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    That's so true, when I was comparing memberships/prices and went down the long list of benefits and crossed off the useless things, I was left with about 4 things that could be of any interest. Then there's the one time, space availability and making a reservation restrictions. Wait until Summer and an even worse Fright Fest crowd if some of these early season crowd days are an indication. I fear Six Flags has already oversold passes and memberships and getting in the park or trying to have an enjoyable day will be hit and miss. We were in Six Flags America last weekend and had a nice lunch in Chop Six. Something like that needs to be put in Great Adventure.
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    Also, if the Diamond Elite pass offers 50% Off Food and Beverage (which can’t be used with other offers), than why do they have offers like $1 off a pretzel or $1 off a turkey leg? These are useless.