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    We visited the park Saturday 3/31, the second day of the season. It was a very stressful visit due to hours spent on Pass/Member issues and other circumstances stemming from lack of employees, training, and overall preparedness, but I look forward to those hopefully getting better over the season and for the future. I photographed as much as I remembered to check out, from Cyborg construction, restaurant changes, log flume work, and so on. Full album here: https://imgur.com/a/phtDx (LOTS more photos than I posted below) Some highlights: Cyborg Cyborg Wide View Cyborg Aerial View Go Fresh by Nitro will soon be Primo's Pasta (Menu close-up in full album) Liberty Pub removed for construction of the "Ale House" Right across from that is construction on (what I assume to be) Liberty Snacks & Dippin' Dots Log Flume Drop Refurbishment (Also, Best of the West was closed) A very vibrant Sugar Shack has replaced the Cold Stone attached to G.A. Cafe The preferred lot now has these pole barriers to protect pedestrians along the fence. They are also along Superman's fence. The ever-changing building right outside the main gate is now Membership Services The new Season Pass Headquarters, next to Skyscreamer, where you should NOT go for Membership questions. (read the sign) The best sunset photo I've ever taken Swashbuckler is not quite there. Assuming it's still in maintenance. New 2018 Great Adventure shirt The new Membership Priority Entrance at the main gate
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    That sunset photo of Nitro is fantastic!It looks like it came from a travel book or brochure!
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    I personally feel that SFGA would benefit way more with a focus on theming and shows right now than it would on rides.
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