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  1. I was wondering about that. Is this ours being relocated or are they rolling the dice on buying another? If ours is going away, does that mean something new is coming to HH?
  2. And now that the news is out it's time to close this topic! Let the 2020 speculation continue in that thread.
  3. They're adding a hotel to Carowinds as well. It sounds like they're just leasing the land to outside companies to build and run the hotels so they don't have to worry about cost or running them. For years I've been saying that Six Flags should have done this as a partnership with Great Wolf and just lease the land on property at GA to build and run a hotel/waterpark.
  4. Thank you for stepping up! We can use the help
  5. I wouldn't count out anything based on lack of work so far at the park. All their rides have been opening later than anticipated because they haven't been starting major construction work on them until after the first of the year with just site prep happening up to then.
  6. In case anyone complains about a loose article policy, show them this: That's a wheel from Sheikra at Busch Gardens Tampa
  7. Busch Gardens Williamsburg A train that was not in service caught fire today, Aug. 16, behind-the-scenes in the New France area of Busch Gardens Williamsburg. James City County Fire Rescue responded immediately and the fire has been contained. There were no guests or animals involved and all surrounding areas have been evacuated. One Busch Gardens ambassador sustained minor injuries and was taken for medical treatment as a precaution. The safety of our guests, ambassadors and animals remains our top priority. We will continue to provide updates throughout the day.
  8. Rumor I heard is SFGAm is getting an S&S coaster (clone of the one that Kennywood is getting), and that SFMM is getting one too. Could we see three of them?
  9. It could also be new set pieces for Fright Fest (they've been investing in new props). I would guess any "new" attraction stuff will come later. They've been waiting on construction until after the first of the year on most new projects at Six Flags (hence all the late openings)
  10. GAcoaster


    This video was interesting if for no other reason than they pretty much read our text on the ride's history:
  11. That's a great suggestion! We'll keep it in mind for this years calendar.
  12. The fact that the Skywarp still hasn't opened yet does not bode well for Six Flags purchasing more of them...
  13. Jeez, my dad missed out on his dream job!
  14. Nope, the Ocean County Memories page on FB only posted that one. They post pictures of GA all the time.
  15. From the July 2,1974 Asbury Park Press:
  16. I'm hearing that Six Flags Magic Mountain is removing Roaring Rapids soon, possibly as part of adding a new attraction. That will bring them down to two water rides in the theme park just like GA (they have a hydro flume and a splash down boat). I'm guessing that just like with GA, the maintenance costs and the adjacent water park are making them endangered species.
  17. The hotel is officially coming. A Hilton Garden Inn: http://shorenewsnetwork.com/news/headline-news/hilton-hotel-construction-announced-at-jacksons-great-adventure-sports-complex/
  18. Cool pic someone posted from today: Looks just like when they were built in 1974! http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/ConstructDrStTents.htm
  19. Interestingly Jeff Seibert (GM of SFFT) was on site at Splashtown yesterday as the deal was announced. It appears he may be managing both parks in this deal:
  20. Interesting they only bought five of the parks.
  21. The costumes for the show always varied a lot from the ones for the street characters. The show costumes are lighter weight and not as durable. The two street Taz costumes shown above are the newer one (with closed mouth) and the first version of Taz (with big, open mouth).
  22. The costume manufacturer for the Looney Tunes changed several times. At one point the company that was making them stopped because they were too busy working on costumes for RoboCop II...
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