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    We are very happy to introduce the first of many vintage audio recordings from Great Adventure's history. This collection of reel-to-reel tapes offer a window into the park's past and features several of the earlier shows and announcements heard in days gone by. Join us as we kick off this series with a full recording of the fireworks show which took place in front of the Fort in the late '70s and early '80s. Here is the "Sprite Lights Sparkling Waters Fantasy" show!
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    It was a big help getting from El Toro to Kingda Ka- Next we get rid of the paintball building!!!
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    I think one of the most surprising result is that the best new feature was opening the paths in the Old Country and the Golden Kingdom - something that cost nothing to do. It pulled in almost three times as many votes as the new Cyborg ride. I guess it just goes to show that simple conveniences for customers really make a difference to guests.
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    I didn’t want to see Greedy.
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    Forget M. Night Shyamalan, Harry just gave us the greatest twist of all time.
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    The "artist rendering" at the bottom of the nj.com article cracked me up. https://www.nj.com/expo/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/01/21a5c34f1f72/six-flags-great-adventure-plans-big-hurricane-harbor-expansion-for-2019.html
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    I'm convinced Six Flags Fun is actually a bot arranging "RMC Raptor 2020" in different sentences, all saying the same thing.
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    Universal would have to be incredibly stupid or incredibly broke to give up the use of those Marvel characters for the very fact that they have an exclusive East of the Mississippi and it effectively blocks Disney from doing anything with the core Avengers IP. In perpetuity. I'll never understand why you guys put all this time and effort into elaborate park plans that will never, ever come to fruition. Then again, I don't understand fantasy sports either so perhaps it's a failure of imagination on my part.
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    Hopefully they don't go as blatant as Six Flags has. There is a way to work advertising and corporate sponsorships into a park and a way not to...
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    If they can draw people with a movie no one cares about (Avatar), they should have no problem packing Stars Wars Galaxy Edge at both parks.
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    Busch/SeaWorld had deals in place for exclusivity of the types of coasters they bought from B&M so the competition couldn't build the same thing within the market area. The only reason why KD got Dominator was that Cedar Fair relocated the ride. Same thing with Fiesta Texas getting a BTR clone when SeaWorld San Antonio already had one. If you spend ~$20 million on a new coaster you want it to be unique and a draw for some time. Even here in Orlando, SeaWorld has exclusive rights to the floorless, flyer, and hyper coasters, while Universal has/had inverted and standard looping coaster.
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    Here is a video about the coasters posted by Theme Park Crazy. Sandy's Blasting Bronco (Intamin Launch) will go through the layout once, then the train will rotate 180 degrees on a turntable and go through the layout backwards.
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    FYI, there won't be any new Timeline releases this coming Tuesday (Feb 5) but watch for several additional years the following Tuesday (Feb 12).
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    No doubt, but it still is interesting to see something so seemingly insignificant whop a multi-million dollar attraction.
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    I know I always find it really frustrating that EVERY park doesn't have this much info out there! I'm always looking for historic info on other parks and most are lucky to have a timeline like on Wikipedia and maybe a few photos. Only the Disney parks have this kind of historical resource beside GA.
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    Very cool, I like how there is so much information and media like this about the park here that can't be found anywhere else.
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    Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Samples below. Comments and discussions are welcomed!
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    While its great to have another pool coming, I feel we desperately need a new slide complex (or two)!
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    This year's Fright Fest calendar starts early and runs through Halloween day. The park will be open almost the entire last week of October!
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    I would rather see American Eagle kept as a classic wooden racing coaster.
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    Gotta support the team... https://youtu.be/g4Gyv5dXeOs
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    I gotta say, as much as I think it will be a freaking nightmare to get there, I'm actually kinda excited about this opening.
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    if they do something with bizzaro, i say retheme it back to medusa and give green lantern kumba sit down trains