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  1. Disney CEO Bob Iger just stepped down unexpectedly, and Bob Chapek who was the head of parks is now the CEO. There must be a health issue or a scandal behind this since he was scheduled to retire but is suddenly stepping down and they announced it after the stock market closed.
  2. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment is really trying to beef up the thrills in the three SeaWorld parks and make them more like the two Busch Gardens parks. More emphasis on rides and less emphasis on the animals. With the distinct possibility that keeping marine mammals in captivity could be outlawed at some point in the not too distant future it gives the parks a better leg to stand on and a new identity. Just like Busch Gardens Tampa, I think animals will always be a part of the SeaWorld parks, just not the main focus anymore. At this point the name Shamu has been pretty much completely phased out of the parks.
  3. Texas Stingray is now open at SeaWorld San Antonio: San Diego's Emperor is a complete circuit Iron Gwazi is just about complete at Tampa: Pantheon should be just about done in Williamsburg: Ice Breaker just has one more piece of track to put into place:
  4. The rumor for BGT and for SW Orlando is that the next new additions are possibly slated to open by Christmas 2020. I wonder if San Antonio's is as well? Christmas has become such a big money maker for the parks, having your new attraction open for Christmas might make a lot of sense.
  5. So apparently they just raised prices (again) despite the fact that some of the rides are still not open, and anyone who pre-purchased a ticket will be required to pay the price difference and can't get a refund if they don't want to pay that difference:
  6. Stock has REALLY taken a hit today. They starved the parks of needed capex for far too long. You have to spend money to make money...
  7. Dorney Park was just featured on Allentown's Channel 69 News for the off-season: https://www.wfmz.com/news/sunrise/how-dorney-park-prepares-for-the-season/article_ed9d0a34-4cda-11ea-af2f-b3c70903df25.html
  8. Nope-- most of what we have is research through press releases, industry articles, and luck. It's always a lot of fun finding new pictures/renderings/information when we do research. Sometimes it's just something in the background of a picture starts a whole chase of new information. We discovered a couple of things over the years which were never in maps or brochures that way.
  9. No need to apologize! We would love to find more material and do those No one finds those planned but never built spotlights more interesting than we do. Always fascinating to see what could have been and think about how that might have changed the park. Every time I look at the spotlight for the update entrance plaza it boggles my mind how that would have changed the park! You never know when someone will send us something that suddenly makes that happen...
  10. So I heard from my friend today the new SeaWorld coaster may actually be a "first of it's kind" B&M. About a year ago they trademarked a "surf coaster", but there's no more info on it yet.
  11. The challenge with all of those is not having enough material to really flesh it out properly. Often we just have one or two renderings and not much more as jumping off points.
  12. Holy crap, this is the first hill after the drop on Iron Gwazi!
  13. Sesame Place, SeaWorld Orlando, Discovery Cove, and Aquatica Orlando were all certified just over a year ago. It's a real benefit to families with autistic kids having guidelines for sensory experiences and quiet rooms available in the parks. All the team members had to take a 2 hour class for the certification and to better help families. Honestly I'm surprised that Disney hasn't done it yet since the Disney Parks seem to be a huge draw for people with autism.
  14. I get that they basically have to see if they can afford to put those rides back after the potential cost over runs of building JD, but it's frustrating that they can't budget that no matter what. To have lost the kids coaster and several rides like that with no replacements seems like a problem. Just like in the past when they have closed kids rides and areas then had to put them back due to guest complaints. I'm guessing they'll open without any of them re-installed and then by mid-July they'll have rebuilt two of them. By now they should know this will happen, but then again this is the same park that always seems to get caught off guard that Fright Fest comes each September...
  15. Apparently they "don't know" whether the kids rides will come back or not. I would have thought they'd have some idea by now...
  16. I renamed and highjacked this thread to be more of a catch-all for Six Flags Corporate news. This is an interesting development. H-Partners was majority shareholder of Six Flags when they emerged from bankruptcy, but since then they sold off most of their interest. Apparently they see an opportunity here with the turmoil lately, and are coming back in with a seat on the Board. I have to wonder if they have a plan for an acquisition or merger to increase value. Rehan Jaffer, the head of H-Partners was very hands on with Six Flags comeback, and was working to merge Six Flags and Cedar Fair back in 2010. He showed me a picture of himself at Cedar Point with Dick Kinzel riding a coaster together from when they were in discussions and even asked what I thought of a merger between the two companies.
  17. They really need to embrace the idea they went with in Paris, "the future that never was". That way it's a vision of the future from a time past, essentially a time capsule. Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland (at least the back half) is still the 1971 version, and it looks like they're stripping away the 90's stuff back to some form of that version. The Contemporary is very much in the same vein of a version of the future that is trapped in time. I know they've started a test makeover of the rooms in the Contemporary which embrace a mid-century modern aesthetic, and I think we'll see the same in Tomorrowland. Almost taking things to a 1955 vision of the future and embracing Walt's vision of Tomorrowland but as more of a time capsule. https://blogmickey.com/2020/01/more-1994-tomorrowland-theming-elements-removed-for-visual-refresh
  18. The excellent Passport To Dream Old & New blog has a great new post about the past decade for Disney which is worth a read if you are a fan: http://passport2dreams.blogspot.com/2020/01/disney-worlds-universal-decade.html
  19. It CAN be a great experience, or it could be terrible. Depends on your expectations and who you work with. Generally if you have a good attitude it's a great experience.
  20. They quoted my posting of the rumored addition. I had heard from a friend that a "Gatekeeper style" wing coaster was coming and that it would be part of a revamp of the front entrance.
  21. WOW: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/a6fbfa6c-49b9-4f7c-8530-4b1c46ca0ad4 This needs to happen!!!
  22. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10219574898259571&set=gm.2716091388413289&type=3&theater&ifg=1
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