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    Thanks for helping the site.
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    YOU can only post once per month to that topic. Post wisely!
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    I would have bet my life you would say this.
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    I heard the weather will improve if you decide to take photos of the construction site and post them here.
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    Calm down everyone. In less than three days everyone will know about our new antique car ride.
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    This might be the record for RMC Raptors in one post. At the very least its the most rapid shot. Until now.... I don't know if it will be an RMC Raptor but maybe it will be an RMC Raptor. An RMC Raptor might fit in that space so it could be an RMC Raptor but it may not be an RMC Raptor after all. Well, if it is an RMC Raptor I will enjoy the new RMC Raptor but if it isn't an RMC Raptor maybe an RMC Raptor will come next year. So in conclusion, we may get an RMC Raptor but we might not get an RMC Raptor. If we don't get an RMC Radaptor, maybe it will be an RMC Raptor in 2021, the year of the RMC Raptor. Does anyone know if we are getting an RMC Raptor or if we aren't getting an RMC Raptor? I hope its an RMC Raptor that is a record breaking RMC Raptor. That RMC Raptor would be my favorite RMC Raptor above any other RMC Raptor. Unless its an RMC T-Rex Ok, I will stop saying RMC Raptor until the next time I say RMC Raptor. RMC Raptor. I thought I should get one more in there.
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    Am I even shocked that you said this?
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    Whatever we get... let's just all agree to not be like the people on FB complaining about getting a giga coaster right now.
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    What is your source? Otherwise, stop posting things claiming to be facts.
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    A rider flew out of the coaster this morning. Luckily he landed on carpeting so no serious injuries. All operations are on hold until the state investigates.
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    Please keep all info off of the site until the official announcement is made. -Your mod team
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    I think I will start a word puzzle in response to the “insider information”. Two letters. It contains a B. And it contains an S.
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    About 1% of me wants the new addition to be a flat ride just to see the catastrophe it will cause in the aftermath of its reveal. Fans everywhere will absolutely flip out
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    Everybody pressing F5 on the GAdv Twitter page waiting for the next clue:
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    What if Six Flags FUN is just a John Winkler burner acc and we have just been getting trolled this whole time
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    The dippin dots guy told him
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    Literally, every thing you say is TRex or Raptor. I hope we never get them just because i am so SICK of hearing you talk about it, on every stinkin thread. Rant over.
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    Where? What did you change? Furthermore, "fine I fixed it" should be "Fine, I fixed it." I am not trying to be a jerk but I am sure everyone would appreciate it if your posts were submitted properly to make reading them easier.
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    Being “PC”. If you have problems with Rudolph and the song Baby It’s Cold Outside you need a life.
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    Six Flags FUN! has spoken. The Raptor is final. No returns. No exchanges.
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    Main Street Market ranked highest again. I think what makes this store stand out is that it has the least amount of Super Hero merchandise and most park related stuff. More stores should be like that.
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    I was shocked to get this for Christmas. It really is the ultimate LEGO kit for any fan of their building kits (not to mention fans of Star Wars). With over 7500 pieces the kit is the largest one ever made and it was a ton of fun to assemble. Much harder than the police car model I received almost 50 years ago!
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    Here is the latest JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction site map! This one took ages to update and was by far one of the most challenging map updates I’ve completed thus far. While the pictures the park provided us with were extremely useful to updating, I scanned and analyzed each of these photos down to the inch, searching for every stake or marking or rebar shipment or wooden form I could find. Nonetheless, I will be visiting the park tomorrow so I may be able to get some better looks at the site in person. Analyzing the location of these current footer molds, I am beginning to think that these are for the exit of the Raven inversion into the first camelback airtime hill, as that section of the ride does include some funky shaping as it weaves through the structure. It is also highly plausible that this could be for the drop off of the midcourse or the top of the dive loop. However, given the current information we have now, it is tough to predict the exact circumstance. But again; I’ll have to get some better looks once I go to the park tomorrow (technically today, Saturday). I can vividly remember how excited I was to finally see even one stake on site; even if it was just for construction road stabilization and some new gravel. However, there are now too many stakes to even count and their locations are becoming more and more difficult to pinpoint. The pictures the park provided also contain many inconsistencies, since they were all taken at different times (the most recent picture is the 2nd one from the top on my post, based on the fact that it is the only picture with all 5 footer molds in it). Overall, I am very happy with how this one came out, especially considering how challenging it was. I am aiming to push out about 3-5 more maps before the end of the month, but that will be dependent on who I know is visiting and how much information is shared by the park through both written iterations and through images. Nonetheless, I am eager to watch this new ride begin to rise up here in the coming months! Thank you and enjoy!
