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    I say Golden Kingdom because it needs more attractions, it has KK and Zumi at the back end of it, but besides them, nothing. Another possibility is bringing back Balin’s Jungleland, as that plot of land is still there only being occupied by Bloodshed
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    If RRR gets moved to the Golden Kingdom I have a strong feeling it replaces Splashwater Oasis. It would fit perfectly in that spot.
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    I found these photos on Facebook, they're not mine so shoutout to whoever took these. LTSP looks to be closed off completely and the entrances all have the Jersey Devil Coaster photo on them. I don't know about Safari Kids.
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    Basically what Matt said. It starts internally and goes from there. Majority of the people you see in the videos are employees or employees families. I’ve done/been in Zumanjaro, skull mountain vr, joker, cyborg, and wonderman. Majority of it all being employees with the occasional outside casted people from a casting agency.
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