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  1. From the album: tmac031467's Photo Album

    From the collection of Tom Bohsen
  2. From the album: tmac031467's Photo Album

    From the collection of Tom Bohsen
  3. While I'm sad to see any ride go, I'm sure there are very good reasons like maintenance costs that are causing the decision to remove any ride. I just keep reminding myself it's like buying a car. At some point you have to make a decision...do you spend more money on it than it's worth or do you cut your losses? For example, my car is only 5 years old, but it has almost 150,000 miles on it. I know I have to spend some money on it soon for a new clutch, suspension, and tires. If I spend those thousands of dollars to keep it running, what happens when the engine goes or it gets totaled in an accident after that? Eventually I'd end up spending as much money as it would cost to buy a new car. A perfect example was Chiller. Think of how much they spent trying to get it up and running and it never paid off. Just when one problem was fixed, another one sprang up. When we're talking about rides that are so old either the manufacturer has stopped making them or is out of business, getting replacement parts is difficult if not impossible. Having custom replacement part manufactured costs a FORTUNE. A friend of mine used to work in a precision machine shop that fabricated replacement ride parts among other things, as they would charge tens of thousands of dollars to fabricate a part to the exacting tolerances required for rides. I'm sure the company would LOVE to just buy replacement rides to fill holes where these rides are being removed, but they don't have the money to do it right now. Couple with that longer lines mean more revenue from Flashpass and fewer rides mean reduced staff or better staffing for the remaining rides and there is a silver lining for the business. Also, if sacrificing a couple of flats mean that other rides are saved (like the Skyride) it may be a worthwhile sacrifice.
  4. Remember, at the time it was built it was the state of the art thrill ride, and there were HUGE lines! Everyone always bashes it, but it did it's job, getting people wet and making huge splashes. Yes, the Arrow versions and INTAMIN versions are more impressive, but they cost a LOT more and hadn't been invented at the time.
  5. Hey guys, welcome to the boards!
  6. I just realized I forgot to post these: That last week before the closing weekend apparently the surveyors were out at the park and were marking the control points around Movietown so construction can start. There were several of these PK nails in the pavement, and all the storm drains were marked as well.
  7. Looks like we need to add at least one more: Fantasy Fling
  8. From the album: On Grounds Entertainment

    In the Looney Tunes Land Sandbox
  9. Thanks, it was a lot of work getting that one together.
  10. I think I remember it being the inside track that was run backwards. I know I don't have any pictures of it, but I can remember it running backwards (and being painful), and I remember the radio commercials being on the Imus show when I'd ride the bus to school in the morning.
  11. It takes us a while to do them because we both work full time jobs (I actually work a full time job AND a part time job). We also want to be as thorough as possible. Between the two of us we have (literally) thousands of pictures to sort through for each spotlight, and that takes time. We try do do one every 10 days, but with the past couple we did they were bigger than average, and with a couple that were release at the same time, it took longer than usual.
  12. Just wait, there's A LOT more coming!
  13. I have a weird thing about heights. If I had to stand on top of Kingda Ka I'd be fine. If I have to stand on the top floor of a mall and look down to the level below I get vertigo...
  14. BGW is the way to go! Best park outside of Orlando.
  15. Glad to have you on the boards Dan!
  16. It's funny, I can ride any height coaster with no fear, but if you asked me to walk it, I'd be crapping bricks.
  17. GAcoaster

    New Year's Day

    Happy New Year!
  18. GAcoaster

    Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving...gobble gobble!
  19. Maybe while I'm up in the Allentown area this weekend I'll swing by and see how construction is going...
  20. Picture and story from The Washington Post: Rob Lattin (left) and Sean Garrison inspect the Wild One, a 90-year-old wooden roller coaster at Six Flags America in Prince Georges County, Md.
  21. Wow...do those big black rubber things come up behind you? That looks really strange...
  22. I didn't like the trucks as much because the adults had to sit in the back seat.
  23. Which parks are you planning to visit for the 2008 season? Here's my list of park I will be visiting: Six Flags Great Adventure Busch Gardens Europe Sesame Place Probably or would like to visit: Dorney Park (to ride Voodoo) Hersheypark (to ride Fahrenheit and because it's a fun park) Kings Dominion (if we have the time and money when we go to BGE) Six Flags America (same as above) Six Flags New England (haven't been in a few years, and it's a nice park) There's a good chance we'll do a Florida trip too.
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