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    Dude, why are you so obsessed with the idea that we’re getting a coaster? I’ve been lurking in this thread for a long time, and literally every single one of your posts here is just calling for a coaster, even though we’ve had literally no credible rumors or support of that claim.
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    Which of the three is it? 😧 The crane is used to work on Cyborg.
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    Your posts are really difficult to follow. I cleaned up your last post in order to figure out what you were trying to say.
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    We have some of the biggest coasters at GA so it would really take a substantial roller coaster to be as truly impressive as to fit the description below. On the other hand, we don't have many exceptionally sized flat rides.
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    I honestly don’t know when you’re going to come to the conclusion that an RMC Raptor just isn’t happening. For the past year now you’ve been shunning EVERY rumor that isn’t an RMC. There is a 99.9% chance that the park gets a Giant Discovery and the evidence for that is in this very thread right here. Just read closely. Also, I had the opportunity to try out Magic Mountain’s Giant Discovery and it was awesome! I’d be so thrilled to have one as it would be a ride I’d come on every single trip and it would look amazing in the skyline at Great Adventure. It would easily be the best flat at the park. An RMC Raptor is not happening, maybe in 2020, but it’s still way to early to speculate. Just trying to give you a little heads up that you’ve been saying the same post over and over and over again for over a year now and that the park isn’t always gonna add a coaster every single year.
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    ^Have you even ridden a giant discovery? They are awesome and it would be a solid addition to the park. I really don’t think a new coaster is coming next year.
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    I haven't found any records related to a new ride being imported yet. https://www.usaimportdata.com/usa-import-importer-six_flags_great_adventure.aspx https://www.usaimportdata.com/usa-import-exporter-antonio_zamperla_spa.aspx I am expecting a large shipment from Zamperla early next year that looks like this. https://www.flickr.com/photos/charleskendall/sets/72157667427844588
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    Wow. I was there yesterday. I saw nothing besides some new paint markings on the ground infront of the stunt theater and some new looking land marking flags right where the old stunt mans free fall was.
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    I heard this song on XM the other day and it reminded me of the Musik Express in the late '80s. During the light attendance years of 1987 and 1988 this ride was almost always empty and the ride cycle was usually extra long.
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    ^I noticed that too, which makes it sound like a ride Six Flags has already super-sized. So that most likely leaves you with a Zamperla Giga Discovery because the park already has a Larson Loop. If it was the largest Skywarp or a larger Raptor, they would market it as a record breaking ride. On the plus side, a CraZanity clone would be awesome. On the down side, we are looking at another year of "Guys, is we getting Raptor/TREX/Skywarp?" posts.
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    my prediction for 2019 addition is a crazanity clone in current twister lot or right stuff building and redo the boardwalk area like magic mountain did to their boardwalk area
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    I would like to see them get rid of IPs altogether and have an actual theme park, instead of a generic park with characters slapped on the side of rides.
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    how about fix the area by adding a disko next to the flyers and add a gci coaster where the haunt building and restrooms are and part of stinger lot, and move the restrooms to where the rest of stinger is
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    @philthynj and I had an AMAZING day at Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor Thursday. We stayed from opening to closing because the park was DEAD on a Thursday in the summer!!! The park was dead mainly because there were thunderstorms in the forecast, and there were only two instances that were a slight rain, but nothing much. Hurricane Harbor was also dead, so we managed to do every main slide there other than King Cobra as it was closed. We also ran into the YouTuber MillenniumForce which was pretty cool. I got LROTNON (Last Ride Of The Night On Nitro) which was very awesome in the front row! I was able to successfully do the T-Pose on Nitro and El Toro. I also beat lots of my own park records yesterday!! ———————————————————————— Here’s the ride count: El Toro 25x, Bizarro 2x, Kingda Ka 4x, Batman 1x, Nitro 17x, Justice League 3x, Joker 2x, Skull Mountain 1x, Log Flume 1x Me: 56 Rides The Four Winds 4x, Big Wave Racer 1x, Big Bambu 1x, Reef Runner 1x, The Falls 2x, Bada Bing Bada Bang Bada Boom 4x, Tornado 1x, Hurricane Mountain 5x Me: 19 Slides 75 Total Attractions!!! ———————————————————————— I beat my record for riding El Toro in one day, as I rode it 25 times yesterday. I broke my record for riding Nitro in one day, getting 17 rides. I also rode more rides in one day than I ever have before at 56 rides. For Hurricane Harbor, I broke my slide count for one day getting on 19 slides. And we actually went back and forth from Parks which I’ve never done in one day. In total, I rode 75 Attractions which I’ve never even came close to!!
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    I agree, it does sound that the limited space upstairs in the fort would cause traffic flow problems and could be why that setup didn’t last that long. You can also see in the photo with the people waiting upstairs that there aren’t any queue bars downstairs outside the steps. That being said, I have never seen a photo of the people coming down the front steps of the fort or anyone along that walkway which gives me doubts as to how this was actually configured. Also, the photo below is from 1974 which means at least one side exited out the current exit tower. You can see the EXIT sign. I need to do more research.
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    They announced the “Steelers Country” themed area today for Kennywood which will replace Log Jammer. The roller coaster will be called “Steel Curtain” which apparently refers the the Pittsburgh Steelers good run in the 70s and 80s. It will feature 9 inversions, will be 220 feet tall and will reach speeds of up to 75 MPH. It will be manufactured by S&S.
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    Landscaping (especially trees) Employee costumes (by department or theme) Aqua Spectacle Parking Lot Trams Live Entertainment throughout the park
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    I saw multiple times this week the park posting around 1-2pm that Hurricane Harbor reached capacity and closed the gates. Maybe I just haven't paid attention but did this usually happen other years? I've been hearing from a lot of people that HH has been poorly run this year (though that seems to be the case every year)
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    That is sad about the lamp posts. It looks like the same old ones, but that the park simply removed 2 to all 4 side arms, leaving only the central light heads.
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    It is sad to see that the last remaining multi-dome Dream Street light fixture has been reduced to just one light. It looked so much more impressive back in the day, especially with flowers and not a Twix ad. 2011: 2017: 2018:
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    This video was interesting if for no other reason than they pretty much read our text on the ride's history:
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    The most recent television commercials only refer to the park as SixFlags and do not mention the words Great Adventure at all. I am hoping that is only because it is part of a nationwide campaign tied in with Coca-Cola.