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    LINKIN' LOOSE ENDS! As we near closer to the end of the month, both ends of the ride are inching closer and closer to each other as crews begin putting the finishing touches on both sides. Over at the north end, the previously molded footings have been stripped and capped off with many new column additions, as the south end prepares even more pier caps and one especially tall, 9 foot form for the pier cap that will support the iconic crows nest turnaround. As the month nears an end, expect crews to connect both ends of the site and several more columns to arrive in the third shipment! See you again for next week's update!
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    PIER CAP PARADISE! Crews have been extremely hard at work to finish up the minimal molds left and subsequently prepare the pier caps for columns very soon! Nearly the entire set of lift hill molds are in place, as well as the camelback airtime hill! The only molds left to finish connecting both ends include a couple more for the lift hill, the exit valley of the zero g roll, and the exit valley of the camelback hill! I would estimate about 10-15 molds are left to complete, which is extremely welcoming news.
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    Guys. We really need a new coaster. It’s been 4 freakin months since the last one. Idk about y’all but I’m over gadv being screwed RMC T- Rex 500 footer with 12 inversions final answer
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    Nice, my gift only has 4108 pieces. I am still working through section 2 of 6 of the build.
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    It is hard to believe the park has just wrapped up another decade. Be sure to vote for all your favorites from the 2019 season!
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    I already voted for "Yes, someday" but am not so sure now. I have heard that some people visiting the park alone have been stopped by security at the park, in some cases multiple times asking why they are there and other security guards asking for ID even if they were just walking around the park, taking pictures of rides or sitting at a bench. If someone was doing something suspicious or causing trouble, I can see security stopping people, but for someone doing nothing wrong, I don't feel like paying $50 or $60 to have that happen and take away any fun I had from visiting the park.
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    I would vote for HITP over any other event because the ability to ride coasters in November and December and now having a around a 3 month offseason is what I consider to be one of the greatest things Six Flags has ever done.
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    It is interesting to see Holiday in the Park surge past Fright Fest in popularity.
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    The good old days before nearly everyone willingly bought electronic ball and chains.
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    I think GAdv should expect a Zamperla Endeavor soon. If not next year then the year after. It's one of the few remaining flats that we don't have yet that the SF chain likes to put into most of the parks. I wouldn't be surprised if that and a kids area expansion is in store for the next 2 years at GAdv.
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    I was just thinking how this coaster would change the park's skyline. There's an old photo I've seen from 2006 that still show's Chiller, Rolling Thunder, and GASM on the park's Wikipedia page out there and how would that photo would look in 2020. Like I doubt one could see Joker, but what about Jersey Devil?
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    NEW MAP Just a little something to tide you all over until next weekend when I get around to finishing the 1/17 map... enjoy!
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    Shouldn’t these be in the 2021 and Beyond thread?
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    It looks like SeaWorld Orlando is getting another coaster for 2021, the project area is about 3.6 acres. https://www.thecoasterkings.com/seaworld-orlando-files-plans-for-2021-attraction/
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    I was an Institutional Sales Manager at Great Adventure over 40 years ago. I met Butch and was fortunate to interact with so many beautiful animals. I held a tiger cub and remarked how soft and beautiful the cub was. Butch said she loves you. Her mother over there is a Siberian Tiger and is looking at you differently. How different I asked? The mother sees you as a plate of Spaghetti and Meatballs. Remember tigers are wild animals. I thought about this in 2003 when resident of a Harlem apartment building kept MIng a tiger in the apartment. My condolences to you and all of Butch's family. He was an amazing man.
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    Very sad to hear that this special man has passed away. Thank you all for bringing Mr. Dring's many contributions to light and sharing your wonderful memories of him. When I first read this topic quite some time ago, I recall finding and bookmarking a 1998 NY Times article about how much love he poured into the safari and all the animals within. It can be viewed here: https://www.nytimes.com/1998/04/19/nyregion/in-person-creature-keeper.html It will never cease to amaze me that a single person could be such a fountain of knowledge about so many different types of animals.
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    The 2019 Warner Awards voting is now open. Vote for your favorite choices.
