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    We went today, and it was great to drive through again!! Our reservations were at 3, and we had a BLAST. My *only* complaint was the staff was trying to break everyone into two lanes of traffic at each of the checkpoints...and then everyone went back to 1 lane and then you had those who would weave from one side to another holding up traffic. One car was REALLY bad-almost hit me and the car in front of me, and the staff actually pulled them aside twice, and then finally escorted them the rest of the way out. I had to laugh and could only think that the folks never drove through the old safari lol. My kids had an up close biology lesson with the giraffes, and my oldest some got a few really good photos through the dirty windows.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples photos below:
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    I had a great time today at the Safari! It was nice to see the animals and get some unique shots of the coasters. I’m also glad to see that GASM is still getting some love in a way
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