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  1. Up, up & away in my beautiful balloon Whatever happened to the 5th Dimension?
  2. Be sure to check out the galleries everyday! We keep adding more stuff and our members have been adding some of their great photos too...
  3. I want to do a combo Pretty Monster/Monster Spin/Spinnaker spotlight! It's always amazed me the park has installed the same ride 3 times, and they were all different rides. I wish they'd get another...
  4. In putting the spotlight together, it jogged my memory of just how immersive the experience was from start to finish. I remember thinking the actual movie didn't live up to the rest of the theme elements though.
  5. From the album: Miscellaneous Pictures

    Formerly on the site of Fantasy Fling (Super Round Up) Picture taken in 1980
  6. GAcoaster

    Easter Sunday

    Easter Sunday
  7. _____ | | |____| More coasters should have eyes...
  8. Do they have a map in there? If they don't know their way around the park, they probably shouldn't be driving...
  9. No, it is copyrighted material like all the movies.
  10. Only for a couple of hours I think...at least that's what I heard...I barely remember seeing it run...it might have been a mirage.
  11. The flier was posted the other day apparently. Registration deadline is January 17th, 2008! The Dorney tour is February 1st at 3:30 PM.
  12. I've been wishing it would go pretty much since the day it opened.
  13. Great shots! So far the gallery is even better than I expected.
  14. We hope everyone will. It's fun seeing other people's pictures of the park!
  15. Naughty naughty Ferrets are illegal in NYC.
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