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    This coaster is so aesthetically pleasing. The lift/drop shape reminds me of Millennium Force. If lighting does get added I hope it’s just flood lights on the lift and the rest of the ride pitch black.
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    The Cinderella Castle Suite in the Magic Kingdom.
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    ^I would like to see a tunnel built over the track in one of the areas where it is close to the ground.
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    Anyone else hoping maybe rmc changes /adds a element? It’s been reported they enjoy changing something here and there after animations are made.
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    Honestly I couldn’t be happier with this addition. It has an original layout and theme, not to mention a lot of enthusiasts are saying that this will be one of the best rides on the planet. The fact that people are saying that this coaster tops what Kings Island announced is very exciting. For the first time in a long time, it looks to me that Six Flags has actually bested Cedar Fair in additions, and our new coaster was at the forefront of it. One other thing I should add is that the airtime offered on WWGLC and Railblazer is said to be phenomenal, and the airtime is located on elements that weren’t even meant to have it in the first place. Imagine how good the airtime will be on elements that were actually made to deliver it, like the huge ejector hill, the stall, the raven turn into the dive loop, the turnaround followed by the zero-g roll, honestly I can’t get enough of the fact that this is a literal masterpiece. We don’t know how the ride will be obviously until it opens, but hearing rave reviews on the other Raptors out there gives us no reason not to be strongly optimistic about it.
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    Hi, everyone! So, I made one of these posts when I first joined GAH back when I was... 15? And now that I'm 21, I feel the need to redo this just because I feel as if I am a totally different person now! (Well, I still like smileys...) But, here goes! My name is Lauren and I am 21 years old. I am a senior in college and I am studying computer engineering. Several of my favorite past times include programming, roller coasters, and pinball. This summer I had an internship where I helped restore pinball machines. It was really enjoyable. I unfortunately have not been to Great Adventure since 2015. However, I really would like to go back. I've always enjoyed exploring this website, and learning all there is to know about Great Adventure. At one point in time, I used to go around the park with my family and pretty much drive them crazy with all of the information I had to share. As a teenager it was a real passion for me. Nowadays I'm really trying to get back to Great Adventure to see all that has changed since I have last been. I was reading through the posts that I had made throughout the years, and I couldn't help but laugh at myself. It was funny, albeit also a little cringe-worthy. Either way, I updated my about me on my profile to reflect my recent life. It has been fun re-introducing myself! I hope to be back on here more often.
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    Im just gunna do what Six Flags fun did for 4 years. Say the same thing over and over and eventually one year I’ll be correct.
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    As fun as it was speculating about the new coaster, it'll be a big breath of fresh air for all of us to hopefully be in agreement that new kids areas are 100% the priority for 2021.
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    Also the park NEEDs a major improving during they will getting a MAJOR kids area expansion in 2021 between 2020 and 2021. -Repainting Batman, Nitro, Kingda Ka, etc... -More Pavement Pathways -More Meet & Greets characters (DC Comics characters, redesigns Looney Tunes characters like Warner Bros. Abu Dubai did) -New Shows -Park Improving -Fixing Big Wheel (add LED lights) -SkyScreamer's new LED (like Darien Lake has one) -Return of trams (Yes, the people needs to get the park from parking lot to use trams) and more.
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    Welp, here we go. Kids area is a MUST but Uhhhh I’ll take a Trex with a side of dive coaster pls /s
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    Nitro: Front Row, Clear Sky, Night Ride is by far the best ride I have had on any coaster at Great Adventure. Truly unbelievable. I would try to hit that if you can. Back row during the day but if you are going at night you HAVE to do nitro front row
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    My favorite rows are whichever ones have the smallest lines... (except El Toro, Skull Mountain, and Bizarro- I always try to get the back row whenever possible)
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    Agree 100% the dispatches are ridiculous, and it really just never seems worth it, it's a fun ride and all but just not worth the long line it always has.
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    I usually don't ride Superman, the line is usually at least a half hour or longer because I find the dispatches to be much slower than other rides in the park (sometimes the dispatches are twice as long as the other coasters in the park - as long as 3 minute dispatches on Superman while other coasters have 45-90 second dispatches) and it occasionally runs only one train here an there, usually after a breakdown. I'd say of all the coasters in the park (minus Harley Quinn and Road Runner Express), Superman is the coaster that runs only one train the most but it doesn't happen on a regular basis. Last time I rode Superman it had a 15 minute line so I decided to go on it.
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    I vomited after my second ride on Batman when we were on the brake run.
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    I prefer the second to last row on El Toro because it is not above a wheel unlike the very last row and wheel seats on woodies tend to be a lot rougher than non wheel seats. For Nitro I found row 7 to be my favorite but any row is good on both coasters as I tend to find empty seats for re rides when I ride them.
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    ^ Maybe between next year, 2021 or 2022 maybe they will announced new Six Flags Hotel with themed rooms like Looney Tunes and DC Comics, indoor waterpark and more. I think Great Adventure MIGHT start open year round in next year or 2021 just like SFMM and SFFT.
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    I'm not getting why sfgadv would loose their only floorless? I think they should loose GL and put something else there, who doesn't love bizarro? And recap that it was the first ever floorless! They wouldn't want to let that go
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    i think GL drop is very boring and I do not see/feel the loop being any more "wow" then Bizarro
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    just tear down GL. its a horrible coaster. waste of space
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    I also say it's a bit early for them to change GL. Maybe in a couple of years they'll consider it, but it's still a "new" ride for many. I'd love a change to sit-down trains, and It would be nice to see them walk away from the superhero theming. And yes, shockwave at KD is a nightmare. The transitions are brutal to begin with, and it being a standup makes it 10x worse. At least GL has nice, silky smooth B&M transitions, and it's only the trains that make it rough
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    At least for me part of the reason I don't like the fact that it's used is that the ride itself (in being a stand up) is basically a 90s trend that died out over 10 years ago that isn't even that good, yet they were calling it new. If it had sit down trains it would fix the problem of being an outdated gimmick and make the ride more "worth it" at least to me.
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    No it wouldn't. It would go from painful to graceful.
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    Wow, cool! Also if you look closely the trim on the first drop is gone in the animation! That plus being floorless will make it way better. Count me in for wanting to see sit down trains on GL.
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    How about just living on the back seat of El Toro? Other than that, how about a summer home on the Cedar Point peninsula? I would have the beach, marina, and the whole park and water park at my doorstep, plus the sunrises and sunsets over the lake and nightly fireworks!
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    2012 Update: 338 Coasters. Another 100+ Planned. That Includes back to New York/ New Jersey!!!!
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    UPDATE: Went to Six Flags Over Georgia Now I'm at 301 COASTERS!!!!!
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