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  1. I wonder if the I Heart Radio contract ran out?
  2. There’s still a decent chunk being saved. That was a huge structure with two circuits, and the new coaster will just be a single circuit. I think they may have found issues they weren’t expecting when they began working on it as well.
  3. Quite often it's the approval from the state or local authorities. I still remember the passholder event for Golden Kingdom where they hadn't received the certificate of occupancy for any of the buildings so we could walk through and look into the buildings, but couldn't go in them.
  4. I think that an expanded/improved kids area could be in the cards. Between the investments that have been happening at Sesame Place and the construction of a new Legoland park in New York, there will be increased competition for the younger crowds.
  5. ^ Yeah, that's where I was seeing it all down here in Orlando.
  6. Holy crap, all the photos of today at the park look insane! 130 minute wait for Skull Mountain, 45 minute wait for Teacups...
  7. Not necessarily. That's still only the back of the mountain opened up. It looks like the guest facing front side is still intact.
  8. Superman is a really fun ride. The SFNE version is better, but the SFA/SFDL version is a lot of fun too!
  9. Thinking back to years ago and how little material we had, things have really snowballed! And of course with the more recent seasons (since the dawn of digital photography especially), we just have TONS of photos to sort through and that takes forever. Having more material is a blessing and a curse...
  10. Lower your expectations, but enjoy the park. They have a couple of great rides and it's not a bad park, but kind of sad compared to GA.
  11. Bringing back an old ride will NEVER happen. The cost to bring back an old, unreliable ride that few people liked is the same cost as building a new ride. Money is much better spent on something new.
  12. Great ideas, but unless you know where they can get an extra few million dollars to spend on them it won't happen. There are all kinds of things that we'd like to see happen and even the park would like to have happen, but unless they suddenly get a bigger budget for new rides, shows, etc, it won't happen. Perhaps when they get a new CEO they will change budget allocations and increase capital spending, but that would be at least 2 years down the road, and there are so many things that require spending now that are higher priority.
  13. It was much worse to have to do that on the bobsled. Telling strangers they had to sit with someone in their lap who they didn't know was really tough.
  14. Totally agree! The Randall Duell designed buildings of the entry plaza had charm and style. They went to great lengths to use the genuine materials. The renderings for the new entry plaza looks so generic in comparison. It's sad, but it seems like it was a necessary change after the old entry was flooded several times in the past few years. The flood waters probably caused problems that needed to be addressed and they decided to just start from scratch and try to alleviate the flooding issues at the same time.
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