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    I think you're trying to compare apples and oranges. They point of the IP is to appeal to two separate yet complementary audiences. They aren't competing. But let's not inflate their importance either. If you dressed the character staff purely in superhero outfits and put them front and center at the fountain, they're take as many pictures as the Looney Tunes characters. I don't think anyone is showing up at the park solely to meet Tweety Bird or Batman. They could drop all of the IP theming entirely and go with generic kiddie and coaster theming and the only thing that may show a downward tick in performance would be the photo sales, which they could easily make up with opening up a couple of closed ride photo stands.
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    Viper site getting ready to go vertical!
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    Back when I had to analyze a company for my financial management course, I choose Disney. One thing I quickly discovered is that Disney operates on a very slim margin between short term (liquid) assets and short term dept with a very low current ratio of only 1% and a quick ratio of under 1%. Under such a structure, they have to be very picky of what they invest which must have high returns. Overhauling the entire WDW monorail system would be a massive undertaking with low returns. The DL monorail is a single loop that is much smaller than any of the loops at WDW, so it is more easily managed to maintain. The WDW monorail is more like a public transit system utility that would probably have been better suited being ran by a multiplicity than by private enterprise. Basically a public utility is a high cost investment with low returns which is why governments often have to handle them as there is not enough profit margins for private companies to want to undertake them, like city water and sewers. The WDW monorail system is so huge its basically a low profit utility as Disney doesn't charge riders, which explains why Disney has been reluctant to allocate money into maintaining it correctly. Money that could be better spent on high profit investments. I would not be surprised if WDW eventually require some sort of pay pass for their transportation entirely.
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    Hey GAH! My name is Gavin, and I've been visiting the park since the day I was born. I'm partial to the early 2000's in GA history, since that was when I went the most. I look forward to discussing all aspects of the park with other enthusiasts!
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    I always hear how bad it is to go to Philly as a fan of another team. I've never had an issue there. I go in my Mets gear and nobody says a word to me.
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    LOL Yes. Lets just put pants on Donald and even Porky so we can clean this up. Its hard to say what's more important without knowing the numbers but I believe that the merchandise sold at the park for DC outweighs the Loony Tunes merchandise but you wont see the DC characters doing the dance party and I expect the Loony Tunes have more people taking pictures than the DC characters so the Loony Tunes add more to the atmosphere of the park. I think you need them both..
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    If that was why the Eagles won, is there any chance of you also becoming a fan of the Phillies, Flyers and 76ers?
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    Especially since Kings Island’s coaster is The Racer. It’s just a preemptive name change to be PC. Ricochet was probably just renamed to make it seem less obvious that they eliminated Rebel Yell because of the whole Confederate thing making headlines.
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    Totally agree! We have been very fortunate to have received a ton of new material recently. New and many updated spotlights are cooking as we speak!
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    Don't get me started on this. I know many kids who have already graduated college, some even with masters degree, who haven't gotten jobs and are still sucking off their parent's teets. They can't even pay their student loans, let alone pay for bare minimum living essentials. And there is no urgency to get a good paying job because their parent's enable this behavior. I told my kids as soon as you are done with school you can still live at home, but everything else is on you. The Bank of Mommy and Daddy is closed!
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    If history doesn't fit your agenda, then modify or hide it.......pretty sad indeed....
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    Or, you know, employing high school and college aged kids.
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    I thought this was a great ride and fit perfectly with Legoland's mission - a ride that could be ridden by almost anyone from babies to seniors. Its Lego theming was minimal but the attraction itself fit well in their lineup. I have always thought that this type of ride would make an excellent addition to the Safari Off Road Adventure's Camp Aventura area. Here are some photos I took back in 2011:
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    And to think I remember the days when you could take a tram ride over to the AB brewery, get a tour and a free beer!
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    You'll probably find that you really enjoy Universal. It's very different than the Hollywood park and it's really more "adult" than Disney so I'm guessing your daughters will enjoy it. Since the parks are right next to each other it's really easy to park hop (compared to Disney) and the park to park ticket is worth it. You may be able to get discounted tickets through AAA.
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    I am not sure what year this is from but here is a really nice 3D Christmas card once sent by the park. Cool!
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    I'm from Westchester County NY originally, so I am not a fan of any Phila sports team. Their fans, particularly the Eagles fans, are among the most obnoxious in all of sports. Although when the Phillies had their good run from 2007-2011, it was a horrible experience to go to CBP to watch them play my Mets. Before that I could get any seat in the stadium and no one bothered me. I equally dislike the Pats/Brady and the Eagles, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. In 2005, my older brother, a converted Eagle fan, burned his Eagle banner in his fireplace when they lost to the Pats. Ironically just two days ago he ended up sitting behind no other person than Donovan McNabb on his flight back to Philadelphia. Who can forget him chucking on the final drive? LOL
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    Now all you need is a radar gun so you can check Kingda Ka's speed!
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    I bought a new (to me) car today. Its a 2008 Ford Crown Vic Interceptor, a retired Federal admin car which is low wear.
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    Went from record lows i the single digits last week to record highs today in the 60s. With this kind of roller coaster you don't need the parks to be open.