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  1. Great ideas, but unless you know where they can get an extra few million dollars to spend on them it won't happen. There are all kinds of things that we'd like to see happen and even the park would like to have happen, but unless they suddenly get a bigger budget for new rides, shows, etc, it won't happen.


    Perhaps when they get a new CEO they will change budget allocations and increase capital spending, but that would be at least 2 years down the road, and there are so many things that require spending now that are higher priority.   

  2. Totally agree! The Randall Duell designed buildings of the entry plaza had charm and style. They went to great lengths to use the genuine materials. The renderings for the new entry plaza looks so generic in comparison.


    It's sad, but it seems like it was a necessary change after the old entry was flooded several times in the past few years. The flood waters probably caused problems that needed to be addressed and they decided to just start from scratch and try to alleviate the flooding issues at the same time.

  3. There's nothing wrong with Six Flags trying to even out their revenue stream while giving more benefits to encourage you to do it. 


    Memberships just make sense for them since it means they no longer have several months of the year with no revenue stream from parks. That along with the extended seasons of all their parks makes a lot of financial sense and also makes their revenue stream much more predictable. 

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  4. With a trademarked name it doesn't matter if people heard of it or not. Cedar Fair trademarked Copperhead Strike, and if Six Flags named a roller coaster Copperhead they would most likely sue for trademark infringement or at least begin legal action and get them to change the name. Just like when Cedar Fair name Voodoo at Dorney Park and Six Flags got them to change the name to Possessed because Six Flags had the Voodoo name trademarked for a theme park attraction. Doesn't matter Voodoo is a flat ride in Mexico and no one at Dorney ever heard of it. 

  5. 17 hours ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

    ^Six Flags has to go through a lot of red tape to use the Warner Bros. properties.  Final WB approval was not in place at the time of the corporate-wide announcements even though the type of ride was locked down.  They had to delay mentioning The Joker until January when everything was approved.

    The same thing just happened to Universal with Warner Brothers approval of the name for the new Harry Potter coaster. :D

  6. Kind of surprised that they haven't rolled Winter Fest out at Dorney yet. With all the parks around them (Hershey, Sesame, Great Adventure) all doing Christmas, it seems strange that they're not. It seems like it could be a great tie-in to all the Christmas events that take place in Bethlehem.

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  7. 3 hours ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

    I like that they won’t be using any type of fast passes.  The line will be extreme but at least no one has an advantage ala old school queuing.  


    It wasn’t mentioned but I would think they’d want Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway open before this.  

    Rumor is Runaway Railway is behind schedule. 


    I'm just really shocked they are opening before both Star Wars attractions are ready.

  8. I remember it there and bought a bunch of stuff! That was actually the second location for it (it had been over in Fun Fair the year before). I remember lots of crappy leftover merchandise, but every so often you'd find something awesome. At the time they were liquidating the patches, so I bought a Rolling Thunder patch, a Roaring Rapids patch and a Lightnin' Loops patch. I know I still have the Rolling Thunder one, not sure about the others...

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