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  1. New for 2018-- Cyborg Spin

    August 32, 2017:
  2. How I Made It: Gary Goddard

    From the LA Times:
  3. Garden of Marvels

    There is a company exhibiting at IAAPA that does amazing models that reminded me of the Garden of Marvels: http://miniatureart.com.tr/en
  4. New for 2018-- Cyborg Spin

    Just got back from IAAPA. I had to laugh when I got to the ABC Rides booth and saw their model of the Tourbillon ride is made of LEGOs...
  5. Playland's Castaway Cove adding Gale Force

    It sounds like the issue was more alignment of the fins for the propulsion system having issues than ride quality.
  6. How I Made It: Gary Goddard

    Yeah, he was named years ago for hosting parties with Bryan Singer. Now Anthony Edwards story is really not looking good.
  7. Disney Parks additions

    Chapek (head of Disney Parks division) has a background in merchandise, so any new additions have to be able to sell something to pay for them. It's one of those things where Disney used to give the guests things they didn't know they wanted (Pirates, Mansion, Jungle Cruise, etc.), now it's a case of how can they leverage it economically, what will create more revenue so the bean counters can justify the cost with return on investment. That's why they won't spend money on things like the EPCOT unless it's to add characters and sell more stuff.
  8. Busch to close Darkastle ride?

    My understanding is ridership is also pretty low for Dark Castle. I know the last few times I've been at BGW the ride was a walk-on. SeaWorld Parks is in a position similar to what Six Flags was in where they have to cut costs where they can and unfortunately some attractions may be on the block. As much as it hurts to think of losing Dark Castle, at least they still have their skyrides running (when almost every park has removed theirs), and their steam trains still running. Those are things that if they lost would never be replaced. If they remove this, they could replace it with a new Sally dark ride for a fraction of the price.
  9. Busch to close Darkastle ride?

    There's a reason why no other parks have added a ride like this (besides Universal). They just cost too much to build and maintain. It's like Kingda Ka/TTD- No one else has built one as big for the same reason.
  10. Introduce Yourself!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Tom, but most people know me (at least on the web) as GAcoaster. I run a couple of websites, including AmusementPics.com, ParkNews.net, and JerseyJourneys.com, and run this site, GreatAdventureHistory.com with my friend Harry. I am a theme park junky and a photography junky, so the two naturally come together through my websites. Welcome to our new forums!
  11. The Green Lantern

    With GASM now closed, an area along the fence has been blocked off for hauling away the steel as well as for staging the new ride parts which should begin arriving any day now... The utilities have been marked out so construction will soon be starting: The Scream Machine has been walled off: The cranes have lifted the trains off the tracks and wait to start dismantling the structure:
  12. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Thank You!
  13. Worlds of Fun Removing Finnish Fling (Rotor)

    I would guess age and liability issues. Most parks have removed their Rotor rides due to injuries.
  14. It keeps coming down to maintenance and parts availability and costs. Especially in parks where there is a waterpark attached to park there is less demand for a flume ride.
  15. Avatar to Come to Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Apparently it has not lived up to expectations with the attendance bump they wanted. I have heard AK attendance was up about 14% this summer, but EPCOT and DHS are both down by a lot.
  16. Dorney Park Haunt 10

    It seems like everyone's attendance has been off this year. Disney just opened up all but the last couple of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party dates to cast discounts. Usually they only give CMs a discount on the September dates, but now they are offering the discount through October 26th. They've only sold out one or two dates this year and that came much later than normal. Busch Gardens Tampa is offering any two nights of Howl-O-Scream for $49.95. There are deals everywhere but I think people are a little cautious between fear and caution about spending.
  17. Cedar Fair Announces Planned Leadership Succession

    I think the Cedar Fair parks will pretty much stay on the same trajectory they've been on. Now Ouimet leaving is interesting because there are rumors he may go back to Disney or take on a combined SeaWorld/Merlin Parks.
  18. Six Flags almost bought SeaWorld when InBev first tried to sell off the parks. Thank goodness they didn't end up buying!
  19. Cyclone Coaster

    It was a case of the park owners deciding they had other priorities that season. They had already cleared the site by moving the greenhouses to the other side of the property. Six Flags was on a roll with those Cyclone/Psyclones and I think they were pretty much planning to add them to every park until Time Warner came and with new ideas and priorities.
  20. Wee Donuts Spotlight

    I always thought it was odd that Merchandise ran Kandy Kitchen as well. It's funny too because down here at SeaWorld our Merchandise department also runs the candy store, but the Culinary department makes the candy we sell. I believe that the Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom is also run by their Merchandise department.
  21. Rotor

    Click here to view the whole Spotlight! Comments and discussions welcomed.
  22. There are plenty of places that could have used it, but finding a buyer for something as large as Dragons was is not that easy. On top of that, Universal is most likely using this as a huge tax write-off which will save them more money than they could have got from selling it. Yes, the ride is less than 20 years old, but it also operated 365 days a year for all of those almost 20 years. It easily has had more wear and tear than other coasters built at that time because it never got the downtime that others get. It was running in a diminished capacity since they had to stop the dueling for safety. It was a problem for the park because it spoiled some of the site lines in Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the license holders (JK Rowling and Warner Brothers) were not happy with the metal detectors at the ride entrance that Universal Operations deemed necessary after several incidents at the park. It's not great losing two really good coasters (they were great when they dueled), but the business model of Universal is much different now and the replacement coaster will be a huge improvement for families (wider range of riders) as well as beating Disney to the punch by 2 year (2019 opening when Tron and Guardians of the Galaxy won't be ready until 2021).
  23. It's GAH's 10th Anniversary!

    I hear you and I know I really want to eventually launch a Busch Gardens history website, and we would really like to eventually expand to have historic information for other Six Flags parks as well. If anyone has a passion for putting together historic information for other parks, I encourage you to put something together! I'd love to see every park eventually have a website on its history and I constantly find myself frustrated with the lack of historic detail about other parks. I don't know why I always expect that somebody else is as passionate about their home park as we are with ours. If you haven't seen them yet, there are a couple of other parks sites I enjoy: http://www.greatamericaparks.com/ https://www.tampapix.com/buschgardens10.htm I love that there are so many Disney history pages, just wish every theme park had one...
  24. It's GAH's 10th Anniversary!

    We had a lot of challenges over the summer with our migration to a new server (which was necessary). I write most of the text for the updates as well as having been the point person on the migration and upgrades that have occurred and unfortunately I have to work a full time job and a part time job (generally about 60 hours a week between the two), and I would LOVE to have more time to devote to GreatAdventureHistory making updates and new spotlights as well as updating my own website, but there just isn't enough time in the day for all that I want to do. Harry and I are lucky to have two great moderators on here to help us out with the day to day stuff here on the forums, and we are working on possibly bringing on new contributors to help with the pages and spotlights. We have SO MANY big plans of what we would like to see and do with the site (all the links that are still inactive on the home pages give hints about that) and hopefully now that the back-end stuff is out of the way we can continue to grow and expand the site with great new stuff. Part of the challenge is that we keep getting new stuff to update and expand the existing spotlights and pages so then it turns into the decision of update something that already exists or create something new. Thank you for your continued support and patience!
  25. This is your thread to introduce yourself and possibly re-connect with old friends! Welcome to the forums