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  1. From the album: On Grounds Entertainment

    Bugs Bunny with a newborn black bear cub in the Safari
  2. Interesting photo to use for press, since it shows a car with a vinyl top, with its windows open and someone leaning out the window! All things that were not allowed in the Safari, even back then.
  3. From the album: Employee Photos

    Last day of the 2006 Season outside Showcase Theatre
  4. The Commandments of Posting: --Do not post copyrighted material without prior consent from the owner. Materials used from other sources MUST BE CREDITED (including links back to the original source). --Do not use foul language or inappropriate language while posting a message. --Do not flame or attack other visitors with any sort of vulgar messages. --Do not "spam" the boards or PM system with unnecessary messages. --Do not write in all capital letters. --Please keep topics on subject. If you feel the need to digress, start a new thread in the appropriate forum. --Keep your signatures to a minimum. Graphics and unnecessarily long signatures will not be tolerated. --Posts should be written using standard English, and should be proofread for spelling mistakes before posting. Instant Messenger shorthand is not acceptable. --Do not post for the sake of posting. Posting a comment that adds nothing to the conversation (like "I rode that", "what was this ride like") is unnecessary and will be deleted. Please read the spotlight before asking questions about the spotlight. Special Note: Please do not disclose any "non-public" information about Great Adventure or any other park. This includes not posting pictures that in any way violate park rules (onride photos and videos, pictures taken from off limits areas without permission). This is a public site, and Six Flags may take action against employees who violate the park rules by posting confidential information.
  5. Just like any other group, we have a hierarchy of leadership here on GAH. We base the rankings on Great Adventure's organizational structure: Directors: Site Administrators- The people at the top of the ranking system Blue Tags: Administrators- The Supervisors of the site Red Tags: Moderators- The Manager/Leads of the site Black Tags: Members- The main group Orange Tags: The New Users- The less experienced newbies
  6. Information from the Great Escape website:
  7. Information from Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom: Statistics from RCDB.com:
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