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  1. It would be great to finally see the the baboons reintroduced in the Safari, but it could also be great to see more animals as part of the theme park. I always think that Busch Gardens Tampa is a model of what Great Adventure could be with animals habitats integrated into the park along with the "Safari" ride through opportunity.
  2. The Golden Kingdom animal viewing area was once the pride of the park, but it really need to be updated, repaired and remodeled. If they can't replace those windows with new ones, maybe just change them to wire like the others with a separation between the guests and the animals.
  3. The park has been doing better, but there's always room for more than chicken fingers and pizza
  4. Hand sanitizer has become one of those "necessities" for so many people, and it would be great if the park had it available.
  5. This is something that I notice every time I visit the park is just how bad some of the paving looks, and how uneven (and unsafe) some of the areas around the park are getting. I understand that the winter weather takes a toll on it, but when you compare it to a park like Dorney, it looks really bad.
  6. In theme parks all over they are changing the model to self service beverages. I've seen it a Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Universal, and Six Flags Over Georgia and it reduces the need for as much staffing, the guests get exactly what they want, and everyone benefits. The Freestyle machine are something I love and hate, but they're a great option. I love the variety of drinks offered, but the flavor isn't quite the same as a traditional soda fountain, and the Freestyle machines seem to run out of ice quickly on hot days. I often want a caffeine free and sugar free drink (like Sprite Zero), and the Freestyle machines are a great way to get it in more locations than convenience stores with dozens of drink choices.
  7. I thin the only reason they do it is because if you don't have to visit you could buy a pass for the cheapest park in the chain and never go there. The solution is make prices the same at all parks.
  8. The Freestyle machines give the guests a wide array of choices, and self service is so much faster!
  9. Eliminating the extra step of redeeming would make the feature so much easier!
  10. Simplifying the pass process with online processing would help everyone!
  11. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Today is the launch of the Great ADVENTure Calendar! http://greatadventurehistory.com/AdventCalendar2019.html Be sure to visit each day between now and Christmas to see our wishes for the park in the coming years.
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