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    Frank was the first Director of Ride Operations that I knew in the Park. He worked 24 hours a day to keep those rides at their peak operating schedules, and kept his sense of humor also. When 6Flags took over Great Adventure, Frank moved on to King's Island Park in Ohio. While grilling Burgers at one of the late nite employee 'after-closing' cook-outs', (where management did the cooking and ran a few of the rides for employees to enjoy for a couple of hours after the normal closing time), Frank called in to the Security Office where I was the radio dispatcher, knowing we could not get out to get any of the food being shared in the Park. " Setting aside all call-signs and formal radio procedure, which was a big deal at the time, Frank Yelled into his radio.."HEY AL, IN SECURITY, Y'ALL WANT SOME BURGERS?" I responded politely, "OPERATIONS 1 ,FROM SECURITY BASE, 10-4 ON THE BURGERS, WE NEED ABOUT A DOZEN FOR THE OFFICE." The response was immediate and could be heard on both the Security and the Opns radio nets... "OK BUDDY, WE GOT A DOZEN OR SO 'BOUT READY, BUT YA GOTTA TELL ME IF YOU WANT YOUR BUNS TOASTED OR PLAIN?? YOU GOT THAT?? LET ME KNOW QUICK..." Without hesitation I said quickly. "TOASTED." To which we all heard the order go out from Frank " THAT NEXT GRILL LOAD OF BURGERS GOES UP TO THE SECURITY OFFICE TO THE GUYS STUCK UP THERE FOR THE NIGHT...AND MAKE SURE THEIR BUN'S GET TOASTED REAL GOOD !" and they did. Frank Thompson was one of the Good Guys.
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    This is a 3 dimensional Christmas Card sent by the sales dept to corporate customers in 1983.
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    1980 Hock at Liberty Fountain.
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    This was taken in front of Cyborg: Cyber Spin.
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    Per Peter Cincotta: "Vokkos (Eli Ganias) singing 'That's all right, mama' along with Mary Lynn & Company."
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    From the album: Videos - Rides, Attractions and Events

    © Video Courtesy of Six Flags Great Adventure

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    From the album: Loch Ness Monster

    Still my favorite coaster of all time.
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    Riding Green Lantern after a business meeting
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    Riding Nitro after a business meeting
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    From the album: MISC PICTURES

    So now you know who this is when you see the car
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    From the album: 2015 Two New Sea Lion Pups

    © Photos Courtesy of Six Flags Great Adventure

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    The incomparable Sara "Ding" Moore, 1985.
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    At the end of every show the puppeteers would stand up in the ship and wave to the crowd. People were amazed that there were only three people operating the dozens of puppets that appeared in the show. This picture was taken on July 13, 1982. From the left, the puppeteers are Angel Higgins, Sara Moore, and Karen Cascarino. Sara and Karen were also clowns at Great Adventure.

    © from the personal collection of Peter Cincotta - "Juggles" the clown

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