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    Hey man, appreciate your input. It’s funny, everyone offers thoughts and speculations and are hardly ever really questioned for it, and then you offer your input on something you had seen and it’s instantly questioned and you have to repeat “take with a grain of salt” multiple times over. You're good dude! It’s almost the end of July and we will start to see rumblings soon from six flags parks for teasers so our wait is almost over. Everyone just wants to know now
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    Or charging by the hour!
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    It’s pretty inconvenient that there isn’t any actual video evidence of this, and that it’s been known through only word of mouth. I think that’s why a lot of the jokes/skepticism are going on.
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    It’s a hefty cost to transport 5767 KG cross country. It would make a lot of sense if this were heading somewhere local. The Intamins at the Meadowlands if I’m correct are already assembled, leaving a small selection of parks. Headlining those, Great Adventure. If this were true, all the years of waiting for a stand out Coaster might be worth it.
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    Take this with a grain of salt, but apparently in the one of the Jackson Township council meetings, they talked about the 2020 addition being a ride from Premier Rides, so if that’s true (which I don’t know) I think that the park could receive either a ride similar to Full Throttle, or a taller, faster, and longer version of West Coast Racers!
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    The diameter is about 40".
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    Our next updated construction spotlight is the Runaway Train! Check out the cool photos of the ride in pieces prior to being assembled. Special thanks to Dennis Gilbert (our member "Dennis") who was Great Adventure's original Ride Operations Manager from January 1974 through the 1975 season for adding so many photos to our construction collection. Follow this topic for ongoing updates of all the original park attractions. Click below to see the Runaway Train:
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    Happy Birthday Great Adventure! Today we kick off a series of updates to our construction spotlights of the park's original attraction and structures from 1974. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcomed. First up - the Super Teepee!
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    Going with the “tall and steel” here. I think we are going to get a Raptor. Not a WW clone though. I think they are going to move the Daffy submarine and the mini teacups to where the old safari kids car ride was. They will make a new entrance to the kids area just opposite of where the mini teacups are now. This will clear the area for guest going to and from the new coaster without going into the kids area. There is plenty of open space back there and wouldn’t have to cut down a lot of trees. I’m going with a Raptor only cause SF didn’t add one last year and if there were issues with WW RMC had some time to correct it. Plus WW has had great reviews. Couldn’t imagine SF not adding more.
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    Besides building the two American GE lands, Disney is also building a half sized GE at EuroDisneyland. I think one of the big problems is that the land isn't very appealing to either SW fans or the general public as it is themed after a planet not seen in any of the movies or spinoff media which was a massive mistake. It would be like if Universal themed their Harry Potter land after another magic school that was not in either the films or books instead of Hogwarts. Here are aerial pictures of GE from July 4th, 2019. Not looking too good for Disney. They should have themed each land from a different planet from the films. Here is fanart of a Star Wars park from a few years ago, the park Disney should have built instead.
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    I think that was said after WW was announced. And he did say 2020 attraction.
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    As an attendee of the event it was stated at, he made it very clear it was 2020. This was said about a week after Wonder Woman was announced anyway.
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    That address is for IntaRide, Intamin’s US office based in Maryland, per Reddit user /u/spacemtnfan
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    We have added another game to our Goodtime Alley! Click the title above to be taken to the game and use this topic to post your guesses. Good luck!
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    Port Newark is the third largest port in the US, and the largest on the east coast. Despite the other ports along the coast (Baltimore, Norfolk, etc.), Port Newark does service the entire northeast quadrant of the US. So really, it's quite common for shipments to come through Newark that end up anywhere in the northeast, even Virginia. It might be cheaper, or might just make more sense logistically based on shipping routes, timing, etc. Almost like taking a layover through a hub airport, or having to fly into an international airport when flying internationally. Interesting video about shipping: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgsxapE27NU Another article about the importance and reach of Port Newark: https://www.forbes.com/sites/gcaptain/2011/10/25/the-port-of-new-york-and-new-jersey-a-critical-hub-of-global-commerce/#771d5e6ae0f2
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    Hell yeah. Thanks for all this information! Myself and I’m sure many others in this thread appreciate it.
