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  1. GAcoaster

    Did you ever get sick on a ride?

    The only time I have ever come close was 1984 waiting in line for the Sarajevo Bobsled. I ate a churro before standing in the 1+ hour line in the hot sun, and just as we got to the top of the line about to enter the station I suddenly felt the need to puke, which I did over the railing. After waiting all that time to ride I ended up not riding for fear of additional illness...
  2. A profit warning doesn't mean they will sell off anything necessarily.
  3. GAcoaster

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    2020 will be a big year for all the competition with Legoland and the Meadowlands opening, Hershey adding a new coaster and probably Dorney adding one as well. Competition means everyone has to step things up. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new coaster of a decent size or some kind of unique feature added along with a much needed facelift for the Safari Kids area.
  4. This could be interesting. I wonder if there US properties will end up getting sold off. They have a bunch of waterparks that I could see Six Flags snapping up.
  5. GAcoaster

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    But, at Great Adventure you're also not paying $100 + for the ticket to get in like you do at Disney. The price of everything is going up and always will, it's the way of the world.
  6. GAcoaster

    willy wonka dark ride

    Yes, and they dropped the all because they didn't make back the money they spent on them. If Warner Brothers (who controls the Willy Wonka IP) didn't make an agreement with Universal when Universal wanted to build a Willy Wonka attraction, I don't see Six Flags being able to pay for it either.
  7. I think it looks really generic, especially compared to the Tudor Square entrance they have. I understand it's a necessity and a good idea, but it lacks much character. It's very barren looking, kike a Cedar Fair park entrance.
  8. GAcoaster

    SeaWorld Orlando Infinity Falls

  9. GAcoaster

    SeaWorld Orlando Infinity Falls

    Today I got to do a preview of Infinity Falls. It's finally just about ready to open (five months behind schedule) but WOW! This ride will absolutely soak you. It is fast and fun and really a great addition to SeaWorld. It made me realize just how dated and tamed down Congo Rapids has become over the years. https://twitter.com/matthewlynch91/status/1045356268511100928
  10. They are adding a new attraction to every park, every year! It's what they should have been doing for the past few years...
  11. GAcoaster

    King Cobra

    There are ways to deal with them, but it's very expensive because all the modifications need to be certified by engineers at the park's expense. So if it costs the park more to maintain the ride than its book value, it makes more sense to scrap the ride and write it off on taxes.
  12. GAcoaster

    King Cobra

    It's because New Jersey requires the manufacturer to authorize any modifications. In the case of Evolution the manufacturer was out of business, and in the case of King Cobra it may be the manufacturer won't or can't make modifications for some reason. This is why any older ride where the manufacturer no longer is in business is in danger of removal from Great Adventure.
  13. GAcoaster

    King Cobra

    Makes sense. The slide never lived up to its promises and needed modifications. The State of New Jersey makes it nearly impossible (and very expensive) to modify a ride so shipping it off to a place with MUCH loser regulations is probably for the best. Just like Evolution...
  14. GAcoaster

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Warner is not buying Six Flags. Warner was just purchased by AT&T and they are over leveraged and probably looking to sell things off, not acquire new problems.