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  1. yeah i agree with you Mike13! That would be great! And just think about that big space being TDK! They could have chiller queue/load as stations (which could be like MIB and be duel-loading) and dispatch through the old exit and into a building that could be built in the infield behind TDK about where chiller's spike used to lie. The station of chiller could fit the theme perfectly and they probably wouldn't have to move much since they could use the tower that was used for chiller as the tower for the new attraction! that would be the best!
  2. What is the email address? I want a package so bad!
  3. Hello everyone! Well I've been a member here for quite some time and have posted many things, however last summer my mind got side-tracked off stuff about gadv and onto strictly disney stuff. now thats changing so ill be returning! and ill bet there are many new people here that i dont know and they dont know me, so i thought id re-introduce myself! So my names Dan Brookwell and I absolutely love theme parks and Disney is the best! happy to be back!
  4. Yeah i cant wait 'til i get 80, then i cant wait 'til 90, then i cant wait 'til 100, then i.....
  5. Im obsessed with the ride! I've ridden it a total of 79 times!
  6. I remember seeing a video very recently, in fact Angel showed it at the Eastcoaster event that ACE held in Febuary, and I saw it today in the park. It is a video that is focused on pretty much all six flags parks and it has a few POVs and has really inspireing music in the background. It shows overall the guests having fun and enjoying themselves at six flags. I am trying to find this video and I was wondering if anybody would know where I can find it. Thanks!
  7. I saw you today! I was walking next to you and I didn't notice it was you, but I saw that it was you and you started walking toward toro and it was to late. But i would of said hi! Great day overall.
  8. A album that holds all photos of BAtman and Robin the Chiller at Six Flags Great Adventure.
  9. Yea! I live near princeton and I last saw snow near me (like a good snow storm where school is closed) in two years! But I have a house in vermont so I still get the snow! And Lots Of it!!!!!!
  10. My least favorite ride is Stitch's Great Escape at walt diensy world. You dont even move and they have these restraints pushing down on your sholders and by the end, my arms and neck were bleeding and all red!
  11. New Tomorrowland (Its cooler ) Skiing or Snowboarding?
  12. Heres the vid of me and Dainan at Eastcoaster! To see a full report on the auction, click here!
  13. Theres a video of us biddding on the sign. Cant wait to see that!
  14. I just got back from EASTCOASTER! During the acutions, me and Dainan were in competition for the actual Batman & Robin Chiller sign! After going back and fourth with bids, I finally outbid Dainan by 5 dollars. I ended up paying 465 dolars!!!! Me and Dainan had a great time and we have some great pictures (some will be seen in ACE News) and we also have a funny video of us bidding!!!! Great time at EASTCOASTER! here is us after the bid with the sign.
  15. Does anybody know where I can get the Kingda Ka construction video?
  16. Ice Hockey Disney Land or Disney World?
  17. Theres a guy on TV now blowing bubbles (like with bubble gum) out his butt! GROSS!
  18. AIM Express doesnt work with any computer I try to use it on!
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