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    Well one of my idea was to turn Seaport into Screampunk District (Congo Rapids would feel out of place, but so does Thunder River in the Over Georgia section). They don't even need to touch Nitro. I see Tax Twister and Road Runner relocated to National Park (becomes Bugs Bunny Boomtown w/ Lakefront entrance added), Deep Sea Diver and the Elephants added to Safari Kids where the car ride was, and Hearts Away and Barnstormer put in storage for a year or two and used for DC Super Friends rides (Harleyquinn Spinsanity and Scarecrow's Barnstormer). Then added a Zamperla Endevor or Chance Freestyle (Pandemonium), or a 100ft Super Loop (if they really, really, really wanted to) called Hyperdrive in 2-3 years, as DC Super Freinds would get 3 new rides (Bat Copters, Superman: Tower of Power, Wonder Woman-Flying Scooters) in addition to Hearts Away/Spinsanity and Barnstormer to finish off the Old Country trail area. P.S. If they bring the train back, put in El Diablo's spot
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    Obviously nothing is confirmed, but are you referring to something like this? https://youtu.be/hILb3lHQWwI
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    Not the planning board, but apparently the Jackson township council meetings (I haven’t checked it out myself) And the source was someone from a discord server (Ik, what an odd source). Like I said, take it with a massive grain of salt. Just thought I’d share it.
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    Another change.org petition. Is there even a way to verify that the signatures are all local residents or is this just a bunch of random tree huggers and Sierra Club members?
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    29yrs. Its sad when you think about it!
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    There are a few but if you take out the ones where the guests are the performers than you approach zero.
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    This thread isn't for great adventure so please do not include it.
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    I don’t miss them. Use that money for some higher quality shows instead.
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    Those are Christmas bottles of Coke with non Christmas wappers, LOL. Hopefully its not old unsold Christmas Coke that has been relabeled
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    That coaster looks like it could be a clone of Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm. Those Intamin Gyro Swings are supposed to be really good, some people say they are better than the Zamperla models.
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    Does anyone know why they run so few cars on the big wheel, why they try to keep it so balanced or why the lights are never on? I miss those iconic lights. The last time I was there, they were only using 8 cars. It makes me wonder how safe the ride really is.
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    2019 is proving to be a big year for acquisitions in the theme park industry. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-merlin-ent-m-a-consortium/lego-familys-kirkbi-and-blackstone-to-buy-madame-tussauds-owner-merlin-ft-idUSKCN1TS3EI
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    LEGO rules! It is another hobby I don’t really need but it is so addictive.
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    Sounds like a great time for a Great Adventure Hotel Spotlight
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    After 45 seasons, here's what remains from 1974:
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    Day 5, 6/8 I was looking forward to Hollywood Studios to visit Toy Story Land. Tower of Terror is running at half capacity which caused the standby line to build fast. There was an overflow queue set up as well. Thankfully with both Tower of Terror and Rock N Rollercoaster Tier 2 rides, we were able to get FP+ for both. I like the theming of Tower of Terror and the 5th Dimension part of the ride is really cool but for the drop itself, I prefer Zumanjaro. It's going to be frustrating to anyone going to this park in 2 months when all the rides except Star Tours are Tier 1 FP+ selections. Toy Story Land was good but I felt some things could have been done to make it better. There is almost no shade in the land, there is no store and the eating area for Woody's Lunch Box is outside and with only 2 registers, it looks to be very crowded. Slinky Dog Dash is a really fun coaster with 2 launches and a fun layout. It's not intense as expected but for a family coaster is is great. There were 4 or 5 trains running which was nice to see but it wouldn't be fun to wait over an hour in standby with some of the queue not covered and I was glad we had a FP+ for it. Alien Swirling Saucer wasn't too difficult to get as a 4th FP+ selection. The ride cycle is short and reminds me a little of a whip ride. It was fun but not worth the 40 minute posted standby wait or 60 minute wait after 1 side of the ride temporarily closed. We also rode Toy Story Mania, tried to see the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular but we only got to see half the show because of lightning in the area and went to Muppet Vision 3D. We decided to go to the Captain Cooks at the Polynesian for dinner and take a loop on the resort monorail before going back to see Fantasmic. The bus service was bad here as well, some people said they had been waiting 45 minutes for a bus to arrive. We did get back to the park at around 8:15 to see the show. Day 6, 6/9 Epcot was the last of the 4 parks to visit. With FP+, rides that used to be walk ons or close to it could be 20 - 30 minute waits or longer like Spaceship Earth or Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Our tier 1 selection was Test Track. Even though it's faster than Radiator Springs Racers, I prefer the ride in California because of the dark ride section and the racing at the end of the ride. Spaceship Earth and Nemo were our other FP+ but Figment and Living With The Land were available for 4th and 5th selections with times less than 30 minutes away from when they were booked. The Disney Visa Meet and Greet at the Imagination building is always good to visit since there is usually not much of a line, you get more time with the characters than a standard meet and greet and you get free PhotoPass pictures