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  1. It's so funny they might finally do this, only after ground has already been broken just up the street for a hotel. For years there were no hotels in the area for miles and now there may be two or three within walking distance of each other...
  2. Just over six weeks to the first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party...
  3. Spending almost the entire month of June learning new skills is simultaneously exciting and exhausting. Having to go from early morning shifts to late night shifts and having to work 60+ hours each week to do the training really doesn't help...
  4. As long as people keep coming, they'll keep raising prices. And if people stop coming they just offer discounts to make people think they're getting a deal (even though they're paying more than they used to).
  5. People are selling them for a lot of money on eBay! SeaWorld Parks have all rolled out an extensive pin trading/collecting program, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Six Flags do something like that as well.
  6. I NEED the 45th anniversary pin!
  7. Great pics! Nice to see the solar panels from the air like that.
  8. My friend Jason who writes for Frommer's put together some great info for those planning a visit to SWL to get the most out of it: https://www.frommers.com/slideshows/848346-your-visit-to-star-wars-galaxy-s-edge-will-be-much-better-if-you-know-these-things-first?fbclid=IwAR0aLd99YbamOv_G-15MN1GCCtyi3w1GV2ZQZ6XyNQdsQp3b8gepVcVAeDM
  9. Wow, the reactions online I've been seeing have said this was a great addition to the park!
  10. Any time that they are doing any work utilities and other things need to be marked. It could just be for re-paving or something simple. Don't read too much into anything until it actually happens. There have been MANY projects in the park that were marked out and looked like they were "the next new thing" which turned into absolutely nothing in the end.
  11. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/six-flags-atari-partner-add-110000052.html Everything old is new again...
  12. No one knows, and those who do can't say. Asking over and over will not get you anywhere. I know nothing about what the 2020 additions will be, but once again with new competition on the coaster front (Meadowlands & Hershey) and the new competition on the kids front (Legoland), I could see either a new coaster, or an updated kids area, or both. At this point I don't even know if corporate or the park has made firm decisions about the next year yet. Part of it always has to do with what the competition is doing which isn't always known.
  13. Always these things are guestimates anyway, since all the actual attendance numbers are confidential. I've always questioned how they arrive at these numbers and what they count. When parks like Magic Kingdom, Universal, Busch Gardens have "hard ticket" holiday events for Halloween and Christmas, do they count towards the overall attendance or does that get thrown out? And if they count it, what if someone has a ticket for the daytime regular park hours and the night time special event? Is that one admission or two? The whole thing is subject to interpretation...
  14. I wonder if the I Heart Radio contract ran out?
  15. OMG-- I forgot! Happy Birthday Harry!!!
  16. There’s still a decent chunk being saved. That was a huge structure with two circuits, and the new coaster will just be a single circuit. I think they may have found issues they weren’t expecting when they began working on it as well.
  17. Quite often it's the approval from the state or local authorities. I still remember the passholder event for Golden Kingdom where they hadn't received the certificate of occupancy for any of the buildings so we could walk through and look into the buildings, but couldn't go in them.
  18. I think that an expanded/improved kids area could be in the cards. Between the investments that have been happening at Sesame Place and the construction of a new Legoland park in New York, there will be increased competition for the younger crowds.
  19. ^ Yeah, that's where I was seeing it all down here in Orlando.
  20. Holy crap, all the photos of today at the park look insane! 130 minute wait for Skull Mountain, 45 minute wait for Teacups...
  21. Not necessarily. That's still only the back of the mountain opened up. It looks like the guest facing front side is still intact.
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