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    I worked the "Bubble Theater" for about 3 - 4 years... it was a long time ago... I believe that this was the first show in the new theater which was actually very "state of the art" for the time. The audio track for the show was provided by a 1" real to real playback with multiple channels for orchestra/music background, sub-woofers and voice track. All of the group singing on stage was pre-recorded track with only the on-mic singing real at the time... later the tap dancing was all on track. The wireless microphones that were used were some of the earliest use of wireless microphones... I do not know what type if was, but it had a large battery that needed to be recharged every hour and did not have very good range. The lighting system for the time was actually pretty good... follow-spots and nice proscenium stage. When i saw the Proscenium edge lighting chase at the end of the show it brought back memories. I loaded in this show, worked the rehearsals (with the folks of corporate Show Operations from Texas) and probably worked almost every show that season! Working in the Americana Music Hall led me to be able to work as a Entertainment Technician for the next 39 years and into today. The experience of working those shows and many others led me to a career in Technical Entertainment. Seeing this video and the pictures of other shows brings back memories that were long gone to time. After half the show was done, I could even remember what song was next in line and then to see the Finale brought it all back. If anyone has any other show videos from that time... please put them up. These were great memories. Thanks Darrell Stark Galloway NJ
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    Here is the new 2017 Fright Fest guide to plan your Trick or Treating at GA!
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    I hope everyone is liking the new Forums/Galleries/Calendar as much as I am! I love that when you click the "Unread Content" button it shows you not only the new replies on the Forums, but new things posted to the Gallery as well as when something new is added to the calendar. It's great because you won;t miss something new being added anywhere. I also like that after you read something the thread goes away so you don't have to remember which one you just read without having to do a new search.
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    I try to keep my scarce posts positive, but has anyone had an unpleasant experience at Granny's lately? I'm in the park right now, and my friend was not offered a reciept (it was printed and thrown away) and when he pointed out that he was overcharged by about $5 after the transaction was completed and he saw my total (we bought the same things), he was told that "without a receipt, we can't do anything." We were told that a very kind lady paid that difference in what he was overcharged. Had we known she did this, and who she was, we would have searched the whole park to make sure SHE got her money back. After failing to achieve anything with the cashier, we spoke to a manager at the restaurant, who proceeded to speak with the cashier. She asked about the receipt (as she should have), and I explained that it was thrown away and should still be right on top, to which I was told "Sir, I am NOT digging through the trash for your receipt." We gave up and left. We don't care that we were overcharged, and while we would absolutely love to find this fellow patron and give her what she paid out of our pockets, we also know that this is next to impossible. He and I just want to bring attention to this issue, so please everyone, keep an eye on your total at Granny's and make sure there's no discrepancy.
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    Thursday was my first trip to Great Adventure since the beginning of June. Besides going to my favorite rides like Nitro, I was really looking forward to trying Justice League. After processing my 2018 pass and getting lunch before the 3:00 deadline, I went to see the new section of the park. The bridge to cross into the area was an interesting addition and the whole area looks great. The ride itself would have to wait until later because the Queue Times website (that pulls wait times from the park's app) was showing a 55 minute wait. Instead I went to Nitro. The line was just past where the 30 minute wait time sign used to be and was around 15 minutes with 3 trains running including an extra train wait for the front row. Even though riding in the front row of Nitro is fun with the unobstructed view, I still prefer the last row with more air time. By the time I exited the ride, the line was almost to the switchbacks. Skull Mountain was also around 15 minutes for the last row. The station was cool with multiple fans in use. One side of the Skyway was open with an almost full queue. Joker didn't look like it had much of a line but I skipped it and went to Frontier Adventures. As expected, Saw Mill Log Flume is closed for the season even though it would have been nice to see it open on this day with it in the mid 80s. Bizarro was around 20 minutes with all 3 trains running. It is so much better than Hydra. Runaway Mine Train was another 15 minute wait. I saw in the last row of the first car and normally go for the front row of any car. This time the ride was more violent than normal especially in at the curving drop around the 2nd half of the ride. The air time hill felt more extreme compared to riding in other rows. El Toro was I think around 20 minutes (since I didn't have my phone with me to check the time). Excellent as always. Zumanjaro had no wait and I rode twice. S&S Towers like Hershey Triple Tower and Dominator are fun but I think Zumanjaro is way better than any other drop tower ride, even Tower of Terror. Parachutes had a long line with only 1 side open. Green Lantern had about a 10 minute wait. After dinner, I went back to the other side of the park riding Nitro again with about a 20 minute wait and Batman with a 10 minute wait. Batman is so much more intense than any other B&M invert I have tried and even with a short line, it's still a once a trip ride for me. Finally it was time for Justice League. I think it was around 30 minutes including using the single rider line. I already mentioned how much I liked the ride in the Justice League thread and will add some other thoughts here with a spoiler tag so I don't ruin anything for anyone that hasn't tried the ride yet. I'm going to have to try to get to the park at opening during Holiday in the Park and hopefully have the chance to ride multiple times in 1 day. I got 103,250 but seeing that others have gotten around 500,000 or more, I want to try to get a higher score. Overall it was an excellent addition and as I said in the other thread, now my favorite non coaster ride in the park. If these are still popular, it looked like a better deal than buying one in a store.
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    Wish they would let single rides use the flash pass entrance, and when they get to the station spilt into Flash Pass and Single Rider. Also wish they would have had Loading and unloading Separate and not together, also the station is very small compared to other Dark Rides.
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    no graphics of the Halloween theme site?
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    Well it's 2017 and there's just about an uncharge for everything. That doesn't make it acceptable. We can grumble about this and not feel guilty for it. Remember when Fright Fest was an event that, while not having as many "attractions" was included in the admission to the park? The Hayride, now gone and the shows were IMO far better attractions than most of these uncharge makeshift mazes that are quite frankly a total rip off. For unlimited admission to all the mazes it is a $30 up charge. Unreal. Unconscionable. A family of four would need to pay $120 on top of the cost to enter the park plus food and souvenirs? Even for pass holders this is totally insane. Am I wrong on the details and if so I will rescind but as a person who truly looked forward to this event years ago it just makes me angry to walk around and see this anymore. Hey look, I get it, SF isn't the only park up charging but come on. You're not going to tell me this isn't gouging at it's finest. Thoughts anyone?
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    Ah I remember the days when loose articles weren't much of a problem because flip phones didn't really record videos like they do now. On the plus side, operations have been sped up tremendously since you no longer have to wait for people to put their stuff down.
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    I think the heat was actually worse. I felt like most of the summer was either very hot or thunderstorms, and very little in between. The heat specifically was a contributing factor for me not going for over a month straight, which I think is my longest "drought" in probably 4 or 5 years, ignoring the off-season. They have a ton of land, but it's all forested, or preserved, etc.
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    So, in case you haven't noticed, we finally got our Forums and Galleries updated!!! If you spot any issues, please let us know here...
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