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    Thanks for helping the site.
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    For I think the first time, Dorney was open for Columbus Day. They added it as an operating day around 2 months ago and didn't do much to promote they were open like an e-mail to everyone on their e-mail list. With not many people knowing the park was open and operating hours of 11 - 7 with no Haunt, crowds were low even for Dorney. Steel Force was dispatching trains with as few as 4 - 6 riders. Besides the usual rides, I spent some time at the Monster Jam Thunder Alley temporary attraction. It is in the lower section of the park near Possessed and Cedar Creek Flyers. There are multiple monster trucks on display, some of which you can sit in the driver's seat of, displays on the parts of trucks and how some of the features are built. There is also a kids play area and the most important attraction, the chance to ride in a monster truck. The course is where Stinger was and is 2 laps because the track is shorter than the versions from other Cedar Fair parks. 2 trucks are running, Megalodon and Grave Digger. Each truck seats 10 people plus the driver and usually 1 truck is running while the other is loading riders. It takes a while to load each truck and for everyone to get buckled in. Because of that, the capacity is extremely low, probably around 200 riders an hour at the most. When I was at the park on October 5th, it was an hour wait and I heard waits can get up to 90 minutes (the wait time sign even has a 150 minute marker on it). Since it was a low crowd day, the wait was around 25 minutes. Even going through the course slower than a professional would drive, it was a bumpy ride and you get slightly thrown around. My favorite part of the ride was when the truck goes in a small 360 circle. It almost was like a flat ride. It was more fun than I was expecting a much better use of the space compared to Stinger being there. It's too bad it's only a temporary exhibit and will be leaving at the end of the season with the Stinger ride area empty again. This might have been my last trip to Dorney for the season and if it was, even though I spent less time than ever on the ride side of the park this year, I still thought it was a great season mostly because of the water park and water rides. This game added for Haunt wasn't running today. The skeleton's arms move and you have 15 seconds to get 2 out of 5 foam brains into the baskets to win a prize. How the arms are made. The park added these decorative cakes to the turntables of the Whip for the 100th season.
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    Wow, such a slick graphic opening for the video, then Blair Witch style photography...
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    I visited Dorney's Haunt on their bonus Sunday, the only Sunday they have the Haunt. Normally you only have the choice of either Friday or Saturday. Usually I would have been there a couple of times by now, but this was my first Haunt visit for the year, and likely my only one. I did decide to renew my pass for thid year, so I got one free Fastlane ticket to use for the remainder of this season. After arriving at the park, I was eurprised how crowded it was on a a Sunday, even minor rides had long lines. Because of this, I decided to use my free Fastlane. Even that was only marginal on many of the normal rides as there were no employees metering the lines, Faetlane users had to blend themselves into the main lines, which was not fun. Also many of the ride dispatches were insanely slow. Even with Fastlane, I could only ride Steel Force once because it was taking them 15 min to dispatch trains, which they were running two of. At least they were running two trains on most of the coasters. Ride operations at Dorney are abysmal. This year, Dorney pushed back the opening of the Haunt attractions until 7:30, which is pretty late. All the houses are the same as last year, through they did enhance a few such as Cornstalkers. The haunted houses is one of the few areas that Dorney still shines, all were well done and staffed very well, much better than GADV FF in those regards. Dorney aleo has much better scareactors than GADV, as well as being more consistently decorated for Halloween than GADV which has big bare areas anymore. Dorney did replace two of their outdoor scare zones this year. One is The Lair, which is themed as a Vampire castle which was pretty good, and Steamworxs, a steampunk style scare zone that was meh. Nothing really scary about it, just gears and some people running around in steampunk attire. Dorney still had their impressive pirate shipwreck set out near the swings. Fastlane worked well for the houses, as they had employees to meter the lines. Besides the three main scare zones, Dorney has several mini zones scattered around the park. One was a slasher zone with Scream Face, Michael Myers, Leather Face, Jason Voorhes, and even Jack Torrance. Another mini zone had masquerade characters, who took their masks off to reveal skinned faces. There was also a mini prison zone where scareactors hid behind the cells. There was even a farm mini zone in front of Cornstalkers that featured overhead Jackolanterns and scarecrow stilt walkers. Sadly Dorney cut back their pumpkin soft serve ice cream this year. Instead of serving it at their ice cream stands like in past years, this year they only serve it as a topping on funnel cakes which was disappointing. The Haunt is also down to just one show this year, Blood Drums which I didn't bother to see. They axed their circus show they had for several years. The crowds were very large there most of the night, but it did thin out quickly during the last hour and a half. The crowds were rougher than at GADV, lots of cursing and smoking. The park was also pretty dirty which is a shame, as Dorney used to be s spotless park years ago. Most of the long lines seemed to be caused by the ultra slow operations. Overall, it was a very mixed trip there. They have better Halloween attractions, decorations, and scaractors than FF at GADV, but are worse in normal operations, shows, and clientele.
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    Nice! I’ll be going on Sunday, so hopefully the rain can hold out so I can get a couple pics
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    https://patch.com/new-jersey/ridgewood/american-dream-what-will-actually-be-open-oct-25 https://www.americandream.com/venue/nickelodeon-universe/pricing
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    There are some questions that may not be stupid questions the first time you read it. Maybe not even the second but when the question comes back around over and over and over and over and over..... it could become stupid.
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    Main Street Market sells both of them. They are on the far left wall if you come in the doors by the entrance gates. Ka is also sold at Tiger Leap Market near the exit to the ride.
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    I saw people post they bought them from the park but I’m not sure what store. It’s open until the final weekend of October, then as an up charge the first weekend of November.
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    If they were smart, they could copy Hersheypark and have a few all orange and purple strings that can be used for both Halloween and Christmas.
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    Just like the wooden fence outside of Safari Kids (not to mention almost everywhere else). I was always taught you shouldn’t cry wolf.
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    I had flashbacks yesterday of my very early GA trips. I was determined to get a trip report together so I spent a few hours touring the park in the pouring rain. Even though I had a jacket, I was soaked when I drove home. Once in my house I jumped in the shower and for some reason the first thing that popped in my head was when I was younger (much younger) and I would spend all day going on the rides including the water rides. It always was such a good feeling to get home and take a shower to wash off all that flume, rapids, and water ride feeling.
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