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    A rider flew out of the coaster this morning. Luckily he landed on carpeting so no serious injuries. All operations are on hold until the state investigates.
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    Just a few aerial views of Cyborg from this past Tuesday (5/8): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e1Vn4lLuZ8os1T3QzdUSlvDbksmq5rAw?usp=sharing
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    The upcoming off season won't be too long! Park reopens on Saturday, March 24th!
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    I personally feel that SFGA would benefit way more with a focus on theming and shows right now than it would on rides.
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    As I said, one year they did have free lockers up in the stations that only opened for the matching train, next year they were replaced with pay lockers. Plus the 3rd party must make money, or they won't renew their lease which means SF stops getting money. If a company fails to make consumers happy, they won't be making money for long with WOM which is more powerful than ever with the internet. Plus there are business and marketing ethics against bait and swich tactics and not disclosing full details prior to an exchange. I was referring to corporate overregulation. Overregulation in general is a very bad thing, as is under regulation. Finding a balance is tricky. But yes, at SF, I do feel like I am being needlessly burden with excessive and trivial regulations and rules. When I go to Hersheypark, I don't have to worry about having keys, wallet, or soda unlike with GADV which reduces my satisfaction with the park. In general, overregulation is a band aid for poor management and leadership. The number one goal of an ethical company is to provide all stakeholders (consumers, shareholders, business partners, etc) with maximun value. Unethical firms harms consumers and the entire market to make a quick buck and dash off. Consumers need to take responsibility too. Such as not taking a stupid overpriced phone into a park and pay for any damages they cause. People can and still do spit on rides and they can transmit dieses into other guests that way. Should the park force all riders to buy and wear anti spiting mouth gags? Opps, just gave SF another money maker.
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    Here is my OWN version of a "Park Map" from Tuesday (5/8): πŸ˜€ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AW5oqw1TdlfluzcbNXotekbYl2zja4wM?usp=sharing
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    Found another vintage Great Train Ride photo. I loved it when the park had this ride.
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    Sorry that I have been away from the site for the past couple of weeks. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and I got hit with one big time. A little over a week ago I received a call that my best friend in the world, Vinny, had unexpectedly passed away. Odds are if you have ever met me at the park you probably have met my buddy Vinny. We became friends way back in 1981 in junior high - he and I shared a desk in drafting class (for the younger folks, CAD using paper and pencils). Ever since then we were best pals always hanging out together, traveling the US and the world, and doing countless trips to Great Adventure. At first, the GA part didn't seem like it would happen too often. The first coaster he went on was Lightning Loops during our first trip to the park together in 1984. Always willing to try stuff, he didn't hesitate about riding even though the coaster was more than he anticipated. When we pulled back into the station he quickly ran down the stairs of the ride, turning more green with each and every step. When he got to the bottom, he threw his head over a fence, got rid of lunch, stood up and said to me "you think this is fun?". Luckily, Vinny was always the best sport and such an easy going guy that in a short period of time we were soon in line for another ride and he was all smiles as usual. Over the years we created countless jokes, one-liners, and memories related to just about anything and everything. To my parents, he became like a second son, and to me, a brother. Vinny moved to north Jersey in senior year of high school and even though we were always miles and miles apart, he was never more than a phone call or text message away always willing to lend a hand or help anyone he could each and every day. He was never one to stand center-stage and shied away from the spotlight. Even on GAH, he was more of a lurker than a poster, but always had ideas of what was possible with the site and supported my obsession with the park. Going to Great Adventure this year is going to be totally different and a little rough without Vinny. He surely would have been there on March 24th, dressed in multiple layers, willing to battle any weather elements that nature could throw at us. And odds are, before we got off our Safari Off Road Adventure truck, he would have looked over to me, slapped me in the arm and jokingly said "did we miss the baboons?"! I will truly miss him.
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    After seeing Winterfest maps this year compared to this map, it makes me really appreciate how much of Great Adventure is open and how many rides and coasters the park is running compared to other non Six Flags parks in cold weather areas.
