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  1. Which parks are you planning to visit for the 2008 season? Here's my list of park I will be visiting: Six Flags Great Adventure Busch Gardens Europe Sesame Place Probably or would like to visit: Dorney Park (to ride Voodoo) Hersheypark (to ride Fahrenheit and because it's a fun park) Kings Dominion (if we have the time and money when we go to BGE) Six Flags America (same as above) Six Flags New England (haven't been in a few years, and it's a nice park) There's a good chance we'll do a Florida trip too.
  2. So, here we are just at the end of the 2007 season, and most parks are just making their 2008 announcements, but Cedar Fair has already revealed their plans to add coasters to two parks for 2009: --New GCI woodie for California's Great America --Relocated Boomerang (from Geauga Lake) coming to Carrowinds It will be interesting to see if Cedar Fair continues to keep announcing plans so early like this. I have a feeling this may be a way to try and reassure their stockholder that they have a plan in place to increase attendance and revenue in the former Paramount Parks and help reduce debts with small capital expenditures. It's also interesting to note that the parks that have these plans in place are the two parks with the stiffest competition. California's Great America has been neglected for a long time, while Six Flags continues to keep investing in Marine World.
  3. They must be adding on-board sound and lights. At $10 million, this renovation cost more than any of the other new coasters Six Flags is installing so calling it an 8th new coaster kind of makes sense.
  4. From the album: Employee Photos

    Last day of the 2007 Season outside Showcase Theatre
  5. I think it will be well done for that price. A standard mouse is no where near $7 million.
  6. With the competition heating up between the Orlando are parks after Universal scored rights to Harry Potter, rumors have begun circulating that the Magic Kingdom will FINALLY be getting a new attraction after a drought of several years now. As to what the attraction will be, know one seems to know for sure, but most rumors point to a Little mermaid themed dark ride taking over the former 20,000 Leagues site.
  7. With he recent announcements of capital improvements for 2008 by Six Flags, a couple of parks were conspicuously absent from the list of recipients of new attractions. Kentucky Kingdom was one of those parks, and that couple with the recent move of the park's general Manager and a large portion of the senior staff to Six Flags Magic Mountain has fueled rumors the park is for sale.
  8. Rumors and speculation about Disney wanting to branch out further and capitalize on their brand have been rampant for the past few months, with talk of them eyeing the lucrative theme restaurant business to compete with Chucky Cheese, and the hotel business to compete with the new Nickelodeon themed resorts being planned. Some insiders are speculating that Disney may decide to get into the business by just purchasing an established operation, and Great Wolf would be a logical choice.
  9. For years the rumor has kept popping up that Busch was looking ot add a new country to the Williamsburg park, and usually the country mentioned is Spain. It seems this rumor has come back again, with the area being mentioned for this new country being the area where Drachen Fire used to stand. Part of the rumor this time out involves the addition of a new train station in the section, which would make sense so like Festa Italia which is also a dead end, there would be another way to get to and from this new section. Add to that the fact that Busch just announced they had record attendance this season, and it makes a lot of sense that it's time to expand the park.
  10. This is a great move, expecially if the new X trains are better than the old ones. And Magic Mountain desperately needs a new kiddie section!
  11. Welcome guys! Glad to have you on board!
  12. I guess I should start things off in this thread... My name is Tom, and I was in Show Ops from 1987-1991. I primarily worked in On-Grounds Entertainment, but also worked Concerts, Laser Show, Adventure Theater and just about anywhere else in Shows. I loved my time working at the park, and learned many valuable life lessons which have continued to serve me in every job I have had since leaving GA. My favorite GA memory (as an employee), the GASM employee party, and riding over and over (when it was still smooth).
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  14. This is your thread to introduce yourself and possibly re-connect with old friends! Welcome to the forum
  15. This thread is for all the workers who generally aren't in the spotlight...here's your chance to shine! Please introduce yourself and let us know what you do/did at the park. Welcome to the forums
  16. This is your thread to introduce yourself and possibly re-connect with old friends! Welcome to the forums
  17. This is your thread to introduce yourself and possibly to re-connect with old friends! Welcome to the forums
  18. This is your thread to introduce yourself and possibly re-connect with old friends! Welcome to the forums
  19. This is your thread to introduce yourself and possibly re-connect with old friends! Welcome to the forums
  20. This is your thread to introduce yourself and possibly re-connect with old friends! Welcome to the forums
  21. This is your thread to introduce yourself, and possibly re-connect with old friends! Welcome to the new forums
  22. This is your thread to introduce yourself, and possibly re-connect with old friends! Welcome to our new forums
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