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    Here is the latest JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction site map! This one took ages to update and was by far one of the most challenging map updates I’ve completed thus far. While the pictures the park provided us with were extremely useful to updating, I scanned and analyzed each of these photos down to the inch, searching for every stake or marking or rebar shipment or wooden form I could find. Nonetheless, I will be visiting the park tomorrow so I may be able to get some better looks at the site in person. Analyzing the location of these current footer molds, I am beginning to think that these are for the exit of the Raven inversion into the first camelback airtime hill, as that section of the ride does include some funky shaping as it weaves through the structure. It is also highly plausible that this could be for the drop off of the midcourse or the top of the dive loop. However, given the current information we have now, it is tough to predict the exact circumstance. But again; I’ll have to get some better looks once I go to the park tomorrow (technically today, Saturday). I can vividly remember how excited I was to finally see even one stake on site; even if it was just for construction road stabilization and some new gravel. However, there are now too many stakes to even count and their locations are becoming more and more difficult to pinpoint. The pictures the park provided also contain many inconsistencies, since they were all taken at different times (the most recent picture is the 2nd one from the top on my post, based on the fact that it is the only picture with all 5 footer molds in it). Overall, I am very happy with how this one came out, especially considering how challenging it was. I am aiming to push out about 3-5 more maps before the end of the month, but that will be dependent on who I know is visiting and how much information is shared by the park through both written iterations and through images. Nonetheless, I am eager to watch this new ride begin to rise up here in the coming months! Thank you and enjoy!
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    In addition to the aerial site maps I am creating, I have decided to make a vertical construction map from a side profile. I figured that the aerial map wouldn’t do the vertical construction progress justice in that it would be a lot more helpful to view it from a different perspective. There’s certain details you can’t capture from the aerial maps, and I think the side profiles do just that in delivering what the aerial maps do not. The map I have attached below is not yet finished but this is just a sample of what you could expect to see from these maps. Ignore the screwed up key on the bottom too, by the way. What I am planning on doing with this is, like the aerial maps, updating it every time new information comes out. With this map, I am currently working on building the entire coaster from footer to track first and then turning off all of the layers. As construction progresses, I will turn the layers back on to reveal the actual piece that was constructed. Since I built the track and supports in larger pieces, I will mask out (temporarily remove) the pieces that have not yet been placed and then unmask them (enable the masked piece again) to reveal the full piece. The top portion of this map only displays from the start of the lift to the top of the stall and cuts off. To the right of the key and below the main graphic, I will continue the rest of the ride with the exit of the stall, turn around, brake run, transfer, and station. If you have any additional questions, please let me know! Thank you and enjoy.
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    Thank you for the effort you are putting towards creating these maps! They really are awesome to look at, and I (and I am sure many others) appreciate it!
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    Great Adventure does so many nice things year round for the local communities, state of New Jersey, and endless groups and organizations. Usually these acts of kindness go unnoticed with little fanfare but they really should be recognized for their contributions. Thanks GA!
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    I have to agree, we're pretty lucky to have guys as dedicated as you and @EasternThrills when it comes to following the construction of the coaster. Keep up the good work!
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    Not to mention that those are some of the best bathrooms in the park. Also removing them would mean that the closest bathrooms in that area would be the bathrooms by Batman, which is a decent bit away.
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    I don't think the bathrooms are in the way. They will probably connect to the new plaza/path for Jersey Devil Coaster.
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    Today, 11/18/19, is the first day that Mike Spanos officially became the President and CEO of Six Flags. Will miss you Jim Reid Anderson!
