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    The dippin dots guy told him
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    Reread the name of this thread.... NOT GREAT ADVENTURE. STOP TALKING ABOUT A RAPTOR at GA. You are making this whole forum rather unpleasant to visit anymore. Every single post , on every single thread , across the entire site, you say the exact same thing. STOP.
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    Disneyland has started selling the shirt pictured below. This sums up many of my GA trips!
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    For anyone who follows these yearbook pages, we haven't given up on Timeline Tuesdays. We have been very fortunate to receive a wave of "new" content for the site and my time has been spent converting the images and videos so that they can be shared here on the site. Yearbooks will resume soon.
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    Once again youre posting nonsense about GA in a NON Great Adventure thread. So i can not understand why, after repeatedly not following the rules, as well as everyone telling you to stop, youre still posting this stuff. Perhaps the mods need step in with warnings, etc ?
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    You always get charged more when you pay in installments rather than all at once due to the time value of money. Some of those benefits used to be included on the season passes and are just a way to make the memberships seem to have greater value than they do. The sad fact is they are turning their backs on SP owners and trying to force them to go with memberships to pad out their cash inflows from operations.
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    I would be so sad to see Bizarro go. It's my second favorite coaster in the park. I personally would much rather see Green Lantern relocated to a park that really needs it than have Bizarro removed.
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    Well, how low will the clouds be?
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    I hope to God do just so I don't ever have to read another one of your baseless and repetitive posts about it.
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    You guys are doing great, I love the year books. I'm having trouble keeping up with you.
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    I swear I wish I had just a quarter for every time he says RMC Raptor or TRex. I wouldn’t be in debt anymore
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    You can’t just Lego a roller coated together from scrap parts!? And dont waste your time rallying with posters for parts of Chiller to be brought back from Brazil....its been scrapped and melted down a long while ago.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    It sucks, also I added up the payments, and even the lowest membership costs more in total than a season pass.
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    Woohoo! The ads are gone and the colorful banners are back for 2019!
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    I'm kind of at a point where I want anything other than coasters. Don't get me wrong, I love coasters, and I completely understand that they're the main draw for most people. But they get repetitive, and sometimes I just want something different (or I want to ride something, but don't feel like waiting in line for one of the major rides.) I'm glad they're adding the Wonder Woman ride this year, and I'd be thrilled to see them bring back more rides like the Rodeo Stampede, Music Express, etc. Those are always fun because you can usually get on them with minimal wait, and many of them are just as much fun as the huge coasters, even if they're not as intense.
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    Unlikely? Yes, but it may not be impossible for us to get one. I remember when I posted an April Fool's topic years ago about Chang moving to the park...and then 5 months later they announced Chang was moving to the park as Green Lantern.
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    Special thanks to Tbone112499 for helping prepare this Spotlight!
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    Lol, if they get one, he'll stay talking about a Trex. A conversation that could go on for years.
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    If Six Flags is reading this, I'm available and I work cheap
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    Keep in mind that Jim Reid-Anderson is one of the largest shareholders with 3,987,545 shares of stock which is 4.7% of the company. As chairman of the board, he will be involved in picking his replacement CEO and ensuring his dividend and stock value are protected. At the current stock price of $47.56 per share, his stock holdings are worth $189,647,640.20 and pay out more than $13 million in dividends per year ($3.28 per share). https://otp.tools.investis.com/clients/us/sixflags1/SEC/sec-show.aspx?Type=page&FilingId=13308627-234449-253882&CIK=0000701374&Index=20000
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    I went to Hersheypark yesterday for Springtime In The Park. There is a lot of construction at the entrance area. The old entrance area with the stores and Hersheypark Place restaurant are either demolished or blocked off. Now there is a path from Chocolate World with temporary stores that takes you to the temporary entrance that is close to where the carousel is. I had thought that metal detectors were going to be added this year but it was the same as past years, bag check with no metal detectors. Although crowds were lower than I was expecting, lines were still long for some rides because Storm Runner, Fahrenheit and Sidewinder were closed all day and Skyrush had some downtime as well. Storm Runner has been having problems and it sounds like Fahrenheit and Sidewinder have yet to open for the season. The coasters were all running multiple trains, even Lightning Racer had all 4 trains running which was nice to see since it allowed the wait to be just a few minutes. Other closed rides were Reese's Triple Tower and Coal Cracker. Coal Cracker doesn't seem to run much in April and October even though the ride is scheduled to be open then. It would have been nice to have open yesterday with the temperature around 75 degrees. Laff Trakk had the longest line in the park, it was an hour and 45 minute wait. A ride that only seats 4 people per car and has each car stop (unlike Wild Mouse) just isn't a good fit for a larger park like this. I would have rather seen them add a 2 track version like Winjas Phantasialand. I stopped into the arcade and saw they had a lot of prizes that were items from the gift shops. The Hersheypark Coaster Hero glass I got had a $9.99 price sticker on it (and only cost $6 from playing games to win it). I'd like to see the arcades at Great Adventure offer Great Adventure themed prizes as well. Reese's Cup Fusion construction is moving along. Some of the kiddie rides in the area near the ride are now themed to villains from the ride. I'm looking forward to the re-themed dark ride although I'd be surprised if it is as good as Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. It was a fun trip to the park and I hope to visit again soon when hopefully Storm Runner and Fahrenheit are operating. Ride Count: Comet, 2x sooperdooperlooper, 1x Hershey Triple Tower, 2x Trailblazer, 1x Skyrush, 1x Lightning Racer, 4x (2 laps on each track) Great Bear, 2x One of the few temporary stores in the new walkway. Temporary Entrance The Christmas store moved from near the old park entrance to Midway America.
