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    YOU can only post once per month to that topic. Post wisely!
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    Am I even shocked that you said this?
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    Whatever we get... let's just all agree to not be like the people on FB complaining about getting a giga coaster right now.
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    Where? What did you change? Furthermore, "fine I fixed it" should be "Fine, I fixed it." I am not trying to be a jerk but I am sure everyone would appreciate it if your posts were submitted properly to make reading them easier.
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    Kind of hard to add those when we don't have picture yet...
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    I just want to say this now since it’s the week of the announcement. We’re all basically mixed between wanting an S&S, RMC, Premier, Mack... etc However one thing not many of us are saying based on all the rumors being shared with us here from reliable sources, is that no matter the manufacture, AT LEAST we aren’t getting a clone ride again. Its about time GADV receives a Ground up RollerCoaster as it will be the 1st since 2006. Happy announcement week everyone! We waited years for this moment and finally our (exhausted and frustrated) patience has paid off. no matter what the manufacture is or what the park is losing... let’s finally be thrilled we receive a ride we ALL AGREE the park deserves! P.S. if it’s a clone, I quit
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    It seems like its been a while since you asked. Your restraint has been amazing.
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    Personally, I think the guy in the video is Six Flags Fun
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    I think if we get a coaster in the Seaport Congo area I think it would be the perfect time to give Congo the TLC it deserves. Congo deserves some new theming and rock work. It would be great to have the waterfalls working again with some new elements like tribe heads that shoot water out randomly. It would be great to have some interaction with the new coaster maybe like a dive under Congo and on to the island in the middle of Congo ( I don’t know how possible this is but it seems cool). I would want the park to add bamboo around the ride if it does go on the island to make it seem mysterious. I want Congo to have a stronger theme with more presence then what is currently their. Great Adventure has the perfect opportunity to bring new life into an older ride.
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    Our next updated construction spotlight is the Runaway Train! Check out the cool photos of the ride in pieces prior to being assembled. Special thanks to Dennis Gilbert (our member "Dennis") who was Great Adventure's original Ride Operations Manager from January 1974 through the 1975 season for adding so many photos to our construction collection. Follow this topic for ongoing updates of all the original park attractions. Click below to see the Runaway Train:
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    In honor of Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth opening, let's look back at all the park's rides which featured similar A-Frame supports!
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    They must need the land for a gigantic RMC T-REX in 2020.
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    The park has two areas dedicated for water activities and props for climbing, splashing, etc. I think Calypso Springs is fine as it is - a quiet pool to relax.
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    Yes it was. They'll be making a post today explaining all the clues!
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    where is Six Flags FUN and what have you done to him
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    welp i wont talk about it until tomorrow but im disappointed
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    I have to say it is interesting to see everyone’s possible variations of what is going to be added. Some are accurate. Some not so much!
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    Thats true, usually if somebody knows something, or "has" information, it gets leaked quickly. (ex. Pantheon Blueprints, Orion blueprints, SWSA Layout). The only people who probably know are higher ups in the park.
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    What do you think they did with El Diablo? Or back then, Looping Dragon?
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    The diameter is about 40".
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    Happy Birthday Great Adventure! Today we kick off a series of updates to our construction spotlights of the park's original attraction and structures from 1974. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcomed. First up - the Super Teepee!
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    You guys are doing great, I love the year books. I'm having trouble keeping up with you.
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    I'm kind of at a point where I want anything other than coasters. Don't get me wrong, I love coasters, and I completely understand that they're the main draw for most people. But they get repetitive, and sometimes I just want something different (or I want to ride something, but don't feel like waiting in line for one of the major rides.) I'm glad they're adding the Wonder Woman ride this year, and I'd be thrilled to see them bring back more rides like the Rodeo Stampede, Music Express, etc. Those are always fun because you can usually get on them with minimal wait, and many of them are just as much fun as the huge coasters, even if they're not as intense.
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    I was able to trace my family’s roots all the way back to 1465 and my 19th generation great grandfather in England. It was also cool to see one of my ancestors born on May 6, 1776 while his father was a Captain in the American Revolution.
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    Timeline Tuesday! All the updated seasons have been completed and now onto the new years... below is 1985!
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    Solar panels going into the employee parking lot (which look like it was repaved too!)
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    Eliminate the requirement for guests to carry around a sports bottle to partake in the unlimited soft drinks offer. Instead, for those who have purchased the drink option, have a Coca-Cola logo printed on their pass (sponsorship opportunity). As with the bottle, guests could order a drink with their meal, snack, or by itself. Having it on the pass would also allow for better control of any wait periods between refills. We would imagine the cost to Six Flags for the sports bottle would be more than the cost of the paper cups a guest would consume in a season but if not offer the bottle-less option at a small upcharge. Cruise lines have been doing this successfully for years (without the upcharge).
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    How many times is one going to ride a roller coaster? Or eat Flags' Famous Chicken Strips?
