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  1. This year I am glad to say that I went to the park every weekend during the summer!
  2. Is it true that the ghoulmasters are really the gothic people that do the fire show in movietown during normal park operation?
  3. yea, me too. I would love to see that in the park today
  4. Nice movie! It is awesome how you can relate the things of the past to now!
  5. would like to suggest a Bugs Bunny Land spotlight.
  6. I would spell check before you post! That is what tom told me!
  7. I wouldn't be talking...I need a house, an education, a job, money, clothes, and most of all...A LIFE!!! I am currently living in the alleyway between 22nd st and Northst in NYC!__Tell me about it!!! Just Kidding!
  8. For those hidden mickey hunters (I am a HUGE one):
  9. I have GH3 for the wii along with the gutar and I was able to get a custom gutar for my B-Day and it is glossy red and black. IT ROCKS!!!!
  10. I say yes! It could be: The Official GAH Emaoticon Story Contest! P.S.: It took me a long time to think of that name!..wink.wink
  11. I'm sorry, I dont know my forums, but can anybody tell me why this forum is being presented this way? How come there arent the 9 pages anymore?
  12. Who here thinks this thread is better than the NEPT?
  13. I still cant believe you work three jobs! And on top of all that, all the sites!!! How long does it take you to design a new site? And why did you all of a sudden get a load of sites?
  14. Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh...I just noticed: TIME FOR LUNCH!!!
  15. What is the funniest name you heard of? Mine is: Smitty Werbenmacjaegermanjenson!
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