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  1. Great Adventure's rapids ride has not seen any enhancements since it first opened in the early '80s. As the world's oldest continually operating rapids ride, the park should invest in revitalizing the attraction with the addition of geysers, sprayers, banks of mist, waterfalls, and a tunnel to bring new life to this staple of the park. Adding some themed props and going retro by reintroducing the Roaring Rapids name would be a welcomed update to the park's ride lineup.
  2. Great Adventure has the unique benefit of being located alongside a scenic lake which many guests find as a beautiful and relaxing attraction onto itself. The park should add a small boat or two to offer leisurely cruises around the lake departing from the former site of the Great Lake Grandstand. As an added bonus, an entertaining and informative video could play on monitors around the boat telling the story of Great Adventure's history.
  3. There are a lot of Christmas movies in Warner Bros. film library. Six Flags should tap into to these and add shows and attractions based on some of these beloved movies to its Holiday in the Park lineup.
  4. The year 2019 marks Hurricane Harbor's 20th season. How about we show the park some love and add a signature complex of slides that puts the water park back on the map especially given all the new competition which will soon be knocking at HH's door.
  5. While improvements have been made recently to the Carousel, restoration work should continue to bring back some of the charm to this antique carousel. Its current state (bottom) shows just how much of the beautiful ride has been removed.
  6. As one of the few remaining major entertainment venues a the park, Great Adventure should make use of the stunt arena facility and offer guests an alternative to rides by hosting an exciting quality show.
  7. Designated lanes for season pass and membership holders should be added to the security check point at the entrance to both the theme park and water park. As most of these guests should be more familiar with the entry process, this would expedite getting through the security check for a large segment of the crowds.
  8. Six Flags Great Adventure was once home to seven water rides including two flumes, a shoot the chutes, a rapids ride, and three dry slide complexes which were open all season long. Today there are only two water rides which just operate from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Great Adventure needs to add another water ride to the theme park (without removing the Log Flume or Congo Rapids) and consider having the ride open during the shoulder seasons.
  9. Install automated parking lot toll booth lanes which would allow pass and membership holders to scan their passes to gain access to the parking lot.
  10. Six Flags' IT systems should be updated to allow for easier customer use including being able to activate any type of passes or options on-line and eliminate any deadlines which require in park processing.
  11. The upper (back) portion of the Boardwalk area is a disjointed combination of super hero, aviation, and miscellaneous theming that probably does not make much sense to anyone not familiar with the history of the various names and themes. This area should be refurbished including painting the pavement throughout the section. Note: Do not remove the parachute ride!
  12. Great Adventure's skyline is not the same without the miniature lights adorning both sides of the Big Wheel. The flood lights they have now pale in comparison. The park should invest in a new LED lighting package that could also serve as a nighttime light show all season long. An alternative would be to replace the ride with a newer and bigger observation wheel that are very popular today.
  13. Eliminate the requirement for guests to carry around a sports bottle to partake in the unlimited soft drinks offer. Instead, for those who have purchased the drink option, have a Coca-Cola logo printed on their pass (sponsorship opportunity). As with the bottle, guests could order a drink with their meal, snack, or by itself. Having it on the pass would also allow for better control of any wait periods between refills. We would imagine the cost to Six Flags for the sports bottle would be more than the cost of the paper cups a guest would consume in a season but if not offer the bottle-less option at a small upcharge. Cruise lines have been doing this successfully for years (without the upcharge).
  14. Great Adventure has made great progress in eliminating dead-ends in the park with the opening of the Old Country walkway and the passage through the Golden Kingdom. It is now time to tackle the biggest roadblock - the unused Paintball building near the four tents. Removing this building would enable guests to transverse the park more efficiently and improve the sight lines around the Carousel. With so many rides currently located towards the rear of the Boardwalk section, foot traffic into that area would continue so the loss of revenue to the gaming attraction would be minimal.
  15. The Safari Off Road Adventure is a huge success and often has a full queue with waits around one hour. The lengthy queue is divided into several sets of bars and all but the one closest to the ride's station are covered. This is rather odd when you consider that set of switchbacks is the first to fill up and is almost always occupied. A tent-like cover should be added to that segment of the line for the comfort of guests.