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    I wasn't sure about going to the park yesterday because I thought with it would be kind of crowded. It was warm with the temperature reaching almost 70 degrees, NYC and Philadelphia school districts closed, bring a friend free and free admission for the military. Crowd levels were not at all what I was expecting, the park was empty with basically no lines for anything except Kingda Ka and The Skyway. It was a lot of fun to just walk around the park knowing you can just walk onto almost any ride and in most cases re-ride as much as you wanted. I took advantage of the low crowds to ride Justice League without anyone else in the ride vehicle and try to see if I could find which targets gave more points and without having to compete with others in the vehicle for the same targets my best score was just under 320,000. I want to eventually try to get over 500,000 points which seems kind of difficult. Even with the low crowds, coasters like Nitro and Skull Mountain were still running multiple trains and at Skull Mountain, the ride operators were literally running to check the lap bars. Skull Mountain felt like it was running slower in the final helix than normal. The Dark Knight was not running the pre-show which I was happy about since that it meant instant access to the ride without having to wait for the pre-show doors to open and then watch the video. I also thought it was great that all rides were open except in the case of a breakdown. On a Monday in November Great Adventure is able to have all the rides open and most food places open yet Hersheypark has 30+ rides closed on weekends. I remember in the early 2000's, out of Great Adventure, Dorney and Hershey, I thought Great Adventure was the worst run of the 3 parks for many reasons. Now it's the opposite and I think Great Adventure is run much better than Dorney and Hershey and it's not even close. I was also hoping to get some final rides at the rides that were closing for the season. When I was riding Runaway Mine Train I saw Bizarro was closed and I don't think it re-opened the rest of the day. Zumanjaro was closed and Kingda Ka had also broken down with the 1 train running on the launch track with riders. I think both rides might have re-opened but never got back to that section of the park before closing. Even missing out on those rides, it was still an excellent trip to the park, probably the best one for me in a year and a half. Ride Count: Nitro, 6 Justice League, 5 The Dark Knight, 2 Skull Mountain, 5 Runaway Mine Train, 2 SkyScreamer, 2 El Toro, 1 Batman, 1 Green Lantern, 1
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    It would be really cool if they made the station to look like the Leeds' house above!
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    Fellow forum members! As you may have seen previously from @EasternThrills, I am creating site maps for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER and they will be continuously improved and updated as construction progresses. Likewise, I will be sharing each updated map with you all on the forums. Feel free to check out my Instagram @xenith.wav and EasternThrills Instagram @insidegadv for more information on the project. Today, I'd like to share with you MAP_110419 and MAP_110819. As you can infer, these maps were updated as of 11/04/19 and 11/08/19 respectively. I was able to visit the park around both of these days, allowing me to gauge a fair understanding of the site and any recent changes. I have a zoom camera that I use to scope any new signs of construction and anything else on the site that should be reported on (a Canon PowerShot SX720HS for those curious). @EasternThrills and I will be consistently visiting the park up until its closing date in January to create the most accurate and detailed site maps as possible before the off-season begins and information about the ever-changing site grows sparse. We need all the participants we can get in creating these site maps! If you are visiting the park at any point throughout the remainder of the season, or if you will be at the park during the off season (by any chance?), we'd love your help in contributing to documenting the changes at the site of JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. Contact me (using the contact information I posted below) if you would like to send pictures, videos, or provide information to @EasternThrills and I about any events, changes, or active construction at the site. A key/legend is provided on the left side of the graphic for your further understanding of the map. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact either @XENITH or @EasternThrills for more information. Feel free to repost and share this map with proper credit given [see Contact/Credit information below]). You may also contact me if you would like the full, high quality versions of these maps. Thank you, and enjoy! Contact/Repost Credit: @XENITH on the GADV History Forums, @xenith.wav OR @xenith.plus on Instagram @xenithwav on Twitter xenith.wav@gmail.com You can contact @EasternThrills at: @EasternThrills on the GADV History Forums @insidegadv OR @easternthrills on Instagram
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    Add Passmember Skip the Line passes directly onto cards
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    Xenith, I give you a lot of credit for your attention to details in following the construction of JDC. Nice work!
