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    After seeing Winterfest maps this year compared to this map, it makes me really appreciate how much of Great Adventure is open and how many rides and coasters the park is running compared to other non Six Flags parks in cold weather areas.
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    This was on my phone this morning. Coincidence? Hmmm....
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    We had a lot of challenges over the summer with our migration to a new server (which was necessary). I write most of the text for the updates as well as having been the point person on the migration and upgrades that have occurred and unfortunately I have to work a full time job and a part time job (generally about 60 hours a week between the two), and I would LOVE to have more time to devote to GreatAdventureHistory making updates and new spotlights as well as updating my own website, but there just isn't enough time in the day for all that I want to do. Harry and I are lucky to have two great moderators on here to help us out with the day to day stuff here on the forums, and we are working on possibly bringing on new contributors to help with the pages and spotlights. We have SO MANY big plans of what we would like to see and do with the site (all the links that are still inactive on the home pages give hints about that) and hopefully now that the back-end stuff is out of the way we can continue to grow and expand the site with great new stuff. Part of the challenge is that we keep getting new stuff to update and expand the existing spotlights and pages so then it turns into the decision of update something that already exists or create something new. Thank you for your continued support and patience!
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    I worked the "Bubble Theater" for about 3 - 4 years... it was a long time ago... I believe that this was the first show in the new theater which was actually very "state of the art" for the time. The audio track for the show was provided by a 1" real to real playback with multiple channels for orchestra/music background, sub-woofers and voice track. All of the group singing on stage was pre-recorded track with only the on-mic singing real at the time... later the tap dancing was all on track. The wireless microphones that were used were some of the earliest use of wireless microphones... I do not know what type if was, but it had a large battery that needed to be recharged every hour and did not have very good range. The lighting system for the time was actually pretty good... follow-spots and nice proscenium stage. When i saw the Proscenium edge lighting chase at the end of the show it brought back memories. I loaded in this show, worked the rehearsals (with the folks of corporate Show Operations from Texas) and probably worked almost every show that season! Working in the Americana Music Hall led me to be able to work as a Entertainment Technician for the next 39 years and into today. The experience of working those shows and many others led me to a career in Technical Entertainment. Seeing this video and the pictures of other shows brings back memories that were long gone to time. After half the show was done, I could even remember what song was next in line and then to see the Finale brought it all back. If anyone has any other show videos from that time... please put them up. These were great memories. Thanks Darrell Stark Galloway NJ
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    Here is the new 2017 Fright Fest guide to plan your Trick or Treating at GA!
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    I hope everyone is liking the new Forums/Galleries/Calendar as much as I am! I love that when you click the "Unread Content" button it shows you not only the new replies on the Forums, but new things posted to the Gallery as well as when something new is added to the calendar. It's great because you won;t miss something new being added anywhere. I also like that after you read something the thread goes away so you don't have to remember which one you just read without having to do a new search.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    Here is the park layout with rides. More images can be found here: http://www.structure1.com/project/american-dream-mall/
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    I found an interesting video.
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    FYI, the 1999 Dead Man's Party video has been reloaded. See it HERE.
