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  1. This is a constant problem that needs a permanent solution.
  2. Season Passes, Memberships, different levels-- it's just too confusing!
  3. Dream Street really feels less lively without the old banners.
  4. They would sell a lot more if there was more specific stuff and less generic "Six Flags" merchandise.
  5. DKC is a fun little ride, and when it opened with the full theming it was well done. It's a nice intermediate coaster for the kids who aren't big enough for the B&Ms.
  6. Adding the facade and repairing the effects on the ride would be a great idea, especially with all the new traffic to that area of the park with the new additions of the past few years.
  7. Entertainment is one of the things that really feels lacking in the park when it's not Fright Fest or Holiday in the Park.
  8. The Safari Off Road Adventure can always be improved, and this is a simple change that could make a big difference.
  9. GAcoaster

    Day 3 - 2018: Expand Menu Options

    I think SeaWorld has had the right idea with food lately. They run the food festivals in the parks with all kinds of new things, then the most popular things are sometimes introduced in the park's restaurants.
  10. GAcoaster

    Day 3 - 2018: Expand Menu Options

    Food is an easy change to make, and goes a long way to make your park going experience better.
  11. Hurricane Harbor needs some sprucing up, and restoring the original props would go a long way!
  12. The Safari Off Road Adventure is a huge success and often has a full queue with waits around one hour. The lengthy queue is divided into several sets of bars and all but the one closest to the ride's station are covered. This is rather odd when you consider that set of switchbacks is the first to fill up and is almost always occupied. A tent-like cover should be added to that segment of the line for the comfort of guests.
  13. Purchasing admission to the park use to be simple - you either bought a day ticket or a season pass. However, with the introduction of memberships and the further complexities brought on by having different tiers, deciding which option is best for you gets quite complicated . Further muddying the waters are the different promotions that are offered throughout the season with level upgrades, free months, huge discounts off list prices, etc., etc. Throw in options for various dining plans which offer different combinations of meals and drinks, and Flash Pass, photo, and parking add-ons and even the most seasoned season pass holder gets confused. Lastly, the complexities are often made worse by Six Flags systems limitations and multiple in-park processing requirements. There has to be a better way to streamline the number of options and make you feel good about buying a pass instead of wondering what just happened when you clicked the purchase button.
  14. This wish is simple. With the number of advertisements throughout the park, there is no need to hang them from the poles that line the old Dream Street from the fountain to the area past the four tents. These were installed in 1974 for decorative banners which add to the atmosphere of the park - not ads.
  15. So many of the park's shops are filled with super hero merchandise that it is very hard to find many Six Flags mementos let alone Great Adventure specific ones. (Except for apparel - that selection is great!) How about bringing back some Great Adventure classic theme park souvenirs that so many of us grew up with and love to collect. Here is a short list: - Poster-size park maps - Postcards - Magnets - Pins/Patches - Snow Globes - Pennants