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    I have probably a half dozen of these bags at my parents home in Jersey in the three different size varieties in which they were produced. God only knows when I’ll be in Jersey again to get them for you. The bags I have do not have Great America on them, but include parks acquired up to Magic Mountain and the two wax museums.
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    Hey everyone (or anyone reading this) I'm mostly a lurker in here but I was wondering if someone in here would be willing to help me out, I impulsively bought a Season Pass (first time in probably 6 or so years, not sure if that makes a difference) during the Flash Sale in September thinking that I'd be able to get to the park before the 31st deadline to get the Gold Upgrade, as it turns out, I will more than likely not going to make it to process my pass. I tried reaching out to six flags support to see if there's some kind of online process to process season passes (its 2017, I figured there was a chance there would be) and found out if a friend or family member was going to the park they can get it processed for me. That said, I am in search of someone who would be willing to become my new best friend who might happen to be headed to the park this weekend or next that I could email my voucher to. Thanks in advance
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    Rode GL once, and that was enough for me. It went to the bottom of my coaster list.