.... no one knows what the future holds. You need a hobby...
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    Camel-backing into Koala Canyon! Here's the site map for March 30th and the final one for the month of March. Ready to spring into April!
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    All Six Flags parks will get this statue instead of a new ride for 2021.
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    Early water view of Best of the West BBQ: Two views of the BOTWBBQ grizzly bear. Notice the extra rock work added to keep guests away from touching the bear.
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    I know today is April Fools Day and I thought I would do my part. I renewed my AAA membership just in case I break down in my driveway.
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    Yesterday evening I was watching YouTube with my brother and my mom on the living room TV. The tour74 video came up in my recommendations, so we watched it. From there we watched the different ride videos that have been uploaded to YouTube by you guys. It allowed my mom to really reminisce about the times she went when whe was a teenager (like her favorite roller coaster was Shockwave). So even though they've been up for years, thank you still for uploading them because it allowed for an uplifting night in these days of uncertainty.
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    A May 21st opening date is highly optimistic. The park can't even open until Murphy says so.
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    “or as soon as possible thereafter”... could be mid-May, June, August, whenever. Nobody knows just yet.
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    Photos of the first airtime hill being in place for the Jersey Devil Coaster! Photos from CoasterCrew
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    Drove by the lake today and the first Airtime hill is 1/2 complete. The ride seems to be going up quick!
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    Finally, after too many days, the 3/21 map is complete. This is the last site map ever without track on it, so this was very nostalgic and sentimental to create this map knowing it would be the last one before we channeled orange. There may have been a few minor things I missed from the video (very minor, probably even insignificant things) but I'm just so tired of this map right now and I wanted to get it out before the end of the day today. You all know the deal by now: bunch of new columns, exit ramp things are poured, maintenance shed foundations started, three columns Bermuda triangled, and crews began doing their final touches to prepare for track. I also fixed some coloring and texture things in the surrounding area around the ride, such as the hideous maroon paths pretty much all over Safari Kids. I can't tell you how much I want to put track on this map right now, it's been so long. Anyway, I'll stop rambling, the map is posted below as per usual. Enjoy.
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    If society is shutdown for 18 months we will have bigger problems than just a virus.
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    Is this even English? Wth?!
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    Even if Trump personally cures COVID-19 with his magic ET healing touch, there are still going to be long term complications from the virus impact. We should expect budget cuts from the parks due to lost income from delayed openings such as cuts in shows and operating hours. They will also likely implement new safety and sanitation procedures. Not sure how crowds may be affrected. Residual virus fears may suppress crowds for awhile which may lead to further cuts.
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    I am curious to see if the lift hill will have walkways on both sides like most of GA’s major coasters.
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    Not sure who the losers are. I think its unwarranted.
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    People will get drunk in unorganized ways instead this year...
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    You seem to be slightly overreacting a little... Maybe... But seriously though, all of these places are closing or postponing so the Corona virus doesn't get worse, it is basically extreme precaution, the U.S is #8 on the amount of cases of the Virus in a country in the world. So basically, be patient and just be careful, I think this whole virus thing is being blown out of proportion, mostly because it is new and we don't know if it will get worse than it has. Turns out we have been living with the flu every year, in the 19/20 season it has killed 20,000 Americans, and infected 34 million, just this country alone, but it happens every year so it isn't as big as a deal as something new, Corona will also infect you longer without you knowing, so that scares people a bit I guess.
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    Good evening, Just checking in to update you all on the map. Aiming to have the 3/9 map done for Friday so that I have a blank slate before Winter Adventure on Saturday given it is still happening. Everyone, please be careful and safe with all of the coronavirus madness going on right now. As you may have seen in the Winter Adventure email (if you are attending the event), leave spaces in the Showcase Theater. Bring hand sanitizer if you can and wash your hands rigorously and consistently, preferably with warm water. If you are sick, please stay home and do not attend the event. Have a great night everyone.
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    Passed some supports en route to the park by KFC earlier.
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    LOTS of maps coming out today and through this next week. Here's the site map for 3/27 with tons of new track on the raven dive!
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    Thanks @coliwood_studios and Mid Atlantic Coasters for the update!
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    I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and doing okay!
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    ^ At Great Adventure, we are often concerned about NYers fleeing into our park which poses a hazard.
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    I have a feeling the waterpark is going to suffer from the virus incredibly. Who is going to visit a water park for $100/person, during a recession, after a global pandemic (a few minutes away from the epicenter in the US).
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    Good. I hate sharing the log flume with strangers anyways. There is usally 3 of us, so we almost always get stuck with one/some.
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    Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Do you remember the central canopy? Do you think it added or detracted from Bugs Bunny Land? What are your thoughts about the canopy? Comments and discussions are welcomed! Samples photos below.
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    The five day long project is complete! We are back with a bit of general changes to the map and some outstanding progress on the all new JERSEY DEVIL COASTER! Less than 10 pier caps sit vacant as nearly all of the ride columns have been erected into the air. Crews have also begun staging track on the adjacent access road to prepare for trackwork (hopefully) soon! Work has also continued on the station and maintenance area of the ride, as the pier cap forms are in for the ride's exit ramp and crews have begun excavating for the maintenance storage shed. **I've just noticed that this map is number 2/5 in the longest streak of maps to date, starting at 3/17 and spanning 5 DAYS all the way through 3/21! Three more maps to complete and then that will wrap us up for a while. Enjoy!
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    Surprised they have not haulted construction over the virus.
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    Not saying to not take precautions but also don’t get overhyped about it. Definitely is being taken more seriously around the country especially today but it doesn’t go from zero to die.
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    Because images of the Tilt-a-Whirl are so rare, I thought I would add this less than ideal yet unique photo of the ride. This is from the mid 80's when the ride was across the creek from the Fort.
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    I have a feeling that this wish will easily be coming true given the current virus concerns.
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    I was shocked to get this for Christmas. It really is the ultimate LEGO kit for any fan of their building kits (not to mention fans of Star Wars). With over 7500 pieces the kit is the largest one ever made and it was a ton of fun to assemble. Much harder than the police car model I received almost 50 years ago!
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    When i think of the park i think of various Batman themes i have heard specifically Batman returns (or what i personally call it Batman 1992) since that is what i was thinking of when in line and riding it, and Batman and Robin (Batman Forever also has the same music to it). The last one is what i really think about when visiting the park even thou the ride shut down 11 years ago (and i was too much of a wee little lad to ride it). I edited this in afterwards but i agree with the others choices and have them myself but i am not gonna be redundant and state their points again.
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