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  1. That is a cool boat and congrats on winning! Does anybody like my great work with PhotoShop? LOL
  2. A little fun with photoshop. A performer outside of Houdini's and Brandon with Salvestor.
  3. I came up with an idea for a ride, and patented it, and told DI about it. It is now in development at DI. I think I will have an easy in with Disney because I know soo many people in Imagineering and my uncle is David Brookwell, a fameous Disney producer and head of Brookwell Macmillian Productions, a company that works side-by-side with the Disney Company.
  4. Is there anybody out there who is or wants to be a Disney Imagineer? I have wanted to since 4th grade and I think i will be! Anyway, here is a thread just for us!
  5. This is a nice spotlight!
  6. I dont get why they only cut the top off of the tree outside of Bugs Bunny national Park!!!
  7. I loved winter lights!!! Oh...and by the way: I pulled into the service entrance at SFGAd today and saw the dark knight construction and chiller deconstruction trucks! And I think i can see the Dark Knight track peieces in the little storage facility to the right of you when you pull into the service road. But im not 100% sure of that!
  8. Yea, I'll be attending the convention and I cant wait to go to Dorney! Just like Harry, I would never miss seeing a coaster in the winter! Especially if you're on a behind the scenes construction tour! The convention should be good too! If anybody sees someone in a Thrill-Pics jacket, its me! Fell free to come talk!
  9. I CANT WAIT!!! Well, in a few months, I'll be off to EastCoaster!!!
  10. How many of you are attending EastCoaster? The Dorney Park Off-Season tour is going to be AWESOME!!!
  11. Are you an ACER? I AM!!! Use this topic to talk about anything ACE!!!
  12. From the album: Thrill-Pics.com's Chiller Photos

    © ©2007-Thrill-Pics.com

  13. From the album: Thrill-Pics.com's Chiller Photos

    © ©2007-Thrill-Pics.com

  14. From the album: Thrill-Pics.com's Chiller Photos

    © ©2007-Thrill-Pics.com

  15. From the album: Thrill-Pics.com's Chiller Photos

    © © 2007-Thrill-Pics.com

  16. From the album: Thrill-Pics.com's Chiller Photos

    © ©2007 Thrill-Pics.com

  17. I would also suggest a Winter Lights Spotlight!
  18. I will, although my friend who works at the park said that the Dark Knight coaster construction will be at it's peak during this time. Therefore, the biggest construction vehicles will be around the Movietown arena. He said that they may need to close off (as in block off) the path in Movietown that starts over near the exit to Chiller and ends at the Papa Johns. I dont know if this is true, but my friend said he heard it during a meeting with the park's Ride Maintenance Dept.
  19. I promise you all, I'll be there this summer!
  20. I was just on ebay and bidded on the chiller's launch button AND LOST by $1!!!
  21. When Kingda Ka was being inspected, I once saw someone not only at the top, but they were litteraly hanging by a rope inspectiong the L-shaped support below the track!!!
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