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    It was much worse to have to do that on the bobsled. Telling strangers they had to sit with someone in their lap who they didn't know was really tough.
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    I agree. The old entrance was much more charming (and had lots of shade along the pathway).
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    No, I don’t get it. Can you try again in a language that resembles English? Perhaps you should start running your posts through a spell checker.
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    I t was a bit awkward sitting on the ride with strangers for over 10 minutes.
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    If a wooden coaster isn’t added, that is something I would like to see a Dorney since they could get away with a lower capacity ride more than one of the larger parks in the chain.
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    Now that Cedar Fair is working with Feld Entertainment (Monster Jam) in 2019, I am curious if a Cedar Fair park will receive the B&M wing coaster concept that was shown off at IAAPA. The Grave Digger Freestyle Run is a lower capacity B&M wing coaster that only seats 20 riders per train. https://www.feldentertainment.com/PressRoom/DisplayPressRelease/94602/
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    On Sunday I was at the park by myself, and they made another single rider ride with me on Sky Screamer, anc they sat another person by me on Runaway Mine Train. Never seen the park do either before.
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    I've never seen them fill those upper 2.
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    You have this backwards. It is better to pay in installments due to the time value of money since there is no interest. You want to be the one holding onto the money, so if you can delay giving it away, that's where you get the time-value of money. If you pay $120 at once, that's $120 completely gone with no time-value gained. If you pay $10 per month, you get to keep $110 the first month to invest. Month 2, you have $100 left plus what you earned last month to invest. At the end of 12 months, you'll have spent the same $120, but you gained money either by investing it or at least gaining interest.
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    So happy to see all of the small cosmetic improvements being done at the park! The small details really do matter. I'm sad to see the Safari Tours car ride go, but it makes you wonder if anything is in store for the Looney Tunes Seaport/Safari Kids sections of the park. There's a lot of empty ride pads in that area.
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    There's nothing wrong with Six Flags trying to even out their revenue stream while giving more benefits to encourage you to do it. Memberships just make sense for them since it means they no longer have several months of the year with no revenue stream from parks. That along with the extended seasons of all their parks makes a lot of financial sense and also makes their revenue stream much more predictable.
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    It would be cool if the park found a way to add a family GCI or Gravity Group wood coaster that runs through some of the empty spaces in the Adventure Seaport area. They could build in a pass-through for the paths where the coaster crosses over. I changed the angle of the bend in White Lightning from Fun Spot America to fit some of the empty spaces. Just a random idea.
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    When SFNE changed their Bizarro back to Superman I suggested to the park that they bring back the Medusa name and use Elton John's "The Bitch is Back" in their TV advertising. SFGA - I still invite you to use this idea!
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    Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Samples below. Comments and discussions are welcomed!
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    I'm loving how quickly these are all coming out!! Thank you for the constant updates!
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    Great Escape could benefit from Pandamonium or Gotham City Gauntlet, especially since i've heard bobsled has barely operated in recent years. Could relocate the bobsled back to Great Adventure into Plaza as La Vibora lol (note the "lol").
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    unless they move the bucket blasters to gotham city and rename it to the penguin
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    Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Sample images below. Comments and discussions are welcomed!
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    Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Sample content below. Comments and discussions are welcomed!
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    The page is up now. https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/attractions/newfor2019-dc
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    I wouldn't mind seeing a dueling coaster from GCI or RMC but they would probably need a different name with Hershey already using Lighting and Thunder for the 2 track names at Lightning Racer.
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    Happy 20th Brithday gasmspiritblue! How is 20 possible? Time sure flies.
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    An RMC dueler would be better, but that’s still a good idea that’d I’d honestly be happy with.
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    I don't worry about the stockholders. They largely know they'd be damned lucky to get someone of that pedigree. They theming thing could conceivably make or break them, but it would be more on the candidate walking away over a disagreement on philosophy and not disapproval on the part of the stockholders/board. The small stock holders can't be assed to vote their proxies and generally are clueless about the larger mechanics of things and the institutional investors who hold the majority of the stock know they'd be damned lucky to get a CEO who can not only withstand the cultural firestorm that the captive orca issue brought on, but to have the company thrive under his leadership.
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    I'm glad that the Justice League area is being called DC Universe. It would really irk me and my OCD if the park called it Metropolis and Superman were clear on the other side of the park
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