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    Thanks for helping the site.
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    Many thanks to you and all the healthcare and medical teams getting us through all this. You guys are the real super heroes.
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    I heard the weather will improve if you decide to take photos of the construction site and post them here.
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    Not a typical trip report, but this past week I was able to go to Prospertown with a friend and fish on his canoe. It was nice to get some shots of Nitro and check in on Jersey Devil. Hopefully they’ll resume construction soon! No fish for me, but my friend was able to catch 2 sunnies and 4 crappies.
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    Hi Everyone... My website, www.FlyinPhilsPhotos.com, has finally been updated to be easier to view on a smart phone, though viewing on a PC is still recommended. All broken links have been restored and the general flow of the gallery pages has been streamlined, including my amusement parks and roller coaster pages. All galleries have been moved to my Google Drive and thus the FLASH galleries I used to feature have been eliminated. As I always say, I hope you enjoy the view from above... Stay Well...Stay Safe !!!
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    Forum, I am catching up on site maps at a very reasonable pace. After being a month behind, I am caught up to February 23rd as of early this morning. The current lineup of site maps goes as follows: February 23rd (In progress) (Footing back-fill and station footings) February 27th (Prepping for steel and station footings) March 2nd (Vertical construction) March 4th (from the Behind the Adventure video, given there is some new information in the video). All site maps I am behind on will be completed before Winter Adventure on the 14th. I will share with the forums the map for the 27th and all maps after that. Once the site maps are done, I will be moving into the column maps and a new track map similar to the configuration of the column map. Stay tuned!
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    I was shocked to get this for Christmas. It really is the ultimate LEGO kit for any fan of their building kits (not to mention fans of Star Wars). With over 7500 pieces the kit is the largest one ever made and it was a ton of fun to assemble. Much harder than the police car model I received almost 50 years ago!
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    Visited Lightnin' Loops (aka Diamondback) at Frontier City today.
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    MAP UPDATE: It has obviously been a while since progress has been made on the new coaster, but I wanted to update you all on a few things. First, I haven't put out a map in a while and I aim to finish up my final remaining map since construction has been halted. I am currently working on the site map for April 14, 2020, and that is unfortunately the final map until construction resumes. I will review the June construction update and keep a close eye on any noticeable changes, but I can't guarantee I will find anything of value. Other than 4/14 which I aim to complete soon, no other maps will be released until construction is resumed. The continuation of construction is uncertain, as it could be in the coming weeks or even in the coming months. But until then, I just wanted to say that it has been an absolutely wild journey through this entire coaster and it has been a pleasure to share the site maps with everyone here on the forums. I was aiming to continue the site maps as a tradition as the park added new rides through 2021 and 2022, but the future of the park through those years is foggy and I am unsure as to whether I will even be able to create site maps for those new attractions, if any. Come 2022, I will be going out of the state for college and Great Adventure will no longer be my most frequented park, but it will forever be my home park. Because of this, I will be carrying on the site map tradition to other parks closer to where I am staying since I will have access to more in-person visits at those properties compared to Great Adventure. If JDC is the only site map collection I get to produce for Great Adventure, I'd just love to say now that I appreciate everybody here who supported the maps, gave them some love, and most importantly, accepted them. I've been to some other sites to take the site maps there and they were greeted with a mostly negative reception, so I am glad that there is a fan-base here that appreciates the work and values it for what it is. I don't want to sign off on the site maps completely as there is still another battle to endure come the continuation of construction, but I figured I'd put this out now since the time feels right and I may not have much to offer in terms of maps for the next few months. On a similar note, I'd like to highlight three of the most influential periods of time in recent construction, as these three periods have molded the perception of the coaster and has given us all optimism of an eventual return. I'm no coaster historian, but separating the life of the coaster into these distinguished periods sheds further light on the progress that was made and goes to show that these crews were absolutely hauling through this project from the get-go. The Paradise Piers | December 24, 2019 - February 12, 2020 All of the footings and pier caps for the JERSEY DEVIL COASTER were formed and poured: This era of construction was the ultimate vertical construction we were all highly anticipating, and it paid off. Crews were able to pour the nearly 100 foundations for the coaster and sea of pier caps that bear the ride's ghost-grey columns. A Christmas gift from the park transformed into a swift construction process that set the stage for one of the craziest construction runs I've ever seen. The Nightcrawler Dynasty | March 2, 2020 - April 10, 2020 During this legendary