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  1. I believe Cyborg is actually a fair distance from the old Musik Express area.
  2. Water rides are good family rides and always popular on hot days!
  3. With all the new things that can be done with LED lighting, the Big Wheel could use the update, and it could become part of Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park shows with the right lighting!
  4. Remembering to bring, then carrying, (and sometimes losing) the bottles is a real pain!
  5. Season Passes, Memberships, different levels-- it's just too confusing!
  6. Dream Street really feels less lively without the old banners.
  7. They would sell a lot more if there was more specific stuff and less generic "Six Flags" merchandise.
  8. DKC is a fun little ride, and when it opened with the full theming it was well done. It's a nice intermediate coaster for the kids who aren't big enough for the B&Ms.
  9. Adding the facade and repairing the effects on the ride would be a great idea, especially with all the new traffic to that area of the park with the new additions of the past few years.
  10. Entertainment is one of the things that really feels lacking in the park when it's not Fright Fest or Holiday in the Park.
  11. The Safari Off Road Adventure can always be improved, and this is a simple change that could make a big difference.
  12. I think SeaWorld has had the right idea with food lately. They run the food festivals in the parks with all kinds of new things, then the most popular things are sometimes introduced in the park's restaurants.
  13. Food is an easy change to make, and goes a long way to make your park going experience better.
  14. Hurricane Harbor needs some sprucing up, and restoring the original props would go a long way!
  15. Great Adventure's rapids ride has not seen any enhancements since it first opened in the early '80s. As the world's oldest continually operating rapids ride, the park should invest in revitalizing the attraction with the addition of geysers, sprayers, banks of mist, waterfalls, and a tunnel to bring new life to this staple of the park. Adding some themed props and going retro by reintroducing the Roaring Rapids name would be a welcomed update to the park's ride lineup.
  16. Great Adventure has the unique benefit of being located alongside a scenic lake which many guests find as a beautiful and relaxing attraction onto itself. The park should add a small boat or two to offer leisurely cruises around the lake departing from the former site of the Great Lake Grandstand. As an added bonus, an entertaining and informative video could play on monitors around the boat telling the story of Great Adventure's history.
  17. There are a lot of Christmas movies in Warner Bros. film library. Six Flags should tap into to these and add shows and attractions based on some of these beloved movies to its Holiday in the Park lineup.
  18. The year 2019 marks Hurricane Harbor's 20th season. How about we show the park some love and add a signature complex of slides that puts the water park back on the map especially given all the new competition which will soon be knocking at HH's door.
  19. While improvements have been made recently to the Carousel, restoration work should continue to bring back some of the charm to this antique carousel. Its current state (bottom) shows just how much of the beautiful ride has been removed.
  20. As one of the few remaining major entertainment venues a the park, Great Adventure should make use of the stunt arena facility and offer guests an alternative to rides by hosting an exciting quality show.
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