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    Misc GA Mumblings

    Nope, the Ocean County Memories page on FB only posted that one. They post pictures of GA all the time.
  2. GAcoaster

    Misc GA Mumblings

    From the July 2,1974 Asbury Park Press:
  3. GAcoaster

    Six Flags Additions for 2019

    I'm hearing that Six Flags Magic Mountain is removing Roaring Rapids soon, possibly as part of adding a new attraction. That will bring them down to two water rides in the theme park just like GA (they have a hydro flume and a splash down boat). I'm guessing that just like with GA, the maintenance costs and the adjacent water park are making them endangered species.
  4. The hotel is officially coming. A Hilton Garden Inn: http://shorenewsnetwork.com/news/headline-news/hilton-hotel-construction-announced-at-jacksons-great-adventure-sports-complex/
  5. GAcoaster

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Cool pic someone posted from today: Looks just like when they were built in 1974! http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/ConstructDrStTents.htm
  6. GAcoaster

    Six Flags Adds Five More Parks to US Portfolio

    Interestingly Jeff Seibert (GM of SFFT) was on site at Splashtown yesterday as the deal was announced. It appears he may be managing both parks in this deal:
  7. GAcoaster

    Six Flags Adds Five More Parks to US Portfolio

    Interesting they only bought five of the parks.
  8. GAcoaster

    Six Flags Adds Five More Parks to US Portfolio

    So will Darien Lake get "re-flagged"?!?
  9. GAcoaster


    Click here to view the whole Spotlight! Comments and discussions welcomed.
  10. GAcoaster

    *NEW* Looney Tunes Character Albums

    The costumes for the show always varied a lot from the ones for the street characters. The show costumes are lighter weight and not as durable. The two street Taz costumes shown above are the newer one (with closed mouth) and the first version of Taz (with big, open mouth).
  11. GAcoaster

    *NEW* Looney Tunes Character Albums

    The costume manufacturer for the Looney Tunes changed several times. At one point the company that was making them stopped because they were too busy working on costumes for RoboCop II...
  12. GAcoaster

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    One of Walt's quotes that they used to live by was "No Sequels!"
  13. GAcoaster

    Miscellaneous GAH Notes

    You may have noticed we just did an upgrade to the forums! If anyone finds any problems let me know. It looks like everything did what it was supposed to, but if you see anything I missed...
  14. GAcoaster

    Disney Parks additions

    Yeah, they tested the parking charges last year and I guess they decided it's time to roll it out. Too many people claim to be going to the hotel restaurants and park in the hotel lots all day to avoid parking charges.
  15. When Walmart and Target are starting people at $11 an hour, everyone else has to boost their starting wages too. Disney is going to have to do the same now.
  16. GAcoaster

    Nineteenth Century Carousel

    Apparently the team from Baynum Painting is doing the repaint on this.
  17. GAcoaster

    Disney Parks additions

    It's going up fast. If they pushed it, it could be done for 2018. They NEED it done for 2019 and Star Wars...
  18. GAcoaster

    Misc GA Mumblings

    When I worked for a software company, one of the initiatives we were working on was going from selling our product outright (giant lump sum payment up front) to subscription services and a big part of that was to even out revenue streams across the whole year versus having "good" and "bad" quarterly revenues depending on our sales team. This does the same thing for Six Flags, with each month having fairly predictable revenues, eliminating some of the steep drop off of the off season with memberships being charged every month. Also, when people subscribe to things with auto-pay they often just let it keep going whether they use it or not since so many people never look at their credit card statements.
  19. GAcoaster

    Disney Parks additions

    The trains run in semi-automatic mode. The majority of the driving is done by the computer system, but the pilots still control the doors and can override the computer when necessary. The system still has occasional glitches (especially with parking) where the drivers need to position the train in manual mode to align the doors with the station gates, and have to close the doors and drive the train in manual mode when needed (maintenance checks, reduced speed operations, difficulties with the mechanical systems). When it comes to Disney you really can't count your chickens until they hatch. Apparently of the announcement at the last D-23 event, two projects appear to have been cancelled already. The new theater planned for the area behind Main Street started site prep and suddenly stopped with all mentions being removed from official Disney stuff. The rumors are that either they started work and ran into a problem that was too expensive to solve (unlikely since the Magic Kingdom was so well planned, it would be odd to run into some unexpected problem in an area that was built by Disney), or that the budget was re-directed to other things (replacing the 30 year old monorail fleet). It also seems the "Space Restaurant" planned for EPCOT was scrapped since all mentions of it have also disappeared in the last couple of weeks. Disney has a long history of announcing projects that never materialize...
  20. GAcoaster

    Misc GA Mumblings

    If I lived closer to a Six Flags I would have the Diamond Elite in a heartbeat! Preferred parking, 50% food and merch discounts, free drinks, 2 skip the line passes each visit. I'd make great use of it!
  21. GAcoaster

    Disney Parks additions

    I work in Monorails. I can tell you it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Guests have not been allowed to ride with the pilots since the accident in 2009. That is/was for safety, and we are hearing it may change back again soon since positive train control was added a year ago. Of course there is less room in the nose since one of the four seats was removed for the massive computer control system. Many times Disney floats these kinds of rumors themselves to gauge reaction, and the blowback was strong.
  22. GAcoaster

    Disney Parks additions

    The monorail system is in no where near as dire a condition as people make it out to be.
  23. GAcoaster

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Tom, but most people know me (at least on the web) as GAcoaster. I run a couple of websites, including AmusementPics.com, ParkNews.net, and JerseyJourneys.com, and run this site, GreatAdventureHistory.com with my friend Harry. I am a theme park junky and a photography junky, so the two naturally come together through my websites. Welcome to our new forums!