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    I have to agree, we're pretty lucky to have guys as dedicated as you and @EasternThrills when it comes to following the construction of the coaster. Keep up the good work!
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    Xenith, I give you a lot of credit for your attention to details in following the construction of JDC. Nice work!
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    It's the most wonderful time of the year! Today is the launch of the Great ADVENTure Calendar! http://greatadventurehistory.com/AdventCalendar2019.html Be sure to visit each day between now and Christmas to see our wishes for the park in the coming years.
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    Last night, I went over to Holiday in the Park. This was mainly to ride Wonder Woman, which I missed out on back in July, as well as Frost and get a general look of the environment. There were not checking parking which was odd as you could get day tickets online so I couldn't have crashed a pass holder event. Speaking of Wonder Woman, I went over there first. They were not using the switch backs or the "on deck" spots, so the line was just outside the entrance. I could see them not using it as Wonder Woman gives a strong gust as it goes over the cattle pen-which I feel was the worst part. You have too much going beyond horizontal (?) to care if you are prepared. Next stop was dinner. This was the first time I had been inside Granny's and it was so Packed my dad and I had to share a table with a group of siblings. Is Swashbucker the round up that is in the photo? Since that took us past 6, I ended up catching the tail end of Holiday Harmonics. Ride 2 was Justice League. It was probably around 2 loops of the pre-show (1.5 once inside). There was also a spill in the queue that messed things up. This is the first time I ridden a shooting dark ride a second time (as I have done Test Track and It's a Small World on both of my visits to Disney in Aug. 2013 and Dec. 2014). My score was 77,300. Since the show and Justice League took most of the time for my dinner to digest, next stop was Batman. I got row 6 to myself (my dad got the walk of shame, even w/o his jacket). Since there was still time better not wasted waiting to get into Frost, I decided to get more ambient footage, Swashbucker looks good at night. Got some fun photos in the light tunnel and at the entrance to Snowman City. I skipped Joker and Superman thinking they'd be torture when it feels like 30 degrees. Superman was actually stuck between the brakes and station as I was leaving. Anyways, It was already busy outside the Showcase theater 30mins before showtime, with Diamond/Diamond Elite going in about quarter til. Frost is a magic and acrobatics show, with dance numbers as transition. I don't know if that is similar or different to what the SFNE show was, but it was fine-the venue could use a renovation. I didn't seem to find any Holiday in the Park merch on the Coaster Candy side of the Main Street, but since there is the unused parking, just might go back on a (hopefully warmer) day before the year is out.
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    Looking through this page made me think about how new rides and their construction/process of getting open can really can bring a lot of people together! I’m so excited for things like that to happen as the Jersey Devil Coaster is being built!
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