  16. Purchasing admission to the park use to be simple - you either bought a day ticket or a season pass. However, with the introduction of memberships and the further complexities brought on by having different tiers, deciding which option is best for you gets quite complicated . Further muddying the waters are the different promotions that are offered throughout the season with level upgrades, free months, huge discounts off list prices, etc., etc. Throw in options for various dining plans which offer different combinations of meals and drinks, and Flash Pass, photo, and parking add-ons and even the most seasoned season pass holder gets confused. Lastly, the complexities are often made worse by Six Flags systems limitations and multiple in-park processing requirements. There has to be a better way to streamline the number of options and make you feel good about buying a pass instead of wondering what just happened when you clicked the purchase button.
  17. This wish is simple. With the number of advertisements throughout the park, there is no need to hang them from the poles that line the old Dream Street from the fountain to the area past the four tents. These were installed in 1974 for decorative banners which add to the atmosphere of the park - not ads.
  18. So many of the park's shops are filled with super hero merchandise that it is very hard to find many Six Flags mementos let alone Great Adventure specific ones. (Except for apparel - that selection is great!) How about bringing back some Great Adventure classic theme park souvenirs that so many of us grew up with and love to collect. Here is a short list: - Poster-size park maps - Postcards - Magnets - Pins/Patches - Snow Globes - Pennants
  19. With the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ride opening right next door, this is the perfect chance to finally install the skyline which was suppose to be applied to The Dark Knight Coaster's ride building back when it opened in 2008. Regardless of why it was cut, the new cityscape would truly add to the theme of the area and bring new excitement to this often overlooked attraction.
  20. Quality shows are very popular at Great Adventure. One only has to check out the packed performances at the Showcase Theatre during Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park to see this is the type of things guests want. Adding a show during the main part of the season from Memorial Day to Labor Day would offer an element of entertainment that has been lacking at the park for over ten years. Having an air-conditioned venue for guests to relax and rejuvenate themselves would also go a long way in improving guests satisfaction. This type of experience should be a given for a park as big as Great Adventure.
  21. There is no doubt that the Safari Off Road Adventure is very popular. As a result, it is obvious that park would like to operate at the highest capacity possible to minimize guests' waiting times, however sometimes it is at the cost of "the show". Often the trucks make their way through the safari without allowing guests time to truly appreciate the animals by not stopping and in some cases barely slowing down to view them. In addition, more times than not, the trucks barely venture off-road and instead stick to the pave roadway except when the grass provides a shortcut to the end, sometimes avoiding the best opportunities to see the animals. We wish operations would go back to the pace of SORA when it first opened in 2013 which made it seem like a true E-ticket adventure, even if that means waiting a little longer in line.
  22. Recently it seems that the number of available food options has been reduced to a small subset of what was offered just a few years ago. Many new food outlets have opened and often kick-off with an ambitious menu but that slowly but surely is reduced to standard fare like hamburgers, chicken strips, and pizza. There are exceptions including new menu items during Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park, but we would like to see more variety offered year round.
  23. When Hurricane Harbor first opened it was billed as a "Tropical Oasis" with a backstory that made the park feel like you were taking a vacation on Gilligan's Island. Over the years many of the props which dotted Hurricane Harbor and extended the story of the park were victims of time and the elements. We would love to see some of these creative contraptions (and even things as basic as nautical elements) added throughout the park to enhance the theme. New landscaping and flower beds would really dress up certain areas as well.
  24. Priority parking is a valuable perk of the higher tier memberships but it sure would be nice if a reservation was not a requirement. We think making a reservation should be optional. If you know you will be visiting, by all means make a reservation and save your priority parking spot in advance. But if you are more of a spur of the moment person and pop in on a whim, you should have the chance to show up and get a priority spot if space allows. Visiting the same day and having to park in the main lot when the priority lot is only a quarter full does not make sense especially since it is a perk you are paying for with your higher membership cost.
  25. I wonder how the customs stuff works with this one going to Mexico and El Diablo going to Canada? Especially with all the problems with trade agreements right now...
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