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    I’m actually kinda surprised so many people agreed with a Kids Section not just being a want but a need essentially. Yes we all want a kick ass custom coaster that blows people away. But man would I love to be able to spend money on a ticket for me and my daughter and have a blast of a time. She still talks about Harley Quinn which is awesome but that’s all she has to talk about. She comes to live with me for the summer in a couple of weeks and her entire want list for the summer is “beach trip and every single amusement park to ride all the rides and roller coasters”. I wish more than anything six flags could offer my daughter, myself, and all the other families with kids under 12 more options. You’re all right, something has to be done due to competition. ....... but will it actually get done? That’s the question
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    Disneyland has started selling the shirt pictured below. This sums up many of my GA trips!
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    Realistically an improved kids area is the smartest move for the park due to the immense competition that will be coming to the area very soon so it is very likely that is what will be coming next year. I'm happy that we gained a decent amount of flats over the years (besides El Diablo lol) since I remember the days back when we were all demanding for them, but I'm still dreaming of a new and unique coaster. I guess I'll keep dreaming for now
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    They say this couldn't happen with a person, but imagine a scenario where someone's massive ass implants burst while riding.
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    Didn't you hear the news that SFGAdv will be getting a custom 300ft tall RMC Trex coaster that will have Six Flags TV onboard every train?
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    Back in my day the park would have been open today. And we would have walked through pouring rain to get to the next ride. Uphill. Just sayin’.
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    I think that an expanded/improved kids area could be in the cards. Between the investments that have been happening at Sesame Place and the construction of a new Legoland park in New York, there will be increased competition for the younger crowds.
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    I like that your personal predictions are realistic and not far-fetched.
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    ^ That would solve the capacity issue on the Safari Off Road Adventure!
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    Wording is tricky sometimes... ask Six Flags Over Texas:
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    The rumor started on the TexasThrillSeekers facebook page and was already retracted. They were claiming Herschend was going to pay $5 Billion dollars for 3 Six Flags parks, which doesn’t make any sense. They were making a bunch of other claims about the partnership parks that completely contradicts the information in the Six Flags annual reports.
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    Maybe they already started? Looks like a lot is happening in the Safari Kids section. A roller coaster has not been confirmed for 2020.
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    The gum ball machine looks cool. It’s good the logs are already in the trough at Saw Mill Log Flume, maybe it will open before Memorial Day weekend.
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    You guys are doing great, I love the year books. I'm having trouble keeping up with you.
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    I swear I wish I had just a quarter for every time he says RMC Raptor or TRex. I wouldn’t be in debt anymore
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    I think we are going to get a revamped kids area, I have no proof of it, but there is also no proof of a RMC Raptor, that just seems very unlikely to happen. But, the Seaport and Safari kids areas are looking a little shabby, and with the removal of Safari Tours, it makes sense something is going to happen in that section.
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    I never said anything about a new coaster. Think about what Magic Mountain is removing this year. Over Texas received a new coaster because it was time for one and it lined up with the budget and schedule of the other parks in the chain. The 50th anniversary was not the reason for it.
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    Have you seen endgame yet?
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    If I were to take a guess, clearing could possibly begin around June or July (there’s always a possibility of earlier or later). WCR had clearing in early July 2018 and Maxx Force had land clearing during Late May of 2018. Again, with whatever great addition the park receives in 2020, Great Adventure has a timeline of when they plan to begin construction and work on the next attraction, all we have to do is wait and see, and I’m excited for that day to come!
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    So true I was between 10 to 30 lbs in the 70’s. Rough estimate LOL!
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    It is an immersion program guests can somehow decide to opt in or stay out of. If you opt in and score well on the ride, the various characters in the stores, midways, and restaurants will congratulate you. However, if you score poorly, then they will rib on you. The backstory is the hounty hunter works for the pirate character from the spin off cartoons who is the new co owner of the Falcon with Chewie in the new ride as Han Solo is dead. If you perform poorly on the ride, you will damage the Falcon and owe the pirate guy money for repairs.
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    Rumor is the ride manufacturer hadn't sent some paperwork along and it was pushing inspection back.
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    We now have over 150 television ads in our collection! Check them out!
