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    We can talk about this until we’re blue in the face but nobody knows anything more or less than the next person and we all have to wait this out. Not just us, not just New Jersey, not just the United States, but planet earth. This is bigger than any of us so just stay safe, stay calm, and all do our part to minimize spread. And let’s try to get this discussion thread back on topic.
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    Here’s some cool pics I grabbed today: This is the desolate road to the park on what would’ve been a busy opening weekend. Absolutely surreal seeing this road and the entrance to the park gated off and completely deserted. A great overview of the coaster progress so far. The track stands out like crazy from afar and the orange is such a great contrast to the other rides near it like Nitro, Batman, and Joker. Here’s where crews have stopped as of today. From about column 12 up to column 52 has been completely tracked, which includes the valley of the first drop, raven dive, camelback, stall, and entrance to the crows nest. Through the trees here you can see the entrance leading into the crows nest out of the stall. This was a very pleasant surprise from my trip, as I was not expecting crews to have this much of the ride done! Here’s one last look at the whole ride from afar in some absolutely breathtaking lighting from the sky. Can’t wait to see progress on the coaster in the coming weeks as crews wrap up track work and testing can hopefully begin soon!
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    Raven-tracked PARTY MONSTER! This one took a little bit longer than I had liked but a little more time on the map doesn’t hurt, especially with nothing much else to do The raven dive is nearly complete as crews are absolutely HAULING on the construction site! At the north end, crews have begun the pull out of the insane raven dive element and have begun staging more track for future uses. At the south end, we have tons of electrical work occurring for the ride's control unit and vertical progress on the maintenance/storage shed. In the middle of the layout, there are still three missing columns mysteriously removed and nowhere to be found, which is still heavily suspicious. Anyway, progress is greatly advancing as we are all heavily anticipating the next moves on this groundbreaking new attraction! Thanks and have a good night (or morning, technically)!
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    I wonder if they will end the refillable drink cups and switch to the disposable cup solution, even if a temporary safety measure.
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    Camel-backing into Koala Canyon! Here's the site map for March 30th and the final one for the month of March. Ready to spring into April!
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    Today is letter "D" for Dream Street. Dream Street is the heart of Great Adventure. Originally the park entrance was at the head of Dream Street, but even with the relocation of the park entrance, Dream Street still serves as the central hub of the park and the beginning of so many Great Adventures. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/DreamStreetX.htm
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    Early water view of Best of the West BBQ: Two views of the BOTWBBQ grizzly bear. Notice the extra rock work added to keep guests away from touching the bear.
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    I know today is April Fools Day and I thought I would do my part. I renewed my AAA membership just in case I break down in my driveway.
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    Yesterday evening I was watching YouTube with my brother and my mom on the living room TV. The tour74 video came up in my recommendations, so we watched it. From there we watched the different ride videos that have been uploaded to YouTube by you guys. It allowed my mom to really reminisce about the times she went when whe was a teenager (like her favorite roller coaster was Shockwave). So even though they've been up for years, thank you still for uploading them because it allowed for an uplifting night in these days of uncertainty.
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    A May 21st opening date is highly optimistic. The park can't even open until Murphy says so.
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    “or as soon as possible thereafter”... could be mid-May, June, August, whenever. Nobody knows just yet.
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    Photos of the first airtime hill being in place for the Jersey Devil Coaster! Photos from CoasterCrew
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    Drove by the lake today and the first Airtime hill is 1/2 complete. The ride seems to be going up quick!
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    As we are all house bound during this unprecedented time, Great Adventure History presents The A to Z of Great Adventure History! Each day we'll post one of our spotlights in alphabetical order and we encourage everyone to share their own memories and photos of that attraction here on Facebook or in our Forums: . Today is letter "A" for the Antique Cars. This attraction only lasted for the 1974 and 1975 seasons, but was supposed to be relocated and never returned. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/AntiqueCars.htm
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    I didn't realize the Hydro Flume had such an extensive layout (I think I only got to ride the flume once).
