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  1. Dubai has little to no bearing on the other Six Flags parks since it was a licensing deal, unless the company who was building the park had already ordered rides (doubtful). Darrien Lake and Frontier City a both being run by Six Flags but are not owned by Six Flags, so they have different financial arrangements and obligations. I would guess they will be seeing more "off the shelf" additions.
  2. Yes, and they are open 365 days a year, so people will come to ride it whenever it's open.
  3. Yeah, I thought that too, just with fancy tops on them
  4. It felt longer than Chiller, and the vertical loop was a lot more comfortable than the cobra roll or twists on Chiller, even with the horse collars.
  5. Seeing it, it really is a new version of Matterhorn/Space Mountain, with short stretch of track, block brake, short stretch of track, block brake, short stretch of track, block brake...
  6. Interesting idea. It was a good ride-- I thought it was better than Chiller.
  7. ^ Wouldn't be a horrible idea! An afternoon nap is sometimes a good idea...
  8. It's so funny they might finally do this, only after ground has already been broken just up the street for a hotel. For years there were no hotels in the area for miles and now there may be two or three within walking distance of each other...
  9. Just over six weeks to the first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party...
  10. Spending almost the entire month of June learning new skills is simultaneously exciting and exhausting. Having to go from early morning shifts to late night shifts and having to work 60+ hours each week to do the training really doesn't help...
  11. As long as people keep coming, they'll keep raising prices. And if people stop coming they just offer discounts to make people think they're getting a deal (even though they're paying more than they used to).
  12. People are selling them for a lot of money on eBay! SeaWorld Parks have all rolled out an extensive pin trading/collecting program, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Six Flags do something like that as well.
  13. I NEED the 45th anniversary pin!
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