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  1. The idea is open the park when possible (temps are within certain range, no snow), and close the park on the weekends it's not the right call to be open. The parks which are open do that just like they do the rest of the year. If the weather is bad, they close. If the weather is good they open. Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Sesame Place, SeaWorld San Antonio, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and Six Flags Over Texas have all been "open" through the winter, but then close when they get snow, ice, and extreme temperatures. Just like spring, fall, summer, when the weat
  2. I'd guess this was some of the strip of land from the park to the interstate for the entrance road that was never built, and/or the land south of the park along Prospertown Lake.
  3. Hopefully they do more with it than they've done with Wild Adventures. In 13 years I don't think they've added much to that park...
  4. I wonder if they were all given a reprieve since there's really nothing new coming to most of the park this year either. With no new attractions for most parks it's kind of hard to justify removing something.
  5. Volcano was one of my favorites. It was fast and smooth and just a lot of fun. I rode just after it opened (when they were running it with only half the seats) and it was just amazing to watch let alone ride. It was just so amazing to watch the trains creep out of the station then suddenly hit the propulsion fins and take off down the tunnel. Then to ride it and find out that after that launch it hit another to blast it out the top of the mountain. It was really well done. Even better, it was part of a whole made over area with a show and food all themed around the Volcano.
  6. PGAV Destinations, the company who did the theming work for Golden Kingdom is really good at it. They do a lot of work for the SeaWorld parks as well, quite often doing the same kind of re-use of buildings. https://pgavdestinations.com/our-work/themed-entertainment/
  7. "Classic" Dorney park operations were nothing to write home about.
  8. Wow, one of Cedar Fair's historic parks (besides CP and Knott's) embracing its history. Too bad they waited so long after most of the historic charm and character was ripped out of the park...
  9. I wouldn't say "more woke"-- there are some really insensitive/borderline racist elements in there that have not aged well.
  10. And now the National Roller Coaster Museum posted a picture of the GASM sign behind a Great American Revolution train!
  11. Once again the stock photo of GASM's loops shows up, today in the local weather forecast talking about the "roller coaster" of temperatures:
  12. Wow! I hope they get that for them, because if they do my collection will bring me a fortune some day...
  13. Maybe something like this (or a pair of them) with lighting effects inside the building: https://www.zamperla.com/products/nebulaz/ https://youtu.be/zA46gWrI7Dg
  14. But they'll be replaced with a new "membership" program, just like Six Flags and Busch Gardens are doing. It's a way to change the levels and perks being offered, and change it to a more stable revenue stream and a tax savings for Disney.
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