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    A rider flew out of the coaster this morning. Luckily he landed on carpeting so no serious injuries. All operations are on hold until the state investigates.
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    Click to see the whole Spotlight! Samples below. Comments and discussions welcomed.
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    I have scored the internet for pictures or descriptions on how the ride harness or seat belts work so i can limit my walk of shames. I would like to see if anyone else who is of Large Size has found rides they can fit on. I am 6'5 395 lbs (Losing more weekly about 6-10 lbs a week). I will list the rides i have tried and my results. if another else can also do the same this might help us larger guests not have to suffer from the dreaded walk of Shame. Skull mountain Pull bar restraint first seat in car for taller guests NO issues at all getting on this ride. Sky ride - Simple get through the door and off you go Justice league Pull down lap bar Can not ride this is any more then 1 other guest the bar will not give a green light to the ride operator. Front row is best for taller guests. Bumper cars - over the shoulder strap i was able to squeeze this on when i was 500lbs so this ride should be no problems Dark knight - push down single lap bar .had my son push this lap bar down another 4" and i still did to get the green light from the operator. -- Walk of shame ride for me Congo Rapids - Velcro seat belt - Tight fit but if i put it above my belly buldge i was able to ride. this strap did come undone a couple times when the boat bumped into things. Buccaneer - Lap Bar i would suggest sitting with the single lap bar there is no issue at all on this ride. Batman the ride Over head harness with seat belt - Not even a chance as the molded seat is not made for large guests - Walk of shame ride King da ka Over head harness with seat belt - i am about a inch away from having this buckled an the yellow line showing - Walk of shame ride for now
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    Opening Day Hurricane Harbor First trip of the Season. I Arrived at the Water park right at 10:25 anticipating confusion with the new membership passes. Looks like they have the first 4 rows blocked off for membership parking. When entering the park, they have added X-ray scanners to the security lines which will speed things up greatly. I am forced to carry my own beverages into the park and care a medial note and card so I normally do not get much hassle at the security check point. This time through I was informed of a change that I could only bring in products that Coca-Cola sponsor (which I find out being this is for medical purposes). I will confirm that later during my next trip and stop by guest relations. The Park was empty and when I mean empty the wave pool only had my group of 5 and another couple until around 1:30pm. I took a quick walk around the park and it looks like they have added plaster beach chairs all over the place. They also made the left side of the Wave pool the members only seating area (these spots must be reserved online the night prior just like the preferred parking at the main park). King Cobra was closed but the other slides and rides in the park were fully operational. I managed to get in a lot of the slides as there was zero wait. They only thing that slowed me down was the flights of stairs to each attraction. We stop to each lunch at 3:00 right before the down pour which closed the park. After lunch we transferred to the main park to finish out our day. See below the slides I conquered my first day Boreas x 2 Eurus x2 Zephyrus x1 Nortus x1 Bada Bing x1 Bada Bang x1 Bada Boom! X1 Big Bambu x1 Reef Runner x1 Big Wave Racer x4 Blue Lagoon (Most of the Day) Cannonball x1 Wahini x1 Hurricane Mountain x4 Six Flags Skull Mountain x3 Justice league x5 Sky ride x 2 Bumper cars x1 Congo rapids x 3 Buccaneer x 1
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    Interesting they only bought five of the parks.
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    Frontier City owns 1 side of Lightning Loops and it’s operational as “Diamondback”. Happy to see Lightning Loops owned by Six flags again.
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    Maybe the crowd was really low and it wasn't worth staying open?
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    Fetish911, you are so correct in that the park could use a refresh. I rarely ever see employees cleaning tables, and yes, paint would go a long way. The place looks shabby in spots, but going back to my argument, it costs money just for the basics. If you think about it, a single season pass sale of ~$67 doesn't even cover the cost of one employees shift. It also doesn't buy much paint. When we consider a price and demand curve, my speculation is that we could move the price upward, and not see much of a drop in demand. The original concept was to price passes so low that customers would return time-and-time again to spend money incrementally in gift shops and on F&B, but the $67 crowd spends very little in gift shops, and they either leave the park for meals, or purchase a dining pass, which while profitable for the park, isn't as profitable as selling individual meals. I also feel the reason for the F&B discounts on the memberships is to encourage individual meal spending versus dining pass add-ons. It will be interesting to see how the memberships work out. I'm optimistic that they will drive revenue. Lord knows, Jim Reid Anderson would sell his dog if he knew he could profit by doing so.
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    As I said, one year they did have free lockers up in the stations that only opened for the matching train, next year they were replaced with pay lockers. Plus the 3rd party must make money, or they won't renew their lease which means SF stops getting money. If a company fails to make consumers happy, they won't be making money for long with WOM which is more powerful than ever with the internet. Plus there are business and marketing ethics against bait and swich tactics and not disclosing full details prior to an exchange. I was referring to corporate overregulation. Overregulation in general is a very bad thing, as is under regulation. Finding a balance is tricky. But yes, at SF, I do feel like I am being needlessly burden with excessive and trivial regulations and rules. When I go to Hersheypark, I don't have to worry about having keys, wallet, or soda unlike with GADV which reduces my satisfaction with the park. In general, overregulation is a band aid for poor management and leadership. The number one goal of an ethical company is to provide all stakeholders (consumers, shareholders, business partners, etc) with maximun value. Unethical firms harms consumers and the entire market to make a quick buck and dash off. Consumers need to take responsibility too. Such as not taking a stupid overpriced phone into a park and pay for any damages they cause. People can and still do spit on rides and they can transmit dieses into other guests that way. Should the park force all riders to buy and wear anti spiting mouth gags? Opps, just gave SF another money maker.
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    Still worried that the next “coaster” is going to be a skywarp.
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    Just a few aerial views of Cyborg from this past Tuesday (5/8): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e1Vn4lLuZ8os1T3QzdUSlvDbksmq5rAw?usp=sharing