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    I didn't realize the Hydro Flume had such an extensive layout (I think I only got to ride the flume once).
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    I love Google Earth Pro's rewind feature. The pictures from 2002 are decent.
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    Camel-backing into Koala Canyon! Here's the site map for March 30th and the final one for the month of March. Ready to spring into April!
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    LOTS of maps coming out today and through this next week. Here's the site map for 3/27 with tons of new track on the raven dive!
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    Raven-tracked PARTY MONSTER! This one took a little bit longer than I had liked but a little more time on the map doesn’t hurt, especially with nothing much else to do The raven dive is nearly complete as crews are absolutely HAULING on the construction site! At the north end, crews have begun the pull out of the insane raven dive element and have begun staging more track for future uses. At the south end, we have tons of electrical work occurring for the ride's control unit and vertical progress on the maintenance/storage shed. In the middle of the layout, there are still three missing columns mysteriously removed and nowhere to be found, which is still heavily suspicious. Anyway, progress is greatly advancing as we are all heavily anticipating the next moves on this groundbreaking new attraction! Thanks and have a good night (or morning, technically)!
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