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  1. I am a team member in the lakefront and the first coaster design wouldnt really work because it interfears with some of the buildings back there and also it is really close to the picnic grove and would disturb anyone hosting a group event that uses the picnic grove. I do like the second design but the area behind dark knight is used as a passage way for employes so that they dont have to walk to through the park. I use this path every day i work and it shaves off a couple minutes. A couple minutes may not seem like alot but when your running late its nice to get to your section without having
  2. Ok it was just a rumor and wanted some insight and so thank you for the comments.
  3. HI my friend said he heard a rumor was goin around that nitro was getting re-painted and getting a new name. I don't believe him but i just want to hear other opinions.
  4. The Media Day was postponed because the day it opened it was miserable and raining. So it was opened the week before but there was just no media day ceremony
  5. king cobra opened today!! Even though in was miserable it was still open and was fun!!!
  6. David


    i watched a video of the one at maryland and it didnt swing higher.
  7. David


    my older sister said one day that tey used to have seats above the back row. can someone tell me if that is true.
  8. i had a hood on on kingda ka and it stayed up the entire ride
  9. I heard they were going to put a shockwave or some sort of stand up coaster. I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS AND RIDES I AM A ROLLER COASTER AND RIDE SAVY
  10. David


    What is this your favorite pattern? Try to post a video.
  11. i think people need to get more wet. when i went to universal i wen on popeyes and blutos water ride and everyone got soaked thats how congo rapids should be congo shouldnt be less wet because it not aWATER ride. IF YOU DONT LIKE TO GET WET DONT GO ON WATER RIDES.
  12. Ithink the flying wave is way more exciting than a yoyo swing. Woo GO FLYING WAVE
  13. The dark night is soooo boring
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