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    Forum, I am catching up on site maps at a very reasonable pace. After being a month behind, I am caught up to February 23rd as of early this morning. The current lineup of site maps goes as follows: February 23rd (In progress) (Footing back-fill and station footings) February 27th (Prepping for steel and station footings) March 2nd (Vertical construction) March 4th (from the Behind the Adventure video, given there is some new information in the video). All site maps I am behind on will be completed before Winter Adventure on the 14th. I will share with the forums the map for the 27th and all maps after that. Once the site maps are done, I will be moving into the column maps and a new track map similar to the configuration of the column map. Stay tuned!
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    Passed some supports en route to the park by KFC earlier.
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    I know assembly of this will be fairly quick, but this made me laugh the other day in the "Great Adventure Connoisseurs" group on Facebook:
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    It has been a long time coming, but it's finally here. I am extremely honored to present the magnum opus of our JERSEY DEVIL COASTER construction updates; the recreated ride foundation plan for JERSEY DEVIL COASTER. This journey started on February 1st, 2020, where I watched Great Adventure's second episode of "BEHIND THE ADVENTURE - JERSEY DEVIL COASTER" and noticed that the park had included blueprints in the update. While I was originally just going to let it sit and not do anything with it, I felt like I had to use it. Thus, I tackled the nearly one-month long journey from that day up until today, February 29th, 2020, and finished it. While it was slower at some points than others, recreating these blueprints by hand from scratch with every little detail was a challenge but part of the hustle. I am happy it happened, yet so happy it is over. I would do it all again if I could (I really wouldn't, this took FOREVER!) Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy this blueprint recreation. Of course, all credit given to Maser Consulting P.A. and their talented team, as well as Richard Maloney who is the lead engineer of this JERSEY DEVIL COASTER project for the original blueprints; as well as GADV themselves for revealing such a precious document.
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    Good afternoon all! I had the opportunity to visit the Prospertown/Switlik Lake near the park today and grabbed some great photos and footage of the structure. It looks absolutely beautiful from afar, and it’s only a matter of days before track begins to rise up into the sky! The tallest two columns that will support the JDC track are officially vertical, and all columns on the ride appear to be complete! Here’s some of my photos I was able to grab from the lake.
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    Yikes, this is a rough response.
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    Thanks XENITH for putting in all your hard work and for sharing it with us here on GAH! It's fantastic!
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    The way things are going, this may be the first new coaster to actually open with the park in a while.
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    If society is shutdown for 18 months we will have bigger problems than just a virus.
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    Even if Trump personally cures COVID-19 with his magic ET healing touch, there are still going to be long term complications from the virus impact. We should expect budget cuts from the parks due to lost income from delayed openings such as cuts in shows and operating hours. They will also likely implement new safety and sanitation procedures. Not sure how crowds may be affrected. Residual virus fears may suppress crowds for awhile which may lead to further cuts.
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    I am curious to see if the lift hill will have walkways on both sides like most of GA’s major coasters.
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    Not sure who the losers are. I think its unwarranted.
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    People will get drunk in unorganized ways instead this year...
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    You seem to be slightly overreacting a little... Maybe... But seriously though, all of these places are closing or postponing so the Corona virus doesn't get worse, it is basically extreme precaution, the U.S is #8 on the amount of cases of the Virus in a country in the world. So basically, be patient and just be careful, I think this whole virus thing is being blown out of proportion, mostly because it is new and we don't know if it will get worse than it has. Turns out we have been living with the flu every year, in the 19/20 season it has killed 20,000 Americans, and infected 34 million, just this country alone, but it happens every year so it isn't as big as a deal as something new, Corona will also infect you longer without you knowing, so that scares people a bit I guess.
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    Good evening, Just checking in to update you all on the map. Aiming to have the 3/9 map done for Friday so that I have a blank slate before Winter Adventure on Saturday given it is still happening. Everyone, please be careful and safe with all of the coronavirus madness going on right now. As you may have seen in the Winter Adventure email (if you are attending the event), leave spaces in the Showcase Theater. Bring hand sanitizer if you can and wash your hands rigorously and consistently, preferably with warm water. If you are sick, please stay home and do not attend the event. Have a great night everyone.
