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    Back when I had to analyze a company for my financial management course, I choose Disney. One thing I quickly discovered is that Disney operates on a very slim margin between short term (liquid) assets and short term dept with a very low current ratio of only 1% and a quick ratio of under 1%. Under such a structure, they have to be very picky of what they invest which must have high returns. Overhauling the entire WDW monorail system would be a massive undertaking with low returns. The DL monorail is a single loop that is much smaller than any of the loops at WDW, so it is more easily managed to maintain. The WDW monorail is more like a public transit system utility that would probably have been better suited being ran by a multiplicity than by private enterprise. Basically a public utility is a high cost investment with low returns which is why governments often have to handle them as there is not enough profit margins for private companies to want to undertake them, like city water and sewers. The WDW monorail system is so huge its basically a low profit utility as Disney doesn't charge riders, which explains why Disney has been reluctant to allocate money into maintaining it correctly. Money that could be better spent on high profit investments. I would not be surprised if WDW eventually require some sort of pay pass for their transportation entirely.
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    Hey GAH! My name is Gavin, and I've been visiting the park since the day I was born. I'm partial to the early 2000's in GA history, since that was when I went the most. I look forward to discussing all aspects of the park with other enthusiasts!