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    PLEASE NOTE: The awarding of ribbons above and the official summary below represents the voting results as of the official close of voting at midnight on April 23, 2017. For categories where a voter selected "N/A - I don't have an opinion on this category," the results are based upon those votes actually cast for the given nominees. The 10th Annual 2016 Warner Awards Results Thank you to everyone who voted in our 10th Annual GreatAdventureHistory.com Warner Awards. There were many categories where the voting was close. Here are the 2016 winners! For the third year in a row, Zumanjaro Drop of Doom wind the Best Ride (Non Roller Coaster) award with 51% of the votes. Sky Ride moved from third place last year to second place this year with 17% of the votes. Safari Off Road Adventure finished third with 15% of the votes. El Toro and Nitro again finished with the first and second place awards for the tenth straight year in a row in the Best Roller Coaster category. El Toro had 57% of the votes and Nitro had 21% of the votes. Bizzaro finished third with 13% of the votes. Dare Devil Dive won Best Upcharge Ride or Attraction with 57%, followed by th the Sling Shot with 18% and taking third place was Great American Road Race with 14%. Great Adventure's Best Remaining Original Attraction from 1974 had the same top 3 results as last year. There is Sky Ride with 35%, the Log Flume 29% and Runaway Mine Train 21% Houdini with 34% retook first place in Best Themed Attraction followed by Safari Off Road Adventure with 26% and The Dark Knight with 21%. Bizarro's themed sign was once again the top winner for the eighth consecutive year in the Best Attraction Sign category with 45% of the votes Kingda Ka with 19%. Tied for third place are El Diablo and The Joker each with 9% of the votes. Nitro won Best Attraction to Ride at Night with 52%. Big Wheel got 13% of the votes and tied for third were Bizarro and Sky Ride each with 11% of the votes. Best Children's Ride was won by Road Runner Railway for the fourth year in a row with 53% of the votes, followed by Air Safari 25%, and Wile E Coyote Canyon Blaster with 16%. The winner of the Best Themed Section had a new winner this year with Plaza del Carnaval 35% of the votes. The Golden Kingdom went from first place this year to narrowly missing first place again with 33% of the votes. Frontier Adventures stayed in third place with 17% of the votes. Wildlife Show won the Best Show with a majority (52%) of the votes. This Magic Moment was second with 21% of the votes and Looney Tunes Talent Show with 17% of the votes. Repeating as the winner of Best Event, Holiday in the Park got 57% of the votes. Fright Fest got 36% and the New Year's Eve Celebration got 7%. Dead Man's Party was again voted on as Best Fright Fest Attraction with 49% of the votes. The Awakening and Slash tied for second place each getting 14% of the votes. While everything about Holiday in the Park is excellent, the voters thought Best Holiday in the Park Attraction was having the rides and coasters open (37%). A Celebration of the Season (Christmas Tree Show) was also a popular choice (24%) followed with All the decorations throughout the park (20%). Polar Point was overwhelmingly chosen as Best Holiday in the Park Section with 55% of the votes. Gingerbread Junction finished second with 17% of the votes and Merry Market Place with the festive food offerings finished in third place 12%. Best of the West won Best Restaurant Food (with indoor seating) again with 52% of the votes. Panda Express took second with 14% and Garden State Grill took third with 12%. For the second year in a row Macho Nacho (near El Diablo) got the most votes for Best Food/Snack Stand with 33% of the votes. G.A. Café moved from third place last year to second place this year with 16% of the votes. Main Street Pub got third place with 14% of the votes. Johnny Rockets (36%) retook first place in Best Name Brand Food after dropping to second place last year. Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs (22%) which won the award last year went back to second place and Rita's Ice Custard (18%) narrowly won over Panda Express for third place. Best of the West and Macho Nacho swapped spots from last year for Best Season Pass Dining Plan Facility getting 33% and 26% of the votes respectively. Granny's Country Kitchen finished in third place with 18% of the votes. Best Games Facility was once again won by the Boardwalk Games area with exactly 50%. Studio 28 Arcade remained in second with 41% and the Dream Street Arcade came in third for the second year in a row with 9%. Three Point Challenge finished first Best Game of Skill again by with 41%, followed by Ladder Climb with 33% and The Heist with 26%. The results for Best Shop were identical to last year. Main Street Market won (46%), the Looney Tunes Shoppe took second (26%) and The Justice League Store took third (10%). Tornado tied with The Falls for first place in the Best Hurricane Harbor Attraction category each getting 28% of the votes. There was also a tie for third place between Big Wave Racer and Taak It Eez Ee Creek each getting 16% of the votes. Camp Aventura had another first place finish with 29% of the votes in the Best Safari Off Road Adventure Attraction award. Wild Plains remained in second place with 24% of the votes. Taking third place is Tigris Asiana with 16% of the votes. The Joker overwhelmingly took first place for Best New Feature or Improvement for 2016 with twice as many votes (43%) as the second place winner Opening Sky Ride during Holiday in the Park (22%). In third place was Parking Lot Improvements (11%) With Justice League Battle For Metropolis opening this season and the choice of a dark ride removed, Most Like to See in 2018 had a new winner. Flat Rides - Thrill Type won with 29% of the votes and the voters will be happy that is exactly what the park is adding next year with the addition of Cyborg Cyber Spin. In second place was a Wooden (Family/Classic) Style coaster with 15% of the votes. In third place was Park-wide maintenance and upgrades with 13% of the votes. That takes care of the results for our 10th Annual Warner Awards for the best of Great Adventure's 2016 season as voted by our members at GreatAdventureHistory.com. Congratulations to all the winners!