run, crews installed nearly all of the ride's columns and managed to track the ride all the way through the exit of the zero-g roll. This was completely unexpected, as the unfortunate events of the COVID-19 pandemic halted construction elsewhere, but crews working on this ride were relentless and kept trucking on: Aside from that little synopsis, this is honestly one of the craziest things I have ever witnessed. I knew before that raptors were designed for quick installation, but I didn't know that one of the sheer magnitude of something like JDC could cover so much ground at once. In this time span, not only were most ride columns installed, but crews tracked the entire ride from the bottom of the first drop all the way through the exit of the zero-g roll; all in just over a month's time. Elements that would take normal construction projects weeks to complete took JDC sometimes DAYS. Watching the coaster go up as our hopes went down for a 2020 theme park season was a miracle to behold, and I am forever grateful for this little boost of optimism that went a long way during this unfortunate global event. This ride didn't even crawl through the night; this thing ran absolute marathons! The Dormant Era | April 10, 2020 - Present Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey ordered the halt of non-essential construction effective April 10, 2020, and the construction site sat vacant for over a month before crews were allowed to resume. As of now (June 24, 2020), the Dormant Era has officially become our longest recorded era of JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction thus far, currently spanning a whopping 75 days: Even with Governor Murphy allowing non-essential construction to resume effective May 18, 2020, the coaster has remained dormant, just waiting to erupt, for over two months since it initially stopped and over one month since it was allowed to restart. Now that the park has announced its opening day of July 3, 2020, no official announcement has been made regarding the coaster's future. However, several sources close the park have revealed the no progress on the ride has been made since the initial and many are beginning to speculate a 2021 opening for the sleeping giant. Just wanted to bring something to the forum since the current state of JDC doesn't warrant too many posts; just wanted to keep the spirit of the coaster alive. Be on the lookout for a new map and I hope to see everyone again soon.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen- GreatAdventureHistory.com proudly presents the first known color photo of Great Adventure's Jumbo Jet up close and under construction!
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    We went today, and it was great to drive through again!! Our reservations were at 3, and we had a BLAST. My *only* complaint was the staff was trying to break everyone into two lanes of traffic at each of the checkpoints...and then everyone went back to 1 lane and then you had those who would weave from one side to another holding up traffic. One car was REALLY bad-almost hit me and the car in front of me, and the staff actually pulled them aside twice, and then finally escorted them the rest of the way out. I had to laugh and could only think that the folks never drove through the old safari lol. My kids had an up close biology lesson with the giraffes, and my oldest some got a few really good photos through the dirty windows.
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    I had a great time today at the Safari! It was nice to see the animals and get some unique shots of the coasters. I’m also glad to see that GASM is still getting some love in a way
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    I know there are other people on here who may also be graduating college this year, so this is a shout out to us for the hard work that we've been through these past four (If you're getting your Bachelors like myself) years! Congrats to those getting their Masters and Doctorates as well! I know we don't get to graduate like most other classes do, but it's still a time to celebrate! Congrats to all graduates What degree does everyone have? I'm going to have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
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    I hope everyone and their loved ones are happy and healthy!
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    Dude shut up. Just shut the hell up. You have no idea what is going on, you just make crap up as you go and post comment after comment to hear your self talk. 75% of what you post doesnt even make sense. I work in healthcare on the frontline, so i think i have a pretty good grasp on things, your posts infuriate me. People are losing their lives left & right and you're all “waaaah, this sucks i want to goto GA, boo hoo” All you talk about is when are they going to open. Step back and chill. And btw vaccines dont work the way you think they do....get off the GAH and go educate your self.
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    We can talk about this until we’re blue in the face but nobody knows anything more or less than the next person and we all have to wait this out. Not just us, not just New Jersey, not just the United States, but planet earth. This is bigger than any of us so just stay safe, stay calm, and all do our part to minimize spread. And let’s try to get this discussion thread back on topic.
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    Good afternoon all! I had the opportunity to visit the Prospertown/Switlik Lake near the park today and grabbed some great photos and footage of the structure. It looks absolutely beautiful from afar, and it’s only a matter of days before track begins to rise up into the sky! The tallest two columns that will support the JDC track are officially vertical, and all columns on the ride appear to be complete! Here’s some of my photos I was able to grab from the lake.
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    Passed some supports en route to the park by KFC earlier.
