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  1. There are a couple of design tweaks we need to do, but I like some of the new features they added in this version.
  2. In case you hadn't noticed... WE JUST DID AN UPGRADE! Please let us know if you discover any issues with the new version of the Forums and Galleries
  3. We had the same one for YEARS in the bottom of our linen closet filled with bows and curling ribbon, next to all the rolls of wrapping paper.
  4. Back in 2017 the Chinese investment group was really pushing for hotels to be added, and artwork for the hotels at Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld Orlando has surfaced: http://entertainment.hetzeldesign.com/portfolio/giraffe-hotel/ http://entertainment.hetzeldesign.com/portfolio/seaworld-hotel-orlando/ To bad they never came to pass...
  5. They could always use the Fest Haus & Picnic Pavilion with heaters in the ceiling but still keeping it "open" on the sides for dining/events. That would give some protection from the weather while still being open for air flow for safety. They used them for Winter Lights.
  6. I was wondering that too. I'm sure he'll turn up somewhere...
  7. Since Mark Kane left they haven't enforced the rules as strictly.
  8. $125 for a carload of 4 seems a little steep to me, but I guess compared to the coat of "regular" concert tickets it's a bargain. Now if they can get Dolly Parton to perform with them on the song they did together, that MIGHT be worth the price.
  9. I miss the high end, limited edition stuff. Goodness knows I bought a bunch...
  10. Thank you, I try my best to write engaging descriptions and capture the spirit of what we're writing about. I have a lot of memories of the Aqua Stadium as a guest and as someone who worked there.
  11. The theme of every retail location now days is warehouse. The remodel they just finished last year at World of Disney was the same thing, making it all generic background for the merchandise to stand out. This has been happening for the past 10-15 years with everything going generic. McDonald's looks like Starbucks, Disney Store looks like Gap. It's the trend at the moment to take away anything unique and interesting about the place so you focus on the product, I guess so it's more like online. The pendulum will eventually swing the other way again and everything will go over the top decorativ
  12. New Coaster Dynamix models coming:
  13. Apparently he is now running Busch Gardens Tampa: https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/attractions/2020/08/18/busch-gardens-tampa-bay-new-park-president
  14. Ours went out the other day because the underground wiring in our neighborhood is wearing out-- thanks to the power company we have a giant extension cord powering our house from our neighbor's electric box to ours to give us electricity until they can dig up the street and replace our wiring!
  15. I was never a big game player, but usually I played the games in Hernando's since they were less crowded.
  16. Smack a shark was weird, with shark heads in fluorescent colors popping out of the cabinets. It really was Whack-A-Mole with shark heads!
  17. It was interesting to see the road names are tributes to Geauga Lake. Dipper Lane, and River Run Road are the ones I've seen so far.
  18. The Christmas events at parks don't tend to be nearly as crowded as summer and Halloween events, and they're profitable apparently-- I'd think they'll be on.
  19. It would have been nice to have the paths connect and eliminate the dead end!
  20. While computer renderings of rides are a great way to visualize, there's nothing like a physical model of an attraction!
  21. This was really exciting to finally have some pictures to make a spotlight! It made me a little sad to know they never were used, but I couldn't see rental boats being a practical attraction either. I remember the Paddle Boats being problematic.
  22. When fewer people are coming you don't need to be open as many hours. Disney is doing the same with Magic Kingdom closing at 7:00 every night. When there's only 15-20,000 in park versus 50-60,000 it means people get to do more in a shorter day than they would in a longer one, plus it's a HUGE savings on labor. Everything is operating around 1/3 capacity but it takes just as many employees (sometimes more) to make that happen.
  23. The "documentary" and book were both full of conjecture and unfounded speculation and should be taken with a whole shaker of salt. There is a lack of pictures inside the Haunted Castle. Back then it cost too much to take pictures which probably wouldn't come out because it was too dark to get a clear shot. Because of this we still haven't done a spotlight on it. This is a tricky subject because we want to be fair to the park and the victims, but not being experts on what happened we really don't want to say too much about the fire and really want to focus on the attracti
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