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  1. And Solo was kind of a dud of a movie The biggest problem I see is food. One of the big success stories that Universal has had was selling food in Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and in the Simpsons too now. Disney has looked at that and tried to emulate it, but they haven't had any IPs that really had a food element besides Beauty & The Beast. With Avatar they created a whole special menu that was exotic and "themed" to Pandora, but when it comes down to it it's not something people were clamoring for like Butterbeer, Krusty Burgers, and Duff. The same thing for Star Wars-- who wants instant bread and blue milk? What other gimmicky stuff will they create that has no basis in the Star Wars universe? They'll sell a ton of merchandise (they already do), but I don't think it will have the "I have to buy everything" appeal that Harry Potter does. Combine that with the fact that Disney is spending building Star Wars 2-3X what Universal spent on Wizarding World and it's going to be harder to recoup the investment.
  2. I think they're more worried about too big a demand. Disneyland and Hollywood Studios are both way too small to handle the crowds they are expecting for Star Wars. They know this will be a problem with a lot of disappointed guests. They saw the lines at Universal when Harry Potter opened and expect the same thing: I do think they'll have some backlash. I think many people will be disappointed that they are on a planet that they don't know from the films. When people think of Star Wars, they (I think) have very specific expectation of what they want to see. I'm sure they'll be very immersive and well done lands/attractions, but I think people will be expecting to see the cantina and the band playing in it and things like that from the films. When they don't find it, I think there will be disappointment.
  3. They could, but I doubt they would. For both Dorney and WoF those are star attractions. At KD either of those would be sub-par for their lineup, especially with the public's inevitable comparisons to the B&M invert down the road at BGW.
  4. Busch/SeaWorld had deals in place for exclusivity of the types of coasters they bought from B&M so the competition couldn't build the same thing within the market area. The only reason why KD got Dominator was that Cedar Fair relocated the ride. Same thing with Fiesta Texas getting a BTR clone when SeaWorld San Antonio already had one. If you spend ~$20 million on a new coaster you want it to be unique and a draw for some time. Even here in Orlando, SeaWorld has exclusive rights to the floorless, flyer, and hyper coasters, while Universal has/had inverted and standard looping coaster.
  5. And shooting up a spike that tall with that kind of speed is going to be a huge thrill factor.
  6. I don't think they can add a B&M invert, Busch (I believe) has an exclusive deal for that market. Unless that expired (which it may have), I don't believe they can get a B&M invert. I'm wondering if the problem is the mountain structure itself. Anything on the coaster should be able to be repaired/replaced fairly easily, but if the mountain has structural issues not so much.
  7. Yes, anyone building needs permission to build something.
  8. I noticed they were hiring Food Service at $11.50 an hour, so hopefully they can attract enough people to work there.
  9. I know I always find it really frustrating that EVERY park doesn't have this much info out there! I'm always looking for historic info on other parks and most are lucky to have a timeline like on Wikipedia and maybe a few photos. Only the Disney parks have this kind of historical resource beside GA.
  10. Well, Universal's plans are in flux because of building an entirely new theme park and moving some ideas to that new project. They're still full speed ahead with a new attraction for every park, every year. Just today construction walls went up in Jurassic Park at IoA for the construction of a new coaster (while the Harry Potter coaster is still under construction to open this summer).
  11. I've heard the DreamWorks stuff is also being held for the new park. It won't JUST be a Nintendo park, it is supposed to have four "worlds" which will each have thematic sub sections, Nintendo being one of them. There's no way that Universal would spend billions on a theme park with one brand/IP that they don't even own. My understanding is that Trolls and Secret Life of Pets are being considered for the Kid Zone area now, but with Universal plans tend to change at the drop of a hat. They've been so close to pulling the trigger on several projects, even notifying the management level team members the closure of their attractions was imminent, only to cancel at the last second. It happened several times with Twister, Dragon Challenge, and Disaster with false alarms as projects were delayed or changed. Even Kid Zone has been on the chopping block for several years now with each year being "it will close after the holiday season" only to have things canceled with changes of plans. Same thing has happened with the closure of the Fear Factor show to expand Diagon Alley. Right now they have two new attractions under way at IoA, and one new one at USO. I'd imagine they'll have something more coming to USO soon, it's just a question of which project they prioritize.
  12. Solar panels going into the employee parking lot (which look like it was repaved too!)
  13. The reaction to this one was so lukewarm, I can't see them spending more money on a slightly larger version.
  14. SeaWorld has been making a really big rebound in the past year with attendance and revenue gains. They've hit on a good strategy of pricing and festivals that's bringing guests back.
  15. It will be the biggest coaster in their park and a huge addition to that park. It would have been nice to have something bigger, but they have to jump through so many hoops to build anything there with the city, state, and Coastal Commission all having to sign off and the neighbors complaining about everything they do.
  16. Just was reading how SFMM was at capacity for their parking lot yesterday and extended HitP through next weekend.
  17. There was talk of putting a diving show in the arena a few years ago, so it's possible. You just need to find someone built like Jason Momoa...
  18. I saw a video today from Six Flags Fiesta Texas that reminded me of one of our old wishes from 2011: https://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.siebert.3/videos/10218738819286155/
  19. With the retheme and improvements to Knott's rapids ride this year, maybe we could see this become an industry trend, updating and improving these rides to make them better.
  20. The idea is that it will swing out over the water below. Looking at the footings in place I think it will not be as terrible as some people have made it out to be for location.
  21. The Great Lake has always been an underused resource at the park, and adding a scenic boat ride would be a great idea! I'd even do it as an upcharge.
  22. No, they gave them up and have Rudolph now at the SW parks. The Polar Express Experience is licensed all over the place now. I think Adventure Aquarium used to license it as well.
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