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    From someone who works in construction, I would guess: 1. As noted above, cranes we're probably sent back and need to arrive back on site. Typically equipment carries a monthly rental cost and the downtime would have been lost money. 2. Many jobs recently have what's referred to as a "week 0" where the focus is just getting things back in place to resume where they left off. 3. Reorganizing the crew which could have been all over the place during the downtime.
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    I made a wallpaper for JDC’s dive loop if anyone wants to use it!
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    If she caught you with your feet on the chairs in Showcase Theatre you ran the risk of amputation.
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    Construction has resumed today as of 6 AM, meaning it is time for work on the maps to resume as well! Here is the site map for April 4th with some significant overall changes since the last one.
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    Here's the 4/10 map as a tide-over, since 4/14 may take a bit of time since it is a drone update. After that, I will be caught up with maps barring an update tomorrow or sometime early next week.
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    So many people complaining about a per person charge instead of a per car price. Great Adventure’s Safari has always been charged per person and not by car. Winter Lights was priced per car.
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    I've looked up countless videos of the former Six Flags New Orleans over the years - the state of affairs there since Katrina has always been sad yet mystifying. Now, a company called Bright Sun Films is producing a documentary on the topic, with commentary from (among others) area residents, park goers, and former employees. It's due to release in the near future and will shed a lot of light on the full magnitude of the destruction caused by the hurricane (including that done to the insides of the buildings, which to this point hasn't really been captured in great detail), as well as provide a fascinating glimpse at the current condition of the land the park was situated on. More details on the project can be found at: https://www.closedforstorm.com
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    Here is an article about this project: https://www.nola.com/entertainment_life/movies_tv/article_4b05ae46-96ce-11ea-95e2-ef1b943779a8.html
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    That is amazing. You should be a costume designer.
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    Here's a video with a lot of answers about what to expect and how it should work. I'd expect some fine tuning on this as things actually happen.
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    I understand...Thanks XENITH for clarifying. I'm happy you're enjoying my aerials, too. Many of the photos from the recent galleries I have posted are already contained in my BLOG posts, though sometimes are hard to locate. And some photos I had never posted before. I figured since I am updating my site in its entirety I would add these new ride/coaster/attraction galleries to my Six Flags Great Adventure page. Enjoy !!! P.S. I have also added new Dorney Park & Hersey Park galleries as well...They can be found HERE.
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    Congratulations Len and good luck in whatever you decide to do going forward even if that means just sitting on a beach somewhere. I’ll miss seeing you around the park. You were always a gracious host greeting people at Great Adventure. You will be missed.
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