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    After seeing Winterfest maps this year compared to this map, it makes me really appreciate how much of Great Adventure is open and how many rides and coasters the park is running compared to other non Six Flags parks in cold weather areas.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    Here is the park layout with rides. More images can be found here: http://www.structure1.com/project/american-dream-mall/
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    I found an interesting video.
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    Same reason people prefer model trains over train simulator software. Sometimes the physical world is more impressive (and fun) than virtual things.
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    I really like how they are adding new signs to the security gate. I really like it (Fright Fest and now HITP).
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    that's great news - never went to Mama's, but smelled it all the time....LOL
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    There is a company exhibiting at IAAPA that does amazing models that reminded me of the Garden of Marvels: http://miniatureart.com.tr/en
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    Source: CentralJersey.com
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    I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get back to the park before HITP and was able to get there today. It was almost a repeat of the trip last year when I also went to the park on a Thursday in November, low crowds until around 5:00 - 6:00 and then walk ons the rest of the night. Lines were 5 - 15 minutes for almost everything in the afternoon when I got to the park for the first few hours I were there with the exception of Justice League with the line out of the building and listed as 65 minutes in the app and The Dark Knight that was listed as 30 minutes in the app. I think the reason the line for The Dark Knight was because there was no pre-show being run, people saw no line outside and thought it was a short wait but the line started about half way in the pre-show room and was full up to the loading area. Bizarro, Runaway Mine Train, Parachutes and Skyway were closed. Some food places and games were closed as well. There were also almost no ride greeters and bags were allowed to be left in the station on most rides. Dispatches were still fast. I tried Metro Grill for lunch and the chicken sandwich I had was really good and much better than the typical theme park food. Nitro got stopped on the lift because someone had a phone out and an announcement was made in the station about how there is a fine of up to $1,000 from the state of NJ and a year ban or longer from the park for having a phone out yet when the train returned to the station, the person went up to the ride operator that had the phone, got it back and was able to leave without talking to security. I wish they would go through with the threat of kicking people out of the park. SkyScreamer was also stopped with riders maybe 2/3 of the way up the tower for around 15 minutes around 3:00 but reopened shortly after that. Nitro, 5 rides. 2 trains running with fast dispatches. I went for row 7 and 8 for all 5 rides. Skull Mountain, 5 rides. My 5th ride was my overall 400th Skull Mountain ride. Ride #399 had no one else on the train. The Dark Knight, 2 rides (later in the day when there was no one in line). Justice League, 3 rides. Later in the day, there was no wait using the single rider line. I got 138500 on my 2nd ride that is my best score so far. This ride is so much fun and was just what the park needed. It might be interesting to try to ride when there is no one else in the car so there isn't anyone else going for the targets to try to get a higher score. I'm sure there won't be a chance to try that for a while though. Harley Quinn Crazy Train, 1 ride. Kingda Ka, 2 rides. I rode in the 2nd and 3rd rows. The front row line only was a 3 train wait for the 2nd ride but with so many empty rows, I thought I would be told that I had to fill in other rows (that has happened in past trips when the station isn't full) so I didn't try to wait for the front. Zumanjaro, 2 rides. 1 ride was in gondola 3 in the seat at the end of the row on the left which is one of my favorite seats since it is so close to Kingda Ka's track. El Toro, 2 rides. Really smooth in a non wheel seat but the wheel seat wasn't too bad either. SkyScreamer, 2 rides. I know everyone takes this pictures but with this part of the queue empty, I stopped to get the picture. No pre-show running and there was no one in the queue after the pre-show room.
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    Frontier Adventures was closed yesterday for unknown reasons, possibly because of staffing. I also got 24 rides on El Toro yesterday too.
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    Santa really gets around!
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    Just out of curiosity, what’s your aversion to unions? They created the middle class in this country.
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    Sadly that is what is wrong with today's Disney and most major theme park companies, especially those on the NYSE.
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    I really like how the section titles on the map legend match the lights colors for each themed section
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    We have the new 2017 Holiday in the Park map and guide to share! Click below to see all the festive details!
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    As much as I understand this is Disney trading on their own intellectual property, which is their right, it just doesn't jive with what Walt did at Anaheim and Orlando. Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates, the Haunted Mansion and the Matterhorn had zero to do with Disney IP. They were all original, immersive and amazing. What IP they did trade on was well developed and appropriate and also immersive and amazing. And I say this as someone who loves both Star Wars and the Marvel movies, but I don't want to see re-purposed rides cheaply rethemed. I want to see new and amazing rides.
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    I knew the park would be empty when I arrived in the parking lot. With the Grape Adventure and The Breast Cancer run going on the park had a lot of extra stuff going on that looked pretty cool. It's odd seeing Hurricane Harbor's Parking lot full with people, very similar to how it is literally every summer day. We headed right to Kingda Ka to find out it was closed. It would be helpful to know if it was closed in advance. They should put a sign at the beginning of the golden kingdom so you don't have to walk all the way to the ride gate. We went for El Toro (which had no wait) and did that twice front row and 2nd row. It's running fairly smooth and better than it did last November. I went over to Bizarro which had NOT ONE person in the queue. That ceases to amaze me. We took the sky ride over to the Jonny Rockets by Batman had a bite to eat and then rode Batman. After that we went to Justice League and got a quick ride. That area looks nice with it's holiday decor. We went over to the Joker and rode it quickly. Kingda Ka was still closed. Superman was running awful to be honest. I was one of the only people in the queue and all set and done, it took 20 minutes for me to board in my empty row. They kept putting us on and then taking us off. I went to Kingda ka for one final Ride and it was running great. I had a great day at the park. There weren't any crowds which is an adjustment from Fright Fest. It truly is "No Line November"
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    Two of the three "new" rides have been spotted at La Ronde and it appears they came from Mega Parc at The Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City. That park is currently closed for a $52 million renovation. The two rides Six Flags purchased are the ferris wheel and the mini drop tower. Images taken by user Forum Xtreme Fan on the Xtreme La Ronde forums: http://xtremelaronde.forumactif.com/t9p75-nouveaux-maneges-2018 It is currently unclear if the third new ride will be a Tilt-A-Whirl. The picture of the kiddie scrambler is over the description of the mini drop tower on the Six Flags website. https://www.sixflags.com/larondeen/attractions/newfor2018
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    Not sure but the decorations next to them are similar to the ones on Santa's House. Maybe the lights are for the Big Wheel.
