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    This might be the record for RMC Raptors in one post. At the very least its the most rapid shot. Until now.... I don't know if it will be an RMC Raptor but maybe it will be an RMC Raptor. An RMC Raptor might fit in that space so it could be an RMC Raptor but it may not be an RMC Raptor after all. Well, if it is an RMC Raptor I will enjoy the new RMC Raptor but if it isn't an RMC Raptor maybe an RMC Raptor will come next year. So in conclusion, we may get an RMC Raptor but we might not get an RMC Raptor. If we don't get an RMC Radaptor, maybe it will be an RMC Raptor in 2021, the year of the RMC Raptor. Does anyone know if we are getting an RMC Raptor or if we aren't getting an RMC Raptor? I hope its an RMC Raptor that is a record breaking RMC Raptor. That RMC Raptor would be my favorite RMC Raptor above any other RMC Raptor. Unless its an RMC T-Rex Ok, I will stop saying RMC Raptor until the next time I say RMC Raptor. RMC Raptor. I thought I should get one more in there.
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    Whatever we get... let's just all agree to not be like the people on FB complaining about getting a giga coaster right now.
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    What if Six Flags FUN is just a John Winkler burner acc and we have just been getting trolled this whole time
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    IT WASN'T ME. IT WASN'T ME. THAT IS DIFFERENT GUY. Okay that was different guy in the video not me. But I really want a single rail coaster next year.
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    Boring. Under the lake is where it's at.
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    Just curious, is the guy in that video more or less credible than the Dippin’ Dots guy?
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    Hey guys, I was just at the park and went over to the Seaport area, and found some guys surveying the location. I asked the guy in the green vest if there will be a roller coaster coming here. He said yes right off the bat, but did not specify what kind. So yes, pretty much confirmed the attraction will be a coaster.
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    From today's media update for August: "2020 New Attraction Announcement – August 29 Stay tuned as Six Flags Great Adventure announces its highly-anticipated new attraction for 2020. After months of rumor and speculation, the legendary and monstrous details will be revealed at 5 a.m. via its website and social media. The world record-breaking project is slated to open next summer." So: Legendary Monstrous World record-breaking
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    ^ All these YouTube's are the same. Unfounded.
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    Is the idea that they'd be consuming Seaport/Safari Kids and moving those rides into a new kiddie area at El Diablo? (Sort of the reverse of when Balin's was consumed) If so, I'd say they'd definitely keep a kiddie area on the west side of the park for HitP purposes. And probably make it the largest area too. They are really favoring that side so it can be a self-sufficient theme park even with the other half closed.
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    Hey man, appreciate your input. It’s funny, everyone offers thoughts and speculations and are hardly ever really questioned for it, and then you offer your input on something you had seen and it’s instantly questioned and you have to repeat “take with a grain of salt” multiple times over. You're good dude! It’s almost the end of July and we will start to see rumblings soon from six flags parks for teasers so our wait is almost over. Everyone just wants to know now
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    Personally, I think the guy in the video is Six Flags Fun
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    I think if we get a coaster in the Seaport Congo area I think it would be the perfect time to give Congo the TLC it deserves. Congo deserves some new theming and rock work. It would be great to have the waterfalls working again with some new elements like tribe heads that shoot water out randomly. It would be great to have some interaction with the new coaster maybe like a dive under Congo and on to the island in the middle of Congo ( I don’t know how possible this is but it seems cool). I would want the park to add bamboo around the ride if it does go on the island to make it seem mysterious. I want Congo to have a stronger theme with more presence then what is currently their. Great Adventure has the perfect opportunity to bring new life into an older ride.
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    It’s pretty inconvenient that there isn’t any actual video evidence of this, and that it’s been known through only word of mouth. I think that’s why a lot of the jokes/skepticism are going on.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Some samples below:
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    Addition to my above comment: i truly believe for the first time in roughly 10 years, Six Flags GADV has listened to its fans and for once is following through with something huge and they know the enthusiast are the ones driving this “ground up coaster” concept. So why not actually make a hint inside of the hint for enthusiasts letting us know they hear us? It’s not too far fetched
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    Another theory is that the two Cs could represent a coaster, so two dueling coasters. The four Rs could stand for records, meaning it would break 4 records.
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    This really sounds like Jersey Devil to me!
