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    Timeline Tuesday! All the updated seasons have been completed and now onto the new years... below is 1985!
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    In addition to all our new content and features, we are in the process of doing some heavy-duty spring cleaning on this site. Videos which haven't been available for years do to our updated forums software are being reloaded so that they can be viewed from both desktop and mobile devices. So far about 250 videos have been fixed and the balance will soon follow. Also, many of our older Spotlights which had been knocked out of display alignment have been corrected and many more will soon be updated with new photos, materials, and layouts. - Stay tuned for further updates. It is a busy off-season!
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    You only want one lap on Sky Rush?
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    I’m in Hershey for a competition and it’s so weird seeing the theme park empty, I wish it was open so I could ride Sky Rush until my legs fall off
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    Here's early 2020 Six Flags prediction video from SFNEOnline TV. My prediction is RMC Raptor for Great Adventure in next year.
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    Well at least Shapiro and Snyder left a lasting impact in the industry. Unfortunately, it had to be obnoxious advertising
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    Yikes. I'm already dreading the impact of $15 minimum wage to staffing levels. It wasn't fun during the bankruptcy in '09 when they'd cut everything down to bare bones.
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    I'm expecting them to change SP price structure to be more inline with Six Flags. Their multi-park passes are priced way too high compared to Six Flags.
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    Universal would have to be incredibly stupid or incredibly broke to give up the use of those Marvel characters for the very fact that they have an exclusive East of the Mississippi and it effectively blocks Disney from doing anything with the core Avengers IP. In perpetuity. I'll never understand why you guys put all this time and effort into elaborate park plans that will never, ever come to fruition. Then again, I don't understand fantasy sports either so perhaps it's a failure of imagination on my part.
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    Hopefully they don't go as blatant as Six Flags has. There is a way to work advertising and corporate sponsorships into a park and a way not to...