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    MAP UPDATED AS OF NOVEMBER 27, 2019: Updating this map was challenging yet rewarding. Not only do we have several footers poured and even more forms in WITH REBAR, but the most significant discovery of this map was finding out exact footers of the ride and which sections of the ride those footers belonged too. I will explain this more below but we were finally able to pinpoint the location of: The bottom of the first drop The entrance and exit of the raven inversion The overbank following the midcourse The drop off of the midcourse The first off-axis airtime hill AND MUCH MORE! In total, we were able to pinpoint the location of about a whopping 21 ride footers and where on the coaster they were located. Below, I have color-coded each of the cages we currently have and indicated where they line up with the animation (I didn't think they would, but the footers in the animation line up perfectly with real construction). You can find these footers in the top left corner of the map over near Congo Rapids. On the map, I have dashed the color of the corresponding footer above, below, or next to a black box, which represents one above ground footer location. On the animation still picture, I have marked the corresponding footer in the respective color. NOTE: Used colors ONLY APPLY TO THEIR RESPECTIVE IMAGE. COLORS MAY BE USED MORE THAN ONCE BUT DO NOT INDICATE THE SAME FOOTER. Thank you and enjoy!
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    Currently at the park...there’s some very exciting new stuff on site! Stay tuned for more
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    The Koala Canyon bathrooms will remain.
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    The Winter Adventure event will most likely be in January this year.
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    They used to have one through Chase which earned you tickets and season passes.
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    More photos from the Jersey Devil Construction site?? Heck yeah!! (Photos from Great Adventure on Twitter and Instagram!) FullSizeRender.mov
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    A few minutes early but being the news is up on the Six Flags page.... Source: Six Flags Great Adventure CLICK BELOW FOR VIDEO: PHOTOS:
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    The first note is a little jarring if you don’t expect it! Adds to the fun!
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    Photos from 12/3/19 of the Jersey Devil Coaster! Photos from Six Flags Great Adventure on Twitter!
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    In theme parks all over they are changing the model to self service beverages. I've seen it a Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Universal, and Six Flags Over Georgia and it reduces the need for as much staffing, the guests get exactly what they want, and everyone benefits. The Freestyle machine are something I love and hate, but they're a great option. I love the variety of drinks offered, but the flavor isn't quite the same as a traditional soda fountain, and the Freestyle machines seem to run out of ice quickly on hot days. I often want a caffeine free and sugar free drink (like Sprite Zero), and the Freestyle machines are a great way to get it in more locations than convenience stores with dozens of drink choices.
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    Including the Safari Off Road Adventure as an option would also be a major plus.
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    It's the most wonderful time of the year! Today is the launch of the Great ADVENTure Calendar! http://greatadventurehistory.com/AdventCalendar2019.html Be sure to visit each day between now and Christmas to see our wishes for the park in the coming years.
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    Last night, I went over to Holiday in the Park. This was mainly to ride Wonder Woman, which I missed out on back in July, as well as Frost and get a general look of the environment. There were not checking parking which was odd as you could get day tickets online so I couldn't have crashed a pass holder event. Speaking of Wonder Woman, I went over there first. They were not using the switch backs or the "on deck" spots, so the line was just outside the entrance. I could see them not using it as Wonder Woman gives a strong gust as it goes over the cattle pen-which I feel was the worst part. You have too much going beyond horizontal (?) to care if you are prepared. Next stop was dinner. This was the first time I had been inside Granny's and it was so Packed my dad and I had to share a table with a group of siblings. Is Swashbucker the round up that is in the photo? Since that took us past 6, I ended up catching the tail end of Holiday Harmonics. Ride 2 was Justice League. It was probably around 2 loops of the pre-show (1.5 once inside). There was also a spill in the queue that messed things up. This is the first time I ridden a shooting dark ride a second time (as I have done Test Track and It's a Small World on both of my visits to Disney in Aug. 2013 and Dec. 2014). My score was 77,300. Since the show and Justice League took most of the time for my dinner to digest, next stop was Batman. I got row 6 to myself (my dad got the walk of shame, even w/o his jacket). Since there was still time better not wasted waiting to get into Frost, I decided to get more ambient footage, Swashbucker looks good at night. Got some fun photos in the light tunnel and at the entrance to Snowman City. I skipped Joker and Superman thinking they'd be torture when it feels like 30 degrees. Superman was actually stuck between the brakes and station as I was leaving. Anyways, It was already busy outside the Showcase theater 30mins before showtime, with Diamond/Diamond Elite going in about quarter til. Frost is a magic and acrobatics show, with dance numbers as transition. I don't know if that is similar or different to what the SFNE show was, but it was fine-the venue could use a renovation. I didn't seem to find any Holiday in the Park merch on the Coaster Candy side of the Main Street, but since there is the unused parking, just might go back on a (hopefully warmer) day before the year is out.