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    We'll let you know on the 22nd.
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    I try to keep my scarce posts positive, but has anyone had an unpleasant experience at Granny's lately? I'm in the park right now, and my friend was not offered a reciept (it was printed and thrown away) and when he pointed out that he was overcharged by about $5 after the transaction was completed and he saw my total (we bought the same things), he was told that "without a receipt, we can't do anything." We were told that a very kind lady paid that difference in what he was overcharged. Had we known she did this, and who she was, we would have searched the whole park to make sure SHE got her money back. After failing to achieve anything with the cashier, we spoke to a manager at the restaurant, who proceeded to speak with the cashier. She asked about the receipt (as she should have), and I explained that it was thrown away and should still be right on top, to which I was told "Sir, I am NOT digging through the trash for your receipt." We gave up and left. We don't care that we were overcharged, and while we would absolutely love to find this fellow patron and give her what she paid out of our pockets, we also know that this is next to impossible. He and I just want to bring attention to this issue, so please everyone, keep an eye on your total at Granny's and make sure there's no discrepancy.
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    I really like how they are adding new signs to the security gate. I really like it (Fright Fest and now HITP).
  17. 1 point
    that's great news - never went to Mama's, but smelled it all the time....LOL
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    Frontier Adventures was closed yesterday for unknown reasons, possibly because of staffing. I also got 24 rides on El Toro yesterday too.
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    Just out of curiosity, what’s your aversion to unions? They created the middle class in this country.
  21. 1 point
    Sadly that is what is wrong with today's Disney and most major theme park companies, especially those on the NYSE.
  22. 1 point
    As much as I understand this is Disney trading on their own intellectual property, which is their right, it just doesn't jive with what Walt did at Anaheim and Orlando. Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates, the Haunted Mansion and the Matterhorn had zero to do with Disney IP. They were all original, immersive and amazing. What IP they did trade on was well developed and appropriate and also immersive and amazing. And I say this as someone who loves both Star Wars and the Marvel movies, but I don't want to see re-purposed rides cheaply rethemed. I want to see new and amazing rides.
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    I knew the park would be empty when I arrived in the parking lot. With the Grape Adventure and The Breast Cancer run going on the park had a lot of extra stuff going on that looked pretty cool. It's odd seeing Hurricane Harbor's Parking lot full with people, very similar to how it is literally every summer day. We headed right to Kingda Ka to find out it was closed. It would be helpful to know if it was closed in advance. They should put a sign at the beginning of the golden kingdom so you don't have to walk all the way to the ride gate. We went for El Toro (which had no wait) and did that twice front row and 2nd row. It's running fairly smooth and better than it did last November. I went over to Bizarro which had NOT ONE person in the queue. That ceases to amaze me. We took the sky ride over to the Jonny Rockets by Batman had a bite to eat and then rode Batman. After that we went to Justice League and got a quick ride. That area looks nice with it's holiday decor. We went over to the Joker and rode it quickly. Kingda Ka was still closed. Superman was running awful to be honest. I was one of the only people in the queue and all set and done, it took 20 minutes for me to board in my empty row. They kept putting us on and then taking us off. I went to Kingda ka for one final Ride and it was running great. I had a great day at the park. There weren't any crowds which is an adjustment from Fright Fest. It truly is "No Line November"
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    Two of the three "new" rides have been spotted at La Ronde and it appears they came from Mega Parc at The Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City. That park is currently closed for a $52 million renovation. The two rides Six Flags purchased are the ferris wheel and the mini drop tower. Images taken by user Forum Xtreme Fan on the Xtreme La Ronde forums: http://xtremelaronde.forumactif.com/t9p75-nouveaux-maneges-2018 It is currently unclear if the third new ride will be a Tilt-A-Whirl. The picture of the kiddie scrambler is over the description of the mini drop tower on the Six Flags website. https://www.sixflags.com/larondeen/attractions/newfor2018
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    Not sure but the decorations next to them are similar to the ones on Santa's House. Maybe the lights are for the Big Wheel.