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I just got around to finishing the final 2019 JERSEY DEVIL COASTER map, completing the collection of the whopping 24 MAPS that were pushed out last year from November 4th all the way until December 28th. Since today is the park's last day of operations, the park will be providing us with weekly construction updates via their social media pages. Therefore, maps will switch to a more weekly schedule and will not be as frequent as before. Nonetheless, these next few months are going to be an exciting bunch with vertical construction beginning in the near future! I have created a folder of every map created to date. If you would like to view it, I have provided the link below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OtyBIBPOceT7lC6iR2-rg9hVEk9ke2aM?usp=sharing
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    HAVE A DEVILISH NEW YEAR! To celebrate the upcoming 2020, I am releasing a super-package of site maps today, which includes a whopping 4 COMPLETED MAPS! Below I have attached the maps for December 15th, December 19th, December 22nd, and December 24th! Most excitingly, we have our first pier caps in before the new year! Today I will be working on the maps for December 27th and December 28th, and come January of 2020 I will aim to finish the map for December 31st. Happy Holidays everyone! In addition to the maps, I was able to locate the firm that is supplying the park with many of their construction materials, including the forms for pouring the pier caps. You can read more on their website: https://surebuilt-usa.com/ For more on the concrete forms: https://surebuilt-usa.com/products/sureply-forming/ I was also able to find the form dealer, which is located on New Durham Road in Edison, New Jersey; the firm is known as Gamka.
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    Thanks Yoshi. I always enjoy your report sand pictures
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    FROM THE SIX After six days of modification, the updating of the December 14th map took longer than any other update thus far! The molds for the transfer track have been fully poured, while molds for the storage bays were constructed behind them. Several new excavations have appeared as well, including some for the end of the brake run and zero g stall!
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    Nope, Safari Kids becomes Little Hellraisers to fit in with Jersey Devil Coaster.
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    Even if the path doesn't re-open, just get rid of it because it's ugly!
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    Fright Fest shows are popular too! I would say have a show in the Spring and a different one in the Summer! I like how they brought a magician in a few years back
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    It was great to see SUF get fresh paint this year, but many other rides and buildings need paint and TLC. The Fort and the ticket booths both need to be rehabbed with some new wood and new paint just like the Main Street Shops were.
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    Adding more flexibility to the Dining Pass hours would be a big plus!
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    Seeing the lines for the shows during HITP, it looks like shows would be popular during the rest of the season too.
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    The park has been severely lacking in any kind of shows for many years now. Especially with Showcase now being in a revitalized area of the park, putting a show back in there makes sense!
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    An update to this ride could probably be done fairly inexpensively, and if they gave it a complete overhaul it would still be marketable.
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    The park could really use a new water ride! On those hot summer days two is just not enough.
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    RES is the company behind Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City. I would like to see them do a retrofit/redesign of the rapids without doing a full teardown. http://ride-engineers.com/water-rides/
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    As one of the park's only remaining water rides, and as the oldest rapids ride still operating in the world, it would be great to see the park make some improvements to Congo Rapids, and maybe bring back the original Roaring Rapids name!
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    The Big Wheel really needs one of those new LED packages where it can do displays to match the season. With Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park being such big events for the park, it would be great to have the Big Wheel be the focal point it deserves to be.
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    I can see a cool new exhibit of the baboons in a new enclosure on the Golden Kingdom path. This way, the people get to see them and we do not have to worry about them destroying the trucks!
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    I 100% agree with concrete. Lasts Longer and less hot on Summer Days If we get ads on the pathways, We can remove ads from other areas.
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    Hand sanitizer has become one of those "necessities" for so many people, and it would be great if the park had it available.
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    No disrespect Coaster Justin but this is such a bad idea! The last thing we need are more ads in the park. If they want to do it right they should replace the broken walkways with new CONCRETE (not asphalt). Back in the day, GA was one of the only parks that didn't have asphalt but instead higher quality concrete throughout the entire park. The first asphalt appeared in 1994 with the introduction of the airstrip in front of the Right Stuff Mach 1 Adventure.
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    Including the Safari Off Road Adventure as an option would also be a major plus.
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    I miss the Discover perks. 5% cashback on everything (10% in your first year) was pretty hard to beat. Hopefully this comes close.
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    Some exciting news! It looks like our book is being carried in Target stores this Christmas. Be on the lookout for a great gift for the Great Adventure fan you know! It's supposed to be carried in the Target stores closest to the park, so if anyone see the books in their Target please take pictures and share them.
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    With the popularity of superhero movies and related media, I would love to see an increase in the entertainment budget and put on another stunt show. With Justice League, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman now, I think it's the perfect time to revive it. Also, any show in the showcase theater would also be a godsend for those extremely hot days.
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