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    Who thought the name “Verrückt” would be good after the horrible safety hazard of a water slide? Lmfao
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    I do really hope Congo Rapids doesn't get touched, the park needs it, Log Flume cannot be the only water ride, and don't get me wrong I love log flume, but it just can't be the only one.
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    One way or the other, someone is going to be butthurt on the 29th.
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    It's just that one water pillar in the middle? I thought the whole pool was going to be surrounded with those pillars, looks pretty barebones compared to the announcement images.
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    Great report. Sounds like it was a good trip to both parks. It's surprising that Clementon Park has no water fountains.
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    Well one of my idea was to turn Seaport into Screampunk District (Congo Rapids would feel out of place, but so does Thunder River in the Over Georgia section). They don't even need to touch Nitro. I see Tax Twister and Road Runner relocated to National Park (becomes Bugs Bunny Boomtown w/ Lakefront entrance added), Deep Sea Diver and the Elephants added to Safari Kids where the car ride was, and Hearts Away and Barnstormer put in storage for a year or two and used for DC Super Friends rides (Harleyquinn Spinsanity and Scarecrow's Barnstormer). Then added a Zamperla Endevor or Chance Freestyle (Pandemonium), or a 100ft Super Loop (if they really, really, really wanted to) called Hyperdrive in 2-3 years, as DC Super Freinds would get 3 new rides (Bat Copters, Superman: Tower of Power, Wonder Woman-Flying Scooters) in addition to Hearts Away/Spinsanity and Barnstormer to finish off the Old Country trail area. P.S. If they bring the train back, put in El Diablo's spot
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    I don’t miss them. Use that money for some higher quality shows instead.
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    These new airplane seats by Avio Interiors at the Paris Air Show.
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    Quite often it's the approval from the state or local authorities. I still remember the passholder event for Golden Kingdom where they hadn't received the certificate of occupancy for any of the buildings so we could walk through and look into the buildings, but couldn't go in them.
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    Happy Birthday gasmspiritblue
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    The only Chop Six I've had was at Great America, and it was the absolute worst food I've ever had at a theme park. The orange chicken was inedible. (and not even chicken) I loved Panda Express I hope that was either an anomaly or that ours is completely different.
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    Thanks Harry, happy to be back active again! Interesting, I was hoping this would be a company initiative! Great way to generate some additional revenue too if there is an excess of power generated that they can sell back to the power company. Though I am a bit miffed that we won't be able to have shade for our cars too in the hot summer sun like the CA parks
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    Very cool, I like how there is so much information and media like this about the park here that can't be found anywhere else.
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    I don't think the park is that filthy that it's the "what is most necessary". I've actually found it in pretty good shape. It's hard to keep things pristine when you have large turn-over of people coming in and out every day.
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    Wow i did that back in the day myself! I remember freezing my bits off at like 4 am in line for walmart &target . Ugh. Havent done that in a LONG time though, thank god. Cyber Monday is my jam and i dont even leave the house on black friday anymore.
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    This would be a Great Addition........Until the Helicopter Flys too low in the Safari and scares the Animals. I could see it now, three Baboons jump on the Helicopter, the pilot trys to shake them off his windshield to no avail, he starts spinning the Helicopter until it Crashes into Kingda Ka just as the Train is at the top. All three cars on Zumanjaro crash to the ground along with the Helicopter and the Train from Ka, 57 people are dead along with 3 Baboons. PETA now wants the Park shut down, and that ain't the Worst Part.......The Helicopter Pilot was a member of the NRA.
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    this is off topic but: if six flags never bringing back a 4-D theater for the right stuff building, how about turning it into a water dark ride themed to willy wonka: its like the alton tower one but its a mix with the movies and the books, one change the facade of the right stuff building to the facade from 1971 movie (move slingshot to twister or where great lake grandstand used to be is for a open plaza) then you go inside of the recreation of the rules scene that serves as a pre show with willy wonka appears and talk to you that you are the golden tickets winners, then you go into a black and white maze like in the movie then you go into big to small room that is the station, then off you go to the scenes from the movie, chocolate room for augustus gloop, inventing room for violet beauregarde, nut room or egg room for veruca salt, then the wonka wash scene, then into the tv room for mike teavee, then you get off go into the office to see willy wonka, charlie bucket, and grandpa joe in this scene, then after that go on the wonkavator ride and fly over the factory and the town like the alton tower one, then after that you walk into the bills gift shop that is a gift shop based on bills candy shop from 1971 wonka but sells: wonka candy, t shirts, toys, and dvds and blu rays copies of 1971 and 2005 wonka movies, complete with lickable wallpaper.
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    if CF was in charge of SFGAdv, we would have a ton more coke freestyle machines and midnight closings i bet would come back. And much better staffing on the coasters.
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    One time last season on Roaring Rapids, I was on a raft that had a obnoxious group of spazes. It almost seemed like something was wrong with them as they really carried on during the whole rides. They kept shaking the center railing hub alot and really hard. They were bending the center hub so much that it really looked like they were going to crack it off, maybe they were trying to? It was the worse group of people I ever rode with on Roaring Rapids.
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