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    Which of the three is it? 😧 The crane is used to work on Cyborg.
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    @philthynj and I had an AMAZING day at Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor Thursday. We stayed from opening to closing because the park was DEAD on a Thursday in the summer!!! The park was dead mainly because there were thunderstorms in the forecast, and there were only two instances that were a slight rain, but nothing much. Hurricane Harbor was also dead, so we managed to do every main slide there other than King Cobra as it was closed. We also ran into the YouTuber MillenniumForce which was pretty cool. I got LROTNON (Last Ride Of The Night On Nitro) which was very awesome in the front row! I was able to successfully do the T-Pose on Nitro and El Toro. I also beat lots of my own park records yesterday!! β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Here’s the ride count: El Toro 25x, Bizarro 2x, Kingda Ka 4x, Batman 1x, Nitro 17x, Justice League 3x, Joker 2x, Skull Mountain 1x, Log Flume 1x Me: 56 Rides The Four Winds 4x, Big Wave Racer 1x, Big Bambu 1x, Reef Runner 1x, The Falls 2x, Bada Bing Bada Bang Bada Boom 4x, Tornado 1x, Hurricane Mountain 5x Me: 19 Slides 75 Total Attractions!!! β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” I beat my record for riding El Toro in one day, as I rode it 25 times yesterday. I broke my record for riding Nitro in one day, getting 17 rides. I also rode more rides in one day than I ever have before at 56 rides. For Hurricane Harbor, I broke my slide count for one day getting on 19 slides. And we actually went back and forth from Parks which I’ve never done in one day. In total, I rode 75 Attractions which I’ve never even came close to!!
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    Guess where I went for my birthday... GREAT ADVENTURE! What an awesome day!
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    That will give them time to fix all the damage done to the queue. It is hard for us to have nice things.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    HELLO EVERYONE!! Many years ago, one of my favorite things I used to watch on this site was the many video trip reports from Great Adventure and parks around the world that members would often post here. Today I am so thrilled to say that I have made my own vtr over the weekend and wanted to share it here for you all to enjoy! This video is of the amazing trip I had this Saturday to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
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    I say the park should get no new rides for 2019, the park has so much potential to become better with what they already have. Spend the new ride budget on repaving, refurbishing, and just making the park look better. Plus, I would love to see shows in the showcase and Stunt arena during the summer. Something like All Wheel Sports would be great in the Stunt Arena.
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    We visited the park Saturday 3/31, the second day of the season. It was a very stressful visit due to hours spent on Pass/Member issues and other circumstances stemming from lack of employees, training, and overall preparedness, but I look forward to those hopefully getting better over the season and for the future. I photographed as much as I remembered to check out, from Cyborg construction, restaurant changes, log flume work, and so on. Full album here: https://imgur.com/a/phtDx (LOTS more photos than I posted below) Some highlights: Cyborg Cyborg Wide View Cyborg Aerial View Go Fresh by Nitro will soon be Primo's Pasta (Menu close-up in full album) Liberty Pub removed for construction of the "Ale House" Right across from that is construction on (what I assume to be) Liberty Snacks & Dippin' Dots Log Flume Drop Refurbishment (Also, Best of the West was closed) A very vibrant Sugar Shack has replaced the Cold Stone attached to G.A. Cafe The preferred lot now has these pole barriers to protect pedestrians along the fence. They are also along Superman's fence. The ever-changing building right outside the main gate is now Membership Services The new Season Pass Headquarters, next to Skyscreamer, where you should NOT go for Membership questions. (read the sign) The best sunset photo I've ever taken Swashbuckler is not quite there. Assuming it's still in maintenance. New 2018 Great Adventure shirt The new Membership Priority Entrance at the main gate
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    Surprise! It's for 2018! I made a chart to work out all the prices.
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    Brick from The Middle would find this interesting.
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    I really like how they are adding new signs to the security gate. I really like it (Fright Fest and now HITP).
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    I found an interesting video.