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  1. Actually 3. Plus running a couple of websites...
  2. I have to work all day, then tonight at the other job...
  3. I think it looks small in comparison to Nitro, and not as steep.
  4. More emoticons have been added! Even an emo emoticon:
  5. If I knew it was this easy to make so many people so happy...
  6. I probably shouldn't have counted HH, since I walked in, looked around and saw nothing new to take pictures of, and left about 10 minutes later. But, I guess that's considered a visit if gassing up at the gas station is!
  7. I think Soak City does well with all the resort guests who are staying on property. Honestly, I don't see WWK lasting more than another season or two unless things really turn around. Tickets for WWK are going to be about the same price they were for the combined GL/WWK, and if nobody came when there was MORE stuff, I can't imagine them flocking to the place with only half the stuff.
  8. I think I'd push my car to the Wawa before buying gas at the park! I remember driving company vehicles to the gas station and filling up for free (you just had to fill out the log), so I got kind of spoiled when it came to gassing up there.
  9. Hey Walter- Glad to see you joined us! Tell all your friends
  10. Press Release from Knott's Berry Farm: Stats from RCDB.com:
  11. Press release from Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom: So, it looks like the equipment is being shipped to several parks in the chain. Here's what we know so far: Impulse Coaster: Going to Dorney as Voodoo SLC: Going to Michigan's Adventure as Thunderhawk B&M Floorless: Going to King's Dominion as Dominator Kiddie Rides: Going to Cedar Point Boomerang: Going to King's Dominion for the 2009 season Top Spin: Going to California's Great America as Firefall And, it now looks like the three woodies are up for sale: M&V Used Rides Page
  12. Press Releases From Legoland: I find it strange they would add a new aquarium, which will be very small, as a separate gate park. With SeaWorld San Diego competing for the same market, it seems like most people would spend the money on going to SeaWorld where it's all inclusive rather than paying for a ticket to the theme park and another for the aquarium.
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