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    I'll add my notes from our trip on Saturday, Oct. 28: Weather was beautiful - we got there when it opened at 11 am. There was virtually no backup getting through the parking plaza and only a few minutes to get through security and into the park. Crowds weren't too bad for the first hour or two. We did three rides and three shows, ate lunch and a snack. We walked the whole park to see the decorations. The Unleashed show was excellent, especially the trampoline artists in the neon lighted outfits. When we left the 5:00 show, the park had become wall to wall people, so the wife said it was time to get out. She weren't waiting in lines for any more rides or to get dinner, or even for the parade. We started walking to the gate at around 5:30. It was like a salmon trying to swim upstream - people were coming in by the thousands. As we walked towards our car in the lot, we noticed that they had already started parking cars over in HH. It was a challenge to drive towards the exit with all these people coming in the opposite direction. We finally got out to Route 537, where we immediately hit a traffic jam, and I was perplexed. We turned right towards I-195, but couldn't budge. I noticed the NB entrance into the park had been closed off, and then realized NB traffic had to go past the entrance, make a u-turn at the jughandle, and then enter the park via the overpass. It was pandemonium with 3-4 lanes of cars trying to weave in every direction to get where they needed to. There was no signing or traffic directors, so many people were lost and confused as to what to do. It took us a half hour to get from the exit ramp past the jughandle, which is only maybe a quarter mile away. Once we got past the jughandle, it was finally clear sailing, but it took an hour from when we exited the main gate to the time we passed the jughandle. It was now 6:30 and the line of cars coming from the north was backed up at least to I-195, and probably back on to the interstate itself. I estimate it would be at least 8:00 before these people actually got into the park. And then good luck getting on any rides or attractions as the park would be unbelievably crowded. I realize the park was open until midnight, and maybe a lot of these people had season passes, but I still can't see how it is worth it to visit the park under those conditions. Neither my wife or I have ever seen anything like this at any park. Apparently we escaped the asylum just in time! LOL
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    It will have the lighting package!
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    Hi Y'all. I was a supervisor at World of Animals in Mesquite prior to the sale to Hardwicke and then the move of animals to Great Adventure. I was part of the grand roundup of rhinos, lions, giraffes, baboons and other wonderful creatures that I got to work with at WOA. I see Gary is here from the old crew. Anyone else? After I left WOA in 1973, I went on to work my way up to Curator at the Houston Zoo. Since 1989, I have worked in biomedical research at the University of Texas. This is "Raffie". He was bottle raised in our Safari Village. "Clyde" the lion went on to work with Jewel New at Ringling Bros. as part of an all male lion act. I got to see him in the late 70's when RB came to Houston. Clyde was still the same laid back guy as when I knew him.
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    http://www.rideentertainment.com/press-release/american-dream/ Construction Webcam: http://www.earthcam.net/projects/americandream/meadowlands/
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    Fright Fest seemed very slap-dash and half-assed this year. Short on staff and theming.
  28. 1 point
    I sure noticed it this year and their absence made the park seem more sparse for FF. Sadly I think the park wants less Halloween decorations up so they can more quickly convert to Christmas which they focus more effort on than for Halloween anymore.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    Even with a free preview pass, their value is still highly questionable with the opportunity cost of going on a normal ride instead.
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    I feel like Bizarro runs better with only 2 trains since there is less time sitting on the brake run outside the station. It seems like it's almost impossible not stack at all with only 2 people checking the restraints.
  33. 1 point
    That Halloween day this year is going to be coldest day of the week. Seems like the last few years, Halloweens have been cooler than usually. It will warm up again but it stinks Halloween is in a cool snap again this year.
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    I have probably a half dozen of these bags at my parents home in Jersey in the three different size varieties in which they were produced. God only knows when I’ll be in Jersey again to get them for you. The bags I have do not have Great America on them, but include parks acquired up to Magic Mountain and the two wax museums.
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    Hey everyone (or anyone reading this) I'm mostly a lurker in here but I was wondering if someone in here would be willing to help me out, I impulsively bought a Season Pass (first time in probably 6 or so years, not sure if that makes a difference) during the Flash Sale in September thinking that I'd be able to get to the park before the 31st deadline to get the Gold Upgrade, as it turns out, I will more than likely not going to make it to process my pass. I tried reaching out to six flags support to see if there's some kind of online process to process season passes (its 2017, I figured there was a chance there would be) and found out if a friend or family member was going to the park they can get it processed for me. That said, I am in search of someone who would be willing to become my new best friend who might happen to be headed to the park this weekend or next that I could email my voucher to. Thanks in advance
  36. 1 point
    Rode GL once, and that was enough for me. It went to the bottom of my coaster list.
  37. 1 point
    He makes a major point: "The wives make the decision on resorts, not the kids," "he tries to appeal to women, not children." Six Flags needs to listen to this. Women, and adults in general, want to watch shows, eat unique food, and spend the day in a pleasant atmosphere. These are all things Six Flags does not offer and the reason adults avoid the parks.