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  1. I've never been to SFGadv before and I'm going to be going on either Friday July 23 or Saturday July 24. Since it's my first time I've got some questions... - Out of both these days, which one do you think would be the best for crowds? I saw that there was a concert on the 24th & I don't know if it'll affect attendance that much. -Do you think that I'd be worth it to get a Gold Flash Pass? - Is it possible to order Gold Flash Passes over the phone? And if not, do you think it would be a risk to just buy them when we get there, 'cause they might sell out? -Does the Flash Pass Centre open early before the park does? -What rides are the best to do first? Thanks for the help =)
  2. Does anyone know if Rolling Thunder's seatbelts (like the seatbelts you find in cars) lock during the ride? I would think they would because of the buzz bars... but I'm not sure.
  3. Unfortunately, many of the rides you listed have been scrapped. It's a shame that most of them are gone, but financial wise some of them just aren't worth keeping.
  4. People constantly holding the doors open on subways... they're just about to close and then some running idiot comes along and blocks the sensor. The next one comes along in about 60 seconds, can't you wait?!
  5. That thing on top of the elevator is also missing.
  6. I think that Simon should stay, It wouldn't be the same without him... even though I dislike that show. It used to be good a few years ago but it's not as good anymore.
  7. It's great to see that Twister and Fling are being rehabbed. Thanks for the pics!
  8. It's a tie between the 1970's logo and the 1980's logo for me. I'm not a fan of the current one, it's just too plain
  9. ^ Thanks for letting me know! Sounds like it's going to be great once it's ready
  10. My only request would be Log Flume, I'd love to see a Spotlight for that one sometime.
  11. I would love to operate Kingda Ka, whether I would be the Attendant or Operator. Just knowing that you're enabling the launch would be so cool.
  12. Hello! I've had an obsession for roller coasters, rides, amusement parks, and amusement parks since 2006. I've always wanted to visit world class parks such as Cedar Point, Magic Mountain, Great Adventure and other parks. I don't live in the United States nor have I ever visited, but I hope to visit Great Adventure and Cedar Point next year. I came across this great site after being linked to the Super-Round Up Ride Page while I was looking for similar rides that have been removed (and there are no pictures of) at my home park in Canada. I looked around and saw the tremendous amount of effort put into the site, and I decided to join. All of the "spotlights" awesome to read! Thanks so much for this great site!
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