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  1. It will be the biggest coaster in their park and a huge addition to that park. It would have been nice to have something bigger, but they have to jump through so many hoops to build anything there with the city, state, and Coastal Commission all having to sign off and the neighbors complaining about everything they do.
  2. Just was reading how SFMM was at capacity for their parking lot yesterday and extended HitP through next weekend.
  3. There was talk of putting a diving show in the arena a few years ago, so it's possible. You just need to find someone built like Jason Momoa...
  4. I saw a video today from Six Flags Fiesta Texas that reminded me of one of our old wishes from 2011: https://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.siebert.3/videos/10218738819286155/
  5. With the retheme and improvements to Knott's rapids ride this year, maybe we could see this become an industry trend, updating and improving these rides to make them better.
  6. The idea is that it will swing out over the water below. Looking at the footings in place I think it will not be as terrible as some people have made it out to be for location.
  7. The Great Lake has always been an underused resource at the park, and adding a scenic boat ride would be a great idea! I'd even do it as an upcharge.
  8. No, they gave them up and have Rudolph now at the SW parks. The Polar Express Experience is licensed all over the place now. I think Adventure Aquarium used to license it as well.
  9. I think a water coaster would be a great addition, but I'd like to see a more ambitious overall expansion of the park.
  10. A big new expansion at Hurricane Harbor would be a great way to celebrate the water park's anniversary!
  11. They did some beautiful work on restoring the Carousel all ready, now they need to finish putting it all back in place!
  12. I believe Cyborg is actually a fair distance from the old Musik Express area.
  13. Water rides are good family rides and always popular on hot days!
  14. With all the new things that can be done with LED lighting, the Big Wheel could use the update, and it could become part of Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park shows with the right lighting!
  15. Remembering to bring, then carrying, (and sometimes losing) the bottles is a real pain!
  16. Season Passes, Memberships, different levels-- it's just too confusing!
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