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    I know assembly of this will be fairly quick, but this made me laugh the other day in the "Great Adventure Connoisseurs" group on Facebook:
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    It has been a long time coming, but it's finally here. I am extremely honored to present the magnum opus of our JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction updates; the recreated ride foundation plan for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. This journey started on February 1st, 2020, where I watched Great Adventure's second episode of "BEHIND THE ADVENTURE - JERSEY DEVIL COASTER" and noticed that the park had included blueprints in the update. While I was originally just going to let it sit and not do anything with it, I felt like I had to use it. Thus, I tackled the nearly one-month long journey from that day up until today, February 29th, 2020, and finished it. While it was slower at some points than others, recreating these blueprints by hand from scratch with every little detail was a challenge but part of the hustle. I am happy it happened, yet so happy it is over. I would do it all again if I could (I really wouldn't, this took FOREVER!) Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy this blueprint recreation. Of course, all credit given to Maser Consulting P.A. and their talented team, as well as Richard Maloney who is the lead engineer of this JERSEY DEVIL COASTER project for the original blueprints; as well as GADV themselves for revealing such a precious document.
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    Main Street Market ranked highest again. I think what makes this store stand out is that it has the least amount of Super Hero merchandise and most park related stuff. More stores should be like that.
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    Here is the latest JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction site map! This one took ages to update and was by far one of the most challenging map updates I’ve completed thus far. While the pictures the park provided us with were extremely useful to updating, I scanned and analyzed each of these photos down to the inch, searching for every stake or marking or rebar shipment or wooden form I could find. Nonetheless, I will be visiting the park tomorrow so I may be able to get some better looks at the site in person. Analyzing the location of these current footer molds, I am beginning to think that these are for the exit of the Raven inversion into the first camelback airtime hill, as that section of the ride does include some funky shaping as it weaves through the structure. It is also highly plausible that this could be for the drop off of the midcourse or the top of the dive loop. However, given the current information we have now, it is tough to predict the exact circumstance. But again; I’ll have to get some better looks once I go to the park tomorrow (technically today, Saturday). I can vividly remember how excited I was to finally see even one stake on site; even if it was just for construction road stabilization and some new gravel. However, there are now too many stakes to even count and their locations are becoming more and more difficult to pinpoint. The pictures the park provided also contain many inconsistencies, since they were all taken at different times (the most recent picture is the 2nd one from the top on my post, based on the fact that it is the only picture with all 5 footer molds in it). Overall, I am very happy with how this one came out, especially considering how challenging it was. I am aiming to push out about 3-5 more maps before the end of the month, but that will be dependent on who I know is visiting and how much information is shared by the park through both written iterations and through images. Nonetheless, I am eager to watch this new ride begin to rise up here in the coming months! Thank you and enjoy!
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    In addition to the aerial site maps I am creating, I have decided to make a vertical construction map from a side profile. I figured that the aerial map wouldn’t do the vertical construction progress justice in that it would be a lot more helpful to view it from a different perspective. There’s certain details you can’t capture from the aerial maps, and I think the side profiles do just that in delivering what the aerial maps do not. The map I have attached below is not yet finished but this is just a sample of what you could expect to see from these maps. Ignore the screwed up key on the bottom too, by the way. What I am planning on doing with this is, like the aerial maps, updating it every time new information comes out. With this map, I am currently working on building the entire coaster from footer to track first and then turning off all of the layers. As construction progresses, I will turn the layers back on to reveal the actual piece that was constructed. Since I built the track and supports in larger pieces, I will mask out (temporarily remove) the pieces that have not yet been placed and then unmask them (enable the masked piece again) to reveal the full piece. The top portion of this map only displays from the start of the lift to the top of the stall and cuts off. To the right of the key and below the main graphic, I will continue the rest of the ride with the exit of the stall, turn around, brake run, transfer, and station. If you have any additional questions, please let me know! Thank you and enjoy.
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    Yes, the weather is now going to change because you are going.
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    Here is an odd little tidbit that I am not sure they were counting on: - Jersey Devil will be the park's 6th highest coaster (Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro, Green Lantern, Bizarro, and JD) - Jersey Devil will be the park's 6th longest coaster (Nitro, El Toro, Green Lantern, Bizarro, Kingda Ka, and JD) - Jersey Devil will be the park's 6th fastest coaster (Kingda Ka, Nitro, El Toro, Green Lantern, Bizarro, and JD) Interesting stats (6-6-6) for a roller coaster themed to the Jersey Devil!
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    Here is the map for 4/14, I made it a mission not to go to bed before this was finished. It's late, here it is:
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    CoasterForce recently toured the RMC headquarters and posted a trip report. https://coasterforce.com/forums/threads/antinos-2020-thread-silverwood-and-remaining-sights-whole-report-complete.44288/#post-1090155 A couple of things related to Jersey Devil Coaster:
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    On July 2nd, SFDK re-opens as "Marine World Experience" Apparently they are not allowed to re-open the rides yet, so just like GA re-opened with Wild Safari Drive Through Discovery Kingdom is re-opening for an animals only experience.
