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  1. Most of the complaints I see about Six Flags operations really vary from park to park. I think so much comes down to park leadership, with managers who are established doing better than ones who have just taken over. It takes a season or two of fine tuning to get things running the way they should. The biggest problem I've seen with Six Flags is inconsistency from manager to manager, and just when things hit their stride, they move the manager to another park. 

  2. Six Flags really sees the membership program as a huge win, and adding more parks would simply increase that. When they were in talks to try and purchase SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment a few years ago one of the big things mentioned was that having more properties would simply increase their membership sales. Memberships are a predictable and steady year round income for the company, and that's what they're really working for, evening out the revenue across the whole year. More parks, even in close proximity like Dorney and GA would probably do more to boost both parks with pass sales. When you have several parks like this (SFA/KD, Great America/SFDK, Knott's/Magic Mountain, etc) this just gets more profitable. 

  3. When H-Partners took control of Six Flags after the bankruptcy they had been in talks to merge the two companies. Rehan Jaffer showed me pictures of his meeting with Dick Kinzel out at Cedar Point back then. It's an interesting idea to merge the two, lots of cost savings could be found, I just wonder whose culture wins out?


    Mergers are always tricky and don't always turn out in ways you expect. In my work life I've been through several mergers, and sometimes the company acquired ends up making big changes to the company that acquired it. 


    If it does happen, it will be good for Six Flags passholders. 

  4. I think LTSP/Safari Kids is pretty much staying as it is, just clearing those rides all the way at the back into the middle of it all. The area I assume will be used for JD is circled in red, and I'd guess they'll use the old pathway next to Rapids (marked in gray) as the entrance/queue to it. Really only the submarine looks like it NEEDS to move, but I'm guessing they'll move the teacups so they can use the old Rapids food and gift building for a shop:


    If I had to guess, they'll probably just relocate those two rides to the old Big Red Cars/Safari Jeeps area near the front of LTSP. Maybe they'll even put the train back in? 

  5. 8 hours ago, Tower said:


    I think construction will start as soon as possible, speaking of which will there be a thread dedicated to construction updates or will this thread serve that purpose?

    I think one thread is enough. 


    It looks like just two rides will have to be removed from LTSP for this and (hopefully) relocated.


    I find it interesting they said JD will open "summer" 2020. I guess they've given up on advertising "spring" for any new attractions... 

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  6. 19 hours ago, Nitr0o said:

    While I don't disagree with you at all, you're completely correct, my issue is Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair is obviously Six Flags' most direct competitor, and offers similar prices for their amusement parks and generates similar revenue, yet every year you see at least one of their parks getting something completely awesome (e.g. the Gigas they've been adding), and while I understand their business model is different (not every park gets a new ride like Six Flags), it would be nice if Six Flags did the rotation like Cedar Fair does, one STAR attraction to one park and small attractions every where else. While Jersey Devil is definitely a star attraction, this isn't usually the case with Six Flags and this seems to be the first year to me in a while they've even done something like that. Maxx Force and West Coast Racers, yeah they're cool but they are definitely not on the scale of say Orion for example.

    Notice Cedar Fair have cut back (a LOT) this year on their capex, with most parks just getting water slides after years of so many huge investments in coasters. Cedar Fair was spending way too much (for certain parks) just like the old Six Flags (Premier) days, and now they've had to cut back just like current Six Flags. I think both chains need to achieve the proper balance. Somewhere between every major park getting a huge new coaster every other year, and instead maybe a huge new coaster (B&M, Intamin, etc.) in the $15-20 million range every 5 years at major parks, with smaller parks getting some hand me downs through ride rotation and smaller investments on years between big ones.


    I believe the current Six Flags capex plan is about $7 million per year for each park with some movement of funds from smaller parks to larger ones for slightly larger investments. WHen you're running three of the largest, most attended parks in the country (SFMM, SFGAm, SFGAdv), you need to make major investments of more than $7 million to keep driving attendance. Not every year, but it needs to happen every few years. 

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