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    In addition to the aerial site maps I am creating, I have decided to make a vertical construction map from a side profile. I figured that the aerial map wouldn’t do the vertical construction progress justice in that it would be a lot more helpful to view it from a different perspective. There’s certain details you can’t capture from the aerial maps, and I think the side profiles do just that in delivering what the aerial maps do not. The map I have attached below is not yet finished but this is just a sample of what you could expect to see from these maps. Ignore the screwed up key on the bottom too, by the way. What I am planning on doing with this is, like the aerial maps, updating it every time new information comes out. With this map, I am currently working on building the entire coaster from footer to track first and then turning off all of the layers. As construction progresses, I will turn the layers back on to reveal the actual piece that was constructed. Since I built the track and supports in larger pieces, I will mask out (temporarily remove) the pieces that have not yet been placed and then unmask them (enable the masked piece again) to reveal the full piece. The top portion of this map only displays from the start of the lift to the top of the stall and cuts off. To the right of the key and below the main graphic, I will continue the rest of the ride with the exit of the stall, turn around, brake run, transfer, and station. If you have any additional questions, please let me know! Thank you and enjoy.
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    Yes, the weather is now going to change because you are going.
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    Here is an odd little tidbit that I am not sure they were counting on: - Jersey Devil will be the park's 6th highest coaster (Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro, Green Lantern, Bizarro, and JD) - Jersey Devil will be the park's 6th longest coaster (Nitro, El Toro, Green Lantern, Bizarro, Kingda Ka, and JD) - Jersey Devil will be the park's 6th fastest coaster (Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro, Green Lantern, Bizarro, and JD) Interesting stats (6-6-6) for a roller coaster themed to the Jersey Devil!
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    Has anyone checked on Six Flags Fun?
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    Antique is 7 letters car ride is 7 letters 7+7 is 14 2020 + 14 is 2034 2 C’s 4 R’s 7 E’s 6 Y’s 3 S’s 2+4+7+6+3 = 22 22+12 = 34 2034-34 = 2000 2000 + 1 ( remaining clue left ) = 2001 RMC was founded in 2001 therefor I conclude that the new coaster will be an RMC. YOURE WELCOME SIX FLAGS FUN
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    MATCH OF THE CENTURY! SixFlagsFun Vs SixFlagsEnthusiast RMC vs Premier Old guy vs New guy stay tuned for more details
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    IT WASN'T ME. IT WASN'T ME. THAT IS DIFFERENT GUY. Okay that was different guy in the video not me. But I really want a single rail coaster next year.
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    Boring. Under the lake is where it's at.
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    Reread the name of this thread.... NOT GREAT ADVENTURE. STOP TALKING ABOUT A RAPTOR at GA. You are making this whole forum rather unpleasant to visit anymore. Every single post , on every single thread , across the entire site, you say the exact same thing. STOP.
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    ^ A good place to start would be by adding new shows and entertainment all season long.
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    No, both companies are fine. Six Flags is not going bankrupt, selling parks, etc. Just a bunch of kids on youtube overreacting to something they don't understand.
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    Great Adventure does so many nice things year round for the local communities, state of New Jersey, and endless groups and organizations. Usually these acts of kindness go unnoticed with little fanfare but they really should be recognized for their contributions. Thanks GA!
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    I know it’s late but here are the photos I got from today, October 20th!
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    I think it was a not so subtle form of brain washing Six Flags Fun had going on there! It worked!
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    Six Flags Fun you win we all owe you an apology. tomorrow when you start your 2021 thread, please no TRex talks
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    Offcourse, we are getting a custom RMC Raptor I just know it. Tomorrow is a day for ME! YAHOO!
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    Hey guys, I was just at the park and went over to the Seaport area, and found some guys surveying the location. I asked the guy in the green vest if there will be a roller coaster coming here. He said yes right off the bat, but did not specify what kind. So yes, pretty much confirmed the attraction will be a coaster.
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    The map was provided to us by the park itself. We are grateful for the friendships we have at SFGA.
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