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  1. Do you have the date when this was taken? Assuming it was a new truck, and with the clothes and the onion dome still on the Carousel I'd guess the late 70's or VERY early 80's.
  2. Ooops, you're right, I forgot about her.
  3. It is a good coaster, and a good fit for Kings Dominion. Especially with them taking out Hypersonic. Of course they'll get short changed for 2009 with a stupid used boomerang, but I guess its a trade-off.
  4. I think we're going to end up going to all those as well. Or at least I hope we get to go...it's always so busy as the holidays approach, especially when two of your part time jobs are in retail and they wantyou to work as much as possible :/
  5. Yay, our first girl on the site!
  6. That's exactly what I thought...it seems too easy to fall out of it, and I can only imagine what load times will be like! Especially at Knott's which is not known for their efficiency of operations.
  7. TMI-- I'm picturing the "The Thinker" with a laptop now:
  8. More details to follow, but Cedar Fair has confirmed that the new Pony Express coaster is coming to Knott's for the 2008 season. Should be interesting to see how this works out...I just see the booster bike concept as an accident waiting to happen.
  9. Press Release From Six Flags: Conference Call Notes: Ride and Attractions with low throughput or high maintenance are being removed for a cost savings of $50 million a year Writing off $30 million in rides and equipment being removed Eliminating more full time positions company wide in the 4th quarter--many offered early retirements Wiggles Worlds and Thomas Towns were "homeruns" for the company, bringing in attendance for the parks they were installed in Thursday Night Concerts so popular, they are adding Sunday Night Concerts for 2008 Tony Hawk coasters drew people to the parks despite bad weather in the parks they were added Hourly throughput on rides was up and maintenance downtime on rides was down company wide This year (2008) is about thrills and promoting the thrill of Six Flags with new coasters Advertising will be more online (Facebook, Myspace, etc.) and less radio & TV About $30 million less in advertising for 2008 More marketing early in the season, less later on Six Flags TV coming to half the parks for 2008, the other half in 2009 Plasma screens in queues with programming and commercials to a captive audience Brand recognition and reputation is improving Season being extended into November in several parks, and Holiday in the Park coming to a "Northeast park" for 2008 Currently there are no plans to sell any additional parks Possible opportunities for Six Flags to manage parks overseas
  10. I made myself itchy just looking at that picture...
  11. It's that time of year again, when Mitch Hawker starts the Wood Coaster poll. Make (El Toro) sure (El Toro) to (El Toro) go (El Toro) on (El Toro) and (El Toro) vote (El Toro) for (El Toro) your (El Toro) favorites (El Toro)! CoasterFanatics has made it easy to vote once again with their simple ballot: Go to the poll!
  12. Press Release From Cedar Fair: Sounds like good news and the market seems to like it. Cedar Fair stock has been taking a big hit lately, and they rebounded a bit today with this report. This is an interesting quote: "Our goal in the near future will be to operate a profitable water park at Geauga Lake while generating value from the relocated rides and available land" So I guess the old GL side of the lake is being sold off. Let's see what Six Flags has to say on Friday...
  13. There are stairways to the top, but they're all off limits areas. I don't think I'd have the guts to walk on those catwalks anyway....they look a little weathered at this point.
  14. Wow, it looks even more like a Nitro clone than it did in the renderings!
  15. From the album: tmac031467's Photo Album

    From the collection of Tom Bohsen
  16. From the album: tmac031467's Photo Album

    From the collection of Tom Bohsen
  17. From the album: tmac031467's Photo Album

    From the collection of Tom Bohsen
  18. From the album: tmac031467's Photo Album

    From the collection of Tom Bohsen
  19. GAcoaster

    Skyride 1979

    From the album: tmac031467's Photo Album

    From the collection of Tom Bohsen
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