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    As we continue expanding our site management team, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Tbone112499 has been appointed a Moderator at GreatAdventureHistory.com. Tbone112499 (Tom) joins our team with a broad range of experience, having worked at Six Flags Great Adventure in recent years with numerous assignments across the park as part of the Ride Operations department. This, along with his firsthand knowledge of GA which he gathered from years of visits ever since becoming a season pass holder in 2004, will make him a valuable resource as we continue to update and expand our site features especially dealing with the more recent park attractions. Please join us in congratulating Tom!
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    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're kidding, right? They're running 40 year old rolling stock and can't keep their engines in service as it is. Their conductors can barely open the doors on the trains they've been running for years. They've been fighting over a Trans-Hudson tunnel for over a decade. And you want a spur line ust for the park? You're kidding, right? It's bad enough my monthly fare (with which I could buy and insure a luxury car) subsidizes the shitty less-popular lines already, the thought of it running a special line for GA is ridiculous.
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    Technically I've never seen a complete show,but 20+ years ago I was living in Hawaii.There was a mall called The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center that had a long-running production of the show.I never actually went since the show seemed to be aimed mostly at the tourist crowd,but occasionally the then-current performers would put on a "sneak preview" in the shopping center's main lobby.Basically it would be 2 or 3 performers who would sing 2 shortened versions of their songs and then hype up that evening's show. I think SF should give it another shot,especially since Great Adv. is in dire need of live shows.My idea is that a group of SF parks(such as Great Adv.,Darien Lake,and SFNE) would all have it for a season;however each park would have a different line-up at the beginning of the season,and halfway through the summer the parks would "trade" a couple of their performers to another park to keep the show interesting.Also I think the show(s) should be hosted by a comedian impersonator(like Rodney Dangerfield,Joan Rivers or Whoopi Goldberg) who would introduce the acts and could add jokes dealing with current events.
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    Disney definitely blows everyone away in this aspect.
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    Ok, I haven't seen this anywhere on the site, and since GA's Dark Ride "Battle for Metropolis" has been operating for two seasons, What is your Favorite Interactive Dark Ride? Here's My List 5. Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge Hershey Park PA (Thank Goodness it's being Updated in 2019) 4. The Great Humbug Adventure Santa's Village, NH (Cute for a Small Park Dark Ride) 3. Buzz Light-year Astro Blasters Disneyland, CA 2. Toy Story Midway Mania Disney California Adventure, CA 1. Battle for Metropolis Great Adventure, NJ (Wish it had 4 per Car instead of 6, but then I wouldn't enjoy the Line) Thank You, Looking Forward to Reese's Cups Fusion, Boo Blasters on Boo Hill and Ghostwood Estate next year.
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    ^It’s photoshopped, but looks cool. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1883362#p1883362
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    Interactive aspect aside, my favorite dark rides (that I have been on) are/were: 1. Horizons - EPCOT 2. Pirates of the Caribbean - Disneyland 3. Spaceship Earth - EPCOT 4. Phantom Manor - Disneyland Paris 5. Pooh's Honey Hunt - Tokyo Disneyland
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    1. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin / Astroblasters. I like how there are no screens except the speed tunnel room at WDW. Since the 2 rides are so similar I'm listing them as 1 ride. 2. Justice League Battle For Metropolis 3. Boo Blasters (Kings Island) 4. Ghostwood Estates (Kennywood) 5. Toy Story Midway Mania If it wasn't for the spinning, I would have put Men in Black Alien Attack somewhere in the list.
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    It is with great pleasure that we announce today that our longtime member and moderator Yoshi has been appointed to Administrator on GreatAdventureHistory.com. Yoshi has been a vital part of the success of our forums and galleries and his outstanding dedication and contributions are truly appreciated. This announcement is the first of several that we will be making over the upcoming weeks as we enter a new chapter of the development of our site. Thanks Yoshi!
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    For your 2018 Fright Fest planning needs:
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    i agree with you take that stand up coaster out of here and put in a gci wooden coaster on the left and golden kingdom expansion on the right
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    Why? They're getting a floorless for 2019. Why would they add a second, larger one?
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    Watch this video, it's pretty clear that this is a RMC project. "Hybrid attraction announcement", "Rocky ride", "revamp Gwazi into a new attraction" https://youtu.be/bGwWjYNlh-o?t=32s
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    I have a feeling it's the mirror maze sold by Oak Island (who does a lot of the new Fright Fest and HitP stuff). I tried it out at IAPPA last year and it was really fun.
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    I think most of those rumors started right here by one source.
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    Thank you, Harry, for the appointment and kind words. And, "thank you" to all of the other key leaders at GA History for the warm welcome. As I'm sure it has been for each of you, Great Adventure has been in my blood (and mind) since my pre-teen years. I am eagerly looking forward to helping out wherever I can. As I have mentioned to Harry many times before, the historical content of this website, in my opinion, is without compare. I'm truly honored to work with each of you as the best theme park history site on the web only gets better. The greatest day in my life is here.
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    Unfortunately I think the claim is true. I’ve heard from multiple people in management that this will be moving to La Ronde as their new for 2019 attraction- “Chaos”.
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    Rumors or wishful thinking on the part of connesairs and coaster enthusiast? Because quite frankly, I can think of a dozen other things the park needs before laying out a ton of money on a new coaster.