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    I wasn't sure about going to the park yesterday because I thought with it would be kind of crowded. It was warm with the temperature reaching almost 70 degrees, NYC and Philadelphia school districts closed, bring a friend free and free admission for the military. Crowd levels were not at all what I was expecting, the park was empty with basically no lines for anything except Kingda Ka and The Skyway. It was a lot of fun to just walk around the park knowing you can just walk onto almost any ride and in most cases re-ride as much as you wanted. I took advantage of the low crowds to ride Justice League without anyone else in the ride vehicle and try to see if I could find which targets gave more points and without having to compete with others in the vehicle for the same targets my best score was just under 320,000. I want to eventually try to get over 500,000 points which seems kind of difficult. Even with the low crowds, coasters like Nitro and Skull Mountain were still running multiple trains and at Skull Mountain, the ride operators were literally running to check the lap bars. Skull Mountain felt like it was running slower in the final helix than normal. The Dark Knight was not running the pre-show which I was happy about since that it meant instant access to the ride without having to wait for the pre-show doors to open and then watch the video. I also thought it was great that all rides were open except in the case of a breakdown. On a Monday in November Great Adventure is able to have all the rides open and most food places open yet Hersheypark has 30+ rides closed on weekends. I remember in the early 2000's, out of Great Adventure, Dorney and Hershey, I thought Great Adventure was the worst run of the 3 parks for many reasons. Now it's the opposite and I think Great Adventure is run much better than Dorney and Hershey and it's not even close. I was also hoping to get some final rides at the rides that were closing for the season. When I was riding Runaway Mine Train I saw Bizarro was closed and I don't think it re-opened the rest of the day. Zumanjaro was closed and Kingda Ka had also broken down with the 1 train running on the launch track with riders. I think both rides might have re-opened but never got back to that section of the park before closing. Even missing out on those rides, it was still an excellent trip to the park, probably the best one for me in a year and a half. Ride Count: Nitro, 6 Justice League, 5 The Dark Knight, 2 Skull Mountain, 5 Runaway Mine Train, 2 SkyScreamer, 2 El Toro, 1 Batman, 1 Green Lantern, 1
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    It would be really cool if they made the station to look like the Leeds' house above!
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    Ever since I was little my family spent a good part of our summers vacationing in south Jersey and I learned of the legend of the Jersey Devil very early on in my life being this creature supposedly lurked in the area close to where we were staying. I've had several postcards for years of the JD which we purchased in a small gift shop in Smithville - the town closest to Leeds Point where he was supposedly "born". Here are those old cards as well as some info about the Jersey Devil.
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    Fellow forum members! As you may have seen previously from @EasternThrills, I am creating site maps for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER and they will be continuously improved and updated as construction progresses. Likewise, I will be sharing each updated map with you all on the forums. Feel free to check out my Instagram @xenith.wav and EasternThrills Instagram @insidegadv for more information on the project. Today, I'd like to share with you MAP_110419 and MAP_110819. As you can infer, these maps were updated as of 11/04/19 and 11/08/19 respectively. I was able to visit the park around both of these days, allowing me to gauge a fair understanding of the site and any recent changes. I have a zoom camera that I use to scope any new signs of construction and anything else on the site that should be reported on (a Canon PowerShot SX720HS for those curious). @EasternThrills and I will be consistently visiting the park up until its closing date in January to create the most accurate and detailed site maps as possible before the off-season begins and information about the ever-changing site grows sparse. We need all the participants we can get in creating these site maps! If you are visiting the park at any point throughout the remainder of the season, or if you will be at the park during the off season (by any chance?), we'd love your help in contributing to documenting the changes at the site of JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. Contact me (using the contact information I posted below) if you would like to send pictures, videos, or provide information to @EasternThrills and I about any events, changes, or active construction at the site. A key/legend is provided on the left side of the graphic for your further understanding of the map. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact either @XENITH or @EasternThrills for more information. Feel free to repost and share this map with proper credit given [see Contact/Credit information below]). You may also contact me if you would like the full, high quality versions of these maps. Thank you, and enjoy! Contact/Repost Credit: @XENITH on the GADV History Forums, @xenith.wav OR @xenith.plus on Instagram @xenithwav on Twitter xenith.wav@gmail.com You can contact @EasternThrills at: @EasternThrills on the GADV History Forums @insidegadv OR @easternthrills on Instagram
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    They used to have one through Chase which earned you tickets and season passes.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    A few minutes early but being the news is up on the Six Flags page.... Source: Six Flags Great Adventure CLICK BELOW FOR VIDEO: PHOTOS:
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    It is great to hear you had such a good time at the park. Great score on Justice League! Great Adventure has to be one of the best parks for allowing rerides on a consistent basis. That is such a nice perk for visitors when attendance is low. Nice trip report and I was happy to see you included ride counts!
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    Here comes the Six Flags credit card. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/credit-one-bank-becomes-proud-partner-of-six-flags-300956013.html
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    Ho Ho Ho, it's that time of year! Click below to view the 2019 Holiday in the Park Map & Guide:
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    ^ They anticipate 12 passenger trains (6 cars) not 12 cars.
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    Years ago in the old Hayride into the Unknown, they used to have the Jersey Devil attack the hayride wagon. I mss those hayrides.
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    As of today, November 10, 2019, we have a new update on the map, information courtesy of @EasternThrills. I encourage you to check out the newest @insidegadv Instagram post going up in just a few short minutes! In this latest map, we have 4 new stakes that have arrived numbered 1-4; they may just be some early signs of footers/vertical construction beginning soon! Enjoy! As of the following day, November 11, more trees have been cleared around the access roads and a wall of small dirt piles have been added around the work site, most likely for electrical work. Speaking of electrical, the electrical conduit PVC pipes have been attached to a fork and will be transported elsewhere on the site throughout the week. Likewise, several other pieces of construction equipment such as flat bed trucks have arrived on site. Expect some electrical work and more stakes to be on site by the coming weekend! EDIT: my upload function is not working for some reason, as the files are not available to other forum members. You can find the updated maps further down this forum posted by @EasternThrills. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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    For some reason on Google Maps, if you hover over Granny's House, it is designated as a Church. There's also this review that I found pretty funny:
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    Some exciting news! It looks like our book is being carried in Target stores this Christmas. Be on the lookout for a great gift for the Great Adventure fan you know! It's supposed to be carried in the Target stores closest to the park, so if anyone see the books in their Target please take pictures and share them.
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    I would assume so, it worked this year after about a month or so when Wonder Woman opened.
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    I heard the weather will improve if you decide to take photos of the construction site and post them here.
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    Yes, the weather is now going to change because you are going.
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