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    Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples below:
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    Even with a free preview pass, their value is still highly questionable with the opportunity cost of going on a normal ride instead.
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    I feel like Bizarro runs better with only 2 trains since there is less time sitting on the brake run outside the station. It seems like it's almost impossible not stack at all with only 2 people checking the restraints.
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    That Halloween day this year is going to be coldest day of the week. Seems like the last few years, Halloweens have been cooler than usually. It will warm up again but it stinks Halloween is in a cool snap again this year.
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    I have probably a half dozen of these bags at my parents home in Jersey in the three different size varieties in which they were produced. God only knows when I’ll be in Jersey again to get them for you. The bags I have do not have Great America on them, but include parks acquired up to Magic Mountain and the two wax museums.
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    Hey everyone (or anyone reading this) I'm mostly a lurker in here but I was wondering if someone in here would be willing to help me out, I impulsively bought a Season Pass (first time in probably 6 or so years, not sure if that makes a difference) during the Flash Sale in September thinking that I'd be able to get to the park before the 31st deadline to get the Gold Upgrade, as it turns out, I will more than likely not going to make it to process my pass. I tried reaching out to six flags support to see if there's some kind of online process to process season passes (its 2017, I figured there was a chance there would be) and found out if a friend or family member was going to the park they can get it processed for me. That said, I am in search of someone who would be willing to become my new best friend who might happen to be headed to the park this weekend or next that I could email my voucher to. Thanks in advance
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    RWS makes some decent shows at Hersheypark, hopefully their show at Great Adventure is also good. If only they could also do a show inside the Showcase during the summer too.
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    The past couple of weekends have left me with the impression that they are understaffed this year and have to shift their scare actors about. Thus, on some nights there are long stretches of trails with zero interaction while other trails are jam-packed. I did Wicked Woods twice, the first time was a bit of a let down due to time spent zigzagging through plywood structures clearly meant to have someone behind them, which Cell Block 6 was chock full of scares. The next weekend, it was the opposite.
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    Sounds great. I'm glad you had a good time.
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    ^ Tom DeLonge because I think Matt Skiba's voice sounds too similar to Mark Hoppus. Sadly, Tom's high pitched voice got messed up badly when he split the band to form Angels and Airwaves in 2005, and nowadays, he makes up a lot of alien theories for NASA. Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratacaster?
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    I always thought it was odd that Merchandise ran Kandy Kitchen as well. It's funny too because down here at SeaWorld our Merchandise department also runs the candy store, but the Culinary department makes the candy we sell. I believe that the Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom is also run by their Merchandise department.
