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  1. Neither Toy Story 1 or A Bug's Life?
  2. I rather see a new ride on Chiller's space. Would you rather put pineapple or mayonise on your pizza?
  3. I like Family Guy, but since like Season 7, the episodes are starting to get dull such as the episode where they go to Russia when Cleveland left to star in that spinoff. I don't remember what was The Brothers Flub. What was it that Nicktoon about again? Can you get a picture of that show?
  4. I have watched My Gym Partner's a Monkey when it was still on the air in 2006-2008, and to be honest, I hated it.
  5. [ Made Up Battle Kowalski (The Penguins of Madagscar, HP: 173) VS The Who (HP: 400) The Who used Confuse Ray! Kowalski is confused! Kowalski is confused! It hurt itself in its confusion! Kowalksi lost 35% of HP![/u] The Who used Crunch! A Critical Hit!! Kowalski is confused! It hurt itself in its confusion! Kowalski lost 16% of HP! The Who used Flamethrower! Kowalski lost 76% of HP! Kowalski is confused! It hurt itself in its confusion! Kowalski lost 18% of HP! The Who used Crunch! A Critical Hit!! Kowalski lost 88% of HP! Kowalski fainted! The
  6. In this topic, we are discussing the worst cartoons we have ever seen. Here's my top 10 worst cartoons I have ever seen: 10: Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? (2002-2003) When show first premiered in 2002, it was a great show at first, with the main character, a 3'8" robot named Robot Jones, who at one time, had the voice of a Macintosh computer. However, in October of 2003, some idiots decided to air the second season by replacing Robot Jones' voice with a stupid kid's voice that sounded like the annoying character Rolie Polie Olie. That voice actor, Bobby Block, destroyed the
  7. I used to love Strong Bad Email. I despise it because on June 11, 2007, unlucky 173 flew over Strong Bad's Lappy 400 and the original Paper died. I only liked Strong Bad Emails #1 to #172 (when we notice that the paper has broken at the end of the episode).
  8. Hey, I'll be be doing a rant about Cartoon Netowrk soon!!
  9. I liked both! Saying how great Carolina Cyclone, Nitro, Viper (Magic Mountain), etc. were or booing and throwing rotten eggs at Sonic Spinball roller coaster and crying "Whatever happened to Spinball Wizard?!"?
  10. If there was a coaster contest, then the Carolina Cyclone would be voted for Best Inversion while Sonic Spinball would voted for Worst Roller Coaster Ever.
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