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    Finally, after too many days, the 3/21 map is complete. This is the last site map ever without track on it, so this was very nostalgic and sentimental to create this map knowing it would be the last one before we channeled orange. There may have been a few minor things I missed from the video (very minor, probably even insignificant things) but I'm just so tired of this map right now and I wanted to get it out before the end of the day today. You all know the deal by now: bunch of new columns, exit ramp things are poured, maintenance shed foundations started, three columns Bermuda triangled, and crews began doing their final touches to prepare for track. I also fixed some coloring and texture things in the surrounding area around the ride, such as the hideous maroon paths pretty much all over Safari Kids. I can't tell you how much I want to put track on this map right now, it's been so long. Anyway, I'll stop rambling, the map is posted below as per usual. Enjoy.
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    I took a trip out to the Prospertown Lake today, and got a chance to kayak. I made a video to document the visit. As I was there, they were putting on a piece of track.
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    If 2020 addition saved Great Adventure's money, I expect kids area expansion is coming in 2021. Also: In next couple years, Six Flags most unlikely will get bankrupt like in 2009 due to coronavirus. I expect Six Flags and Cedar Fair will be recovered after the virus will peak to no new cases in couple weeks or a few months.
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    I’m here at Prospertown Lake, they just put up track for the dive loop!
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    Magic Mountain also has a space frame structure for their main entrance. Through, its not a rounded arch, more like a pyramid. More info about space frames. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_frame
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    This is a 3 dimensional Christmas Card sent by the sales dept to corporate customers in 1983.
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    Surprised they have not haulted construction over the virus.
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    OK, so it'd be something like this. The queue is SF-74's spaceship, the SS Stardust. A video screen people would gather at would display the predicament. (We hear a female, British-accented voice with a metallic tint to it.) "The SS Stardust, and possibly the rest of the galaxy, is in trouble. During a fight with computer virus Malefac, our planetary defender SF-74 managed to become infected. I am his mentor Miraje. I ask of you to help me rid SF-74 of this nasty virus, as it has made him hostile and aggressive. Aboard the special spaceship 'Viper,' you will be shrunk down to a molecular level and injected into SF-74's body, where you will confront Malefac directly. If we don't do anything, who knows what SF-74 could do. Please. You are my only ho-" (SF-74 appears on screen, interrupting Miraje's feed.) "So Miraje wants me the way I used to be, huh? I don't think so. I love bein' bad. And if you losers try and do anythin' about it, you're toast. Hehehehehe..." You would board the train, which looks like a green spaceship. The coaster would launch into the regular Viper layout, but surrounded by projections that would depict SF-74's techno-organic insides. The layout would be extended with a few new maneuvers like an actual loop, and you would barrel roll into SF-74's brain, where you would find Malefac. He says: "Hahahahaha! You're no match for me, weakling!" Suddenly, the Viper's laser cannons would fire, knocking him out. "Noooooooo!" You would beam out of SF-74's body, into a separate unload area where we see Miraje and a newly-healed SF-74 congratulate you on a spectacular mission. "I am so proud! Thanks to you, SF-74 is back to normal!" "Ow, my head..." "Please exit to your left..." (and so on and so forth.) SF-74 would resemble TOM 2, Miraje would resemble a combination of Sara 1 and Sara 2 (since she has a body, which you see at the end of the ride), and Malefac would resemble Swayzak. When WarnerMedia rebuys Six Flags, this ride would be slightly modified so that the characters are who they were meant to be based on, and the ride name would be changed to "Toonami: Operation TOM." The Viper name for the ship would still stay in the ride. BTW, right before Miraje's message starts in the preshow, binary code would appear on screen. When translated, it says, "Warner LeRoy."
