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    What is your source? Otherwise, stop posting things claiming to be facts.
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    Coaster youtubers know less about what parks are getting than the Dippin' Dots guy working the food stands in the park. I value what I see on here and the Reddit more than any "rumor" coming out of Youtube, and I barely have faith in those two anymore We have had absolutely zero indication of a 2020 coaster other than what the Park President said back during the Cyborg press release and the RotB enthusiast event, which is that our next attraction will be "tall" and "made of steel". Take that as you wish, but saying things like "RMC Raptor 2020!!1!!111!!!!" or "S&S Launch coaster confirmed!!!!" is setting yourself up for disappointment, especially considering the past additions we've gotten lately.
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    It’s like an Amber Alert or Silver Alert. Have you seen this Larson Loop? Notify authorities!
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    Look at what I saw traveling northbound on the Turnpike today. Sorry, I know that the picture is VERY blurry and low quality. I almost considered taking a picture while driving, but I really wouldn't recommend that. Instead, I followed the truck as it took Exit 10 (making myself late for a dinner with friends that I was on my way to). I pulled over on the shoulder after the toll plaza and took this shot as the truck sped by. Again, it's really poor quality but I'm 95.7% sure I saw El Diablo being trucked north. Either that or it was just some swamp gas from a weather balloon trapped in a thermal pocket and reflecting the light from Venus.
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    No one is going to randomly affirm what that park is getting because no one knows. RMC is not the only manufacturer of roller coasters and Raptor/TRex track is not the only type of coaster track there is. Great Adventure might not even be getting a roller coaster in 2020.
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    It wasn't supposed to snow at GA today, but it's pretty:
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    Looks like it's time for new coaster in 2020 at Six Flags Great Adventure so who's going to be?
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    nah, moreys should of bought warner media and themed it to animaniacs then they build a new stunt show arena on the boardwalk and buy seaworld
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    bold prediction: all top spins got removed and go karts are next, leaving magic mountain go kart to be a free attraction
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    Six Flags Florida Adventure: RMC Gwazi named Batman & Robin Six Flags Virginia Adventure: Intamin multi-launch coaster named Superman: Escape from Krypton LMAO
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    I think we completely skipped fall weather and went straight from end-of-summer weather to early-winter weather. Very sad, it's my favorite weather.
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    Yesterday at Riding of the Bull, Great Adventure Park President John Winkler mentioned that the 2020 attraction will be “Tall and made of steel” and that it has been in the works for a while. This claim (whether if it’s true or not) narrows down what we’re getting quite a bit.
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    I like how they also included a picture of Batman running backwards at the bottom of the page.
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    I read the bit about the height requirement, and I thought it's really funny how the most intense ride in the park (El Toro) has the lowest height requirement . We were also right about the target of this ride (tweens and younger)
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    Most Taylor Swift songs remind me of GADV, because I always hear them playing in Frontier Adventures. Also, the Main Theme and Love Theme from Superman both remind me of the park because it used to be that when I arrived at the park early, it was quiet except for the sound of that music coming from Superman's station.
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    Superman is supposed to be invinceable (Im sure I didnt spell that right, sorry) and word from my director is that 2 years ago in MM they tried doing superman and someone tested that theory, lets just say they dont want anymore supermans. There was no fatality, just a shot leg.