without watermarks that you can download. There were some broken effects that looked like they were like that for a while. At the finale of Figment, a temporary screen was set up at the 4th section because the main screen wasn't working and the door to show all the Figment figures remained open. At Gran Fiesta Tour, one of screens with Donald was not working. Frozen's popularity seems to have decreased since a few years ago. The standby wait was only 20 minutes in the late afternoon, a big difference from 2 years ago when it was over 2 hours. We spent more time in World Showcase seeing the film in China and seeing the Shanghai Disneyland exhibit and walking through every country. Dinner was at La Hacienda de San Angel. We planned to see Illuminations from inside the restaurant. There was lightning and a downpour and the show started almost an hour late (I thought it was going to be cancelled). There were a lot of people waiting in the thunderstorm outside for the show and I was surprised they didn't try to go inside a store or somewhere under cover until the rain let up and the lightning stopped. Day 7, 6/10 This day at the Magic Kingdom was much more crowded than Friday. We rode Space Mountain with FP+ but it was having operating issues again later in the day. Buzz Lightyear's Spaceranger Spin's FP+ return line was almost to the entrance of Tomorrowland. Even with FP+ the line was close to 20 minutes. In the early afternoon there was a thunderstorm that shut down the outdoor rides. This caused FP+ lines to be crowded once the rides re-opened. It was also more difficult to get 4th and 5th FP+. We did some re-rides from Friday and also saw some other attractions such as Carousel of Progress. At around 5:00 we decided to leave and start the drive home. We stopped at one of the Disney outlets. Merchandise doesn't last long and changes frequently but prices are great with shirts priced mostly at $8 - $13. The best bargain was a pennant, bumper sticker and button set that was originally $19.99 marked down to $0.99. We drove to Savannah, GA and stopped at the same hotel we stopped at on the drive down. The final part of the trip report, Kings Dominion will be posted next. A closer picture of Tron from the PeopleMover.
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    To me, back row makes Skull Mountain a whole different experience. Besides the drop, you are flying through the transitions.
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    LOL sure, *just* that there's sticky asphalt. Don't mind the huge crane working on the ride, nothing to see, just a coincidence. What an embarrassment; they can't even get a flat ride to function safely or pave a midway properly. Who knows what corners are being cut on safety elsewhere in the park these days, all to save a buck or two.
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    I *still* have sticky asphalt on the bottom of my sneakers from our trip on Saturday. It was really really bad. I'm glad they are fixing it.
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    I won this sign in 2008 at ACE's Eastcoaster event. It was on the Big Wheel during Six Flags' 45th Anniversary. Maybe the park wants it back for GA's 45th!
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    I guess all the rumors of Raptors and T-Rex's coming to the park were off base; its a Tiger! For real though, that cub is so cute...I would love to play around with a little Tiger or Lion cub like that when they're only 12 pounds...well before I look like dinner to them!
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    In the Loop's also said $49
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    Had a confrence out in the Lancaster area near Dutch Wonderland and decided to visit since I never had been there before. Turned out to be a much nicer park than I thought it was going to be. With my Hersheypark SP l got free admission into the park. I knew they had a wooden and suspended coasters, but was surprised how nice some of their other rides were such as Dragon's Lair, Gondola Cruise, Turnpike, and Wonderland Train were. Both thd Kingdom Coaster and Merlin's Mayhem were fun rides, though Merlin was slow loading. DW's Turnpike ride is better than Hershey's. The park also has a nice present and quaint atmosphere which is rare in modern theme parks anymore. Watched their dive show which I miss at GADV. Had a nice pulled pork bbq sandwhich at their bbq stand. Overall I had a surprisingly good time at Dutch Wonderland.
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    When I was much younger I adopted an orange-colored kitten.He was pretty tame,but he loved to climb over EVERYTHING!I can only imagine what a tiger would be like.....
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    Half way there! Six months from tonight is Christmas Eve!
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    Not surprisingly, the Member Appreciation events have been swapped. June 28th is now the Hurricane Harbor "Summer Kick-off" member appreciation event instead of the Calypso Springs preview. They'll be giving out the Hurricane Harbor logo pin. I assume next month will be the Calypso Springs pin, but not sure if the dates will align for the event to be a member preview of Calypso Springs. https://www.facebook.com/events/384804415720262/
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    No offense but arguing that it's too cloudy in NJ for solar panels is pretty stupid. As people have pointed out, solar panels still produce energy when it is cloudy, just at a lower output. Are there places more optimal? Of course, but it isn't a bad place for them by any means. No matter how you try to portray it it is good that they now get most of their energy from clean, renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.
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    These new airplane seats by Avio Interiors at the Paris Air Show.
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    I used to take my VIP tours there if they didn't want Best of the West. Food was surprisingly above average compared to other choices. They also contributed to the backstage dining when I worked there. Those flatbreads were superb.
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    Another round of massive price increases at Disney today including annual passes, resort parking, and even the doubling of reusable bag prices at all the shops.
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