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    YOU can only post once per month to that topic. Post wisely!
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    Am I even shocked that you said this?
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    Whatever we get... let's just all agree to not be like the people on FB complaining about getting a giga coaster right now.
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    A rider flew out of the coaster this morning. Luckily he landed on carpeting so no serious injuries. All operations are on hold until the state investigates.
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    Where? What did you change? Furthermore, "fine I fixed it" should be "Fine, I fixed it." I am not trying to be a jerk but I am sure everyone would appreciate it if your posts were submitted properly to make reading them easier.
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    Six Flags FUN! has spoken. The Raptor is final. No returns. No exchanges.
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    Kind of hard to add those when we don't have picture yet...
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    I just want to say this now since it’s the week of the announcement. We’re all basically mixed between wanting an S&S, RMC, Premier, Mack... etc However one thing not many of us are saying based on all the rumors being shared with us here from reliable sources, is that no matter the manufacture, AT LEAST we aren’t getting a clone ride again. Its about time GADV receives a Ground up RollerCoaster as it will be the 1st since 2006. Happy announcement week everyone! We waited years for this moment and finally our (exhausted and frustrated) patience has paid off. no matter what the manufacture is or what the park is losing... let’s finally be thrilled we receive a ride we ALL AGREE the park deserves! P.S. if it’s a clone, I quit
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    It seems like its been a while since you asked. Your restraint has been amazing.
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    Just a few aerial views of Cyborg from this past Tuesday (5/8): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e1Vn4lLuZ8os1T3QzdUSlvDbksmq5rAw?usp=sharing
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    I personally feel that SFGA would benefit way more with a focus on theming and shows right now than it would on rides.
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    Guys.... hear me out.... RMC Stegosaurus
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    Personally, I think the guy in the video is Six Flags Fun
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    I think if we get a coaster in the Seaport Congo area I think it would be the perfect time to give Congo the TLC it deserves. Congo deserves some new theming and rock work. It would be great to have the waterfalls working again with some new elements like tribe heads that shoot water out randomly. It would be great to have some interaction with the new coaster maybe like a dive under Congo and on to the island in the middle of Congo ( I don’t know how possible this is but it seems cool). I would want the park to add bamboo around the ride if it does go on the island to make it seem mysterious. I want Congo to have a stronger theme with more presence then what is currently their. Great Adventure has the perfect opportunity to bring new life into an older ride.
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    Our next updated construction spotlight is the Runaway Train! Check out the cool photos of the ride in pieces prior to being assembled. Special thanks to Dennis Gilbert (our member "Dennis") who was Great Adventure's original Ride Operations Manager from January 1974 through the 1975 season for adding so many photos to our construction collection. Follow this topic for ongoing updates of all the original park attractions. Click below to see the Runaway Train:
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    In honor of Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth opening, let's look back at all the park's rides which featured similar A-Frame supports!
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    You always get charged more when you pay in installments rather than all at once due to the time value of money. Some of those benefits used to be included on the season passes and are just a way to make the memberships seem to have greater value than they do. The sad fact is they are turning their backs on SP owners and trying to force them to go with memberships to pad out their cash inflows from operations.
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    I wasn't expecting to get back to the park this season but being an hour away on Tuesday, I decided to go for a few hours to finally be able to say I was at Great Adventure on a day in January. I was expecting it to be extremely crowded with the temperature almost 60 degrees during the day, bring a friend free and fireworks. It was crowded when I first got to the park around 3 but not as bad as I was expecting and people started to leave around 6. Justice League was first since the line wasn't too bad yet. The projections before the barrels that fall weren't working but if you shot the area where the projections were supposed to be, they still registered. Otherwise, the ride was excellent like usual. Nitro was about 15 minutes. There isn't anything much better than to ride a B&M Hypercoaster (or any major coaster) in January without having to travel. After Batman and The Dark Knight I went to SkyScreamer with only a 2 cycle wait. It was kind of cold at the top, although still tolerable. Skull Mountain had some added theming for 2019. There was a bat flying around the station and flying in and out of the ride area right before the station. I wanted to get a picture but the bat was moving so fast and since I was going to board the next train, my phone was secured in a zippered pocket with not enough time to get to the phone before it went back into the ride area. I got dinner early thinking lines might be bad for food later with some of the places closed. After dinner I went back to Nitro, then again to SkyScreamer with no wait. The rest of the time, I basically kept going to Nitro, SkyScreamer and Skull Mountain including a re-ride at both Nitro and Skull Mountain also stopping at Harley Quinn Crazy Train since there was no wait. The Joker was closed the entire time I was at the park. As much as I would have liked to have stayed for the fireworks, I knew I wouldn't get home until 12:15 or 12:30 am at the earliest and left just after 8. It was a nice way to end the season. With the offseason just over 3 months, it doesn't seem so bad anymore when a few years ago it would have been over 2 months with no coasters and the offseason around half over at this point. Ride Count: Nitro, 4 Skull Mountain, 5 SkyScreamer, 3 Batman, 1 The Dark Knight, 1 Justice League, 1 Harley Quinn Crazy Train, 1
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    They must need the land for a gigantic RMC T-REX in 2020.
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce today that our longtime member and moderator Yoshi has been appointed to Administrator on GreatAdventureHistory.com. Yoshi has been a vital part of the success of our forums and galleries and his outstanding dedication and contributions are truly appreciated. This announcement is the first of several that we will be making over the upcoming weeks as we enter a new chapter of the development of our site. Thanks Yoshi!
