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    YOU can only post once per month to that topic. Post wisely!
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    Kind of hard to add those when we don't have picture yet...
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    I just want to say this now since it’s the week of the announcement. We’re all basically mixed between wanting an S&S, RMC, Premier, Mack... etc However one thing not many of us are saying based on all the rumors being shared with us here from reliable sources, is that no matter the manufacture, AT LEAST we aren’t getting a clone ride again. Its about time GADV receives a Ground up RollerCoaster as it will be the 1st since 2006. Happy announcement week everyone! We waited years for this moment and finally our (exhausted and frustrated) patience has paid off. no matter what the manufacture is or what the park is losing... let’s finally be thrilled we receive a ride we ALL AGREE the park deserves! P.S. if it’s a clone, I quit
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    Guys.... hear me out.... RMC Stegosaurus
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    The park has two areas dedicated for water activities and props for climbing, splashing, etc. I think Calypso Springs is fine as it is - a quiet pool to relax.
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    Yes it was. They'll be making a post today explaining all the clues!
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    where is Six Flags FUN and what have you done to him
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    welp i wont talk about it until tomorrow but im disappointed
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    I have to say it is interesting to see everyone’s possible variations of what is going to be added. Some are accurate. Some not so much!
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    Thats true, usually if somebody knows something, or "has" information, it gets leaked quickly. (ex. Pantheon Blueprints, Orion blueprints, SWSA Layout). The only people who probably know are higher ups in the park.
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    Joe Rhode is probably the second most famous for his work on Animal Kingdom.
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    That is the Mini Swings (Monkey Around). http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/MiniSwings.htm
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    Agree as well. It's...a pool. A nice place to park your stuff, I guess, but totally underwhelming as anything more than that.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    I was a happy lad when I was on Batman today as most of the OG sound effects were working, obviously not Alfred or the cop car but a lot of the sound effects like the dripping water, motor, theme, and more were back on for the first time in a while. Last time I was in the park was only a couple weeks ago and only some of the effects were on.
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    If RRR gets moved to the Golden Kingdom I have a strong feeling it replaces Splashwater Oasis. It would fit perfectly in that spot.
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    I found these photos on Facebook, they're not mine so shoutout to whoever took these. LTSP looks to be closed off completely and the entrances all have the Jersey Devil Coaster photo on them. I don't know about Safari Kids.
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    Does anyone on here know how you can become part of the promotional video/commercial for the new ride? I was thinking that would be really cool to be a part of. I heard SFA let anyone sign up for their Firebird commercial. Also I believe someone on here did one for Zumanjaro? They won't make it for a while now but was thinking it'd be really fun!
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    I'm really looking forward to this new coaster and glad the park is finally getting an RMC. The only RMC I have ridden is Twisted Timbers that was excellent and have heard nothing but good things about the other 2 Raptor coasters and am expecting this coaster to be even better.
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    Of course, We’ll see the official video from Six Flags Great Adventure page, but the ride looks fantastic and will definitely be in the top two of the park! I’m very excited for construction updates and for the ride to open!
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    Six Flags FUN...... I'm so sorry I ever doubted you
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    What happened to the guy who swore it was a premiere dueler?
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    The layout to me is perfect. This looks like a back row ride with STRONG ejector.
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    Also the park NEEDs a major improving during they will getting a MAJOR kids area expansion in 2021 between 2020 and 2021. -Repainting Batman, Nitro, Kingda Ka, etc... -More Pavement Pathways -More Meet & Greets characters (DC Comics characters, redesigns Looney Tunes characters like Warner Bros. Abu Dubai did) -New Shows -Park Improving -Fixing Big Wheel (add LED lights) -SkyScreamer's new LED (like Darien Lake has one) -Return of trams (Yes, the people needs to get the park from parking lot to use trams) and more.
