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  1. Word is Xcalibur has finally re-opened with Six Flags St. Louis. It lives on another year...
  2. Looks good! I'm guessing SFOG will probably be one of the few parks to actually get something new opening this year in the Six Flags system, and only because of their contractual obligations.
  3. Splash Mountain will still be running for the foreseeable future. Their statement was it will re-open with the parks and close for retheming when it has been determined by Operations, which means it will probably run at least through this Christmas. Chances are it will remain longer than that because despite their saying this has been in the works for a year and a half, that's a short time period for a Disney attraction and most likely this was quickly greenlit but no fabrication or other preparation has begun, so it could be two years or more before it happens.
  4. People aren't offended by talking animals, they are offended by racist tropes of happy slaves which is what is depicted in Song of the South. Disney knew this was problematic for years which is why the movie isn't available. Splash Mountain is a great ride, but it's based on a racist movie. In an ideal world Princess and the Frog would get its own attraction rather than replacing another, but Disney today is all about re-purposing existing attractions to save money and make them more relevant (and sell more merchandise). Faster and cheaper is the Chapek way. This is something where it never should have been made an attraction because of it's troubled history.
  5. On July 2nd, SFDK re-opens as "Marine World Experience" Apparently they are not allowed to re-open the rides yet, so just like GA re-opened with Wild Safari Drive Through Discovery Kingdom is re-opening for an animals only experience.
  6. New speculation that the largest shareholder is trying to push the company into bankruptcy and get rid of their biggest expense (the animals): https://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/06/24/seaworlds-largest-shareholder-may-be-pushing-the-company-into-bankruptcy
  7. Every year Bridget LeRoy, Warner's oldest daughter posts a little remembrance of him for Father's Day:
  8. I would assume just like the parks are running at diminished capacity, HHN would also run at diminished capacity, and probably have more outdoor scare zones and fewer houses. I still wouldn't be surprised to see HHN get cancelled. Disney is doing Cast Member previews July 7 & 8: Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park July 13 & 14: Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT It will be interesting to see what the changes are in the parks.
  9. Universal is casting for the HHN event, so as of now it is still on.
  10. I always like Lightnin' Loops. Fun little ride.
  11. There is a video but it wasn't posted publicly.
  12. I just saw on Facebook that Nitro was testing today with riders on board. It looks like the park is testing the whole riding with masks on.
  13. Is this picture from Kings Island? Just a guess from the lights in the background...
  14. I'm really doubt RRR or any of the other removed rides will make it back this year with the budget cuts.
  15. On our Facebook page someone gave us a lead on where Pirate's Flight may have gone. Supposedly a few of the flats were purchased by Schlitterbahn Kansas City. They were not installed, but they may have been moved there. Of course that park is in limbo now so who knows what will happen to it if it really did go there. I'm guessing at some point it will show up on one of the used rides sites.
  16. Six Flags has a habit of moving rides from park to park and a few of Great Adventure's rides went on to another park and what happened to them after the park closed is a mystery. Today's ride is Pirate's Flight, one of the 25 new rides added to Great Adventure as part of the 1999 "War on Lines". Pirate's Flight was a Zamprela Balloon Race ride which can be found in many parks, but Pirate's Flight featured custom pirate ship ride vehicles. It was a great flat ride with lots of appeal to families, and unlike most of the other rides added that season, it actually ran consistently. Unfortunately it only stayed in the park for three seasons... Six Flags was expanding in the early 2000's, and they purchased SeaWorld of Ohio to combine with Geauga Lake (then known as Six Flags Ohio) to form a mega park known as Six Flags Worlds of Adventure for the 2001 season, combining theme park, water park, and marine life park into one huge park. It was a gamble, and it didn't pay off as expected going head to head with Cedar Point which was less than an hour away. For the 2002 season they looked to try and "fix" things by adding even more rides, taking several rides from other Six Flags parks to do it, including Pirate's Flight. Six Flags was experiencing financial difficulties and just before the park was supposed to open for the 2004 season the park was sold to Cedar Fair who continued to operate the park as Geauga Lake Park. Cedar Fair couldn't (or didn't want to) make the park sucessful, and in September 2007 the rides side was closed permanently leaving just the Wildwater Kingdom water park which would eventually close in 2016. Some of the parks rides were relocated to other Cedar Fair parks, and some were sold off, but there is no record of what happened to the Pirate's Flight ride. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/PiratesFlight.htm If anyone knows what happened to Pirate's Flight, let us know!
  17. The people I know who work or worked in admissions said they might just use the Hurricane Harbor booths and the back road instead of the old Safari plaza.
  18. Six Flags has a habit of moving rides from park to park and a few of Great Adventure's rides went on to another park and what happened to them after the park closed is a mystery. One of the first rides to be moved out of Great Adventure to another Six Flags park was the Matterhorn, one of the rides that opened with the park in 1974. We have very few photos of the Matterhorn, but it was a standard Mack Matterhorn bobsled flat ride. During its time at Great Adventure it had its sleds replaced with a different style. The ride ran until 1986 when it was removed and sent south. While Six Flags was owned by Bally, they acquired a waterpark in Hollywood, Florida and re-branded it as Six Flags Atlantis. They attempted to round out the park with the addition of rides and shows including the Matterhorn. Six Flags Atlantis was short lived and the park was sold off in 1989, then destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. What became of the Matterhorn is unknown, so if anyone has photos or other information on the Matterhorn, we'd love to see them! http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Matterhorn.htm The original sleds from 1974: The replacement sleds in the 1980's: Beloved long time Great Adventure employee Erika who worked the Matterhorn and after it was removed transferred to Show-Ops where she worked at Showcase Theatre:
  19. Here's a video with a lot of answers about what to expect and how it should work. I'd expect some fine tuning on this as things actually happen.
  20. Or, it just stays a drive through until next spring when there's a vaccine developed and it's safe to go "back to normal" with the trucks. They could even run the drive through safari through the winter and make up a little of the lost income.
  21. The general public will get to see the baboons for the first time in YEARS!
  22. Things like that depend on age of the ride, mechanical issues, and if there's been any damage to it while it's out of service. Scramblers are pretty simple, nearly indestructible, and parts are still made for them.
  23. I don't know. I'd guess it could be ours making a return from the boneyard.
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