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  1. Disney Parks additions

    I work in Monorails. I can tell you it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Guests have not been allowed to ride with the pilots since the accident in 2009. That is/was for safety, and we are hearing it may change back again soon since positive train control was added a year ago. Of course there is less room in the nose since one of the four seats was removed for the massive computer control system. Many times Disney floats these kinds of rumors themselves to gauge reaction, and the blowback was strong.
  2. Disney Parks additions

    The monorail system is in no where near as dire a condition as people make it out to be.
  3. New for 2018-- Cyborg Spin

    August 32, 2017:
  4. Introduce Yourself!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Tom, but most people know me (at least on the web) as GAcoaster. I run a couple of websites, including AmusementPics.com, ParkNews.net, and JerseyJourneys.com, and run this site, GreatAdventureHistory.com with my friend Harry. I am a theme park junky and a photography junky, so the two naturally come together through my websites. Welcome to our new forums!
  5. Spotlight Requests

    I wonder if that's the potato farm the park had to supply potatoes for french fries the first season?
  6. Kings Dominion Renames Ricochet and Rebel Yell

    And, with the recent removal of Thunder Road at Carowinds recently (which was a very similar situation to Rebel Yell/Racer 75) where it was an old racing woodie that divided the theme park from the waterpark, it's better to get a rename than a removal.
  7. Spotlight Requests

    It's OK, we get it! We've been really busy with so much stuff in the background in our personal lives along with the site stuff. It's very frustrating to have so many projects going and only so much time to work on them.
  8. Legoland Florida Removes Island in the Sky

    It was a unique attraction, but it no longer fit very well with the attractions of Legoland.
  9. Busch Gardens Curse of Darkastle ride closed

    There's a reason why no other parks have installed a ride like this. It was too expensive for a seasonal park to purchase and then maintain without the backing of Anheuser Busch being there any longer.
  10. Orlando trip in April

    You'll probably find that you really enjoy Universal. It's very different than the Hollywood park and it's really more "adult" than Disney so I'm guessing your daughters will enjoy it. Since the parks are right next to each other it's really easy to park hop (compared to Disney) and the park to park ticket is worth it. You may be able to get discounted tickets through AAA.
  11. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Yeah, the Orlando parks all close the water rides for rehab this time of year. With the weather being hit or miss (cold one week, warm the next) it's usually a slower time for the water rides anyway. All the waterparks are closed for cold weather (again) this week.
  12. Misc GA Mumblings

    Because if you can talk to someone about fonts, you can talk about anything!
  13. Misc GA Mumblings

    That joins the defunct chain of restaurants, Max & Erma's: And Champion Windows:
  14. Misc GA Mumblings

    A bag of coal featuring the font Great Adventure used for the original logo:
  15. Six Flags Additions for 2018

    Since February 13th is Mardi Gras, I would guess that might be the announcement since Mardi Gras is supposed to roll out to other SF parks this year.
  16. Our friends at News + Notes posted this yesterday: I'm guessing if this does happen that it's from the pressure to perform that Cedar Fair is under right now. The new people in charge must have realized that a revamp of a children's area was not going to draw the kind of numbers they want to see from Dorney when GA is opening a B&M. It seems like a smart move, but honestly Dorney can't seem to catch a break getting Cedar Fair leftovers. Granted, they're good rides they've received but it looks like they'll go another couple of seasons before they see a new coaster. My understanding was they were the next to get a GCI woodie and that it was goign in that lower area, but if I had to guess they'll now just get another Windseeker for 2012, with the next major project pushed off to 2013 or later. Of course, all that could change if CF changes hands or merges with Six Flags. Hopefully we'll get a confirmation at East Coaster next weekend.
  17. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I had to scrape the frost off my windshield this morning here in Orlando.
  18. Dorney Park Removing Stinger

    I find it strange that Kingda Ka, Storm Runner and this would all be so close to one another. There's only a handful of Intmain launch coasters in the world, it's really odd that three of them will be about 50 miles apart from one another. I also wonder if the launch will be changed? Could they substitute an electro magnetic launch instead of hydraulic? That would make it cheaper to maintain and more reliable theoretically.
  19. So, here we are int he last few days of 2007 (wow that went by fast!), and it's time to make resolutions for 2008. What are your resolutions? For me, I resolve to lose 15 pounds by the end of March. It's an attainable goal, and I am determined to do it!
  20. Our final wish for the year is to see Holiday in the Park expand further into more areas of the park in the future. I would love to see Best of the West decorated...
  21. It would be great to see the props in Skull Mountain lit and maybe even add more props and scenery.