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    LINKIN' LOOSE ENDS! As we near closer to the end of the month, both ends of the ride are inching closer and closer to each other as crews begin putting the finishing touches on both sides. Over at the north end, the previously molded footings have been stripped and capped off with many new column additions, as the south end prepares even more pier caps and one especially tall, 9 foot form for the pier cap that will support the iconic crows nest turnaround. As the month nears an end, expect crews to connect both ends of the site and several more columns to arrive in the third shipment! See you again for next week's update!
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    PIER CAP PARADISE! Crews have been extremely hard at work to finish up the minimal molds left and subsequently prepare the pier caps for columns very soon! Nearly the entire set of lift hill molds are in place, as well as the camelback airtime hill! The only molds left to finish connecting both ends include a couple more for the lift hill, the exit valley of the zero g roll, and the exit valley of the camelback hill! I would estimate about 10-15 molds are left to complete, which is extremely welcoming news.
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    The good old days before nearly everyone willingly bought electronic ball and chains.
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    I think GAdv should expect a Zamperla Endeavor soon. If not next year then the year after. It's one of the few remaining flats that we don't have yet that the SF chain likes to put into most of the parks. I wouldn't be surprised if that and a kids area expansion is in store for the next 2 years at GAdv.
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    I was just thinking how this coaster would change the park's skyline. There's an old photo I've seen from 2006 that still show's Chiller, Rolling Thunder, and GASM on the park's Wikipedia page out there and how would that photo would look in 2020. Like I doubt one could see Joker, but what about Jersey Devil?
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    NEW MAP Just a little something to tide you all over until next weekend when I get around to finishing the 1/17 map... enjoy!
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    It is interesting to see Holiday in the Park surge past Fright Fest in popularity.
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    It is hard to believe the park has just wrapped up another decade. Be sure to vote for all your favorites from the 2019 season!
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    Some exciting news! It looks like our book is being carried in Target stores this Christmas. Be on the lookout for a great gift for the Great Adventure fan you know! It's supposed to be carried in the Target stores closest to the park, so if anyone see the books in their Target please take pictures and share them.
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