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    No one who knows can share the answer to your "Is SFGadv getting RMC coaster next year?". Just wait until the end of next month and see what happens. No need to keep asking.
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    Park Journey posted a Six Flags Magic Mountain construction update. https://youtu.be/_DV8lVEb1lA JiggidyNDG posted a couple of Six Flags Great America construction updates. https://youtu.be/IytMHci_aWs https://youtu.be/kPDXbLDuPWw All of the teasers for Fiesta Texas either say "BIGGER!" or "How fast do you like to go?" https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/sfft2019?source=feed_text
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    Season Pass holder (and now Memberships too) events like Coasters After Dark Daily operations beginning the 2nd week of May Great American Scream Machine Hydro Flume Rolling Thunder