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    I was basically driving right past the park on the PA Turnpike and decided to visit for a quick trip. Unlike past trips when I got there at opening and the park waited until opening time to start letting people in, the gates opened at 5:50 and you could walk to the entrance of a ride even though most rides didn't open until 6. There were about 50 people at Talon but it was closed so I went to Hydra instead. After riding Bizarro last week, the difference is really noticeable with how much smoother Bizarro is. The Whip had no one riding and was much better than Hershey's version with the rough floor. Thunderhawk's front row has the handle bars much lower than the other rows and it's a little uncomfortable for taller riders. I normally don't wait for the front row but the station was completely empty and almost had a solo ride until the others in the train asked if they could re-ride. I was surprised when they were told yes but I also took the opportunity to re-ride since they were allowing it. Steel Force was closed so I rode Possessed and Cedar Creek Flyers. Steel Force reopened after that and I waited 2 trains for the front. Steel Force is fun but not as thrilling as other hyper coasters. On the way out of the park before using my dining pass to get dinner, I rode Wild Mouse that slammed into the final brakes and Talon with a full station. Even though it really wasn't needed except at Wild Mouse, when I picked up my Fast Lane wrist band, they told me I could upgrade to Fright Lane with the Skeleton Key for an extra $15. New this year, the Skeleton Key rooms are separate stand alone buildings. One was near Steel Force's sign, another was near the building that used to be the hotel themed Haunt. Demon Drop was also running. It was closed the last 3 or 4 times I visited the park. If I had more time (I had to leave before 8:00), I would have gone for some more coaster rides and ridden a couple more flat rides but I was still satisfied getting 9 rides in that short amount of time. I saw more people than expected wearing these. There were even a few people wearing them in line for Haunt attractions. I didn't think they would work for the mazes or trails since it seems like it would ruin the experience for those that want to get scared.
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    A few new Garden of Marvel shots from June 1975! Below: Belgium's Gravensteen Castle with the rides of Ride-a-Rama in the back right. Below: Neuschwanstein Castle at the top of the Garden of Marvel's mountain walkway. Goodtime Alley games square would be on your right. Below: Ivan the Great Bell Tower/Kremilin Wall with the Moon Bounce in the Ride-a-Rama children's section behind it.
  39. 1 point
    Surely this guy was brave enough to ride Big Fury in June of 1975. After all, he was probably just about 8 years old and already had tattoos! For reference, he would have been siting on the recently opened walkway between the Big Wheel and the new Fun Fair section of the park.
  40. 1 point
    nothing worse than a half-finished ride sitting around all season....
  41. 1 point
    I finally got back to the park to try Justice League and if I had 1 word to describe this ride it would be amazing. The queue and ride itself made me feel like I left NJ and was transported to Orlando. I really thought it was on the same level of quality of what you would find at Universal. The mix of screens and actual props / animatronics was good too. Without having to think twice, it easily takes over as my favorite non coaster ride in the park (before it was a tie between Zumanjaro and Saw Mill Log Flume).
  42. 1 point
    I went for the first row of the 3rd car since that was one of the shorter lines. I was trying to remember if last year if it was the green train running or not since it wasn't nearly as rough this year compared to last year.
  43. 1 point
    I was at Home Depot last night and they were putting out the Christmas stuff!
  44. 1 point
    Saw the Crocodile from this during the Nitro ROTB tour. I also answered the trivia question about it. Very interesting to see it after so many years. https://imgur.com/gallery/Kep2u
  45. 1 point
    Even though I have Boulder Dash as my #1 wooden coaster (El Toro is 2nd), I'm glad to see El Toro win the award because I am tired of seeing the same rides, parks and categories being the same #1 year after year.
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    If only there was some way to let people store their loose articles somewhere for no cost while they go on the ride so they don't have to take it with them...
  47. 1 point
    It doesn't look like it has changed much, which is a good thing. But I wouldn't exactly describe the Haunted House as a "Terrifying Adventure in Darkness". LOL
  48. 1 point
    So, in case you haven't noticed, we finally got our Forums and Galleries updated!!! If you spot any issues, please let us know here...
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  50. 1 point
    He makes a major point: "The wives make the decision on resorts, not the kids," "he tries to appeal to women, not children." Six Flags needs to listen to this. Women, and adults in general, want to watch shows, eat unique food, and spend the day in a pleasant atmosphere. These are all things Six Flags does not offer and the reason adults avoid the parks.