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    A few years back, shortly after doing the Great Adventure History Museum at the park, I was contacted by a Great Adventure veteran employee - Dan Ingrham from the park's marketing department. Dan worked at the park in the 1970's and was responsible for many of the graphic layouts found in the pamphlets and advertisements of that era. Dan's most famous design was the rainbow logo which ultimately became the first design used by Six Flags when they acquired the park. The rainbow was based on a more simple design first introduced in 1976 and the updated version incorporated bright gold stars and a bolder and broader rainbow. The following year the letters of SIX FLAGS were added. I had the pleasure of meeting Dan on several occasions and his stories about the park's earliest days were truly informative and entertaining. I was able to acquire many of the paper-related goods in Dan's collection including the original rainbow artwork which he was so proud of. Below are just a few examples of his creations. Sadly, this past June Dan passed away after a prolonged illness. Dan was a fan of our GAH site although he rarely posted in our public topics. Even so, he wrote up a little memo for us about his career and time at Great Adventure which I am happy to post here. Thanks Dan for sharing your talents with us and for being such a positive influence on Great Adventure's history. - Harry Sampling of Dan's artwork:
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    I updated the survey with another option that captures your point of view.
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    Great read from someone who clearly had an emotional bond with this park, as did so many of the earliest employees and guests. Sad that he has left us.