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    I love Google Earth Pro's rewind feature. The pictures from 2002 are decent.
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    Each update just gets better and better! If there’s good speed going into that turn around (which I’m sure there will be) the laterals are gonna be insane. TBH, This might take El Toro’s crown...
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    LOTS of maps coming out today and through this next week. Here's the site map for 3/27 with tons of new track on the raven dive!
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    JDC update from today thanks to @XENITH!
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    All Six Flags parks will get this statue instead of a new ride for 2021.
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    Lovey continued to be a working musician until he had a massive stroke in late 2019. Last I heard he was working hard on recovering.
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    Today is letter "C" for the Carousel. The oldest ride at Great Adventure, it was built in in England in 1881 where it traveled the fair circuit, then purchased by Great Adventure and opened with the park in 1974. Originally it was steam powered, then converted to run on compressed air, and eventually electric. It still continues to delight all ages after almost 140 years! http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Carousel.htm
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    I'm the girl on the far right in the top picture with the yellow and black costumes w/ pompoms on the skirts.
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    Today is letter "B" for the Best of the West. This restaurant is one of the three signature restaurants which opened with Great Adventure in 1974, and continues to be a favorite today. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/BOTW.htm
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    Thanks @coliwood_studios and Mid Atlantic Coasters for the update!
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    That restroom also has a first aid office in its core that was used for Adventure Rivers and Koala Canyon. The other first aid station by the Boardwalk was too far for timely responses to the scrapes they anticipated on the water slides. It also looks like a concrete pad was poured near the entrance path. If we only had a devil statue to put there.
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    We've also got a drone update for today! **Notice the two vacant caps under the valley of the airtime hill that had their columns mysteriously removed
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    Progress is absolutely MOVING! Thanks to Coaster Crew for the photos.
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    I was surprised to see that this ride is now part of Intamin’s portfolio.
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    Before the parks closed here in Orlando they started wiping down the handles on the rides between cycles. It made the load times longer, but it was a preventative measure that was needed.
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    I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and doing okay!
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    ^ At Great Adventure, we are often concerned about NYers fleeing into our park which poses a hazard.
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    The height difference between the first drop/dive loop and the airtime hill means one thing... EJECTOR!
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    Is Six Flags will go bankrupt again in the future due to virus?
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    I took a trip out to the Prospertown Lake today, and got a chance to kayak. I made a video to document the visit. As I was there, they were putting on a piece of track.
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    The way things are going, this may be the first new coaster to actually open with the park in a while.
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    Good afternoon all! I had the opportunity to visit the Prospertown/Switlik Lake near the park today and grabbed some great photos and footage of the structure. It looks absolutely beautiful from afar, and it’s only a matter of days before track begins to rise up into the sky! The tallest two columns that will support the JDC track are officially vertical, and all columns on the ride appear to be complete! Here’s some of my photos I was able to grab from the lake.
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    Revert Congo Rapids to Roaring Rapids, I still have no idea what to do with Nitro.
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    Yesterday I drove out to Taco Bell to get a free taco. Pulled over in a nearby parking plaza to eat it and then do some errands. I take one bite when a man walks up to my car. He starts yelling at me, accusing me of following him, and threatens to press charges. Then he procceds to pull out a smart phone and walks around my car taking pictures or filming me. I pull out my old flip phone and start taking pictures of him. When the guy saw I was filming him, he stopped and walked off without a word. He walked down the sidewalk past my sight, so I assume he didn't have a car. I called the cops, and told the responding officer what had happened and what the guy looked liked. The cop acted like he knew the guy and said he would give him a talking to. It was pretty scary ordeal. With the virus scare going on, a secondary problem are the creeps and lowlifes coming out of the woodwork. NJ has 700 cops who ard sick and off duty, and sadly this is a dinner bell to some,. So be careful out there, the virus isn't the only threat.
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