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    Kind of hard to add those when we don't have picture yet...
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    Dig a four foot ditch under the top of the lift and you’re back to 130 ft!
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    The problem with Green Lantern is that it is inconsistent. Although it usually tends to run a little rough, I actually really enjoyed it when I last visited the park. It was running extremely smooth, and I didn't have any head-banging. If it ran like that every time, I would have absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Unfortunately that isn't the case. I do not think GL should be turned into a floorless coaster. The park already has a much better floorless coaster in Bizarro anyway. I would much rather see Green Lantern travel to another park and be converted there, than having two floorless coasters (with very similar elements) at the same park.
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    I think it is overshadowed by the top dogs of the park, and it doesn't help that all the other B&Ms are very comfortable at Great Adventure. I agree it's a neat novelty, and while I generally just try and endure the pain on rides for the sake of fun, I don't feel the need to hit up Green Lantern every visit. The headbanging gets me pretty badly, but I have not ridden the other stand-ups. I have heard people rant and rave about Georgia Scorcher and Riddler's Revenge. Vortex at Carowinds on the other hand has awful reviews, I would say the worst I've heard of the stand-ups.
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    Joe Rhode is probably the second most famous for his work on Animal Kingdom.
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    That was excellent!!! Tony Baxter has always been my favorite imagineer probably because all his creations rank so high on my favorites list. Wonderful video!
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    It would be really cool if they left Roadrunner Railway in the same area, repainted it and renamed it "Little Devil" (using the tiny toons taz character).
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    It took a few years (35 of them) but my hopes for Great Adventure to add a roller coaster named Jersey Devil have finally been realized! Way back in 1984 as part of this packet of park improvements and suggestions that I put together for the park, one of the major additions was going to be a steel coaster named Jersey Devil on the banks of the park's waterways. (Description below and #3 at the top of the map above). Good things come to those that wait. And wait. And wait!
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    It looks like Road Runner Railway is the first ride to be getting deconstructed!
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