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    I am surprised the locals waited this long to sue. https://www.app.com/story/news/local/redevelopment/2019/05/04/jackson-nj-adventure-crossing-usa-six-flags-great-adventure/1093143001/
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    Cause people were built tougher back in those days. Like the time I fell 8,000 feet onto a pile of jagged rocks. However, I was out Jitter Bugging that very night.
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    The label at 4:19 confirms MCR to be for customer Hershey Park.
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    It's needed. I have a 7 and 3 year old. Been coming since the oldest is 1. Nothing has changed for kids at all in that time.
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    ^ My bet still hope it's time for 2020 coaster next year. Kids area expansion have to wait until 2021, meanwhile flat ride package will wait until 2022.
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    Batman was topped off at Discovery Kingdom.
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    I totally agree. I bring my cousins to the park all the time and for them nothing interests them anymore. They are too young for any of the big coasters but still want to ride good rides. They can only ride Skull Mountain, Runaway Train and Harley Quinn. They like the kids rides but after a while they get boring. The park really needs an expansion to benefit families. Yes the park needs a new coaster but the families should also be made a priority.
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    But did you have to pull a groundhog out of a claw machine?
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    It seems like Winkler is really putting his mark on the place and cleaning things up across the park. It's nice to see a few of the parks in the chain are taking care of their log flumes.
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    Bringing back an old ride will NEVER happen. The cost to bring back an old, unreliable ride that few people liked is the same cost as building a new ride. Money is much better spent on something new.
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    It was much worse to have to do that on the bobsled. Telling strangers they had to sit with someone in their lap who they didn't know was really tough.
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    I am going to miss the old Tudor entrance. The artwork for the new factory entrance looks boring.
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    Right? Those are the rides to take your date on. Awkwaaaard
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    I'll miss the old style brochure but I'm glad there is at least something still available to add to my collection of park maps and brochures. It seems like more things are moving to digital only like some store weekly ads.
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    Could be a great opportunity for a Justice League stunt show sometime in the future. Even though they're usually cheesy, it's still nice to be able to sit down after so much walking and take in a show. Also, we still only have 2 water rides in the park (Congo and Log Flume). There's some leftover real estate next to Justice League (old Musik Express/Spinmeister spots) that would be a great area for some type of Aquaman themed water ride. Those hot summer days really make me yearn for the days of Movietown Water Effect and its giant splash waves.
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    Thanks Harry, happy to be back active again! Interesting, I was hoping this would be a company initiative! Great way to generate some additional revenue too if there is an excess of power generated that they can sell back to the power company. Though I am a bit miffed that we won't be able to have shade for our cars too in the hot summer sun like the CA parks
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    Happy to see they went through with it! Are we the only park in the chain with a solar array now?
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    Why would this be directed at a US Senator? Cory Booker has very little to do with state laws, he works on and votes on national legislation. Try reaching out the to State Legislators who can actually do something about state law. Jackson is in LD12.
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    Looking back at our Pendulum ride, the gondola on that attraction peaked at a height of 66 feet. Wonder Woman will reach 172 feet!
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    NEW RULE: Any duplicate or repetitive posts made by a member containing the same questions or content (most likely asking about a future coaster by RMC) over and over again regardless of which topic it appears in will be deleted. Thanks for adhering to this simple rule.
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    I worked Mine Train for years... You could NEVER run 4 trains (as many have asked) because with three, there was only 45 seconds between trains. It was a VERY fast paced ride to work and required many employees to do it. At the first sign of ANY rain, we would automatically drop to a "one-train" operation without any supervisory permission needed due to the skid brakes becoming wet. We had many trains that would not stop because it was too wet. We used to put "quick dry" on the trim and ready brakes, but that would eventually leave the brakes with a slick coating over time - requiring replacement. We found that plain ol' kitty litter did a much better job! I remember telling those guests waiting (behind the old swinging wooden doors) to back up all the way to the wall of the station, so if a train didn't stop in the station, there would be less chance of them falling into the track or into the fast moving train. I would LOVE the comments made by guests who didn't get the whole "wet brake" thing and would see a train slide through the station and then complain "HEY how come THEY get to go again?!?" Too funny!!! Here's your sign...
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