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    Who thought the name “Verrückt” would be good after the horrible safety hazard of a water slide? Lmfao
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    I'd prefer it to be a ground up i box
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    Also one thing to think about for the attraction coming in 2020 is the competition that they will be facing against other parks in the area. You have Hershey Park with Candymonium and their entire new themed land, which will be a huge crowd drawer for them. You also have Nick Universe at the American Dream Mall which will definitely bring in crowds due to 4 new coasters being installed there. Both of those parks are going huge for 2020, and the casual park goer would definitely be more inclined to take a trip out to one of those two parks rather than Great Adventure given the new world class attractions that are to be installed at those parks. Great Adventure has to know what they are up against in 2020, as the local competition will be absolutely fierce in order to draw in park guests. They know they are going to lose many casual park goers to these new and exciting parks, and if they don't put up their own fight, they are going to lose a lot of crowds. I don't think that a Premier dueling coaster or a Maxx Force clone would help to attract guests away from the other parks. Hell, even the Intamin sit down/invert concept might not do enough. This is why I think Great Adventure has been saving up for this year, knowing that it is now or never to install a world class attraction.
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    Praying won’t do anything. Several executives have confirmed on earnings calls and investor meetings that the board is looking for someone who will carry out the current strategy and only perform some minor tweaks to the strategy. The next CEO will most likely not be the Chairman of the Board and will have less power than JRA had.
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    While i see and can understand your point, there are people that actually know though and don’t say anything because it’s not worth ruining a relationship for. Plus it’s fun to watch and read all the speculation
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    Just tell us it’s East Coast Racer or tell us its a Premier family coaster already
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    Top secret methods of communication. I asked someone in PR and they said I could share it. You don't have to believe me. But I was correct about Clue #6 not coming today.
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    I do really hope Congo Rapids doesn't get touched, the park needs it, Log Flume cannot be the only water ride, and don't get me wrong I love log flume, but it just can't be the only one.
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    Wiki can be edited by anyone so who really knows. but they def don’t change the closing date every single year
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    One way or the other, someone is going to be butthurt on the 29th.
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    I don't want it to get spoiled. I want to have a reaction when its actually revealed and there's footage of it. Not when i see a report describing the ride.
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    What if the record is “worlds brightest paint job on a roller coaster”
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    I vomited after my second ride on Batman when we were on the brake run.
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    this is off topic but: if six flags never bringing back a 4-D theater for the right stuff building, how about turning it into a water dark ride themed to willy wonka: its like the alton tower one but its a mix with the movies and the books, one change the facade of the right stuff building to the facade from 1971 movie (move slingshot to twister or where great lake grandstand used to be is for a open plaza) then you go inside of the recreation of the rules scene that serves as a pre show with willy wonka appears and talk to you that you are the golden tickets winners, then you go into a black and white maze like in the movie then you go into big to small room that is the station, then off you go to the scenes from the movie, chocolate room for augustus gloop, inventing room for violet beauregarde, nut room or egg room for veruca salt, then the wonka wash scene, then into the tv room for mike teavee, then you get off go into the office to see willy wonka, charlie bucket, and grandpa joe in this scene, then after that go on the wonkavator ride and fly over the factory and the town like the alton tower one, then after that you walk into the bills gift shop that is a gift shop based on bills candy shop from 1971 wonka but sells: wonka candy, t shirts, toys, and dvds and blu rays copies of 1971 and 2005 wonka movies, complete with lickable wallpaper.
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    It would be great if the roof was changed to allow Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro to run at the same time.
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    The following Three Theme Parks are Planned to open in 2019. Atlantic City Theme Park(67 miles from GA), DreamWorld(67 miles from GA) and Legoland NY(120 miles from GA). Six Flags might want to start planning something Hugh for 2019, how about the world's Tallest, Fastest and Longest coaster in the world with a total of 21 Loops. The coaster could start out along the Lake, Run South to AC then along the Ocean, over Legoland, over Giants Stadium and ending near the old FreeFall.
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    if CF was in charge of SFGAdv, we would have a ton more coke freestyle machines and midnight closings i bet would come back. And much better staffing on the coasters.
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    Yeah. I don't understand this Wing Rider craze... A B&M 4D would be a much better and an even more game changing option. How about a Dive Machine? An Intamin Giga or LSM Launch would be nice. Or a GCI Dueling coaster! And if we were to get a Wing Rider, it would probably end up being a clone of X-Flight.
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    It looks like Road Runner Railway is the first ride to be getting deconstructed!
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    If you go by the video rendering, SFOT's Aquaman Power Wave only has one boat and no turntable in the station.
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    What is this stuff? No one cares about that topic. SFGadv IS getting a new coaster next year.
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