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    BLACK WINGS OF THE RAVEN! The first large column is up for the Raven Dive element according to pictures from the Prospertown Lake! Progress on the coaster does not seem to be completely halted despite initial thoughts, however it does seem to be at a slower pace compared to before; as expected.
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    Not saying to not take precautions but also don’t get overhyped about it. Definitely is being taken more seriously around the country especially today but it doesn’t go from zero to die.
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    Because images of the Tilt-a-Whirl are so rare, I thought I would add this less than ideal yet unique photo of the ride. This is from the mid 80's when the ride was across the creek from the Fort.
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    SFOT just added them https://www.facebook.com/groups/TexasThrillSeekers/permalink/2682179361909284/
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    I have a feeling that this wish will easily be coming true given the current virus concerns.
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    In addition, here is the small map update and tweak for March 4th, courtesy of the fantastic Behind the Adventure video the park provided us with. With this map complete, we are officially caught up on site maps and eagerly await to further update them as regularly scheduled. Now, we will be moving onto both column and track maps to wrap up our "catching-up" phase. Enjoy the rest of your day!
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    THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME! JERSEY DEVIL COASTER has officially gone vertical at Six Flags Great Adventure as of March 2nd, 2020! Here is the latest site map for this extremely special occasion. Can't wait to see this exciting progress in person come next Saturday at Winter Adventure
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    I'm excited that we just got some REALLY COOL new "Planned But Never Built" artwork for a spotlight we were working on! Can't wait to show it to everyone in a few days...
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    This is a shareholder trying to make money by steering the direction of the company. H-Partners were majority shareholders before when the company came out of bankruptcy from the Red Zone/Shapiro years. It looks like they're doing the same again bringing the company back from the brink.
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    All 21 transfer + maintenance columns are in, as well as the columns on the turn into the transfer area, crows nest entrance/exit, and even the A frame support for the initial brake run!
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    Speaking of which, I am not happy about the new location of Three point shootout, I realize they want to make more money by putting it in the front of the park, but, it is a terrible spot, I know the park isn't always perfect with keeping a theme and atmosphere, but the spot beside Sugar Shack is not good. Why not move it where that abandoned High Striker is near Sky Bar?
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    It looks like most, if not all of the Transfer Track Columns are in place, the "Crow's Nest" support base are in, and the turnaround from the FBR is in place!
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    Forgetting how long this took to actually go vertical compared to other parks' new additions, I think this'll still go up relatively fast and (bold prediction) track work will probably be done by opening day.
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    If they aren't allowing refunds, I'd dispute the charge with my credit card. What a horrible thing to do to customers.
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    Bizarro back to Medusa would be absolutely awesome! Not to mention that Medusa's color scheme was great! Hopefully we could keep all of the cool effects such as the fire and mist, as those were great additions to the ride!
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    When i think of the park i think of various Batman themes i have heard specifically Batman returns (or what i personally call it Batman 1992) since that is what i was thinking of when in line and riding it, and Batman and Robin (Batman Forever also has the same music to it). The last one is what i really think about when visiting the park even thou the ride shut down 11 years ago (and i was too much of a wee little lad to ride it). I edited this in afterwards but i agree with the others choices and have them myself but i am not gonna be redundant and state their points again.
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    Never horked, but I've gotten vertigo from Joker and Cyborg because I had an inner ear infection I wasn't aware of at the time.
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    While I think there were both positive and negative aspects to the Time-Warner Aquisition of Six Flags, the positive aspects were very short term (mainly a solid parent company financially that could invest in the parks). While TW certainly improved theming at the parks, those themes completely destroyed much of each parks’ uniqueness in architecture and characters. I don’t think the individual parks needed to eliminate their unique characters when the TW characters were brought in. And, despite the TW emphasis on improved theming and improved attendance that came with it, we have certainly seen an abandoning of themes in recent years. In fact, I don’t even think of Six Flags as theme parks these days. They’ve become so much of everything that Walt Disney did not want with his creation of the first theme park.
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