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    For my first post here on the Forum (hi, folks! Long time fan of Great Adventure, just joining here, and signed up for the Gold Membership for next year!), I just wanted to say that this is a ride I am so looking forward to riding soon! Didn't get to GA this year (we saved up and went to Walt Disney World and Universal a few weeks ago), but will be going up very soon, one reason being to try this ride! I only live about 45 minutes away, so it's not a bad drive at all!
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    When Six Flags makes images like that that can be used for any park, they just pick a roller coaster that looks nice. They don't put one there like it is a teaser. I see Great Adventure advertisements all the time with I Box coasters and wing coasters on them all the time for years now. Do we have one? No
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    As I said, one year they did have free lockers up in the stations that only opened for the matching train, next year they were replaced with pay lockers. Plus the 3rd party must make money, or they won't renew their lease which means SF stops getting money. If a company fails to make consumers happy, they won't be making money for long with WOM which is more powerful than ever with the internet. Plus there are business and marketing ethics against bait and swich tactics and not disclosing full details prior to an exchange. I was referring to corporate overregulation. Overregulation in general is a very bad thing, as is under regulation. Finding a balance is tricky. But yes, at SF, I do feel like I am being needlessly burden with excessive and trivial regulations and rules. When I go to Hersheypark, I don't have to worry about having keys, wallet, or soda unlike with GADV which reduces my satisfaction with the park. In general, overregulation is a band aid for poor management and leadership. The number one goal of an ethical company is to provide all stakeholders (consumers, shareholders, business partners, etc) with maximun value. Unethical firms harms consumers and the entire market to make a quick buck and dash off. Consumers need to take responsibility too. Such as not taking a stupid overpriced phone into a park and pay for any damages they cause. People can and still do spit on rides and they can transmit dieses into other guests that way. Should the park force all riders to buy and wear anti spiting mouth gags? Opps, just gave SF another money maker.
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    Viper site getting ready to go vertical!
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    Yes it was. They'll be making a post today explaining all the clues!
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    where is Six Flags FUN and what have you done to him
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    I have to say it is interesting to see everyone’s possible variations of what is going to be added. Some are accurate. Some not so much!
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    What do you think they did with El Diablo? Or back then, Looping Dragon?
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    Addition to my above comment: i truly believe for the first time in roughly 10 years, Six Flags GADV has listened to its fans and for once is following through with something huge and they know the enthusiast are the ones driving this “ground up coaster” concept. So why not actually make a hint inside of the hint for enthusiasts letting us know they hear us? It’s not too far fetched
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    Yeah, that’s a very large area.
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    While Viper wasn't the best ride, its trains were probably the best themed at the park.
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    You guys are doing great, I love the year books. I'm having trouble keeping up with you.
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    I'm kind of at a point where I want anything other than coasters. Don't get me wrong, I love coasters, and I completely understand that they're the main draw for most people. But they get repetitive, and sometimes I just want something different (or I want to ride something, but don't feel like waiting in line for one of the major rides.) I'm glad they're adding the Wonder Woman ride this year, and I'd be thrilled to see them bring back more rides like the Rodeo Stampede, Music Express, etc. Those are always fun because you can usually get on them with minimal wait, and many of them are just as much fun as the huge coasters, even if they're not as intense.
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    We are very happy to introduce the first of many vintage audio recordings from Great Adventure's history. This collection of reel-to-reel tapes offer a window into the park's past and features several of the earlier shows and announcements heard in days gone by. Join us as we kick off this series with a full recording of the fireworks show which took place in front of the Fort in the late '70s and early '80s. Here is the "Sprite Lights Sparkling Waters Fantasy" show!
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    I do blame you, you are in complete control of your actions and no one wants to read the same comment across multiple threads over and over again. Please move on or keep it to a single thread.
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    Timeline Tuesday! All the updated seasons have been completed and now onto the new years... below is 1985!
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    Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Sample below:
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    Eliminate the requirement for guests to carry around a sports bottle to partake in the unlimited soft drinks offer. Instead, for those who have purchased the drink option, have a Coca-Cola logo printed on their pass (sponsorship opportunity). As with the bottle, guests could order a drink with their meal, snack, or by itself. Having it on the pass would also allow for better control of any wait periods between refills. We would imagine the cost to Six Flags for the sports bottle would be more than the cost of the paper cups a guest would consume in a season but if not offer the bottle-less option at a small upcharge. Cruise lines have been doing this successfully for years (without the upcharge).
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    I still need to ride Road Runner Railway so I can say I have ridden every current operating coaster in the park.
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    Baynum Painting is showing the Carousel some TLC this off-season. They are doing an incredible job - the panels look wonderful! From their facebook page:
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    I think you're trying to compare apples and oranges. They point of the IP is to appeal to two separate yet complementary audiences. They aren't competing. But let's not inflate their importance either. If you dressed the character staff purely in superhero outfits and put them front and center at the fountain, they're take as many pictures as the Looney Tunes characters. I don't think anyone is showing up at the park solely to meet Tweety Bird or Batman. They could drop all of the IP theming entirely and go with generic kiddie and coaster theming and the only thing that may show a downward tick in performance would be the photo sales, which they could easily make up with opening up a couple of closed ride photo stands.
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    Here is the park layout with rides. More images can be found here: http://www.structure1.com/project/american-dream-mall/
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    FYI, the 1999 Dead Man's Party video has been reloaded. See it HERE.
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