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    The renovated entrance at Six Flags St. Louis looks nice. https://www.facebook.com/sixflagsstlouis/photos/a.71040081915/10157006312001916/?type=3&theater
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    I don't mind if Six Flags ends up building clones of the ride, I'm just happy that Great Adventure is adding what looks like is going to be an amazing coaster. I know a lot of enthusiasts don't like clones but 99% of Great Adventure visitors probably don't care or even will know there is a clone of the ride almost 3000 miles away.
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    Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates
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    After some member management, we have cleaned up some of our topics and removed some repetitive posts. We apologize if any of your posts were a victim of this cleanup but we are confident the forums will be more relevant going forward.
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    Even if the virus is put under control tomorrow, it will take years for society to recover, and things will not return to how they were before the outbreak. I get it being upset about the park postponing opening, but there are bigger problems to worry about like not contracting COVID19, basic commodity shortages, social breakdowns, economic consequences, ever increasing restrictions on daily and basic living functions, etc. Get some perspective.
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    Today is letter "G" for the Great American Scream Machine. This was Great Adventure's first "big" roller coaster, and was the world's tallest and fastest for two weeks. Though the Scream Machine would be eclipsed by the B&M coasters the park added later, the coaster was a favorite of many. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/GASM.htm
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    Hate to go all personal, but considering that several people I know got infected (one of whom recently succumbed to it), the last thing on my mind at this time are theme parks in general, let alone Great Adventure. Gotta prioritize in times like this.
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    Today is letter "D" for Dream Street. Dream Street is the heart of Great Adventure. Originally the park entrance was at the head of Dream Street, but even with the relocation of the park entrance, Dream Street still serves as the central hub of the park and the beginning of so many Great Adventures. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/DreamStreetX.htm
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    Here’s some cool pics I grabbed today: This is the desolate road to the park on what would’ve been a busy opening weekend. Absolutely surreal seeing this road and the entrance to the park gated off and completely deserted. A great overview of the coaster progress so far. The track stands out like crazy from afar and the orange is such a great contrast to the other rides near it like Nitro, Batman, and Joker. Here’s where crews have stopped as of today. From about column 12 up to column 52 has been completely tracked, which includes the valley of the first drop, raven dive, camelback, stall, and entrance to the crows nest. Through the trees here you can see the entrance leading into the crows nest out of the stall. This was a very pleasant surprise from my trip, as I was not expecting crews to have this much of the ride done! Here’s one last look at the whole ride from afar in some absolutely breathtaking lighting from the sky. Can’t wait to see progress on the coaster in the coming weeks as crews wrap up track work and testing can hopefully begin soon!
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    Source: Six Flags Great Adventure Visit our gallery to view images and videos of these great new animals. Samples below:
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    The way things are going, this may be the first new coaster to actually open with the park in a while.
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    Thanks XENITH for putting in all your hard work and for sharing it with us here on GAH! It's fantastic!
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    Thank you for the effort you are putting towards creating these maps! They really are awesome to look at, and I (and I am sure many others) appreciate it!
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    Great Adventure does so many nice things year round for the local communities, state of New Jersey, and endless groups and organizations. Usually these acts of kindness go unnoticed with little fanfare but they really should be recognized for their contributions. Thanks GA!
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    For what they charge for admission there isn’t any excuse for closed/seasonal attractions.
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    I know it’s late but here are the photos I got from today, October 20th!
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    Kind of hard to add those when we don't have picture yet...
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    Right. Your average "GP" park guest (the vast majority of the park's attendance) won't walk into the park knowing JDC was cloned and extended at Magic Mountain across the country. They may draw similar comparisons between the two rides if they have ridden both or rides similar to it like Railblazer or WWGLC, but often times they won't even notice the two layouts are identical apart from an extended ending, since most of them don't dissect and study these coasters daily like we do. Like @The Master said, cloning saves costs, they don't have to constantly create new layouts for every park, and they are fantastic rides for the most part. Besides, a ride like JDC is probably going to be one of the most intense and aggressive coasters in the world and it is an absolutely excellent choice for cloning, especially at a park like Magic Mountain where this ride will join the insane company of Twisted Colossus and X2 (this is a SCARY top 3 at just ONE park, think about that. That's like the 1990s Chicago Bulls of amusement parks). JDC is going to be an amazing ride regardless of whether it is cloned, mirrored, inverted, rotated, warped, distorted, skewed, or shrunk down. And even in that circumstance, the majority of guests, like @Yoshi said, won't care or even realize there is a virtually identical clone of the ride thousands of miles away.
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