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    Looking through this page made me think about how new rides and their construction/process of getting open can really can bring a lot of people together! I’m so excited for things like that to happen as the Jersey Devil Coaster is being built!
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    Monumental news.... @EasternThrillsand I have pinpointed the EXACT footers being poured from the animation video. This clears the air on a lot of things for us. More to come on this very soon!
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    More pictures from the concrete contractor's facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/forceconcrete/posts/3069422136419159
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    Jersey Devil has began pouring the Concrete for its footers! These photos were taken on 11/27/19 via Six Flags Great Adventure’s Facebook! 🏗
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    HE'S HEATING UP! JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction is swiftly moving along with TONS of new stakes on site and several more forms excavated! (Map updated as of November 24, 2019).
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    That's crazy! So cool that they were able to unearth this piece of Great Adventure history!
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    With the Frontier Adventures Skyway station open, I wonder if this could mean the possibility of a new themed section for Frontier Adventures and opening Bizarro and Runaway Mine Train during Holiday in the Park in later years. RMT goes over water so it may not be able to run in colder weather despite being an Arrow but if Bizarro's flame effect still work, I wonder if the heat from the flames would make more people want to ride it in the cold.
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    @XENITHHere is my idea for 2021 addition: You can see...Seaports Eats probably being demolished to make way for DC Super Friends kids area in 2021 along with Bugs Bunny Boomtown too. So there could be entrance to DC Super Friends near by Nitro and Congo Rapids which also DC Super Friends can have another pathway to Bugs Bunny Boomtown area and other pathway to Jersey Devil Coaster.
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    Here comes the Six Flags credit card. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/credit-one-bank-becomes-proud-partner-of-six-flags-300956013.html
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    Ho Ho Ho, it's that time of year! Click below to view the 2019 Holiday in the Park Map & Guide:
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    ^ They anticipate 12 passenger trains (6 cars) not 12 cars.
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    Years ago in the old Hayride into the Unknown, they used to have the Jersey Devil attack the hayride wagon. I mss those hayrides.
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    As of today, November 10, 2019, we have a new update on the map, information courtesy of @EasternThrills. I encourage you to check out the newest @insidegadv Instagram post going up in just a few short minutes! In this latest map, we have 4 new stakes that have arrived numbered 1-4; they may just be some early signs of footers/vertical construction beginning soon! Enjoy! As of the following day, November 11, more trees have been cleared around the access roads and a wall of small dirt piles have been added around the work site, most likely for electrical work. Speaking of electrical, the electrical conduit PVC pipes have been attached to a fork and will be transported elsewhere on the site throughout the week. Likewise, several other pieces of construction equipment such as flat bed trucks have arrived on site. Expect some electrical work and more stakes to be on site by the coming weekend! EDIT: my upload function is not working for some reason, as the files are not available to other forum members. You can find the updated maps further down this forum posted by @EasternThrills. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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    For some reason on Google Maps, if you hover over Granny's House, it is designated as a Church. There's also this review that I found pretty funny:
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    I heard the weather will improve if you decide to take photos of the construction site and post them here.
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    Yes, the weather is now going to change because you are going.
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    Today was a bad day. A hawk killed my pet rooster this afternoon. RIP Reny.
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