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  1. Damn you, now that song is stuck in my head!
  2. Actually, that crane is a rental, so they use it for as short a time as necessary. TDK will be able to be constructed using MUCH smaller cranes and equipment, which will be much less expensive to rent (or they may even use some of the park's own equipment).
  3. Usually the Dorney off-season tour (the Friday before Eactcoaster) is pretty much all about the new construction. Here's a link to the year they were building Hydra: Click Here!
  4. Here's their cool new logo (minus the GAH watermark of course!): This version seems to be specific to the Florida parks, reinforcing the idea they are all connected and trying to get people to buy the multi day passports. When you see it like that, it looks a lot more impressive and looks like it would give Disney a run for their money in variety of attractions and parks.
  5. From the album: Parknews.net Images

    Busch Entertainment's new logo
  6. You know, i was so busy today I forgot to check all my regulars. Everyday I check Coasterbuzz, Screamscape, Jim Hill Media, and a few others. I'll have to add those to my list.
  7. I've never been actually. I'll make sure I add them as a link.
  8. I'm not right...why should anything I do or say be?
  9. Your feeling is wrong, it's all about me (as it should be)
  10. What makes you say that? They're all for me!!! I miss my ferrets...
  11. Winter Lights REALLY made the off-season go faster! Of course it could be SFNE or The Great Escape that are doing it. Great Escape might be logical since they have the hotel, and they are in a winter destination area, but I'm not sure how much snow they get, and snow removal could be a problem for holding an even like this.
  12. Oh...too bad I didn't know that's what it was before. I could have uploaded a Grinch emoticon...
  13. The first year the park was open it was open until the end of November. I just can't imagine going for a regular operating day when it's this cold out. Holiday in the park with limited rides and more cold weather oriented stuff, yes, but riding Nitro or something in this weather would be a bit much! Now if only Busch Gardens Williamsburg would start doing a Christmas event! That's the PERFECT park for one!
  14. I have a feeling the Safari operating calendar might be, along with the southern parks (SFOT, SFOG, SFFT). The safari could easily operate year round for school groups, even if it was just a day or two a week.
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