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  1. Kind of hard to add those when we don't have picture yet...
  2. Unfortunately parks really don't care much about capacity anymore when they offer pay to cut the line. They make more money selling those passes than they would if they put something high capacity in.
  3. Following in the footsteps of Geauga Lake...
  4. Between the wood coaster going into SeaWorld San Antonio, the launched steel coasters going into BGW and SeaWorld Orlando, and the RMC coaster replacing Gwazi at BGT, there'll be a bunch of great new coasters coming next year to compete for "best new coaster".
  5. So, maybe this year BBNP will be open instead?
  6. I think LTSP/Safari Kids is pretty much staying as it is, just clearing those rides all the way at the back into the middle of it all. The area I assume will be used for JD is circled in red, and I'd guess they'll use the old pathway next to Rapids (marked in gray) as the entrance/queue to it. Really only the submarine looks like it NEEDS to move, but I'm guessing they'll move the teacups so they can use the old Rapids food and gift building for a shop: If I had to guess, they'll probably just relocate those two rides to the old Big Red Cars/Safari Jeeps area near the front of LTSP. Maybe they'll even put the train back in?
  7. I'm guessing the two furthest back (submarine and teacups).
  8. I think one thread is enough. It looks like just two rides will have to be removed from LTSP for this and (hopefully) relocated. I find it interesting they said JD will open "summer" 2020. I guess they've given up on advertising "spring" for any new attractions...
  9. Notice Cedar Fair have cut back (a LOT) this year on their capex, with most parks just getting water slides after years of so many huge investments in coasters. Cedar Fair was spending way too much (for certain parks) just like the old Six Flags (Premier) days, and now they've had to cut back just like current Six Flags. I think both chains need to achieve the proper balance. Somewhere between every major park getting a huge new coaster every other year, and instead maybe a huge new coaster (B&M, Intamin, etc.) in the $15-20 million range every 5 years at major parks, with smaller parks getting some hand me downs through ride rotation and smaller investments on years between big ones. I believe the current Six Flags capex plan is about $7 million per year for each park with some movement of funds from smaller parks to larger ones for slightly larger investments. WHen you're running three of the largest, most attended parks in the country (SFMM, SFGAm, SFGAdv), you need to make major investments of more than $7 million to keep driving attendance. Not every year, but it needs to happen every few years.
  10. Cedar Fair also is installing just one coaster across all their parks for 2020 if I remember correctly. Meanwhile SeaWorld Parks are installing coasters in all five of their major parks next year (and they still haven't announced what Sesame is getting).
  11. I think 2021 is still very much up in the air. If Six Flags gets the new CEO they've been tryig to get for a while now and Jim Reid Anderson finally retires, we could see a shake-up in the capex spending.
  12. http://www.saudigazette.com.sa/article/575509/SAUDI-ARABIA/Six-Flags-Qiddiya-unveils-park-design
  13. Ideally, if the LTSP/Safari Kids area is going to be home to a new coaster, it would be great to see the rides relocated to the lakefront area between BBNP and Joker. That would really spruce things up and mean the kids stuff is all centrally located again. The setting under the trees back there would be nice for the kids stuff. That would really open the area for a new coaster and redevelopment. The park could really use a big new coaster as well as an updated kids area, and this would fix both.
  14. Nope, no AC. Some have ceiling fans but they don't do much, so they purchased fans for the shops which are behind the registers but still visible to guests.
  15. We did the preview of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge the other day, and it surpassed my expectations overall, but it felt lacking in life to me. The best parts were the things that specifically related to the original three movies. I'll be posting a more detailed trip report soon, but here's a couple of the "low lights" where it just didn't feel like a billion dollar expansion to a theme park. Apparently it was designed in California by people with no idea how hot and humid it gets in Florida, so (just like Toy Story Land) there is no shade and they've had to add umbrellas, and no water fountains so they had to put Igloo coolers with paper cone cups to give people something to drink. The shops have no air movement, so the cast members had to bring in fans. The "food" props in the restaurants all look very plastic.
  16. Wow, they must have got a huge discount on water park equipment.
  17. Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Some samples below:
  18. Looks a lot like a hybrid of SeaWorld San Diego and SeaWorld Orlando's rapids rides.
  19. Just remember, this "rumor" has been going around in circles for a year now. After a while everyone forgets where it started and no one knows how valid it is. When any 12 year old can make a video that says "ZOMG teh Dippin DOts guy says we're getting a raptor, and three people said it was true" doesn't make it any more true.
  20. Wow, this looks exciting: Largest theme park investment in Universal's history!
  21. Don't get too excited. It doesn't say what the record is. Wonder Woman is billed as a World Record ride (it's the same size as the others Six Flags built).
  22. From today's media update for August: "2020 New Attraction Announcement – August 29 Stay tuned as Six Flags Great Adventure announces its highly-anticipated new attraction for 2020. After months of rumor and speculation, the legendary and monstrous details will be revealed at 5 a.m. via its website and social media. The world record-breaking project is slated to open next summer." So: Legendary Monstrous World record-breaking
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