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    harry2004, regardless of expense, also moves rides around in his plans like the park is a chess board.
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    Let me add to the rumor mill. How about a renewed kiddie area and a major addition for 2020? The rides towards the rear portion of Looney Tunes Seaport could easily be relocated to the Safari Kids area especially with the former Safari Tours site (see below). That would free up a large plot of land as seen in yellow. The yellow area represents already developed land that wouldn't require much leveling of trees (something about which Jackson is sensitive).
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    In honor of Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth opening, let's look back at all the park's rides which featured similar A-Frame supports!
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    He saw it on YouTube so it must be true.
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    If I had to take a guess, Harry probably knows more than those “coaster people” you keep referring to.
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    I was never a fan of ride wraps but anything that raises the awareness of cancer is a good idea. Check out the video below:
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    More photos from today I got from Looney Tunes Seaport.
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    RMC CONFIRMED. That's how the game gets played, right?
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    Probably will be going to the park for the first time in 14 years this weekend. Haven't been since the opening year of Kingda Ka as a kid. Having kept up with the park through youtube, and theme park sites including this one and Gadv online for a large majority of that time, this event is a long time coming and I am sure looking forward to visiting the theme park where the community surrounding it helped shape my interest in theme parks, music, and the internet as a whole. Might even come back with a trip report
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    While Viper wasn't the best ride, its trains were probably the best themed at the park.
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    B&M filed a trademark for something called Surf Coaster. I'm not sure if this is a new coaster type or a new version of the stand up coaster. Perhaps some type of water coaster? http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4803:uqidzl.2.1
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    Where do you get your information? Please don’t say Johnny The YouTube King.
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    No one knows, and those who do can't say. Asking over and over will not get you anywhere. I know nothing about what the 2020 additions will be, but once again with new competition on the coaster front (Meadowlands & Hershey) and the new competition on the kids front (Legoland), I could see either a new coaster, or an updated kids area, or both. At this point I don't even know if corporate or the park has made firm decisions about the next year yet. Part of it always has to do with what the competition is doing which isn't always known.
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    We recently received an email from a reader who shared with us his experiences as a performer at the Puppet Theater during 1990 and 1991 when Dastardly Dragon and Rappunzel were residents in the small show venue. We share his message below in its entirety. It's an interesting read! Thanks RMW for sharing!
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    Didn't you hear the news that SFGAdv will be getting a custom 300ft tall RMC Trex coaster that will have Six Flags TV onboard every train?
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    Another round of massive price increases at Disney today including annual passes, resort parking, and even the doubling of reusable bag prices at all the shops.
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    Thanks. I'll say it again....too many levels.
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    Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix https://sixflags.com/phoenix The key takeaway from the solar farm is that it is expected to save the park one million dollars a year. That is money that can be spent in other areas of the park (paint, maintenance, new rides, etc.).
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    The pins are given away free on select days/events to Gold Plus Membership members and above. They can’t be purchased. Although given their heir popularity I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to start selling other pins.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    Can you confirm for us that it was not confirmed? Thanks.
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    That is a path from the front gate to the Safari. It’s needed because there’s no easy way to tell guests how to get there given how many dead ends and roadblocks we have in the park
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    It looks like another one of our wishes was addressed- The pavement in the upper portion of the Boardwalk area was resurfaced this past off-season!
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    Flyin Phil here...I was over the park today and shot Wonder Woman in action, along with other areas of the park, including many of the "Bone Yard"... Enjoy ! See the photos HERE
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    You know I had a hunch you were going to hope that
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    Rumor is that Wonder Woman is opening FRIDAY for Member & Passholder previews, soft open to the public 5 PM on Saturday. Details are supposed to drop via email later today. This is second-hand information so I take no credit/blame for it.
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    I thought maybe that red dot was the location for the T-Rex!!!!! Sorry, had to say it.
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    It's an insurance thing. It's the same reason why they card senior citizens for beers at concert venues. If you force everyone to disgorge their pockets regardless of whether or not they zipper, there's no issue with capricious exceptions or rules going unenforced.
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    They'll probably hold off for a weekend without a member event, maybe the 15th (which would put it between Bizarro's 20th birthday member event on the 9th and the Calypso Springs opening member event on the 21st). I can't see them sitting on it until late June/July but they'll want to do the usual fanfare with previews and all that.
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    I have no idea when Wonder Woman will actually open, but last Sunday it was testing all day long. And I have to say, it looks amazing.
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    Is their IT outsourced to India? They use M-S calendars.
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    Official Six Flags’ websites and apps that display calendars with a Monday to Sunday format. Why? In America we use Sunday to Saturday layout.
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    Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Sample content below. Comments and discussions are welcomed!
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    3 months until we will have to listen to how next years new addition has to be an RMC raptor an hour after the announcement. That’s unless we get one (That would be surprising). Personally I think our park needs a T-Rex model once it is fully developed because the park needs another high capacity ride.
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    Actually, it was supposed to open with a Member Appreciation Event on 18 May, which was pushed to 23-25 May and then pushed back indefinitely as NOTHING HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED. You're really bad at this game. You might want to consider not playing it anymore.
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    Just to expand the focus beyond the all too frequently mentioned RMC coaster, how about: - the previously mentioned kiddie area redo - the spinning flat ride introduced this year at SFNE installed in the old Chiller observatory - major expansion to Hurricane Harbor for its 20th anniversary
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    Unless you went to ride Green Lantern as Chang at Kentucky Kingdom, its a new experience. So what that it was relocated? It isn't even a clone.
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    I don't think many of us are against a new coaster, we just haven't seen anything that logically points to one coming in 2020 and feel that there are greater needs that the park needs to address. In my opinion, the park would still need a family friendly wood coaster, multi-launch coaster, and maybe a wing or dive coaster to finish the lineup. I also don't see the point of placing a wood airtime coaster next to the park's other wood airtime coaster, it just seems redundant and doesn't fill any holes in the lineup. Before someone jumps in with the Tall and Made of Steel comment from RotB that has somehow morphed into "Tallest, Fast, Longer": I have a feeling that the comments made by the park president was a joke that many people didn't get because he was basically describing the 2019 addition. Without any video evidence of the event to provide context, I can't prove this opinion.
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    I don’t think SFFT is getting a coaster, as they just got Wonder Woman two years ago. 2020 Coaster wise, (Outside of GADV) I think that SFOT and SFNE will both be getting roller coasters. SFOT I think could get a modified smaller model of the Mack Powersplash & SFNE could receive a launched coaster from either S&S or Premier.
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    Not sure what all that means but Wonder Woman will not be open this weekend.
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    Woohoo! The ads are gone and the colorful banners are back for 2019!
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    Magic Mountain doesn't have "growth opportunity", they received a ride for next year that they literally did not need. Considering the park is in the heart of Southern California, I'd offer you to reconsider what you said about over saturated areas. We're talking about an area that competes with Disney, Knott's, CGA, and plenty of waterparks. It has nothing to do with growth opportunity. If it did, considering we're the closest major theme park to NYC, we would have been loaded with new coasters by now.
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