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    Building over the water would require draining portions of the lake to build footers and a ton of environmental impact studies and paperwork. All of that is expensive, time consuming, and probably something the park would not want to tackle, especially after they were fighting off the solar panel protesters.
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    Maser Consulting are an engineering firm. They had previously worked on Zumanjaro and The Joker. They are currently working on the Legoland in New York.
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    That’s the fastest way for that guy to lose his job.
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    Ik its alot to ask for but is it possible to get a nice photo of those papers?
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    It’s not like they can change the dice emoji.
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    Yeah, that’s a very large area.
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    I went to Dorney on Tuesday mostly for Wildwater Kingdom and to see Grand Carnivale. Unfortunately i didn't know the parade was only once a day and couldn't stay that late or that the events didn't start until 5. I'm going to try to get back there before the event ends to see the parade. Before going to the water park, I was going to ride a few coasters and gave up on that after Steel Force. It was in the mid 90s and humid, too uncomfortable for me. I spent the rest of the time riding the water rides on the ride side of the park and going to the water park. As expected the ride side was empty and everyone was in Wildwater Kingdom. Ride Count: Steel Force, 1 Waterslides, 11 Lazy River, 1 Thunder Canyon, 1 Thunder Creek Mountain, 1 Whitewater Landing, 1 The first sign you see when entering the park. Main stage The park even switched out the standard red umbrellas to match the theming of the section. One of the many food stands
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    Well that was unexpected. I’m in total shock.
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    Im just gonna say it now.. Six Flags FUN!.. Were sorry.
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    I like that they are selling the 2020 season passes earlier. It gives me a chance to get to the park before daily operations end to process the 2020 pass.
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    A Mack Power Splash would easily fit near Congo Rapids. If Six Flags researched the ride for Dubai, I am sure they considered it for additions in the USA. And it is "Tall, Fast, and Steel!"
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    Can you guys imagine if Great Adventure actually does get a Raptor or TRex and six flags fun gets an entire year of rubbing it in our faces ...... oof
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    It’s a hefty cost to transport 5767 KG cross country. It would make a lot of sense if this were heading somewhere local. The Intamins at the Meadowlands if I’m correct are already assembled, leaving a small selection of parks. Headlining those, Great Adventure. If this were true, all the years of waiting for a stand out Coaster might be worth it.
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    Take this with a grain of salt, but apparently in the one of the Jackson Township council meetings, they talked about the 2020 addition being a ride from Premier Rides, so if that’s true (which I don’t know) I think that the park could receive either a ride similar to Full Throttle, or a taller, faster, and longer version of West Coast Racers!
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    But my problem with that is why have this secret code to a word that has already been used in the clues itself
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    ^ Probably for a prop for Fright Fest. Not a ride. Most likely new coaster will be themed to DC Comics IP.
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    I was thinking the red flame/smoke background could be hinting at something too but I thought that was reading too far into it. Maybe...
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    There actually are markers on the left side of LTSP. i think they are new.
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    I made it into the video!! The back of my head is famous! 0:53
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    I got it, Deja Vu will be re-themed to The Riddler BAM all guessing can end.
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    Neither does the twitter one (it’s likely just because the different OS’ have different markings on the dice emojis) .
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    Just remember, this "rumor" has been going around in circles for a year now. After a while everyone forgets where it started and no one knows how valid it is. When any 12 year old can make a video that says "ZOMG teh Dippin DOts guy says we're getting a raptor, and three people said it was true" doesn't make it any more true.
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    It's just that one water pillar in the middle? I thought the whole pool was going to be surrounded with those pillars, looks pretty barebones compared to the announcement images.
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    This is sort of off topic, but it’d sure be nice for the park to add something like the museum they had for the 40th season, but instead have it open year round and consistently update it. The museum was so well done and I feel like many parks have something that showcases it’s history, so why not make a whole store like the museum. Perhaps they could make it like Universal’s Prop Shop and sell certain items. They could always use the abandoned paintball building for it.
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    Don't get too excited. It doesn't say what the record is. Wonder Woman is billed as a World Record ride (it's the same size as the others Six Flags built).
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    I was there with ya on Friday!!! I didn't get to ride Wonder Woman but my kids did. I was happy to see it up and running.
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    Obviously nothing is confirmed, but are you referring to something like this? https://youtu.be/hILb3lHQWwI
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    We do still have the Axis Chemical Wash (Coca-Cola Cool Zone) to do yet!
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