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  1. When fewer people are coming you don't need to be open as many hours. Disney is doing the same with Magic Kingdom closing at 7:00 every night. When there's only 15-20,000 in park versus 50-60,000 it means people get to do more in a shorter day than they would in a longer one, plus it's a HUGE savings on labor. Everything is operating around 1/3 capacity but it takes just as many employees (sometimes more) to make that happen.
  2. The "documentary" and book were both full of conjecture and unfounded speculation and should be taken with a whole shaker of salt. There is a lack of pictures inside the Haunted Castle. Back then it cost too much to take pictures which probably wouldn't come out because it was too dark to get a clear shot. Because of this we still haven't done a spotlight on it. This is a tricky subject because we want to be fair to the park and the victims, but not being experts on what happened we really don't want to say too much about the fire and really want to focus on the attraction itself. One of the criticisms I've heard about our site and our books is that we don't write more about incidents at the park, but our focus is on the millions of great memories not the sad or tragic moments.
  3. The court records are all online with the answers on the doors. No one will ever know for sure if the fire was an accident or intentionally set since there was only one person there who knows for sure. As for the employees, it was easy to not be where you were supposed to be just like many jobs. Teenagers being teenagers they could have been anywhere if they weren't being closely watched. Having worked at the park I can tell you there were always people who knew how to disappear when they were supposed to be doing their jobs.
  4. HBOMax just bought a documentary on Action Park, "Class Action Park": https://www.nj.com/entertainment/2020/07/hbo-max-picks-up-class-action-park-documentary-on-njs-most-dangerous-amusement-park.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=nj_facebook_njcom&utm_campaign=njcom_sf&fbclid=IwAR3e5XepJqtRA3KR5xnhPq3U8Fxq52EorKGbFPWjGzXaI4rD7gxJtrHUkik
  5. Word is Xcalibur has finally re-opened with Six Flags St. Louis. It lives on another year...
  6. Looks good! I'm guessing SFOG will probably be one of the few parks to actually get something new opening this year in the Six Flags system, and only because of their contractual obligations.
  7. Splash Mountain will still be running for the foreseeable future. Their statement was it will re-open with the parks and close for retheming when it has been determined by Operations, which means it will probably run at least through this Christmas. Chances are it will remain longer than that because despite their saying this has been in the works for a year and a half, that's a short time period for a Disney attraction and most likely this was quickly greenlit but no fabrication or other preparation has begun, so it could be two years or more before it happens.
  8. People aren't offended by talking animals, they are offended by racist tropes of happy slaves which is what is depicted in Song of the South. Disney knew this was problematic for years which is why the movie isn't available. Splash Mountain is a great ride, but it's based on a racist movie. In an ideal world Princess and the Frog would get its own attraction rather than replacing another, but Disney today is all about re-purposing existing attractions to save money and make them more relevant (and sell more merchandise). Faster and cheaper is the Chapek way. This is something where it never should have been made an attraction because of it's troubled history.
  9. On July 2nd, SFDK re-opens as "Marine World Experience" Apparently they are not allowed to re-open the rides yet, so just like GA re-opened with Wild Safari Drive Through Discovery Kingdom is re-opening for an animals only experience.
  10. New speculation that the largest shareholder is trying to push the company into bankruptcy and get rid of their biggest expense (the animals): https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/06/24/seaworlds-largest-shareholder-may-be-pushing-the-company-into-bankruptcy
  11. Every year Bridget LeRoy, Warner's oldest daughter posts a little remembrance of him for Father's Day:
  12. I would assume just like the parks are running at diminished capacity, HHN would also run at diminished capacity, and probably have more outdoor scare zones and fewer houses. I still wouldn't be surprised to see HHN get cancelled. Disney is doing Cast Member previews July 7 & 8: Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park July 13 & 14: Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT It will be interesting to see what the changes are in the parks.
  13. Universal is casting for the HHN event, so as of now it is still on.
  14. I always like Lightnin' Loops. Fun little ride.
  15. There is a video but it wasn't posted publicly.
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