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    If you could make one non-attraction improvement to the park what would you do? I would add more trees and water fountains on the lines would be amazing! Also of course free bins in stations for glasses phones keys etc.
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    Feel free to start new topics and add valuable input that stirs quality conversations. Everyone is welcome to drive the bus rather than just go for a ride!
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    They must need the land for a gigantic RMC T-REX in 2020.
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    Great pictures, those new light up decorations like the presents and ornaments look really cool.
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    Eliminate the requirement for guests to carry around a sports bottle to partake in the unlimited soft drinks offer. Instead, for those who have purchased the drink option, have a Coca-Cola logo printed on their pass (sponsorship opportunity). As with the bottle, guests could order a drink with their meal, snack, or by itself. Having it on the pass would also allow for better control of any wait periods between refills. We would imagine the cost to Six Flags for the sports bottle would be more than the cost of the paper cups a guest would consume in a season but if not offer the bottle-less option at a small upcharge. Cruise lines have been doing this successfully for years (without the upcharge).
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    So many of the park's shops are filled with super hero merchandise that it is very hard to find many Six Flags mementos let alone Great Adventure specific ones. (Except for apparel - that selection is great!) How about bringing back some Great Adventure classic theme park souvenirs that so many of us grew up with and love to collect. Here is a short list: - Poster-size park maps - Postcards - Magnets - Pins/Patches - Snow Globes - Pennants
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    Long story short:Great Adv. should concentrate on fixing/maintaining what they already got.Some examples: New LED lights for the ferris wheel. Bring back some of the old themeing-music in the queue lines,the wrecked cop car under B:TR,Skull Mt.'s waterfall runs daily etc. Bring back trees and shrubs wherever possible! Also they could add more misting stations,and have them themed for the section they are in(case in point:the one that was in Movietown;they should have kept it and called it "Gotham Car Wash"). And if they want to add more water fountains,several companies make "water bottle fountains" that can fill large bottle quickly and are durable/low maintainance.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!
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    Yeah, but where would this forum be without wishful thinking and baseless speculation? Take out all the posts about RMC rumors and people making up grand plans to expand/more/retheme areas with zero evidence of that happening or indeed idea of logistics and costs and you wipe out 85% of the posts on this forum.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    Fantastic, as always. I agree with Yoshi, the new light ups are cool. I always look forward to see what will be new each year. I hope it was El Diablo and not El Toro that's been dismantled
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    BOO-YAH! Those predictions were all wrong.
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    Priority parking is a valuable perk of the higher tier memberships but it sure would be nice if a reservation was not a requirement. We think making a reservation should be optional. If you know you will be visiting, by all means make a reservation and save your priority parking spot in advance. But if you are more of a spur of the moment person and pop in on a whim, you should have the chance to show up and get a priority spot if space allows. Visiting the same day and having to park in the main lot when the priority lot is only a quarter full does not make sense especially since it is a perk you are paying for with your higher membership cost.
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    Medusa, it's technically improving a pre-existing ride, I think it counts as a non-coaster addition because the main premise of the investment is theming and a new queue, not the coaster on top of that
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    The Hydration Station is a great idea! As for the bins, it won't happen but I would like to see something like what Dorney has. If you have never been, they have bins on the platform that are designated per train- when that particular train returns to the station, the bins that correspond to the train are opened by an attendant. When the train is leaving, that one is closed so no one else can steal items- no liability for the park, much happier guests.
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    That is one of the rides I have been hoping Six Flags would start buying. It looks like Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream is supposed to have one of the six arm versions.
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    More single rider lines and single rider lines that start at the beginning of the queue like at most other Six Flags parks rather than right before the station.
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    Biggest single improvement would be a new lighting package on the Ferris Wheel. Second would be refreshing the paint on most of the marquee rides. Third would be an escape room upcharge (I hate the basic idea of these things, but apparently people with actual social skills love them). Last would be a sit-down restaurant and potentially a dinner theater.
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    LOL I thought you wanted to get rid of the Runaway Train
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    No one is going to randomly affirm what that park is getting because no one knows. RMC is not the only manufacturer of roller coasters and Raptor/TRex track is not the only type of coaster track there is. Great Adventure might not even be getting a roller coaster in 2020.
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    What is your source? Otherwise, stop posting things claiming to be facts.
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    This past Saturday I got a chance to go check out the bonus days for GA and get my last rides on the western side of the park for the season. After meeting up with Officer O'Leary and NewJerseyCoasters, we walked around the park to grab pictures and footage. High winds kept a majority of the rides down for the day, with Justice League being closed from about 12:30-closing. It was interesting to see the removal of FF props happen at the same time that HITP decorations went up. I was also able to see the future Wonder Woman site and the blue fences and land clearing that came up since my last trip. Next time I'll be at the park, HITP will be in full swing! Rides for my day: Bizarro, El Toro, El Diablo, Superman, Green Lantern, Nitro, Batman and Cyborg. Pictures and videos hopefully soon to follow.
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    How many times is one going to ride a roller coaster? Or eat Flags' Famous Chicken Strips?
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    I think it would be cool to see what Viper would be like if it was made by B&M or Intamin. It would certainly be smoother and if they lengthened the layout a bit, it would be a fun little coaster. Of course, they would also hopefully keep the rings